Author's Note: Hi there, this is PenGator3 with another fanfic; even though you're all waiting for my latest pieces of work "A Cat and Fox's Tale," "Yangnesia," and "No Love" I have this as well: a "Know Your Stars" fic for Regular Show. Since this is my first time doing this you may experience a few things out of place; plus, I've returned to the previous format from before, albeit san disclaimer. Okay, that's gonna do it for us now if you excuse me, I have articles that are due that I have not yet started which I was supposed to do but I didn't so here's Mr. Maellard.

There once was a man named Mr. Maellard whom was the father of Pops, short and stout; here was his paperwork and there was his pen. When he had gotten steamed up, the man had his employers hear him shout all about for he had a simple job beyond the wildest of imaginations: the job of park owner; however, little did he know, all that was about to change instantaneously. "Know Your Stars..." a voice was heard that brought him to attention, "Know Your Stars... Know Your Stars... Know Your Stars..."

"Benson, is that you?" Mr. Maellard had asked as he'd been looking around in his office to see who was there as he'd expected one of his employers to show up only to find that no one was around; of course, this was because of what had happened to Rigby. Next, the Announcer says, "Mr. Maellard had ordered the assassination of Joseph Medawar for fleecing millions of dollars from investors of the cancelled DHS: The Series." "No, I did not!" the man snapped back predictably, "I'm not a murderer; I'm a park owner...!" " Mr. Maellard had once trained Dana Giacchetto in the art of stardom," the Announcer countered teasingly as if his responses went unheard. Mr. Maellard wasn't liking this one bit and so he raised his voice slightly, "that's not true at all!" "Mr. Maellard had Alfred Taubaum killed once in the past and had been using his assets for twenty years specializing in price-fixing scams all while living the good life with a six-figure salary," the Announcer responded to the gentleman uncaringly, "additionally, he had left no clues behind but only a trail of broken dreams and empty bank accounts as he'd orchestrated the Miracle Cars scam offshore." "Stop that; I didn't even know about it, Benson!" he had yelled as he was starting to get angry. Still, the Announcer kept going at it with Mr. Maellard, "Mr. Maellard once had bought out Trans Continental Records from Lou Pearlman for the purpose of dissolving boy bands like N*SYNC, Backstreet Boys, and O-Town."

"GRRR!" the gentleman started to scream as he'd started to turn red like that gumball machine, albeit slowly, "you know that's a total lie; in fact, I don't even listen to this modern day gobbledy-gook...!" "Mr. Maellard had once framed Richard Scrushy for masterminding a significant HealthSouth fraud," the Announcer laughed as he started to throw the pen at the other side of the room, a sign has his sanity was starting to fade. While doing so, Mr. Maellard spoke back to the Announcer, "I did not frame what-his-name...!" "Mr. Maellard is a drug dealer who orders assassinations to fund his drug smuggling ring," the Announcer countered with glee whereas the gentleman tried his best to contain himself to the world, "one time, he'd the Kissel brothers murdered, leaving behind their families to be ruined by their deaths." "I would never do something like that; in fact, I'm a dad blasted millionaire!" he said, contradicting that statement while raving slightly. Irregardless, the Announcer went on, "Mr. Maellard had skin doctor Michael Rosin executed for running the most damning scam of them all in American history: exploiting skin doctor." "I had just told you already: I am not a murderer!" Mr. Maellard had screamed as he had now found himself punching his desk, "you're lying to me!" "Yes you are; even so, you've once had vanished with millions of dollars after killing Marc Harris," the Announcer contradicted him as the gentleman had started to tear himself apart.

As he started to tear his clothes off, he'd screamed at Announcer, "I'm starting to get really mad now!" "Mr. Maellard even stole millions of dollars from unsuspecting Wall Street bankers all with the help of prostitutes!" the Announcer exclaimed as Mr. Maellard was now foaming at the mouth, "he even masterminded of one of the largest investment scam in history, costing his victims nearly eighty million dollars and framing Al Parish in the process!" "IT'S ALL LIES!" the gentleman had screamed as his eyebrows had now arched closely enough to show that he was truly angry. Still, the Announcer said, "One dark night in a business trip in Nevada, Mr. Maellard had sex with many strippers at the Mustang Ranch thanks to Joe Conforte, one of whom had successfully conceived Pops who had just DIED!" "Whaaa?!" he screamed, clutching his bared chest in shock upon hearing those words, "my... son...!" "And so, there it is: now you know Mr. Maellard..." the Announcer makes a statement about the situation as Mr. Maellard collapsed to the floor. Nonetheless, the fading gentleman now losing his psyche gasped, "no..." Despite this, the Announcer retorted, "oh, go off and enjoy your spending spree... IN HELL!"

Now it was certainly clear that he was not moving at all anymore, succumbing to the blackness that had overtaken his sights; however, this would not end here at all... not yet...

Author's Note: Well, it was a doozy; but, at least I hope to make it up to you soon. Before I go, I want to tell you that everything in the last chapter was inspired from the first few episode summaries of American Greed: Scams, Scoundrels, and Scandals; in addition, I would like to thank , PARAMOREROCKS, and AwesomelyMe0728 for reviewing. Until next time...