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"Quick, up the ladder!" Dr. Grant yelled.

They climbed up a ladder into the ceiling. By the time they got up there, the female raptor was in the room.

Dr. Grant kicked the ladder down and the raptor looked up.

They all started crawling through the ceiling. The raptor jumped up onto a table, and computers fell and broke. She looked up at the ceiling again. She could see where they were moving.

They all continued crawling. All of a sudden the raptor burst her head through the ceiling, on the part Bailey was crawling on.

Bailey screamed and Dr. Grant kicked the raptor's face. The raptor put her head down, but the ceiling part also fell. Bailey held onto the ceiling. Dr. Grant and Cody quickly helped her up before the raptor could get her.

Eventually Dr. Grant lifted up a piece of ceiling, and there was a small catwalk under it. They jumped on to the catwalk, and the floor was still about maybe 20 or more feet below them.

"Let's try climbing on the patiosaurus skeleton!" Zack said.

"Apatosaurus, and I guess we could…" Dr. Grant said.

They all carefully climbed onto the Apatosaurus skeleton, but somehow, the raptor was at the catwalk! The raptor jumped onto the skeleton making it fall apart. They only thing holding the bones now was wires on the ceiling.

One of the wires that were attached to the bone Ellie was holding onto, broke and she fell to the ground.

Then Dr. Grant let go of the bone and fell to the floor.

Bailey and Maya were on the same bone.

"Should we let go?" Bailey asked, looking down.

"I don't know…" Maya replied, looking down also.

The ground was about 15 feet below them. They were still deciding whether or not to let go until the wires snapped, and they fell to the floor. Luckily, the bone didn't fall on them.

Zack, Cody, and the raptor were on the rib cage part of the skeleton. Cody was holding onto a rib bone, and then it broke off. He landed next to Bailey and Maya.

"Owww!" Cody groaned.

Next, the whole rib cage fell, and Zack landed on his butt, and the rib cage was coming straight down to him.

He covered his head and ducked. Luckily none of the bones hit him, but the rib cage landed above him.

They all struggled to their feet and got into a group.

The female raptor wrestled to her feet, and behind them the male raptor came out.

They were trapped, both ways there was a raptor!

The male raptor was just about to attack when the tyrannosaurus rex bit into the raptor, crushing his bones.

Everyone looked up at the Rex in awe. The female raptor went to attack the Rex.

That's when they left. Everyone ran out to the front, and John, London, and Ian drove up.

"Mr. Hammond, I've decided not to indorse your park!" Dr. Grant said as he climbed into the car.

"So have I…" John said, and drove off.

The female raptor charged at the Rex and jumped onto his neck. The Rex started shaking his head until the raptor was in reaching distance. Then, the Rex grabbed the raptor, and threw her at the Tyrannosaurus skeleton.

With that, the Rex gave out a mighty roar.

Everyone made it to the helicopter.

In the helicopter, Bailey and Cody fell asleep, and Zack and Maya looked out the window at the island. London counted her money, and Dr. Grant slept lightly. Everyone else sat there looking around.

"Dr. Grant, look!" Zack shouted.

Dr. Grant looked out the window to see the Pteranodons flying next to the helicopter.

"Where do you think their going?" Zack asked.

"Not sure, maybe just looking for a new nesting ground." Dr. Grant said.

"They better not nest anywhere near New York!" Maya said sternly.

Zack and Maya smiled at eachother.

Everyone was happy they were safe and going back to the boat.

DUN, DUN, DUN THE END! *Thinking of next story idea, most likely will have dinosaurs in it XD* don't you just love happy endings? Hope you liked this story :3