She never saw it coming. Although on some level she knew that this day would come inevitably, she just hadn't expected it to happen today when her boys were due back at the garage any minute now.

She put up a fight. God knew that she wasn't the type to just lay down and die without fighting back, but in the end it wasn't enough.

Her enemy got her.

The blade of his bowie knife sliding through the soft tissues of her stomach while she had been momentarily distracted by the fact that three of her fingers had been cut off of her right hand by his blade before he had stepped in real close and slide his blade home inside of her.

She gasped in shock as a horrible agony spread through her body, causing her legs to buckle as she heard a soft, raspy, chilling laugh as she fell to the floor with the blade still embedded in her body and lay there on her side on her once clean white tile floor. Her blood staining it red in at an alarming rate as she tried to breathe through the pain as she turned her head slightly to look at the man standing over her.

All she could see was shaggy, semi long, greasy blond hair, and dark eyes filled with malicious glee. "Y-You-" Charlie managed to rasp as she glared at the familiar face of the man who had come to her one time before.

A long, long time ago when she had still been a mother trying to raise her child on her own.

Back then her wold had revolved around PTA meetings, and helping her daughter with her homework after school. And this man-this bastard had ruined everything when he had taken an unhealthy interest in her little girl and started threatening Charlie so that he could scare her into bowing to his will.

But Charlie had never been the type to listen, especially to creeps like this guy. It wasn't in her nature to let someone hurt her family and get away with it. So to save her daughter, she had sent her away to live with her father.

It had been a mistake to send her baby to her father, but at the time it had been all that she could think of-

The man gave her a feral smile. Flattered that Charline Davidson remembered him after all this time. "Hello Charlie." He said politely as he knelt down next to her and said in a hushed tone. "I've come for what's mine."

Charlie made a growling sound as blood slipped down her chin as she pulled the knife from her body and tried to slit his throat with it. It didn't work, and the movement jostled her so badly that her vision dimmed. He made a tsking sound and carefully took the blade from her. "That wasn't very sporting of you Charlie."

"Ask me if I care-" Charlie wheezed as her vision slowly returned. She thought it was just a little ironic that he thought that she should give him a chance when he was the one who had ambushed her without warning.

The asshole. "Where is she Charlie?" He asked after a second or so of silence. Charlie gave him a feral smile through the pain haze fog that was consuming her mind. She. She was her little girl and thanks to her careful and meticulous planning, this son of a bitch would never get near her baby again.

She wasn't going to tell him shit.

He waited and after a moment or so sighed then kicked her in the stomach. She screamed as the wound in her flesh tore open a little more, causing the agony to build in her until she couldn't think, couldn't see. All she could do was scream...


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