After breakfast Shay showered and got dressed and stepped out of her bedroom to find the three mice hanging around in the hall looking concerned/worried. And perhaps a touch scared of what she was planning to do next. They were more than a little surprised when she made her way down the hall.

Brushing past them, and entered the garage for the first time in what seemed like months.

The three mice followed close behind her without getting in her way then stopped just inside the door to the garage so that they could see what she was up too. Both Throttle and Vinny glanced at Modo as their human sat down at her work station, and picked up a wrench, and started working on some car parts that had been left on the table by Vinny a few days ago when he'd worked in the garage.

Modo gave the two a small smile as they stood there watching her work for the better part of an hour before Modo finally said something about needing to cook dinner then clapped the younger two on the shoulders with his hands and walked off.

Taking the visit to the garage for what it really was.

A small diversion that may lead to recovery.


Joey had been searching through old case files for anything that resembled what was happening with Shayera and hit pay dirt sometime around noon. He'd come across ten cases where a man kidnapped some little girls between the ages of eight and ten, violated them with a foreign object then raped them.

The only real differences between those cases and Shayera's was the fact that none of the children had survived past the rapes where as Shayera had escaped long before that had happened.

They had gone missing on a weekday and been found wrapped in a bloody tarp with chains wrapped around it and then either been buried in shallow graves or dumped in lakes, sometime on the weekend.

He got the name of the suspected abductor/rapist/killer and jotted everything down after checking to see where the guy lived. What was the most chilling of Joey's finds though was that the suspect in all of these cases lived in Chicago- in an apartment building right down the street from the Last Chance garage.

"Oh shit." Joey muttered as he jumped up out of his seat. He needed to tell the guys what he'd learned or the guy might actually get close to Shayera again.


Shay worked for several hours on the motor before managing to fix it completely then sat back in her seat with a tired sigh and stretched her arms over her head and moved her neck from one side ot the other in an effort to work out some of the kinks in her muscles. As she heard a soft knock on the door behind her and turned, startled by the sudden sound and stared wide eyed at Throttle standing there with a tray balanced on one of his hands.

"Hey, ready for a food break?" He asked softly. Shay nodded her head mutely and he smiled at her and walked into the garage and then carefully moved the motor aside so that he could put the tray down. Then started to place a plate in front of her then a fork and spoon and a glass of juice before fixing her plate for her then setting everything else aside and disappearing.

Or at least she thought he'd disappeared. But the truth of the matter was that he found himself a nice seat on the floor somewhere behind her so that he could watch her eat. Probably because he was concerned that she might not eat if he didn't watch her. Or maybe it was something else.

Whatever it was, he wasn't the only one who watched her. Vinny was still hanging around the garage door and would occassionally peek in to see if Shay was still doing okay.