Author: Kelly (Emberdreamweaver)
Rating: PG - 13 (M - NC17 as marked)


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This fic has been in my head for a long, long time. Given the current situation on GH I almost didn't post this. However this fic is more than this opening chapter. The events here do fuel the rest of the fic but it isn't the whole story. Like Step By Step this is different than my usual Niz fic. Beyond the first few chapter Elizabeth isn't in this fic until the very end. She will be talked about however. This is almost strictly a Nikolas fic. I wanted to write about how far the Cassadine prince would go when in this situation. Even I was surprised at the results.

Thankfully I have no plans to draw this out fifty chapters. It'll be ten or fifteen at the most.

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This takes place about the time Franco kidnapped Lulu and Sam with a few differences. Dante is not Sonny's child and no one knows he's undercover. Olivia and Kate left town just after Claudia's death.



"Why didn't you say anything Elizabeth?"

"Because Nikolas is just confused right now."

"Oh he looked really confused when he was confessing his love."

"He is. You know he is Lucky. Emily's death hit him hard and then Rebecca... he doesn't mean it. And that's why I didn't tell you."

"Protecting the Prince from me?"

"I was protecting you both. Why can't you just let it go?"

"Tell me this are you as confused as my brother?"

"I don't know what you mean."

"Huh. Very interesting. I would have thought you'd remember kissing Nikolas."

"You saw us?"

"Hell anyone could have saw you. How could you do this to me?"

"To you? Were not together anymore Lucky who I kiss is none of your business."

"Except when it's my brother. How long Elizabeth? How long have you been lying to me again?"

"You don't understand."

"Finally we agree on something. You stupid, pathetic, whore. I was willing to take you back after all the shit with Jason. But it wasn't enough for you was it? You just had to betray me again. After everything I have done for you."

"I get that you're angry but..."

"Well thank you for permission. What happened to you Elizabeth? The girl I fell in love with would never betray me especially not with my brother."

"I'm not that girl anymore."

"That's glaringly obvious. You're nothing but lying, selfish, bitch. Looking at you right now I can't help but wish you were still that broken girl I pulled out of the snow." Before Elizabeth could think of a response to the shocking comment Lucky's phone rang. "Spencer."

"Detective Spencer what a pleasure to finally making your acquaintance."

"Who the hell is this?"

"I apologize for give my lapse of manners. I'm Franco. I'm sure you've heard my name by now."

"What do you want?"

"To extend an invitation to my little game. It seemed only fair after all you are connected to so many of the players."

"Leave my sister alone."

"Ah yes Lulu. I'm afraid she is already tied up with my plans. I was speaking of your two ex-lovers and of course little Jacob."

"What have you done?"

"Just a game... experiment if you with Mr. Morgan. I would recommend you hang up and call him immediately."

"Wait you Bastard..." Lucky never got the chance to finish before Franco hung up. "Shit."

"Was that work?"

"Shut the hell up Elizabeth. I can't deal with any more of you're lies."

"Then get the hell out of my house."

"You want me out fine but this little talk is far from over," he said storming from the small house. While curing Elizabeth and Nikolas in his head Lucky managed to dial Jason's cell number. "What in the hell is going on?"

"This isn't I good time Lucky."

"I imagine not. What has that psycho done with my son?"

"I... I don't know. I didn't realize he took Jake too."

"You didn't realize? That's just great. If anything happens to MY son…"

"I'm sure he's fine. Franco's probably bluffing."

"He had better be," the younger man threatened before slamming the phone closed. Almost immediately, a text message popped up. Even though Lucky didn't recognize the number, he knew it was from Franco. The sick freak just wouldn't back down.

‛Sorry to hear Morgan wasn't helpful. I would have thought he at least loved his son. How disappointing. You can find Jacob at Bryer's Street warehouse. Hurry. Time is ticking away.'

Lucky didn't stop to ponder the last sentence. However, he knew its meaning couldn't be good. While dealing with his traitorous brother would have to wait that didn't mean he had to ignore the situation. Jumping in his truck and turning the ignition over he managed to press the speed dial. Predictably, the call went directly to voice mail. After rolling his eyes at the stiff formal message he said, "I heard what you said to Elizabeth yesterday. I'm not going to forget it. And in case you're wondering yes we will be having a brotherly talk." Closing the phone, we briefly wondered if Port Charles would survive another Spencer-Cassadine war.


The large warehouse was, as Lucky expected, dark and silent. The fact he could be walking into a trap didn't escape him. Nor did the fact he had no back up. It was however too late to correct that situation. He didn't know how long Jake had but given how sick Franco was it couldn't be much.

He searched the warehouse calling the toddler's name loudly. The only reply was more sickening silence. Just as he was about to write it off as a hoax he heard laughter from one of the offices. Laughter that Lucky knew very well. Jake.

Rushing down the hallway, he began to search the small offices. He heard the laughter again sending relief through his body. At least Jake wasn't afraid. It was the one good thing he could see at the moment. Slowly opening the door Lucky let out a deep breath when he spied the blonde head of his youngest son.

He moved forward all thoughts of a trap long forgotten. That was until he heard a soft click. It was a sound he knew well. Several thoughts raced through his mind but Lucky never got a chance to act on them. Seconds later Franco claimed two more victims as the warehouse exploded into a thousand pieces.