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Billy's Epilogue: The Right Choice

Time goes by so quick when you're not paying attention to it; I have watched my son become a great man within the tribe. When I stepped down as chief on Jacob's eighteenth birthday I watched with pride as he stood up and took his new position becoming the new chief, to be able to manage his time between being a father, husband, son, Alpha, Chief and businessman has taken me by surprise over the years.

I remember the day when he came to me asking for advice on how to ask for Bella's hand in marriage so that she could legally have his name, I was shocked that he wanted to form such a commitment at a young age. The imprint was so absolute that he had no fear of rejection, in my eyes my sixteen year old son became a man that day when I presented his mother's engagement ring to him with the advice that he would know when the time was right to ask Bella.

The day after Charlie came to me to tell me that Jacob had come to see him the previous evening to ask for his permission in Bella's hand in marriage, I never realised that my son had such old fashioned values. On Bella's birthday I watched with pride as Jacob got down on one knew and proposed to Bella and I held my breath while waiting for Bella's acceptance in the ring and my sons hand in marriage, I should not have had any fear when she shouted out a yes.

Their marriage ceremony was held just three months later, I thought they would have been engaged for a lot longer until Jacob was of age but they both wanted to be married as soon as possible so I gave my permission and then watched as Bella became a Black legally.

The next few years passed with Jacob finishing school and opening up his own business and then becoming Chief, Jacob and Bella's businesses have both been successes placing La Push on the map for tourists and new customers. The whole pack was still phasing excluding Leah who after so much pain had finally found her happiness, there was still the odd leech out there coming too close to the Reservation. I often wondered if word had really got around to stay away or if they leeches wanted to see if they could end the pack.

When Sam and Emily announced that they were expecting a baby, nobody could have guessed the chain of events that would happen weeks later when both Bella and Kim announced that they also were pregnant. It was a great experience to watch my unborn grandchild grow within its mothers body, the only person who was not happy was Renee. Renee thought that Bella was making a mistake and putting a strain on hers and Jacob's marriage because they were both too young. It was Charlie who told Renee that they were not them and that Jacob and Bella's marriage was a lot stronger than theirs ever were. I was shocked that after all these years Charlie had finally stood up to his ex-wife, nineteen years too late in my opinion but you can't change the past.

Before Bella could give birth to my grandchild we were all surprised when my eldest daughter Rebecca came home, I was happy that she was back but I was shocked at the woman I saw. She was broken, divorced and jobless with no qualifications; she admitted that she had to drop out of the college she was at in Hawaii because her ex-husband could not hold down a job for longer than a few days. Rebecca was working in diners and shops sometimes working over fourteen hours a day so that she was able to pay the bills and rent on their small apartment, while her irresponsible ex-husband would spend his days either in bed or surfing.

Rachel moved the rest of her belongings out of the house so that Rebecca could have her old room, Bella and Emily then offered her a fulltime position at the diner which Rebecca happily took. Within days of her arrival back home the spark in her eyes started to return and she making plans to do online courses and get some qualifications.

My happiness was short just over two weeks later when Rebecca admitted that she couldn't live in the family home as the memories of Sarah were still too painful, I automatically thought that I was going to lose her again with her moving out of the Reservation and even the state.

Charlie was there when Rebecca admitted and he was able to offer her Bella's old room in Forks, she happily accepted and Charlie and I would often joke that we swapped daughters. It also meant that the tribe secrets in regards to the wolves could be kept, Jacob did not want her to know going as far as issuing a command to all the wolves and making Bella do the same with the imprints not to be able to mention it to her. I was still sad that she was not living on the Reservation anymore but with her working at the diner and me going there every day for lunch I got to see her every day.

With Rebecca settled in at Charlie's I agreed to move into her old room, it was the same size as my old room but the shape of the room made it easier for me to be able to move around it while in my chair. My old room was turned into a nursery for the baby; they managed to paint the forest and the beach on the walls while still making it look like a child's room.

When Tala Sarah Black was born I was in awe of this precious bundle, she looked just like Bella when she was a baby. As Tala grew into a toddler I noticed that her skin tone was a lot darker than a mixed blood Quileute, her hair was black just like Jacob's and her eyes were the same colour as Jacob's the deepest darkest brown just like Sarah had. When Tala would play with her little cousins all their skin tones would be the same and I started to think that maybe it was not just the wolf gene that was silently passed down through the generations but also Bella's Quileute genes.

As I sit at the head of the bonfire on the fifth celebration since the battle I can't help but chuckle as I was the three little girls run rings around the pack, getting whatever they want when they want it. These men that turn into giant wolves and destroy monsters can all be manipulated by three toddlers. I watch as Jacob plays with Tala chasing her around and swinging her in the air, I can also see that he is also constantly stopping and looking across the beach to where Bella is sat watching her husband and daughter play while resting her hands on her abdomen.

I knew that Jacob and Bella were expecting again and keeping it a secret, I had noticed the past few mornings that Bella was always running to the bathroom and that the windows were always wide open to stop her from heaving from the musty smell . She was exactly the same when she was expecting Tala so it was easy to guess what was going on.

I watch as Jacob hands Tala over to Paul before jogging over to Bella placing his hands over the top of hers and then leaning close to whisper in her ear, the conversation is short before Jacob whistles to get everybody else's attention.

""We have some news that we would like to share with all of you" Jacob shouted out before Tala ran over to Jacob to be picked up just as the rest of the pack came to sit around the fire.

"Bells and I will be expecting another baby in six and a half months" Jacob announced with a wide grin on his face.

I sat back and watched as everybody walked over the happy couple to congratulate them. A new child amongst the wolves was a new member to the pack; it would always be the next generation that would be the most protected and probably put first before the rest of the Tribe.

"Hey old man looks like we are going to be grandpa's again" Charlie said as he sat next to me and passed me a can.

"We sure are old man, let's hope it's a boy so we can teach it to fish" I replied while chuckling.

"I sure hope so Tala is too much like Bella and finds it boring, running up and down the beach instead" Charlie then said.

"Charlie she is only a toddler there is plenty of time but I do suspect that the females of the pack won't let us anyway."

"Here's to a boy then" Charlie said while tapping his can against mine.

"To a boy" I agreed.

"Thank you Billy" Charlie suddenly said sounding serious.

"For what?" I asked confused.

"For being a true friend and brother."

"I always will be Charlie" I replied knowing now that he was thanking me for letting him in on our secret and getting Bella away from the Cullen's.

"She wouldn't be here now if it was not for you and the pack, I fear that she would be a leech now if you didn't step in when you did."

"I think she would be too Charlie, and I also think Jacob would not be the man he is today without her" I commented.

"Thank you for putting our friendship first" Charlie said before standing up and walking towards Jacob and Bella before I could reply.

I watched as Charlie hugged Bella before she placed a kiss on his cheek and then started to walk towards me.

"Congratulations Bella" I told her as she came to a stop in front of my chair.

"Thank you Billy, maybe this time it will be a boy to carry on the Black name."

"Bella just so long as you give me a healthy grandchild I don't care what its gender is, maybe it is time for a new family name to become chief. Rachel and Paul could have a son one day if you and Jacob only give me precious grand-daughters. "I explained to her hoping to take any pressure off of her to produce a boy.

"Thank you Billy for everything" Bella said before stepping forward and hugging me.

"Thank you for making the right choice for me" She whispered before placing a kiss on my cheek.

"You are welcome Bella my daughter."

She stepped away from me and walked into the awaiting hugs of Sam and Jared. That one whispered sentence meant the world to me. Bella had finally admitted that I made the right choice for her.

The change that i did make in this story compared to SMs is that Quil never imprinted on Claire, imprinting on a child does not sit comfortably for me. As the mother to a three year old i view it as a form of groming, none of my stories will have any of the wolves imprinting on children under the age of 16.

I did not let the other wolves imprint because they would be new characters and the epilogues were really about Bella, Jake and Billy.

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