Chapter 1: Kala finds Nova

The gorilla named Kala walked slowly through the bushes along the edge of a huge cliff. She thought about how it had now been a whole year since her and Kerchak's little son had been killed by the leopard Sobra and still the emptiness in her remained.

She reached a large tree with something she`d never seen before, a tree house. Kala made her way up the trunk and walked inside were she found odd things covering the entire inside.

She suddenly heard a strange noise. It reminded her of the sound small newborn monkeys made. She walked over to a piece of wood with something very soft on it and inside laid a small creature that Kala had never seen before. It looked somewhat like a baby gorilla but with no hair. The baby stopped crying when she saw Kala and instead began to giggle happily and reached for her. Kala hesitated a bit but then picked the baby up. The baby immediately curled up in a small ball and fell asleep in Kala's hands. Kala almost feel in tears right then. When she felt the warmth of the small thing in her arms the hole in her seemed to shrink a bit and she considered taking the baby with her. She couldn't just leave it here to die and she longed to feel another baby close to her. Her only worry was her mate Kerchak who had been deeply depressed sins their son had died and might not accept this strange creature in his stead.

Kala made her choice; she would take the baby with her anyway. She made her way back to the others and on the way she took a closer look at the baby. She had soft, blonde hair and strikingly beautiful green eyes. Her nose was small but cute and she well-formed cheekbones.

When Kala arrived her family of about 20 gorillas plus children gathered around her and started asking were she`d been and why she had just wandered of like that. She didn't respond but simply showed them the baby in her hands. They all looked speechless but a few of the younger ones, including a small female by the name of Tera waddled up to it and sniffed at it curiously. Tera looked up at Kala and said

"Are you going to keep it?" she asked

Kala smiled "Yes" she answered.

"What are you gonna call her?" Tera wondered.

Kala thought about it for a moment and then said

"Nova, I`m going to call her Nova" she said with obvious love in her tone.

Right then Kerchak came through the bushes and walked up to his mate. When he saw Nova however, he stopped a meter away. He glared at her for a moment ant hen turned to Kala.

"What's this?" he said sharply. Anyone else in the family of apes would start to stutter at the harsh tone but not Kala. She held Nova out towards Kerchak and she immediately woke up from the lack of heat.

"This is your new daughter" Kala said calmly. Nova looked from Kala to Kerchak and a tiny smile appeared on her equally tiny lips. Kerchak was unmoved by the baby and looked back his mate.

"Were did you find it" he said, as if Nova was just a unusually shaped rock Kala had brought home.

"In a tree" Kala said" inside what looked like a wooden cave on the top."

That answer hardly satisfied him" Take it back and leave it were you found it" He said flatly. That made Kala angry. She knew that it was his task as group leader to ensure the family's safety and he would do anything to protect it. Normally she admired that in him but she wouldn't abandon Nova to either die from hunger or be eaten by predators.

She glared at him and said"No, I won't leave her to die and you should al least try to accept her as your own."

"Look at her" Kerchak growled. "she's not one of us and you shouldn't try to find a replacement for Aloha"

The mention of their son made Kala twitch and she saw the pain in his eyes as well. Kala was about to avert her eyes but collected herself. She hadn't saved Nova just to fill the black space in her heart were Aloha had been, she`d done it to save her and she would not give Kerchak authority by looking at Nova, she would not insult Nova by looking down at her. Instead she glared back and said firmly

"Nova is not a replacement, she´s a second chance both for her and me…"she paused" and could be for you too" her voice almost pleading.

Kerchak was silent as his gaze wandered between Kala and Nova in her arms. He finally sighed and said

"Keep her then, raise her as your own and she will be part of our family but make sure she doesn't endanger the rest of us"and with that he left and the other slowly did the same. Kerchak couldn't admit it but he had always loved Kala stubbornness, that spark of defiance in her eyes, not anger just defiance.

Kala sighed heavily and made her way to the tree she`d chosen to sleep in. she climbed up, still holding Nova in one and then laid her down on the pile of leaves she`d collected. Nova shuddered in the cold wind and Kala tucked her in under her big arm for warmth. It wasn't long until the baby was asleep and Kala soon followed.

A new life awaited both for Kala, the family and little Nova.