"Oh God, Serenity!!!" The group surrounded their princess.

"The crystal  is fine." Ami said seeing the complete crystal.

"Good." Amara said seeing few people stir from their sleep, just then Serenity was back to Serena, and Trowa's armor disappeared. They turned the girl over and Saw Ronnie only with  pink hair and a necklace on,  one made of crystal.

"What's going on here?!?!" The principal' sof both Appleton and Hikari asked glaring at the group surrounding the trio.

"Well, Uhmm…" Mina started but Heero stepped in.

"These three had an argument. Since everyone already has been over stressed with the competition they all passed out."

"There had been a lot of excitement going on.. I guess exhaustion does catch up to  the youth quicker than I thought." One of Appleton's Principal's said as a man with glasses walked over to the gorup.

"Heero, take Serena to the Medic station, I think Wufei can carry The other girl, The rest of the young men can take Trowa as well."

"Sir, Yes, Sir!!" The guys saluted and then picked up the exhausted. Later on the other three were found out cold as well.

        Weeks went by and everyone had been still talking about the competition. Ronnie had been the first to wake up  followed byu her group. They apologized to the Sailor Scout (not the girls)  for all the trouble they caused. They had no idea they had been brain washed in the first place, well at least not untilthey had been defeated by the scouts and they explained the whole situation. Everyone from Appleton Military school  had gone home.

        Heero was sititng on the bed where Serena had been for a while. He still wasn't completely sure as to what still was going on with the crystl thing, but he knew it had to be powerful if it kept her and Trowa unconscious for a month. Dr. J had convinced both princpals that nothing was wrong and that they ha dbeen over exerting themselves and just needed more rest. He had brushed her bangs out of her face, god how he wished he hadn't messed up so badly, then maybe they would still be together.

"You still  love her??" A Voice cut through his thoughts. Heero looked at Simone.

"Of course I do. It was her who  gave me emotions in the first place."

"I know.. Dad told me about that." Simone said sitting on the other end of the bed. "He told me about how everyone met and how you don't even remember the first time you met mom."

"Yeah I do.. When Trowa stopped spending time with us to  be with her." He said and Simone shook her head. "No??"

"No. the first time you ever met mom was the first time she had been to this  place. You were sargeant here. You were her sargeant, everyday she had gotten in trouble because she wasn't working up  to your standards. Everyday she was scrubbing floors." She said and he looked at her strangely. "Then one day dad managed to get in trouble somehow and was forced to shape her up as punishment. As soon as she had begun doing better she transferred out of your group, and that's how it goes." Simone said watching him stare. Simone just walked away.

"It seems the perfect soldier isn't perfect." He said remembering he indeed had been rough on Serena then. "No wonder she hated me when we first were properly introduced."

"Yup… no wonder I first  hated you." Serena murmured sleepily. "How long was I out this time??" she asked sitting up.

"A month." Heero said.

"Hmmm… well, it's better than dying." She shrugged.

"I'll go get you some food." Heero said walking away.

"Stealthius." Trowa said suddenly proving he indeed had been awake and had only been staring at the ceiling.

"What??" Serena looked at him.

"They called me Stealthius." He sat up. "You know.. back then."

"That's right." Serena grinned. "Only because you moved around without being noticed most of the time." She said. "I can't believe I slept for a full month."

"Look on the bright side, we woke up  in time for the Summer ball."

"True…" She grinned.

"So the couple from the dead deicided to wake up." A red haired girl said from the doorway with a smile on her pale face. Serena cocked her head to the side. "Don't tell me you've already forgotten about me. We ONLY fought to the death a month ago."

"Beryl??" Serena still had her head cocked to the side.

"Hai  it's me princess."

"What happened to you??" Trowa asked.

"Well, it's kind of complicated but instead of trying to use the crystal to destroy me like last time, Serenity tried to heal me. Which she did." Beryl tossed a black jewel to Serena. "Take care of that will  ya??" Beryl grinned and walked away.

"What is that?? Trowa asked moving to Serena's bed.

"Her negative energy. I was trying to purge it out of her before seeing how she has some white moon  power too."

"White moon?? Isn't that your family power."

"Well… She's my Aunt. My mom being the oldest got the throne when  beryl thought she deserved it, then she fell  in love with Darien, or Endymion, back then and hated me because I was with him then."

"And when we were all re-born you were with him again and she didn't like that. So she tried to kill you and take over in your place."

"You got it, so I had to rid her of the hate  in her heart and that's the end result." Serena pointed outside the window seeing Darien and Beryl hug each other. "But if they kiss I will toss my cookies!!" Serena said making Trowa laugh.

"Well, then try this to keep   you from looking." He said as soon as he stopped and kissed her.

"Oh god!! I didn't think they'd start that so soon!!" Duo's voice said. "MY EYES!!!  I'M BLIND!!!!" He screamed running around the room with his hands covering his eyes.

"Well, at least we know they're well." Ami said as Trowa and Serena weren't even fazed by  Duo's stupid antics.

"Yeah but what amazes me most is how well Serena pulled off faking her pain and anguish during the battle." Rei said.

"She wasn't completely faking." Mina said. "She was disappointed that we had little faith in her…  she used that for motivation."


          A few weeks later Serena and Trowa were completely better and were spending even more time together. The ball would mark three months being together and 5 years of being best friends. The ball would also be the mark of Serena's 18th birthday making her officially legal enough to marry Trowa, if he ever asked, that is. Yes, things were perfect for the moment and today would be the last day Serena would ever see Rini, the daughter of Darien and the day Simone promised to show everyone her true form since she was going home to her own time, after the ball.

"Serena are you Ready???" Rei asked banging on the door.

"Just  a minute!!!" Serena said fixing her hair. She checked her make-up and her clothes.

"Please, Serena!!" Rei said agitated. "We're ready to go!!"

"Ok.. ok.." She snatched the door open and everyone gaped at her. "What??"

"You look great??" They all said looking at Serena who was wearing 4 inch heeled white sandals, her blonde hair was braided and wrapped around two meatballs in her head, she wore the dress Wufei had bought her for valentine's day, the bracelet Heero gave her, the ring Quatre gave her, the earrings Duo gave her, and the necklace Trowa gave her sealed the outfit.

"Uhmm.. Ok ready to go??" She glanced over her friends. Rei was wearing a white dress with red flowers on it and black sandals, Mina had an orange sundress with several bracelets and the same sandals as Serena, Lita had on a green dress and her brown  hair was   finally down for a change, and Ami wore a simple blue dres an her hair had been pulled into a ponytail… err pigtail like Wufei's. They all walked to the ball and saw it was more like any regular summer party.  

         They got there to see a bunch of guys crowding around one girl. Serena pushed her way through the crowd and saw a copper haired girl with blue eyes and her bangs were parted to cover half of her face. Her hair  kinda resembled Odangoes only it was more like loops. She was turning down more than half of the requests she was getting to save a dance later.

"She's cute.. I wonder who she is??"  Duo asked getting whacked by Ami.

"I haven't seen her before…" Mina declared.

"Yeah you have!!" Serena grinned  in realization.

"Who??" Trowa asked. Scrunching up  his face.

"Even I know who that Onna no ko (Girl) is!!" Wufei said.

"Me too!" Rei said.

"Who??" Ken asked. "I want to know!!"

"Simone!!!" Serena called to the girl who finally managed herself free from attention.

"Hey!!" Simone grinned and walked over to the group, few had their jaws hitting the floor others just grinned.

"There's no doubting you being Trowa's Daughter.." Serena smoothed the girls hair. "You've got the bang to prove  it!!"

"And The odango type things to prove she's yours too Hime!!" Amara said.

"It's true…" Hotaru said. "Come on Duo!! You promied me a dance!!" The younger girl stole Ami's boyfriend momentarily.

"Coming!!"  Duo followed the girl with his braid in her hand.

"And you promised me one, Heero!!" Duet said with her long hair flowing off to her waist, and a black dress hugged her body perfectly and cut low enough to show a little cleavage.

"Whoo! Shake that thang out there girl!!" The scouts made cat calls making her blush.

"This is why dresses aren't my thing!!" Duet said dragging Heero  out on the dance floor.

"She looks good!!" Amara cocked her head to the side getting whacked by Michelle. "You know I didn't mean it"

"Come dance with me Okaasan!!" Simone and Rini gabbed Serena's hand, as soon as they got out on the dance floor all three of them did something stupid. Rini did the running man, Simone did the cabbage patch and Serena busted the Macarena.

"Oh god…" Rei said and Mina dragged Quatre out on the floor. As soon as Mina got there she started doing something that looked like she had been taking drugs or something. Quatre simply sighed and followed suit.

"They all  look like idiots.." Rei said. Ami and Lita took one arm of their mutual brother and waltzed out to the dance floor and decided to be idiots as well. Soon all the other scouts joined in leaving Rei and Wufei.

"Ready to go ruin our reps??" Wufei held out an arm.

"Sure." Rei said and Serena's entire Troop were caught in a picture doing whatever it was they were doing.

"I pity you guys for that picture!!" Releana said when they came back to sit down.

"I pity you!!" Serena said. "You missed out on the fun!!"

"Yeah well, I  have to say, I'm glad you Darien worked things out."

"Well, he went for something different." Serena said

"Beryl??" Releana asked. "I uhmm saw the whole battle." She whispered to Serena.

"Are you serious??"

"Yeah.. I was called away by Dorothy  for a while and she took my place for a bit.. I came back an everyone was…"

"I see." Serena said. " And your opinion."

"Do what  needs to be done for peace.. After all I am  the Pacifist Princess." Releana winked at Serena. "Even if our methods are different." Relena added then left. Serena smiled a big smile.

"That girl is  strange!!" She said.

"No stranger than you being a princess from a Milennia ago."

"Or you being a prince??" Serena added giving Trowa a kiss.

"Gah!!" Rini said interupting the two.

"And I have I have to go home and see that." Simone shook her head at the two who merely kissed again to agitate the young princesses. "God get a room!!!" Simone said brushing her copper bangs out of her face momentarily. "No wait..  you'll do that anyway." She said as a Luna P floated in front of Simone's face. "That's my cue to go home now!!" Simone said. The entire group followed her outside. There they saw an  open portal. "It was nice seeing the younger and more interesting version of you guys!!"

"I'll eternally be interesting!!" Duo said.

"That's True." Simone giggled and gave everyone their hugs. She saved her parents for last.

"I guess we'll be seeing you sometime in the future." Serena said hugging her.

"I guess you will, Okaasan." Simone then hugged her father who knelt to her height. He wouldn't let her go when she tried to pull away. "I have to go Otousan." She said.

"Just how soon in the future do we expect you.."

"Let's just say mom didn't even hit the age of 30 yet!!" Simone giggled at the smirk on his face. "Ja Minna-chan!!!" Simone said and disappeared, a moment later it opened up again.

"Well, from what I sense.. there's nothing left of my future" Rini sighed. "It's now non-existent."

"You could stay with us!!" Hotaru said thoughtfully.

"uhmmm.." Rini looked at her friend gratefully and was about to say something when the portal opened again.

 "Alright!! Alright I'm sorry!!" Simone said being blown out of the portal. "I was just trying to fulfill my wish of being the only child!!" Simone said in defense.

"Something wrong?" Amara asked.

"Yeah, Trista's mad because I tried to leave Rini behind." Simone frowned. "Come on Bubble gum, or things will screw up even more!!"

"Uhmm.. are you serious??"

"Yes.. I told you.. you're my widdle sister!!" Simone said sarcastically and the two went inside the portal waving good-bye to everyone else.

"I must say Serena. Every year you end up doing something amazing and this year took the cake."

"Odango?? Amazing??" Rei asked as everyone headed back to the dance.

"Yeah.. first year she loosened up the Silent thing, second  year Heero, third year her and the principal's had some sort of prank war going on." Duo said excitedly.

"And this year was… magical." Trowa said.

"What's in store for next year, Onna??"

"I'm not sure.. but something tells me this is only the beginning of our futures." Serena said walking away from Trowa to search through a back pack that had been conveniently plced by a tree. The girls smirked.

"But Serena.. what about right now??" Mina asked standing next to Serena. The guys exchanged glances knowing the five girls were up to something.

"What's going on??" Ken asked what was on everyone's minds.

"This!!" Duet hung off a tree branch by her knees and squirted the guys with a HUGE water gun and the five girls began pelting them with water ballons. The girls stopped momentarily to laugh at the soaking wet guys, their smiles faded when the guys weren't the least bit upset.

"See I knew my suspicions were right!!" Duo said.

"Hmm??" Ami asked.

"We figured you girls would do something like this and came prepared outselves!!" Heero said and all five guys produced water pistols and began squirting the girls and a water fight begiun even thought the odds were in the girls' favor.