Mina Rushed off to the Temple where she was currently late for the scout meeting She called.  Then she slowed down to walk. They're all going to kill her for what she did this time. She was going to sign up for singing lessons to improve her natural talent and  bumped into (literally) this really hot blonde haired blue eyed boy and mumbled something about picking up Serena's habits when he immediately apologized she started to lay on the Venus charm hoping to woo him with her stunning good looks and her easy-to-get along personality. Stupid her got so wrapped up in her flirting she signed up for the wrong thing... instead of singing lessons she signed up for Military school, and the woman at the booth was moody and said that she couldn't just take out the form and said: if she was stupid enough to sign up for the wrong thing over a boy she needed to go to military school. So Mina not wanting to be in this alone signed up the rest of her friends.

         She could just hear it now. Rei yelling at her to keep her head in the clouds, Ami lecturing her about paying more attention to everything else, Serena probably screaming, Lita probably will have her anger moment until Mina mention's it's a co-ed school.. not an all girls' thing, Serena would probably be crying at the top of her lungs on having to wear the camouflage uniforms everyday and worrying about the hard work. Then Ami will say it will be an educational thing and it will help with their scouting skills., Rei will yell at Serena for being a crybaby, Lita will be trying to calm everyone down and bribe Serena with cookies to stop crying. Finally Mina made it to her destination.

"Odango wake-up!!!" Rei was currently yelling at the other blonde in the group.

"Hey guys!!!" Mina put on her nervous grin.

"Rei i wasn't sleeping.. i was thinking..."

"You might hurt yourself!!!" Rei said and everyone stopped what they were doing to hear Mina out.

"OK.. Well you guys will hate me for this but.. here!!!" She gave them all envelopes with their names on it. Rei opened hers and read it Aloud.

Miss Rei Hino-

    We are glad to see that you hold high interest in Hikari Military school. We are pleased to say you have been accepted and your term will start On August 31 2002. Your uniform and everything else will be provided for you.. We'll just need you to pack a few personal belongings like Unmentionables (You know what i mean.. ) and anything else vital to you. Headphones will not be permitted during classes and there will be daily inspections in the morning. We can't wait to see you this semester!!


                  J. Glass (Guess who!!!)

"MILITARY SCHOOL?!?!?" Everyone said well minus one usual loud mouth.

"SHIT!!!!! NOT  AGAIN!!!!!" Serena said rather loudly then continued on with her potty mouth. "You got my parents to sign this didn't you?!?!?!?!?!?"

"Yes.. everyone's parents and Rei's grandfather..." Mina said meekly.. she had never seen Serena this upset.

"Damn!!!!" She punched the wall. "Mina.. you just signed away any kind side of me. You will probably hate me after i kill that arrogant bastard!!" She stormed out of the place leaving her letter behind in shreds.

"Well She has 2 weeks to get over it..." Mina said meekly.


          Two weeks later the girls were still slightly upset with Mina, especially Serena. They were all up at 5:00 this morning to wait for the bus taking them to the Military school. Much to their Surprise Amara, Michelle and Hotaru were there. Hotaru's a student, while Amara and Michelle are teaching there.

"Where's Serena??" Rei asked seeing the bus coming down the street.

"Here!!" Serena said just before popping on her headphones. Her outfit consisted of black combat boots black pants and a pick camouflage shirt. Amara and Michelle exchanged amused glanced and got on the bus. The bus driver was a mean looking man he glared at all of the new comers.. even the inner scouts. He sent smirks to Amara and Michelle but his last passenger made him go into a full blown smile.

"Didn't expect you back 'Rena.. I mean two years is too long. Hope you didn't become Rusty.."

"Not at all Millardo. I've kept up my practice!!!" She smiled sat in the seat right behind him that Mina was saving for her. Then she put the volume up on her CD player singing to the songs while much chatter began around the bus. After a good 2 1/2 hour drive they arrived at Hikari Military Academy. Serena ditched her head phones and shoved them into the small duffel bag she carried and laughed at her friends.

"You're not going to use most of the stuff in there!!" She said pulling her hair into two buns on the side of her head and with her bangs she could've resembled Chun-Li from Street fighter. They went inside the building and signed in letting the important people know they were there.

"OMG SERENA!!!!!!!!!!!!: Several high pitched screams were heard just before Serena was nearly knocked off her feet by several girls.

"Hilde, Dorothy, Sally, and Catherine!!... Nice to see you all again.!!! " Serena returned the hugs from the girls. "I want you to meet my other friends, Mina, Lita, Ami, and Rei." Everyone said their Hellos.

"Hey Listen.. Duo and Wufei have been running around campus.. be careful.." Hilde said

"Gotcha.. See you later!!!"

"Odango what was that??" Rei asked.

"My friends..." Serena glanced over the field. Soon Yelling was Heard.



"WATCH OUT!!!!!!!" The first voice yelled but Serena Turned around too late and the person made contact with her. After the fall The Chinese boy stopped and cracked up laughing.

"Owwie... not Funny Wu-man..." The brown haired boy said and got up. "Hey I'm sorry.. Serena?!?!?!" The boy picked her up and held her tight. "I missed you... Wu-Wu's been mean and chasing me all over and you weren't her to stop him from giving me this boo-boo!!" He said pretending to be four and showed her a cut on his arm.

"Awww.. It's ok Duo... He will pay..." She said giggling with him.

"So the Onna came back.." Wufei said receiving a kick to his jaw.

"Yes, I came back.. but not by choice. so you're stuck with me!!! Duo, Wufei... Meet my friends..  Mina, Lita, Ami, and Rei. I catch you calling any of them Weak Onnas you'll be doing 100 push-ups each morning."

"Can you do that??" Mina asked.

"Of course she can.. she's running our Group." A polite voice said.

"Hey it's you!!!" Mina said to the blonde.

"Quetre.. you brought me here over Quetre.. no offense Q-man.." Serena said eyebrow twitching.

"You know each other??" Mina asked.

"Know each other.. she used to date one of our friends... until something went down.. she didn't come back after that year." Duo whispered to the group.

"So you're leading our group?!?!?!" Rei said laughing.

"50 Push-ups first thing tomorrow...." Serena said smirking at her friends face drop and she walked away right into Trowa.

"HELLOOOOOOO SILENT STORM!!!"(Animaniacs: HELLOOOOO Nurse!!) She hopped on him and he smiled.

"I'm going to kill you for disappearing." He said putting his hands on her butt to support her.

"I'd like to see you try since I'm running your group!!!" She said.

"So Should we be in such a sexual position like this??" He Said with his visible eye holding amusement in it.

"I Won't tell if you won't" She pecked his cheek and he put her on the ground.

"I know i won't!!! Especially if the sex is good!!!" He said making her jaw drop.

"I had too much of an effect on you since then.. even when i was gone!!!" She play punched him. "But don't worry.. the sex is usually great!!! MY finger should know.." She said and he laughed... "You know I'm not Serious."

"Sleeping with my friends now??" A voice asked. She sent a glare at Trowa's chest and froze.

"I'll tell you the same answer you told me three years ago!!" She said. "It shouldn't matter now.. we're not together!!!" She said picking up her duffel bag and walked away.

"I take it he was the one she dated then.." Lita whispered.


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