Billy takes action

Billy POV

I have come to the decision that I can't just sit back and watch the Cullen's form a bond with Bella my best friends daughter and my God daughter, she knows what they are but has no fear of them. After spending two hours discussing with the council what is happening and what we can do to prevent Bella from being bitten, it is now time to take action.

It has now come down to Charlie my best friend and non-blood brother to find out the tribe's deepest secret, this is going to be the first time that a pale face has ever heard our legends and then be shown the truth. This needs to happen so that we can save Bella and get her away from the leeches, with Charlie hopefully on our side and agreeing with what we have planned. I am sat in my kitchen waiting for Charlie to turn up after asking him to come down and watch the game, Jacob is staying at the Atearas it is not the time to reveal his destiny until he is ready. A knock at the door brings me out of my musings and the three protectors of La Push make their way into my kitchen awaiting orders on what's going to happen tonight.

"Sam have you told Jared and Paul what is going to happen tonight in regards to showing Charlie and getting Bella to La Push?"

"Not fully I have told them about Charlie being told but thought we would leave the rest to discuss after Charlie arrives. What time he is coming down?" Sam replies.

"He should be here in twenty minutes he is picking Harry up on the way." I reply while shuffling in my wheel chair, hoping that this does not ruin my friendship with Charlie.

"Sorry Billy but why are we doing this? If this Bella wants to hang around bloodsuckers and risk her life is that not up to her?" Paul asks abruptly. I give him a look for his outburst, he is not one to keep his opinions to himself and this can sometimes cause his temper to flare. I decide that the truth is the best thing right now, knowing that this will encourage Sam and Jared to carry this out successfully.

"Bella is part Quileute, she does look like a pale face but it is in her bloodline. You know that Sam's and Jared's great grandmothers were sisters? There was a third sister, who fell in love with a pale face. She left the reservation and moved to Forks, they went on to have a son who met and married another pale face and they had a daughter, who married Charlie Swan and together they had a daughter called Bella Swan-"I am suddenly cut off by both Sam's and Jared's growls now realising that Bella is a distant cousin of theirs. I am pleased that they are acting this way; it will mean that they will not be ordered to protect Bella it will come naturally.

"Now you realise Paul why this has to happen, we cannot let a member of this tribe no matter how distant the bloodline is to be lost to these bloodsuckers." I continue.

"Billy this will be done we will all protect Bella with our lives." Both Sam and Jared say at the same time. I chuckle to myself relieved that she will be taken care of.

"Thank you for that reassurance, but there is another reason why Bella must be protected from them. The council and I believe that Bella is Jacobs's soul mate."

"How do you know that I thought we don't find our soul mates until we have phased for the first time." Sam asked.

"You don't but we have a reason to believe that it is possible for soul mates to remember each other when they are still young if they managed to find each other before this life. Let me tell you about the time when Bella and Jacob first met, Bella was almost three at the time and Jacob was five months old.

Today my god daughter was coming home for the summer for a visit and to meet my son Jacob, it is sad that they are just meeting but it is out of my hands and I can only be here for Charlie when little Bella has to go back.

"Uncle Billy I'm back." I hear Bella call as the front door is swung open and my clumsy god daughter trips and falls into my arms.

"Welcome home my little flower, my haven't you grown."

"Yep I'm a big girl now, where is Aunt Sarah and Rachel and Rebecca?" It amazes me that this little girl can be so shy and quiet around people but here she is so different.

"Rachel and Rebecca are at their friend Leah's house playing they will be home soon and Aunt Sarah is just waking up their new brother from a nap." I replied.

"Aunt Sarah has a baby, can I meet him? What is he called?" Bella rushed out in one breath. With that Sarah walks out of our room with my Son in her arms. Sarah stops in front of Bella and bends down so Bella can have a good look.

"This is Jacob, Bella" as I introduce him.

"Hello Jacob, I have been waiting a long time for you I have missed you." Bella loudly whispers after they both lock eyes for a few seconds. I hear Charlie cough loudly so I turn to look at him and he just shrugs his shoulders, I then look at Sarah who has her eyebrows raised.

"Little flower why have you been waiting for Jacob?" I bend down and ask Bella.

"I don't know I just have." Bella replies while shrugging her shoulders.

"Why have you missed him?" I then ask

"We are special, can I hold him please I will be really careful I promise." Bella responds while climbing up on the couch. I decide that I need to speak to the council to see if they have heard of something like this before.

After telling the boys about Bella and Jacob, their faces showed shock and understanding. This is not just about a human no more this is all about Jacob the Alpha finding his mate.

"Was that the only time it ever happened?" Sam suddenly asks.

"Nope a few years later while Bella was visiting again I asked Jacob about it and he said the same thing that they are special. It wasn't until you phased and imprinted on Emily that I started to think about it again, it was helpful that Bella decided to come back home and live with Charlie. I had already started to think of ideas to get her home after Jacob phased to see if they really are soul mates, now it is just a matter of waiting until Jacob is ready to phase that we will get answers." I answer Sam.

"Do they still have that bond now?" Jared asked.

"No it appears that they have forgotten about it now. But they have not seen each for a couple years now apart from when they met up at the beach a few weeks ago."

"Now that you have told us about this soul mate thing, I think they still have a bond. When we introduced ourselves to the pale faces that time on the beach, Jacob was automatically making his way to Bella and once they found out who each other was they both relaxed into easy conversation and even walked off up the beach together and they both looked so comfortable with each other." Sam suddenly spoke.

"Maybe it is still there then but they just don't realise it anymore."

"Harry and Charlie are just pulling up now, where do you want to do this?" Sam asked awaiting my orders.

"Out on the back porch, that way hopefully he won't have a chance to bolt." I hear the front door open and Charlie and Harry call out there arrival, as I make my way out towards the porch followed by the protectors. Within seconds both Charlie and Harry meet us on the back porch, a quick look at Charlie and I can see that he is confused.

"Billy I thought we were watching the game, it starts in a bit?" Charlie asks.

"I know but first I need to tell you something and then we can go back in and watch the game, Charlie the time has come for us to share with you our legends. Something is happening that only you can help with but first I need you to listen to our legends."

"What has happened is Jacob ok? Where is he?" Charlie asks in a panicked voice.

"Jacob is fine he is staying with friends for the night." I beckoned him to sit down and proceed with telling Charlie about the legends of the protectors of the tribe. I decide not to mention about imprinting yet and leave it for another time.

"Wow Billy that really is something, I now understand the connection with your wood carvings and the tribe." Charlie responded.

"The thing Is Charlie that they are just not legends they are true." I quickly nod to Sam and he starts to pull his pants down with Paul and Jared following his lead.

"Hey what's all this about Billy why are these lads here getting undressed?" Charlie started yelling.

"Watch Charlie and you will see why." Harry replies.

I give another nod to Sam and then watch has each of the boys started to shimmer before leaping up and becoming wolves. There is a short silence followed by a loud bang, I look around to where the noise came from and see Charlie passed out on my porch.

"At least he didn't run." Harry chuckles and I can't help but join in with him.

"Sam phase back and come help put Charlie on the couch before he wakes up."