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Chapter 2: The Wedding

Caroline scrunches her nose, "It looks way to small, try this." The young blonde hands Stefan another sized tux.

Stefan sighs heavily and returns behind the curtain of his dressing room, "So he kissed you?"

"It was completely out of nowhere too!"

"And you kissed back?" Stefan asked, his head poking out from the curtain.

Caroline hesitated, "Well, sort of. I mean-ugh Stefan what am I going to do!"

"Caroline, can't you talk about this with Elena or Bonnie? I really don't want to give you advice about dating my brother."

Caroline scoffed, "Are you kidding? Elena-don't even get my started. And Bonnie hates Damon."

Stefan continued getting dressed and a few minutes later came out in a black suit with a white-collar shirt and black bow tie. Caroline smiled, "Absolutely perfect!"


"The seating chart looks good, am I missing anyone Elena?" Caroline beamed.

Elena took the chart and examined it closely, "Oh! Damon's bringing a date so just add one more chair."

"What?" Caroline shrieked, "Who?"

The blonde almost forgot Elena knew absolutely nothing about her and Damon's previous encounter, Stefan however coughed obnoxiously from the couch.

"Some girl, Stefan what was her name?"

"I think it was Julia or something like that." Stefan said, changing the channel on the TV.

"Yeah well he's bringing a date, and he's Stefan's best man by the way."


"I'm not questioning it and neither should you, very confusing." Elena stated, "Alright so everything is done and Jeremy has agreed to walk my down the isle. Perfect."

Caroline felt sick.


Caroline, Bonnie, And Jenna were in the back room with Elena. The three bridesmaids already had their lavender dresses on and were now anxiously waiting for the bride. Elena walked out in a stunning strapless wedding dress.

Her two best friends and aunt held in their tears and made constant comments of how beautiful she looked. Jeremy stumbled in then looking nervous.


The music began and Bonnie walked down first, followed by Jenna, and then Caroline. Caroline saw Damon and he acknowledged her right away. He gave her his signature smile; she smiled back, and then mentally cursed at herself.

Elena came down next and as tradition everyone stood. She met Stefan at the alter and the ceremony began. They said there written vows to on another and finally the priest said, "And you may now kiss the proud!"

Stefan and Elena kissed each other passionately while everyone clapped and shouted.


She watched Damon enter the reception tent with the brown haired girl.

Caroline then stabbed her fork into her plate and it broke in half. Stefan and a slightly scared Jeremy only noticed.

"Um Caroline?" Stefan asked.

Caroline glared, "Don't even say it."


When everyone was inside and in their rightful seating places Damon stood and clicked his spoon on his glass.

Damon's sober speech; Stefan could feel his organs knotting together.

"As most of you may know Stefan is my little brother and tonight I am his best man. Now I will be completely honest with you folks, I don't particularly like my brother but as his big brother I hope he has an eternity of happiness, he deserves it. Cheers!"

For a moment everyone was unsure whether or not to clap but Alaric started clapping and everyone followed.

Alaric patted Stefan on the shoulder, "He means well."


Caroline watched Stefan and Elena enjoy there first dance, and she watched them stuff cake in each other's faces.

A waiter walked by with a tray of champagne, Caroline swiped a glass and took one large gulp, downing the entire thing. She then looked towards Damon and Julia who were swaying on the dance floor.

Caroline slipped underneath the white tent and into the darkness.


"No way I'm doing the bouquet thing without Caroline!" Elena whispered to Stefan, "It's almost time."

Bonnie came then, making her way through the crowd, "I've looked everywhere." She shook her head.

Damon came through then, "This is wedding people, you guys are holding the expressions of worry and that's not good."

Stefan turned towards Damon, "Are you sober enough to go look around outside, see if Caroline's out there?"

Damon nodded seriously and hurried off.


Outside there was a pathway to a gorgeous fountain and there were white roses all through out the garden. Along the trees were hundred of gold twinkling lights.

Damon saw Caroline, sitting by the fountain.

"Hey Blondie there looking for you in there!"

"Oh?" Caroline replied, startled. "Tell Elena I'll be there in a few minutes."

"What's wrong? You love parties."

Caroline stood up then and slapped him, "What the hell is wrong with you?"

"Me? What's wrong with you?" Damon yelled.

"You! You are what's wrong with me! We dated when I was human and you took advantage of me and fed on me and ew! Now here I am a vampire, friends with you now, actually were good friends! Then you show up at my apartment and kiss me! You freakin kissed me! Then you tell me not to bring a date to the wedding and I don't and then you show up with some bonehead!"

Caroline was not the type of girl to wallow and have the guy figure out why she was mad, no she was the kind to hit and yell.


"You are not allowed to play games with me Damon Salvatore! I don't want to play games with you! Why are you trying to play a game with me?"

"I don't mean to play games, I just make really poor decisions and I don't think before I do things."

"Clearly!" Caroline huffed.

"It's not like Julia is anyone special if that makes you feel better, she's just a stripper I compelled."

"That actually makes me feel a little better." Caroline sighed, "So what are we going to do now?"

He kissed her again. She kissed back.

"Avoid games at all costs and take it slow."

"How slow?"

"As slow as you want, Blondie. We have all eternity."

He kissed her once more.


An hour later they were laughing and dancing together. A little while after that Elena threw the bouquet and Caroline caught it.

Stefan nudged his brother in the shoulder, Damon turned pale.


The bouquet thing made Damon nervous which caused him to drink even more. He compelled the DJ to stop the music and took the microphone.

"Attention wedding people! Little brother make them be quiet!"

Stefan covered his hand over his eyes.

"I'm going to make another toast. I would just like to say that I have made a lot of bad choices, and I mean horrible. You won't believe the stuff I've done but I watch out for my brother! And Elena and me have a huge history, I mean we actually once-"

Alaric and Stefan were already making there way to the DJ booth. Damon punched Alaric but Stefan snatched the microphone out of his hands and Alaric took Damon's left arm and dragged him away.


Stefan pushed him to the ground.


The music started to play again. Elena eyed Caroline across the table, "Caroline? Are you sure you really want to go down that road again?"

From outside the tent both Elena and Caroline, with their super hearing, could hear Damon cursing in four different languages, and there was some sort of brawl happening. The fountain cracked.

Caroline hesitated, "Yeah I think so."

Damon had his faults, but so did she. While he was a asshole, moronic boy who played games and acted without thinking she was impulsive and talked way to much but if he could deal with her faults, then she could try and learn to tolerate his.

"You sure?"

"It's not like were in a rush, we have all of eternity."

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