Meteos: The Movie

(A prose version of what the movie might be like)

—Act 1: The Homefront—

Author's Note: In the original DS game, you could choose either a single route consisting of six planets, a branch mode, or a multi mode, with 12 different possible endings. Furthermore, you could also decide which alien species builds the Metamo Ark and goes on the adventure. For the purposes of this "movie adaptation", though, I'll go with these choices. 1) The Geolytes are the main characters, since it said so in the game's opening movie. 2) They encounter ALL 39 other planets, both from the original game and from Meteos Wars. 3) Four of the 12 endings will be combined in some way, along with a fifth that I came up with on my own. Also, there's no way I'll be able to go into gorgeously intricate detail with every single one of these planets. Believe me, I've tried it once with just nine, and the results weren't pretty.

Scene 1: Night Ride

In the deepest reaches of space, far from the outer rim of the galaxy, Planet Meteo floated sullenly in the void. It was an eyeball-shaped planet churning with molten magma, with a green ring encircling it, and it glowed with a bright red and white aura. It glared out at the galaxy and its many solar systems with its many planets, teeming with life forms of literally all shapes and sizes. It, too, like them, was composed of all ten major elements; Air, fire, water, soil, iron, electricity, grass, zoo, light, and darkness. It, too, should have been able to support life. In fact, it held a far greater amount of each of these elements than any one planet ever did, and over the millions upon millions of years it had existed, it had only made more and more. So what made them so special, and why couldn't it be the rightful ruler of them all?

So it thought during its many millennia of observation. But today, things would be different. This was the day Planet Meteo's pent-up rage would finally be unleashed. This was the day when it would launch stream after stream of all those elements it had been stockpiling over the millennia at each and every one of those planets. And all life forms across the galaxy—no, in fact, the universe—would finally acknowledge the true power of Planet Meteo at last!

24-year-old Zach Bandrews drove along the steeply inclined hills surrounding the glistening buildings of Twofork City on his trusty motorbike, which he named Dosani. Every night, under the same night sky blocked out from the city's ambient lights, he would drive with the wind blowing against his blue horns, launching himself off of dirt hills and timing the turbo boost so that he could fly through the air at maximum speed. With only his headlights to show the way, his reflexes had to be extra-sharp. But he relished the challenge. In fact, his nightly rides on Dosani were the only things in his life he'd ever been able to look forward to for the past eight years. And during one of these courses, there was no place on Geolyte he would rather be, nor could anyone drag him there.

After the last launch off the last hill, he cut the turbo boost and proceeded to drive along normally in the night. He began to think about everything that had led his life up to this…

"Guess what, Zach?" shouted Mr. Bandrews as he came back from work one day.

The then 8-year-old Zach dropped the Hot Wheels and Legos he was playing with and ran right up to his dad, shouting, "What? Ooo, ooo, let me guess! They let you join the FBI? We got a monster truck? Have they figured out how to build a mecha yet? Can I be a real ninja for Halloween? What is it? Huh? Huh? Huh?"

"Nah, none of those," chuckled Mr. Bandrews as he jokingly rapped Zach's head. He unlocked his briefcase and took out a gray box game system of sorts, as well as a game to go along with it. "This is the original Nintendo Entertainment System. And this is a game for it called—"

"Excitebike!" Zach interrupted, reading off the box.

"Yeah. You get to race other people on these motorbikes and go off ramps and stuff. Favorite game ever. Thought you might like it."

For the next several hours, they sat in front of the TV set with the controllers, taking turns trying out different bikes and winning the Grand Prix. It would only be interrupted when Mrs. Bandrews smiled and let them know it was time for dinner.

It wasn't until eight years later that the horrible news came in. Mr. Bandrews had just finished repairs on the flight module that would have continued the connection between Geolyte Space Base of Operations and their remote Lunar Observation Base on the moon when a meteor smashed into his space suit from behind. Upon hearing it from the TV news, 16-year-old Zach burst out of the house, with his mom shouting behind him, "Zach!"

He ran and ran, trying not to let his grief and indignation get the better of him. "It's not fair!" he shouted, mostly to himself. "He promised he would get me a real motorbike when I got all A's! And I just did! He promised!"

And the recent argument he just had with his mom…

"Zach, honey, I can't pick up your mess for you forever. Sooner or later, you're going to have to find a job, and—"

"I know, I know!" he mumbled, still lying on his bed. He had this discussion with her practically a million times.

"And you didn't even go to graduate school. Zach, I think—"

"College sucked, and this so-called Physics degree doesn't help at all. Seriously, mom, what are the chances that graduate school will be any different? Just a waste of time and money, that's what it is."

His mom sighed and sat down. "Look, I miss your father as much as you do, but—"

"Shut up! Quit bringing him up and leave me alone!" he shouted, jumping out of his bed, out the door, and on Dosani.

Mrs. Bandrews just sat there in shock, trying to finish her sentence. "…but I want you to have a better future than he ever did."

Zach thought over these memories and more, realizing that the absence of his dad had affected him way more than he was willing to admit. Furthermore, he picked the Physics degree simply because that's what his dad majored in, and never stopped to think about what he really wanted to do with his life. He kept hearing stories about people who've discovered what they wanted to do in life when they were, like, 13 years old, and so could spend their teenage and college years preparing for what they loved most. Too late for himself, he thought. And while he enjoyed riding Dosani every night, there weren't exactly any…professions…that called for such skills, at least, not that he knew of.

Finally, he stopped to think. He was 24. His life was going nowhere. Could it be because he never figured out what he wanted to do in the first place? After all, whenever someone would ask him, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" his answers would always be answers like "A pirate!" or "A ninja!" that would sound good but were otherwise implausible in real life.

Maybe…maybe he should go back home and apologize to his mom…say that he'll actually try to make an effort to look for at least some job. Not that his chances of succeeding were good, but maybe if he started with something basic, he might be able to at least move out of the house, out of his mom's hair, and maybe the life on his own might finally provide some answers…

At that very moment, the sky lit up, and evacuation alarms blared from Twofork City. He looked up to see a stream of meteors—no, more like multicolored blocks—aiming right for his house! "No, no, no, no, NO!" he nearly panicked as he pushed Dosani's turbo to the max and headed straight for home.

Luckily, his mom heard his engine from inside the house and went on the front porch to greet him. "Zach!"

"Mom! Get out of here! NOW!" he shouted. He pulled her onto the backseat and drove out of there just as she looked up to see the meteors land around their house like Judgment raining down from above, setting the surrounding trees ablaze. He continued to push the turbo to the max, too desperate to get out of there to notice that the meter was getting dangerously close to overheat status.

That is, until it actually did overheat.

Dosani suddenly lost all speed, sending Zach flying off 100 feet ahead. As if that weren't enough, he tumbled down several grassy hills along the way. Fortunately, his mom was only thrown to the front seat. Unfortunately, she wasn't sure whether she should turn the key or press the button next to it to get Dosani moving again. And just to make matters worse, they weren't out of the meteors yet. In fact, the biggest swarm of them was headed, at that very moment, straight for Zach.

"ZACH!" shouted his mom. She tried running to get him out of the way, but given how fast the meteors were moving, she would only manage to cover 80 feet at most by the time they would hit.

Zach tried to soothe his aching head and turned around. "Mom?" he asked. But then he saw the meteors headed straight for him. Wait. Weren't these the same kind of meteors that killed his dad? Or was it just his imagination?

Right then, though, something so shocking happened that he almost couldn't believe it was happening. The three red meteors that were aiming right for him suddenly slowed down and fused together. They then shot some sort of rocket fuel from below and shot back up, intercepting all the remaining meteors on its way, all the way back into outer space.

Zach just sat there, jaw dropping in utter disbelief, even after his mom caught up to him and started brushing the dust off of him. The meteors looked the same as the one on TV. But this time, there were a whole swarm of them, and to make matters more confusing, they were just about to hit him like his dad…but didn't.

Coincidence? Or could it be…some sort of sign?

Planet Meteo confidently believed that its conquest would remain unopposed…that is, until one of its meteor streams flew right back into it, damaging a significant chunk of its surface. WHAT? it seethed. How is this possible? What's going on here? It thought back to which planet it sent the meteors to, and it remembered it was that certain blue-and-green planet called Geolyte. It narrowed its focus onto the planet and glared. Planet Geolyte, huh? Perhaps there is something about this planet different from all the others…or someone.

To be continued…