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Carlos let out a shaky breath as he glanced around, making sure there was no one in the apartment. Kendall and Logan were out-probably screwing each other or making out at the movies. and Katie were in Minnesota for a week, and James was probably with everyone else down at the small bonfire pit,hitting on every cute girl he saw.
It was just enough time for Carlos.
He gently opened the small trunk he kept hidden under his bed and pulled out the playboy costume he had just bought. He loved it so much. He ran to the bathroom, throwing off his clothes and shoes before he slipped on the thin,silky garment,shivering as it smoothed across his skin. He pulled on the stripy heels and pulled on the rest of the outfit. He grinned at himself in the small bathroom mirror but he need to SEE.
He opened the door,peeked out to make sure no one was in the room before he stepped out and stood in front of the full length mirror.
You see,Carlos had a...thing for dressing up in playboy outfits. He knew he couldn't do it in front of anybody, so he kept it a secret and only did it when he got a few minutes alone. Carlos smiled at himself in the mirror, his playboy outfit showing off his body. It was a bunny outfit, a pair of pink sparkly and floppy bunny ears were attached to his head. He was wearing a pair of super short and sparkly booty shorts, the kind that weren't even considered shorts because they showed off the bottom of his ass cheeks, that had a sparkly pink bunny tail attached to the back.
The top was a very thin sparkly pink camisole with the playboy bunny logo on it. There were cute sparkly net gloves to go with it and a carrot ring. Carlos loved the outfit and loved how it showed off his body. He twirled a little in his sparkly pink strappy heels that went with it. Carlos smiled as he made cute faces in the mirror with the outfit. He had fallen in love with playboy outfits the second he saw this outfit. It was the first outfit he had bought.
"hey Carlos do you wanna go to the movies-" Carlos jumped and turned around, throwing his hands over his body as James strode into the room. James stopped, his eyes going wide as he looked Carlos up and down, his eyes darting from the heels, to the booty shorts, to the ears. Carlos gasped and dove to the ground, hiding behind his bed. He wrapped his arms around his body and curled into a ball.
"I-I'm sorry James! D-don't hate me!"
"I-I had a f-fetish I-I'm so-sorry!"
Carlos whimpered, waiting for the blow form James that never came. He looked up to see James staring at him,his jaw dropped and his eyes wide. Carlos looked in front of him and saw he was still in front of the mirror, letting James see everything. Carlos yelped and scooted away, but James put his hand up.
"No! Carlos-just-wait-"
"I know I'm a disgusting faggot!" Carlos whimpered and turned from James to start crying, when James grabbed his hand and brought it up, to rub against something hard. Carlos gasped and looked up to see what he was rubbing. He moaned when he saw James was palming his erection with Carlos' hand. "Carlos, you look so hot in that outfit..." James moaned as Carlos pushed his hand done on James boner harder. "I've always had a small crush on you Carlos, but seeing you in that outfit just...wow..." james breathed as he grabbed Carlos' arms and yanked him up, observing his outfit. Carlos whimpered.
"I-Ive had a small crush on you too James..."
James pecked Carlos on the lips before he pulled him up even more, making Carlos stand tall on his heels. James pulled at his bunny ears,flicking his bunny tail and making Carlos blush. James couldn't resist the urge and he leaned forward to flick his tongue against Carlos' ear before he nipped at his lips.
"do you have any more costumes?" James hissed in his ear. Carlos nodded and tried to pull away, but James licked the outer shell of his ear before he hissed in his ear again.
"first I want you to walk and model that cute bunny outfit for me." James pushed him away and fell to his bed, rubbing and palming himself through his jeans as Carlos swallowed hard and began walking like a model, one hand on his hip as he strutted across the room, clicking his heels against the floor as James licked his lips. James moaned a little as he pressed harder on his boner and watched Carlos' hips swayed side to side, the cute bunny tail flicking.
"h-hurry and show me your other costumes Carlos." James moaned. He was getting so hard it hurt. Carlos nodded, before he reached down and pulled a small black trunk from underneath his bed and hurriedly walked to the bathroom. James calmed down a second, feeling his erection ease a bit but then when Carlos walked out, he almost came in his jeans. Carlos was wearing one of the hottest and sluttiest maid outfits he had ever seen.
Carlos was wearing a small black tank top that seemed to be half of a tank top, but it was tight and fit Carlos. He had a small skirt that was pushed up a bit to show off his gorgeous caramley globes in the back, where James noticed he was wearing a small pair of underwear that just barley fit his ass. He had a small apron over the skirt. On his head was a cute little maids hat and he was holding a feather duster and blushing furiously. James licked his lips, liking how Carlos was fiddling with the feather duster and looking just adorable.
"got anymore?" Carlos nodded and turned back around to go change into the last costume, and let James calm down a bit. James couldn't stand it though. He WANTED Carlos so bad and at the moment he knew if he wasn't in Carlos the next few minutes his dick was going to explode because he was hard as hell. James unzipped his jeans, hissing as the cold air reached his cock and he thrusted up as he grabbed his hand and began pumping slowly. Carlos strode out of the bathroom, another costume on and no longer blushing. He strutted through the room and twirled. James moaned again and he knew he was done for because the next costume was the hottest one yet. It was an slutty cat outfit. James started at legs, noticing how hot he looked in his black leather platform heeled boots. James whined,his eyes going up to see Carlos' little black thong, which was tight and made the tip of his dick stick out from the waistband of the thong. The back showed off Carlos' ass and attached to the back was a black cat tail that swung a little. James could feel his dick twitch and throb violently under his hand as his eyes went up and saw Carlos had no shirt. On his arms were black gloves that looked purposely ripped and on his head was a pair of cute little kitty ears. Carlos smirked at how James groaned and he strutted over to climb up James body and rub his body against his.
James moaned and grabbed Carlos' hips, feeling the large boner rub against his dick.
"c-Carlos w-want you n-NOW." James hissed and Carlos flicked his tongue against James lips.
"fine whatever you want." Carlos purred and stood up on the bed, leaning over and pulling off James clothes, throwing them to the floor and climbing back over him. Carlos nibbled on James neck, sucking and licking on his neck, leaving hickeys as James whined and groaned beneath him.
"oh god Carlos!"
Carlos moved farther down, flicking his tongue out and licking down James chest and sucking on his nipples.
"c-Carlos stop t-teasing!" James squirmed beneath him and Carlos chuckled, but he gasped when he felt James' fingers pulling at his thing, moving it over and teasing his hole.
"oh my god, Carlos-"
"I don't like getting hard in my costumes so I...take care of it before..." Carlos finally blushed again and James pressed his fingers inside of Carlos' hole, happy the latino masturbated and stretched before this happened. James pumped his fingers in and out of Carlos, making him bury his face in the crook of James' neck and moan loudly. "oh god James that feels good-"James pushed his fingers in deeper as Carlos screamed and thrusted back against his fingers.
"More! James more!"
James miles before he held Carlos' hips in place, pressing his dick to Carlos' stretched hole. He glanced up at Carlos, watching as he nodded before he thrusted in deep, glad of his position because he struck against his prostrate the first hit.
"OH MY GOD JAMES DO IT AGAIN!" Carlos screamed as James twiddled his fingers around the cute fake cat tail and wrapped it in a roll over his fingers. He yanked off the thong, continuing to thrust up into his hole and making Carlos scream. James reached down and pulled off his boots, chuckling as he sat up and lifted Carlos into his lap, thrusting hard enough to make him scream hard. Flesh slapped against flesh,screams and moans were heard and James couldn't take it anymore. Carlos tight hole was driving him crazy and he finally spilled his cum deep into Carlos, making both of them scream.
Carlos loved the feeling of James foreign liquid inside his body, and he saw white as his dick twitched violently and cum shot out everywhere, rope after rope spilling out and hitting James. James moaned and fell back, Carlos falling on top of him, not caring about his sticky body.
James and Carlos laid there as their breath slowed. James pecked Carlos on the lips before he laid back and hugged Carlos tight to him.
"so...what does...this make us?" Carlos breathed.
"Carlos will you be my boyfriend?" James blurted out. Carlos shook his head and smiled.
"yes yes yes...yes james yes. But at this moment all I want is sleep, you fucked the hell out of me."
"don't think you'll be able to move for a while sorry." james chuckled.
Just then the door was opened and James shrieked, throwing the comforter over both of them as Logan and Kendall stepped in and stared oddly at them. They glanced from the cat costume on the floor to Carlos and James. Carlos yiped and grabbed the cat ears off his head, throwing them down to the floor.
"so I'm guessing you guys are dating?" Kendall laughed.
"yea now get the hell out!" james yelled at them.
Logan and Kendall chuckled as they walked out. James hugged Carlos and kissed him.
"next time you want to buy costumes or wear them, you better bring me."