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Warning Short

"Hey Jez?" asked Morgead.

"What?" She retorted.

"Come with me," he said holding his hand out to her a mischievous smile present.

They continued to walk and Morgead led her to the area around the lake.

Morgead pulled off his shirt and Jeans then jumped into the water.

"Come on Jez," He called throwing his now soaking boxers up with his dry clothes.

Jez sighed pulled off her tank then her shorts. Then got into the water. Within seconds her bikini bottoms and top were thrown up with her clothes.

"Skinny dipping?" Jez asked staying below the water.

"Yeah," he said his abs showing and walking towards her.

Jez evil along with an evil glare got an idea. As soon as he got close she splashed him full out in the face.

Morgead sighed and opened his arms wide waiting.

Jez slowly closed the distance. When she was close he placed her hands on her lower back and pulled her to him.

Then right before he pressed his lips to hers "You're my girl,"

And she growled back, "And you're my man."

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