"Michael!" Nikita squealed as the duo entered the loft, "Michael, put me down!"

As soon as the car had pulled up to the designated curb, Michael hadn't permitted his girlfriend's feet to touch the ground. Carrying her bridal style, she'd been pleading with him to release her, but secretly enjoying the feeling of being in his arms. She could have easily manuevered herself from his arms, but for one moment she allowed herself to indulge in the sweet gesture; at the same time, she didn't want her beau to think their baby was making her a softie, hence the objections.

"OK, we're inside- put me down."

"The doctor ordered bedrest, not to be on your feet, no movement," Michael stated soberly as they rounded the corner and proceeded into the open living area.

Nikita giggled, "Actually Dr. Winters said no EXTREME or STRESSFUL movement; walking from the car is niether."

"Well I'm not taking any chances. So for once you'll just have to listen," He instructed, hovering her above the bed. Nikita's nose crinkled, shooting a glowering glance at him after this comment.

"What do you mean 'for once'?"

Michael chuckled, setting his still-scowling girlfriend onto the mattress. Any annoyance she possessed faded away when her head collided the pillow. An involunatary sigh of pleasure escaped her lips when the feeling of the luxurious fabic beneath her. Her boyfriend smiled, watching her eyes flutter shuit and a grin sprawl across her face.

After a moment, one of her eyelids lifted to see Michael's blissful expression, "What are you smiling about?"

"Its just nice to see you relaxed; better get used to that bed."

"Ugh, don't remind me. Bedrest- unbelieveable. Obviously she's unaware that Percy doesn't take holidays."

"You let ME handle Percy. Make some room," He ordered lightly, signaling for her to scoot over and she obliged, making room for him to slide in beside her.

She snuggled next to him, his arm naturally draping around her. And while the intimacy was nice, Nikita knew that ignroing the real conflict, for once not Percy, was impossible.

"You know, when we decided to take Division, we never imagined a kid would be involved. We have to discuss how we're going to handle this. I mean, rogue agent parents taking down a secret, lethal organization of the goverment wouldn't exactly be a great subject for parent career day," She shifted uneasily, but still remained in Michael's enclosed arm. She looked up, eyes matching his own, "And besides, how are we going to keep he or she safe from not only Percy and Division, but Gogol, the CIA, and every other pissed off organization?"

"Guess we should've rented 'Spy Kids' when we had the chance, huh?"

"Michael! This's isn't funny," She scolded, but Michael was still grinning.

"Nikita," He sighed exasperately, pulling her back down so her head rested soundly on his firm chest, "I told you at the hospital, we will figure it out, but you need to rest and I just want to enjoy this moment; I just found out the woman I love is having my baby, the last thing I want in my head is Percy." Nikita released a subtle chortle at his growled pronunciation of his boss's name as well as his overall statement. Sitting up, she eyed him suspiciously, causing his own suspicions to arise, "What?"

"I'm trying to determine if this pregnancy is making me delusional; did YOU just tell ME to quit thinking about work?"

Michael's brow raised, amused by her teasing, "Is that your unsubtle way of saying I'm a workaholic?"

"If the suit fits..."

"I thought you liked my suits."

"I like you better out of them," She flirtatiously murmured, leaning in closer to his lips.

Their lips met with the same firey passion that ignited in every embrace. And almost in an instant, Nikita was straddling her beau on the bed, him helping her rolling her shirt over her body while she assisted in unbuttoning his.

"I don't think this is the kind of bedrest Dr. Winters was talking about," The femme fatale panted, Michael gracing her neck with his hot kisses.

"Close enough," He grunted in reply before gently flipping her still-thin physique onto the mattress as he hovered above her, gently pressing his body against hers. This was how normal couples behaved. This was how two people in love, expecting their first child, were supposed to act. But the looming of reality stuck in the back of their heads. Those glaring questions, scenarios, and potential dangers rising in their minds like smoke from a freshly lit chimney. And while flames of passion molded them together in that moment, niether Michael, nor Nikita, could stop wondering: when will the explosion occur to tear everything apart?

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