I watched Titanic over the weekend with my boyfriend, and I noticed several scenes where you see that Cal actually feels a lot for Rose. I'd always kind of looked at the movie from a black and white perspective and assumed Cal was the villain, but he had his side of the story, too. And it really freaked him out to suddenly feel jealous of Jack of all people. So I gave him a point of view as well. :) Titanic belongs to James Cameron et al.


I never hurt you except in anger. And I was never angry with you unless you treated me unjustly or inflicted intentional pain.

So I don't understand why you loathe me so much.

I have so much to offer – in terms of finance, in terms of respectability, even in terms of love, if only you would let me. You are the only one I have ever desired, and I want nothing more than to make you happy. So why do you do nothing but run away and seek love other places?

If it's anger against your mother, I understand. She taken your future into her own hands and left you powerless, and I can only imagine how infuriating that must be. But for the love of God, Rose, don't blame me for her mistakes. I didn't ask that she make your decisions for you. In all honesty, I wasn't given much choice either. But I never held that against you.

Imagine for a moment that I could be the one to make you happy.

I will readily admit that I'm jealous, petty, spoiled, and I can sometimes be cruel. But there is a man beyond all that. That man wants to give you the world – and he probably can.

Think about it, Rose… I can give you everything you ever wanted, along with so many things you never even knew you wanted. But I know better than to continue holding diamonds and other trinkets over your head. Clearly, material possessions are not what you desire. You want a sense of freedom – and that's the one thing my lifestyle doesn't offer.

I have forever been content to live in my position – the shrewd businessman, the polished aristocrat. I was taught to feel pride in who I am, and I do. I never could have imagined, in a thousand forevers, that I would feel a sense of jealousy for the kind of man I would ordinarily toss a few pennies on the street in passing. But for the first time in my life, a part of me burns for that lawless, freewheeling lifestyle you seem to crave so much. The lifestyle you've found in him.

What if you were being forced to marry him, and I was the way out?

Would you love me then?