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Guilty Pleasure

1: Money Changes Everything

With a groggy flutter of smudged, mascara enhances lashes, a pair of brow eyes open slowly, the feminine figure instantly taking a sharp inhale of breath as the glittering lights from the world out side seem almost blinding, even thou it was night.

Her smudged lips parted in a sickly gape as she slowly pushed herself up from the gold satin sheets, only managing to get on to her hands and knees before sitting back on her legs, tucked under her body, looking much like a lost dog, sat the way she was looking around in astonishment.

Finally able to close her mouth she gave a tiny swallow, only to realise her horribly dry mouth and throat before she parted her lips once again and uttered quietly to her self.

"…what the fuck?"

She surveyed the room quickly, only to find herself alone in it and with a stumbled effort she clambered off the large bed less than gracefully, noting as she tripped she still had her dangerously high heels on and her black satin dress stayed firmly intact. Once she had corrected her footing she had thrown herself against the large, panel glass window eyes wide as she looked over the vast strip of Vegas, the night still hung in the sky and lights continued to glitter away, the view was magnificent and that one thing stood out, she was in a totally different hotel.

With a panicked turn she gave the large room another scan, quickly spotting her silver clutch bag laying on the floor and literally diving for the item. She checked everything was present in the bag before creeping to the door to the room, listening for any presence behind it and once hearing nothing she slowly peeked her way threw the door, giving the large villa room a long sweep as she slowly edged in, freezing as movement caught her eye causing her to instantly snap her attention towards it, she was quick to let out a sigh of relief as she spotted her friend.

"Fran," The brown-eyed woman sighed, brushing a strand of messy brown hair from her eye.

"Oh my god! Flo, what the fuck?" Fran was quick to say, having snapped her attention away from checking her own bag.

"Don't!" Flo held a hand out to stop her rambling friend; she only ever seemed to end up in strange places or in trouble when she was with her blonde friend, Fran.

"Let's just go," She whispered and nodded towards the door.

The two women barely managed a foot before the sound of someone out side the large villa room freaked the both of them, jolting them into movement as Flo quickly shoved her friend into the room she had emerged from.

"Shit! Fuck! What do we do!" Fran hissed in panic.

"I don't know!" Flo hissed back before pointing towards a door leading off somewhere, she assumed was the en-suit bathroom and upon fleeing into there she discovered it was, the light already on and tiles gleaming brightly.

"Now what?" Fran asked desperately, pressuring her friend to come up with something.

"I dunno!" The brunette was quick to flap, scanning the bathroom.

"Why is there a brief case in here?" The blonde then questioned curiously.

"What?" Flo turned with a light frown, raising a brow as her friend motioned to the black brief case sitting on the counter next to the sink.

"Well there business men," Flo shrugged.

"Yeah, but why is it in the bathroom?" Fran frowned, like the idea was totally stupid.

"I dunno, brighter light, little distractions and no prying eyes," Flo suggested curiously, looking the case over before pressing in the clasps and jumping slightly as the case popped open.

"Holy shit" She was quick to hiss, instantly slapping a hand to her mouth as her eyes widened.

"Are they?" Fran stopped her self, unable to complete her sentence as she stared at the contence of the case.

When the door to the villa gave a loud slam shut the women jolted into action, Flo pressing the case closed while Fran opened the cabinet under the sink and waved her in.

They both managed to squeeze in, their backs against either end of the long cabinet and legs entwined in some odd looking sex position.


"I told you where I fucking was, not my problem you're late!" A suited man barked down a smart phone held to his ear. He strolled leisurely towards his room in the large villa suit, tugging off his tie as he looked around the empty room, rolling his eyes with disappointment as he noticed the women he was hoping to get some fun out of had vanished.

He headed into the en-suit as the other person he was talking to continued on some long, non-too happy rant.

"Look, I got them here, alright!" the man huffed as he glanced down at the brief case and flicked it open, giving a nod before checking his image in the mirror.

"Right, well you have ten minutes, you have no idea how many people I had to kill to get these so don't fuck me around, I'll meet you down stairs! You better be there," The suited man grumbled in an oddly casual way, if slightly irritated.

Hanging up the phone and slipping it into his pocket, he tidied his short hair and righted his suit jacket before heading out, calling as he crossed the living area heading towards the door.

"Alright boys, our ladies have vanished so lets go greet our guests, there ain't no way I'm being fucked tonight," He tutted with a shrug, an obvious double meaning to his words.


Flo and Fran stayed in their cramped positions for at least five minutes, listening to the silence with wide eyes and hands clamped over their mouths.

"I think it's save," Flo finally gulped before pushing her way out of the confined space, tripping and stumbling as she freed herself, quickly turning to help Fran.

"I can believe we ended up with men that deal in dirt money," Flo squeaked.

"What makes you think it's dirty?" Fran frowned lightly at the open case.

"Well, I'm guessing they are uncut diamonds," Flo pointed towards the case.

"And than phone conversation hardly sounded good! I bet they are from some slave camp where they force people to dig for them! The whole thing is dirty!" She continued.

"Open your purse!" Fran hushed.

"What?" The dark haired woman frowned.

"We're taking them! Why should they be allowed to possibly torcher people and get all the money for it! It's wrong! And we need the money more than they do!" the blonde stated.

"…Are you fucking insane! We'll get our selves killed!" Flo hissed.

"Come on! Plus this is the fucking kick ass of all revenge!" Fran urged.

"Are you still pissed? Put them in your own bag!" The brunette shook her head.

"Yes! And I ain't fucking carrying them!" The blonde scoffed.

"Oh my god, I must be crazy and obviously still drunk, because I'm considering it," Flo cringed, slowly opening her clutch bag and plucking out her empty coin purse.


"Act natural!" Fran hissed as the two women calmed them selves having just flown out of the posh villa suit and started to strut quickly down the hall.

"I swear to god if we get caught!" Flo frowned, looking around the empty hallway, leaving the threat open.

The two women turned the corner to reach the lifts, only to bump into a small group of men, these looking far past business and although Flo couldn't recognise them something niggled in her mind that these could be the buyers.

"I'm so sorry!" She blurted quickly, her eyes wide and fearful and voice wavering guiltily instantly causing the man she had bumped into to raise a brow, snapping Flo into a quick think as she glanced at the equally panicked Fran.

"Here we are ducking and diving, trying not to get caught," Flo gave a nervous laugh motioning to Fran who instantly paled.

"We really didn't want to be seen doing the walk of shame, it's hardly an attractive thing," She gave another laugh while the suited man gave an understanding nod, amusement lighting his face.

"It's no problem," He nodded politely, letting the two women pass, one of his men holding the elevator door open for them.

"Oh, thank you," Fran nodded to the large man as she passed him to get in the lift, Flo giving her own thanks as the two women then turned with polite smiles as the small group of men watched them.

"Sorry for bumping into you, I wish we met such gentlemen like you more often," Flo continued, buttering the man up with her fake flirtiness while Fran jabbed the ground floor button.

When the doors finally closed and lift started to move, the polite smiles dropping from their faces.

"Shit," Fran mumbled.

"That is all your fault," Flo stated flatly.

"Why the hell did you agree!" The blonde frowned towards her friend.

"No idea, why did you even suggest it?" The brunette frowned back.

"No idea," Fran mumbled.

"Right, when this lift stops we are pegging it across the lobby and doing a total runner! Ok!" Flo nodded, waiting for a response.

"What do you think he'll do when he realises they ain't there?" Fran whispered.

"Don't!" Flo warned, not really wanting to drawl on the subject.

"What about the other guy?" Fran continued and instantly Flo froze.

"Shit!" She exclaimed, smacking the buttons in the lift any floor above the ground floor.

"That guy is probably waiting in the lobby while they do the whole, exchange thing!" She squeaked.

"So?" Fran shrugged.

"He'll recognise us!" Flo stated bluntly, shaking at the lift stopped on the third floor, allowing the women to jump off.

"We'll take the stairs, come on!" She waved.


"Yup?" The shorthaired suited man chirped as he answered his phone, sat in a casual lounge.

'What are you playing at!' the man on the other end instantly barked in fury.

"Excuse me?" The suited man's brows rose as he sat forwards, glancing at his two men as they both raised their brows.

"How can they not, fucking, be there!" He instantly stood up, waving his men to follow as he stormed for the lift, luckily catching it as it came to the ground floor, wasting no time on getting back to the suit and unknowing that the second the lift headed up, two sets of bare feet padded quickly from the stairs.

Two women having seen the man had instantly paused behind the door before fleeing once he was out of sight. Their bare feet slapping against the shining floors as they ran, heels held in one hand and bag in the other, giving no care for the weird looks they received.

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