Author's Note:Hi there, this is PenGator3 with another fanfic; even though you're all waiting for my latest pieces of work "Re:" and "Team Fortress," I have something that will occupy your time: a "Know Your Stars" fic for Regular Show. Since this is my first time doing this you may experience a few things out of place.

Disclaimer: Regular Show belongs to Cartoon Network; in addition, "Know Your Stars" belong to "All That." First up, MORDECAI!

There once was a blue jay named Mordecai who was a simple groundskeeper; he had friends and video games beyond the wildest of imaginations. As he plays Dig Champs on his old style game console he was unaware that something strange was going to happen so fast, not even a doctor with such a name would comprehend it enough to go into his personal phone booth to undo the mess that would be made. "Know Your Stars..." a voice was heard that brought our little boy blue to attention, "Know Your Stars... Know Your Stars... Know Your Stars..."

"What was that?" Mordecai questioned as he stopped playing his video game in confusion. Then, the Announcer says, "Mordecai is an emo." "Um… no I'm not," the blue jay countered confusingly, "I don't like wearing black a lot like some teenager wanting to commit suicide!" "Mordecai's real name is Tom," the Announcer stated. Mordecai responded, "say what? My name is not Tom!"

"Mordecai is a disgrace," said the Announcer, "because he killed Rigby." "Okay look, just because what I did was wrong doesn't make me a disgrace you jerk; and besides, how did you now about all this?" the blue jay countered with fury. Now, the Announcer says, "Mordecai is a head scratching foot shuffling negro." "First of all, I have feathers, you drillbit," Mordecai exclaimed with disbelief before continuing onward, "secondly, I don't know how to dance at all. And third, I'm NOT EVEN HUMAN YOU EFFING RACIST!"

"Mordecai hates Planet Chasers Starlight Excellent with a passion," the Announcer whispers. This made the blue jay even cross as he spoke out in anger, "of course I hate Planet Chasers Starlight Excellent; it almost made me dead!" "And so there it is," the Announcer sighed, "now you know Mordecai..." "No, they do not know me, they don't know me at all; where do you get your information?" Mordecai screamed. Despite this, the Announcer retorted, "oh, go watch Planet Chasers." "Hey; where the 'H' are you going?" the blue jay exclaimed, "I'm not through with you! Get back here!"

But the Announcer was gone, leaving Mordecai groaning to himself angrily with confusion and delay; little did he know, he would not be alone in this predicament.

Author's Note: Well, it was a doozy; but, at least I hope to make it up to you soon but now I'm off 'til next time...