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Chapter 18

Many things happened at once. Zim walked back into the room and dropped something, something fragile enough that it broke when it hit the floor. He screeched loudly, the noise made me jump. A rush of air went passed me, and I turned to look as the side of my face was suddenly splattered with hot, purple blood. Pazak stood just a few feet behind me, with one of Zim's mechanical arms jutting from a gaping hole in his abdomen. I looked back at Zim, who had his eyes narrowed in intense hatred as he stalked towards Pazak. Using the arm he had impaled Pazak with, he lifted him up off the floor and brought him closer to himself, so that Zim could look him in the face.

"Disgraceful sack of Irken meat. The Dib belongs to ZIM. You shall NEVER touch him." Zim hissed into Pazaks face. I had never seen him look at anything that way. His eyes were narrowed to slits and his teeth were bared. I mean, Zim had looked at me with some pretty hateful expressions. But this animosity was in a category of its own. I watched, speechless.

Pazak coughed up blood, spitting it onto Zims face. He didn't even flinch.

"YOU are the disgrace ZIM. How could you mate with this disgusting creature? You will bring our race to ruin!" Pazak screamed at him, his hands grasping at the metal flesh protruding from his torso. His fingers scraped at the arm uselessly.

"Do not presume to think you can understand the amazing mind of ZIM. My slave is no concern of yours, you pathetic excuse for an invader. The Tallest may have tolerated you, but I made you a promise, and I intend to keep it." Zim's expression of hatred turned into a smile so wicked that I took a few steps back before bumping into the table.

"You should never have come after Zim's Zakri, Pazak." He said, his voice dripping with demented amusement as he brought Pazak closer. Pazak tried to squirm but Zim held him tight, his mechanical arm had reached all the way though and wrapped itself around Pazak's pak, rendering it useless. Still smiling evilly at Pazak, Zim slowly removed one of his long black gloves, and brought his slim, beautiful green hand to Pazak's chest. His sharp fingers dug into the wound and Pazak screeched, and inhuman, hair raising sound. I watched, stunned as Zim's hand dug steadily deeper into Pazak, as though searching for something. Pazaks hands gripped at Zim's arm, trying to push him out, to no avail.

I was morbidly drawn to the destruction of Zim's former comrade. Before I might have stopped Zim, and tried to convince him to spare Pazak. But now a part of me secretly egged him on, wanting him to kill Pazak, to eliminate this threat. That part of me kept the other part, the human part, quiet.

Zim's arm stopped moving inward and twitched, as Pazak coughed up blood again, his eyes staring wide at Zim. I watched that lovely green arm, that had not so long ago caressed my face with such tenderness, wrench out of Pazaks torso. His hand gripped a bloody, fleshy piece of meat. I stared in amazement as Zim spoke.

"Here it is Pazak, just as Zim promised. Now, eat it." Zim hissed, then shoved the flesh down Pazak's throat. Zim pulled his hand away just before he ripped his mechanical arm from Pazak's abdomen, clutching his pak and crushing it. Pazak's lifeless body fell to its knees, then onto the floor and was still.

I gaped at Zim as he slung some of the blood off of his hand and onto the floor. He looked up at me, his expression angry and defensive, as though I would berate him for his actions. He walked around the table towards me. I stood motionless and a little intimidated as he walked towards me. He fisted his blood covered hand into the front of my shirt and jerked my face towards his.

"The Dib belongs to ZIM." He said angrily, as though I had misbehaved.

"Yes, Zim." I said quietly, not wanting to set him off. He nodded, satisfied, before he released me. He walked around me and towards his computer monitor. I watched him as the pressed different buttons with his clean, still gloved hand. The large screen on the opposite wall came to life, with a transmission from the Tallest.

"Yes, Zim?" Tallest Red asked, in a bored tone. Tallest Purple stood beside him, his mouth continuously chewing on something.

"Invader Pazak broke into my rooms and attempted to attack me. I was forced to defend myself and dismember him. I need someone to come collect his remains." Zim said, his voice monotone. He gave nothing away. It struck me how much he had changed since all those years ago. It occurred to me that that if Zim ever did become Tallest, he would make a great and ruthless leader.

Tallest Purple continued chewing as though the conversation didn't interest him at all, while Tallest Red raised an eyebrow and responded.

"Pazak broke into your room and tried to attack you, you say?"

"Yes. That is my official report." Zim said calmly, with authority. Tallest Red narrowed his eyes and was quiet for a minute. Zim didn't budge. Red sighed and waved his hand around dismissively.

"Very well Zim. We will send someone to retrieve his body." Zim nodded his head respectfully.

"My Tallest." He said, before cutting off the transmission.

He turned to me, eying me with his signature 'one eye squinty and one eye wide' look. It almost made me smile.

"Fetch Zim's cleansing chalk Dib-thing. Zim must wash this filth off." He said, gesturing with his bloody hand. I nodded, saying nothing as I turned and walked back into the bedroom, stepping around Pazak's body. It took me a minute to find his cleansing chalk, when I walked back into his meeting room he was standing silently while some Irken soldiers were stuffing Pazak into a purple bag. I silently handed him his cleansing chalk and he started to wipe his hand with it as the soldiers began to scrub the blood off of his floor. He held his hand up, inspecting it while he rubbed it with the chalk, his expression bored once again. I stood back, leaning against the table and was silent.

When the soldiers had finished scrubbing, they left, but not before bowing respectfully and a little fearfully to 'Lord Zim'. I watched him as he dismissed them and shut the door behind them. He turned to me, regarding me thoughtfully. I stayed leaning against the table as he walked over to me. He put his long green fingers on the side of my face, his fingertips touching my tattoos.

"Pazak is gone. There is no one to harm us now." He said quietly. "I am tired. Sleep with Zim?" He asked. He had never asked me to literally sleep with him before. I was stunned. I nodded.

"Of course, Zim. I would be happy to." He grabbed my hand and led me into the bedroom. I smiled as I followed him.

"Hey Zim, what is your home planet like?" I asked him. Were were up on his roof once again, he was looking into the sky with his strange alien telescope while I laid on my back. It was peaceful after the fight I had gotten into with my dad. Calming.

"Eh. It is superior to this ball of dirt you call a planet, it every way. Our buildings are much taller and lit up like the sun, we have gardens that go for many earth miles. Our moons are spectacular, much bigger than yours..." He went on and on about his planet. It sounded beautiful. I could tell by his voice that he missed it, even if he would never admit it.

"Will you ever go back?" I asked, hesitant. I dreaded his answer. He was silent for a few minutes. I dropped it, thinking he wasn't going to respond.

"Yes. One day." He said quietly. I didn't respond right away. I didn't want my voice to give me away.

"Well you'll just have to take me with you, so I can see it. I love space, and my planet sucks anyway." I said, trying to play it off like I was joking. I tried to lighten the mood. It didn't work. He didn't say anything after that. I just laid there, thinking about the day that he would leave, and I would be stuck here alone. The longer I thought about it, the more depressed I became. After an hour or so, I sat up, facing away from him. I stood, intending to climb down off of his roof.

"Where are you going Dib?" He asked, his attention focused on me.

"Home I guess. Its getting late." I answered, shrugging. He looked at me, studying me. I started to feel self conscious.

"Zim thought that the Dib did not want to go home." He phrased it as a question.

"Well... not really..." I mumbled, confused.

"The Dib can sleep on Zim's couch." Zim said, his eyes narrowed. Dib got the feeling that Zim was testing him again. He tried to think of anyway that Zim could use this against him. He couldn't think of anything. If Zim wanted to hurt him, he would have done it by now. He hesitated, staring at Zim.

"What is wrong, filthy human? Is Zim's couch not good enough for sleep?" He asked, his eyes narrowing even more, in anger. I hurried to answer him.

"Uh, no... Its not that. Its just that you've never offered to let me sleep at your house." I said, my voice confused and disbelieving. Zim looked away dismissively and waved his hand around like he always did. A familiar gesture.

"Tomorrow is the last day of school right? Zim will wake the Dib up so you can go home and get changed for school in time. Zim was trying to be nice to the Dib. But if you would rather go home, then go." He said the word nice like one would say 'maggots'.

"No, its fine. I'd be honored to sleep on your couch Zim." I smiled down at him as he sat in front of his telescope. He replied with a "eh" but said nothing else. I realized I was dismissed and turned around, smiling only when he couldn't see my face. I climbed down off of the roof and walked back into his weird house. I walked into his living room and laid down on his couch. It wasn't too bad. I had no pillows or blankets, but I didn't care. I laid there for a while, staring at the ceiling. We were finally out of school. No more teachers, classes, or homework. I didn't know what I wanted to do now. I had always wanted to be a paranormal scientist, but I hadn't really thought about it in a while. All I thought about was Zim. Spending time with Zim, talking to Zim, letting Zim put tubes on my head and take blood for his weird experiments. I didn't care. I trusted him now. I frowned at the thought of him leaving. The way he had answered made me nervous, like he was leaving soon. I sighed and tried to calm down, it wasn't like he was leaving tomorrow. He would let me know when the time came. I closed my eyes, adjusting my body to get more comfortable. I was cold, but it didn't matter. I would rather sleep on Zim's couch then sleep at home.

I resigned myself to talk to him tomorrow about him leaving. We needed to discuss it. I couldn't' bear the thought of him leaving, but I knew he had his own life to live. Planets to conquer. I found myself wishing that I had been born and Irken invader, so I could share that life with him. Before I realized it, I was depressed again. I tried to put the thoughts out of my mind and fall asleep. Tomorrow, I told myself. There is always tomorrow.