Author's Note: Hi there, this is PenGator3 with another fanfic; even though you're all waiting for my latest pieces of work "A Cat and Fox's Tale," "Yangnesia," and "No Love" I have this as well: a "Know Your Stars" fic for Regular Show. Since this is my first time doing this you may have experienced a few things being out of place; plus, I've already returned to the previous format from before so... HEERRREEE'S LOW... FIVE... GHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOST!

There once was a poltergeist called Low Five Ghost who was the brother of another poltergeist named Hi Five Ghost, a hot blooded partier invisible to life but not to his friends or family; like the latter, even the former knew all very well how to live life to the fullest. Watching some television, he had found himself in the impound lot eating some doughnuts; little did he know, he was going to be caught in the crosshairs of fate. "Know Your Stars..." a voice was heard that brought the friendly ghost to attention, "Know Your Stars... Know Your Stars... Know Your Stars..."

"Hmm... these donuts must be getting to me..." Low Five Ghost questioned as looked at the next pastry in his possession with bewilderment; with little warning, he put it back in the light green box. Then, the Announcer says, "Low Five Ghost once summoned Fishbone D to the earthly plane as a prank." "Huh?!" the big brother grunted in confusion as he attempted to turn the television off, "must oughta lay off the sugar for a while..." "He also summoned Hexapodus in a children's playground on night," the Announcer voiced on over on the speaker. Low Five Ghost looked at the shrinking dot on the very screen and then sputtered, "wait, what?!" "Low Five Ghost..." the Announcer started to speak once more, "sent out Acidwire against two teenage girls one night." "Excuse me?!" he choked out in confusion, fiercely hovering away from the television screen at once. Without warning, the Announcer then sounded out within the vicinity of Low Five Ghost, "Low Five Ghost was once friends with an infamous serial killer who then became Shrieker long before going to Hell." "Oh..." he moaned and began to reach for the door in front of him at once, "I need to go out for a walk and clear my head."

Feeling the warm rays of sunlight piercing his thin body, Low Five Ghost started to see the building and the concrete in front of his visage all at once. "Low Five Ghost once sold candy to kids that brought the dead back to life as a Halloween Prank," the Announcer declared as soon as he started hovering over the sidewalk. Low Five Ghost winced in discomfort and muttered, "now that's just messed up; I would never do that." "Low Five Ghost was once a stuffed animal plushie in his very life," the Announcer says, "but escaped from it alive and gone somewhere else." "Yo, man that's not even true..." he grunted in displeasure. The Announcer then said, "Low Five Ghost accidentally killed a child's mother as part of a prank gone wrong!"

Soon, Low Five Ghost started to gain some speed as he was in contrast losing his composure. "This is getting insane!" he muttered a bit loudly than before, "I need to get out of this town for a few days; yeah, maybe that could help me around..." "Low Five Ghost once ate an amateur exorcist alive and vomited him back out in disgust," the announcer chuckled without a care in the world. Low Five Ghost then began to gurgle and groan, "oh, that's nasty." "Low Five Ghost once lured another ghost to his doom by tricking him into the escaping to the human world," the announcer chortled, "and watched it become destroyed by a rather skilled archer." "WHAT?" was all that he could say to it as he then began to vomit onto the sidewalk.

Despite all this, the Announcer retorted, "Low Five Ghost has now disappeared off the face of the Earth." "Excuse me?" Low Five Ghost had exclaimed when he realized what had happened: he was starting to dissolve into bright particles and shatter like glass, "oh shi-" "And so, there you have it: now you know Low Five Ghost," the announcer said as he broken off into many uncleft pieces and became dust in the wind, literally; for a moment, it would seem as if that.

Author's Note: Well, that was crap but at least I hope to make it up to you soon; however, before I go, I want to tell you that everything in the last chapter was inspired from the lyrics to the opening of Squidbillies. And to the one who signed as Muscle Man, I hope for your sake your last name happens to be Mark cause for what its worth, I'm not talking to you; wow, I'm not sure if this story is making others attract more vengeful beings visiting under the veneer of excitement. We still have a few chapters to go so stay tuned and most importantly.