Authors Note: A little different story…but I am so into different right now for Supernatural. I think it's a phase I'm going through. But I hope you all enjoy this one. Instead of Dean doing the seducing it's going to be the girl and she's not an ordinary girl. And this isn't an ordinary SPN fanfic. So just go down below read the summary and then read the first chapter…please :D and review.

Summary: Dean Winchester thought he lived in a normal world until he found himself being seduced by one of the world's oldest vampires. Kristen craves and needs Dean when she meets him but knows she'll have to seduce him to be able to get what she wants.

There he stood. She could smell him; the cologne he sprayed on before he came here, the sweat beading on his hair line, the alcohol on his breath, his blood pumping evenly through his veins and the large portion of testosterone in his body. She licked her teeth as her eyes scanned his body. His hair was dirty blond with short spikes that you could tell he just used a bit of gel and his hands to form. His face was chiseled just right with the perfect cheek bones and jaw line. A hint of a five o'clock shadow was forming on the sides of his face and his eyes were piercing green hazel. His lips were full and inviting. They appeared to be expertise and she just wanted to chew on them.

She found herself breathing a little heavier as her eyes moved farther down. His neck was strong and she could see the veins beneath the skin pulsing and screaming out towards her. She swallowed hard, never has a human done this to her before. Being a thousand and some years old she's never had a craving and taste like this.

Her eyes moved farther. He stood there his strong arms across his chest, his biceps huge and muscular. She wanted to be wrapped up inside them. She crossed her legs a sense of wetness just thinking about being in this humans arms. She bit her bottom lip softly eyes traveling farther. The black shirt was tight on him with the words security on the back but she wasn't occupied with his back, his abs are what screamed to her. Then farther down he wore denim jeans and she licked her lips wondering what prize held inside them.

Her eyes moved back to his and she smirked as he watched him scan the room.

"Look at me," she whispered. So quiet that even if the blasting music was off and everyone was still and motionless, no one but him could hear.

His green hazel eyes found her. She was looking down at the Apple Martini in front of her. Without moving she looked up to his eyes. Their eyes stayed locked as a smile spread across her face. He stayed still.

She took the small toothpick with the olives out of her drink, eyes still locked with his as she put the toothpick and olives in her mouth. One olive at a time she sucked and licked bringing them into her mouth.

His lips parted slightly watching her and he swallowed hard but knew he had to stay calm and collect. He was on duty but if he wasn't he'd be all over her in seconds. He watched the way she sucked and licked at the olives and as she did so he felt an awakening in his jeans.

"Fuck," he whispered and he watched her smile grow as if she heard him.

He went to smile at her when he heard some yelling to his left. He looked over just to see it was a couple of young kids fooling around and he rolled his eyes. He looked back to find her gone from the table. A small frown appeared on his face but kept his balance. He wanted to look for her but didn't want to be too anxious plus he was still on the clock.

Noticing nothing going on, on that side of the club he decided to make his rounds. He turned to the left and walked towards the center but only got a few feet when he bumped into someone. He looked down at the girl and noticed it was the one at the table.

She smiled at him, "Hi," she tilted her head a bit and tucked some of that long dark hair behind her ear.

"Hi," he said as his eyes scanned the red strapless dress that was almost skin tight. Her breasts were full and perfect size. Her curves were significantly beautiful and her legs were gorgeous. Her eyes though, the emerald green inside of them caught him by surprise and he felt as if he was being sucked in. He swallowed as he looked down at her beautiful red plump lips and found himself licking his own.

"If I didn't know better I'd say that's lust in your eyes Mr. Security Guard," she said with a slight laugh.

He chuckled softly scratching the back of his neck, "Sorry…"

She smiled at him as she started to walk away and he looked her over one more time before following her, "Are you new?"

Her smile stayed on her face loving the fact that he was following her, "Maybe…depends." She looked at him.

"On what?"

She stopped and looked into his eyes, "On you."

His eyes widened a little, "Me?"

She bit her bottom lip and nodded.

"Do you have a name?"

"Yes." She grinned at him, "but I'm more interesting in getting to know you."

Again with him. Did he know this girl? Was she some past fling he couldn't remember? But how could he not remember this woman. She was…perfect and amazing in every way.

She placed her hand on his chest and she stared at his chest her tongue licking over her teeth as she felt his heart beating quickly. Her breathing came out shaky. She wanted him. His blood was calling her and his body was warm at her touch. Her lips parted as she moved closer to him wanting to be in his arms. She never felt need like this before and it was driving her senses insane and run into overdrive. She looked into his eyes and he stared down into hers, "I want to know everything about you Dean Winchester." She ran her hand up his chest and to his neck.

Dean couldn't take his eyes off of hers and he went to lean down and kiss her when he heard, "Hey Winchester!"

He looked the other way and felt her hands get off his body. He looked back to where she stood but she was gone. Dean looked around him confused looking for the girl. She was nowhere to be found. He couldn't spot the dark hair or the red dress anywhere. It was as if she disappeared.

"Winchester! Get your ass over here!"

Dean rolled his eyes and walked towards the bar.


Dean threw his keys on his small kitchen table and threw off his jacket letting it hang on the chair. He opened the fridge door and grabbed a beer twisting the cap off and guzzling a good portion down. He closed the fridge door and shut the lights off as he walked towards his bedroom. He slipped his shoes off as he went on not caring that they were in the middle of the floor.

He sat the beer bottle on the night stand took off his clothes. He threw them in the corner where his hamper was. He grabbed his beer and finished it off throwing it in the trashcan by his desk.

Dean sighed as he got into bed and checked the gun that was under his mattress.

He turned on his back and looked up at the ceiling. He couldn't get that chick he met, if you can consider that meeting, out of his mind. How did she know his name? She had enticing eyes and a great body. He'd never seen her around these parts before. He knew chances to ever see her again were slim to none but there was tiny hope inside that she may be staying in a nearby hotel for the weekend and maybe have a hot one night stand. But with his luck he doubted.

Dean closed his eyes and felt himself falling quickly to sleep…

Kristen stood outside his townhome staring up at his window.

Kristen crawled under his sheets and bent down right at his hip bone and kissed it softly. She made her way up his body kissing every patch of flesh and bulging muscle she could get her lips on. She leaned up carefully as she came out of the sheet and looked down at his inviting body. He was shaped like a warrior, her warrior. She ran her right hand up his body as she moved up it as well. She straddle his hips and bent down kissing him softly on those delicious lips.

Dean opened his eyes and found himself staring into hers. He had to be dreaming.

She smiled, "You taste better than I thought," she said in a sultry voice then ran her tongue across his lips. She gave him that gorgeous smile before she leaned down and captured his lips with hers. She moaned into his lips as she moved against him running her hand through his hair.

For some reason Dean couldn't get enough of her lips and her being that close to him. His hands finally reacted and grabbed her hips to find her in just a pair of panties and when she rubbed up against him he could feel her bra. His grip on her hips was tight as he moved against her. She gasped in his mouth feeling how hard he was underneath her.

Hell this was a dream right? Dean was going to go for it even though it was the most realistic dream he's ever had. He could feel her cold skin against his warm one; feel her breath against his skin, her tongue against his and her body movements against him.

He sat up making her wrap her legs around him as he kissed feverishly down her neck and licked and nipped at her breast.

"Dean," she moaned grabbing tightly to the back of his neck. She moved against him again wanting to feel what he was offering her. She needed him. She could hear the call of his blood for her.

Her nails dug into his back deeply causing him to bite her collar bone.

"Oh Dean…I need you," she said feeling herself becoming the wild untamed thing that she was.

"I need you too, baby," he said gripping her tightly and pulling her against him. He looked up at her as she was breathing heavily staring into his eyes. She pushed him back onto his back.

"I've never needed anyone as bad as I need you," she said running her hand up his chest and to his neck. She kissed his chest up to his neck as she grinded onto him and rotated her hips.

Dean groaned and closed his eyes. This was definitely the most realistic dream he's ever had.

Kristen felt her eyes turn red. She could hear his heart beating quickly his blood thumping through his veins. She grabbed his neck turning his head as she kissed down to the throbbing vein calling her name.

"I'll take care of you baby," she said as she licked the vein, "In more ways than one." With that her fangs sprang out and she bit down on Dean's neck.

Dean sprung up quickly from his bed and turned the light on. He touched his neck several times checking for any kind of bite or blood. He walked to his bathroom and looked in the mirror. He even checked his back for the scratch marks she supposedly left but nothing.

"Fuck Winchester," he breathed out, "It was just a nightmare…a hot one but a nightmare none the less."

Kristen continued to stand outside his townhome seeing the light turn off and a smile spread across her face with his blood on the corners of her mouth and some spots on her teeth.