Resident Evil: Shinobi Chronicles

Hey guys this challenge is based off of Elemental Demon Sage's Naruto Resident Evil Challenge where Naruto goes to the Resident Evil World after his world is plagued by a an experimental virus that was created and released by Kabuto who wanted to use it to destroy Konoha in honor of his late master but the virus ended up spreading and infecting others.

Now if any of you have any suggestions for what else I should add to the story feel free to let me know. I'll also add parts from other games and movies like metal gear solid, aliens, aliens vs. predators, the blade trilogy, I am Legend (The movie with will smith) Underworld, DOOM (The movie that has the Rock playing on it) Jeepers Creepers, etc.

Disclaimer: I own nothing except for the weapons, techniques, characters, and bloodlines I created.

Chapter One: Fox meets the S.T.A.R.S

(Naruto POV)

Hello, I am Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze, 18 years old, the former 6th Hokage of Konohagakure no Sato, The 2nd Rikudo Sennin, The new Juubi no Yoko, and one of the last and most powerful Ninja left alive. During the fourth and final shinobi world war two and a half years ago, Kabuto, who somehow fused his body with Orochimaru's cells created a mysterious Virus called the Reaper Virus (R-Virus) that spreaded like a plague amongst the people of my world.

This Virus has already wiped out no more than 95% of all life on the planet. But when this virus killed its targets, those killed by it don't stay dead. I found out first hand that once you become infected with this virus, you have 24 hours to live, after that you'll die and be reanimated into a smart, fast, and strong zombie like killing machine that has a never ending craving for human flesh. Even the plants and animals were infected and became blood thirsty killers.

I too was infected by this virus but thanks to my bloodline, Kanpeki Karada (Perfect Body) and the fact that I was the new Juubi I not only survived the infection from the virus, it merged with my DNA and gained new abilities. I found out that my blood was poisonous and is fatal to those fully infected so I created a cure with the virus using my blood but since the virus was spreading at an accelerating rate, the planet will end up being completely dead in half a year and sadly the world I grew up in and protected became a barren wasteland with little to no form of life whatsoever.

When I realized that there was nothing left for me I gathered everything I owned and went back to the ruins of my former home and used my father's sealing room and used my knowledge in seals, as well as my bloodlines, to create a dimensional rift and left my world in hopes that I can find a new home in a new dimension and maybe start a new adventure. I had no idea on what I would get myself into once there but I did know that once I got to this place I could not let it fall like my world did.

When I came out of the time rift I found myself in a place that was surrounded by buildings that were even taller than the Hokage tower and there were people that wore odd outfits and also rode in vehicles that came in different shapes, colors, and sizes. So after landing in this odd world I decided to travel around for a while and find out just where I am.

Apparently I was in a country the was known as North America or in other words the United States which was one of the seven major continents. The other continents were called South America, Asia, Europe, Antarctica, Australia, and Africa. The United States was governed by a person who is called a President. Apparently the President is the overseer of the country's economy, laws, and treaties.

The United States also had a powerful military force that is separated into several branches. They were the Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force, and Coast guard and they each play a role in not only protecting their country but also keeping an eye on foreign countries they were allied with. The Army was the major land force that was always training and preparing to go to war should the situation come up. The Marine's were the secondary force that specialized in land and water combat.

The Air Force's primary function was to inspect aerial territory, keep a lookout for unidentified aircrafts, and performed Aerial attacks on the enemies on land, see, and air. The Navy was a water based military force and they operated just like the air force. The coast guards were similar with the navy but they specialized in inspecting weather, sea rescue operations, and keeping a lookout for enemy ships.

All in all, the United States military force was the strongest of the six and the bases for each of these branches were also located in several allied countries. The Military was also very interesting since they used weapons called 'guns' which fired small round pieces of metal called bullets and they came in all shapes and sizes.

The United States consisted of 50 states and each had their own individual laws. During my time there I learned the English language which was somewhat difficult for me at first but I eventually got it down. The one thing that was interesting about the country was that it consisted of different races and they also had a civilan force that was known as police. They apparently enforce the laws and stop criminal activity.

The one country that intrigued me the most was a country known as Japan. Apparently the country's language and culture was somewhat similar to my former home so learning in this country was no hassle for me. I also spent time traveling through this world learning different languages, how to use their advanced technology, and learning about the history of said countries. There were still those that were engaged in civil war and they were mostly poor countries that had sides that had their own beliefs and didn't agree with the other's logic.

All in all, this world was pretty interesting. Afterwards, I spent my time being a mercenary for hire because I prefer doing things my way and not being tied down to one nation and also made up my own private spy network like my Kyofu Jiraiya did. I also heard about a company called Umbrella. The Umbrella Corporation (officially named Umbrella Pharmaceutical Incorporated) was a mega corporation which operated as a major in a number of markets including pharmaceuticals, medical hardware, defense, and computers along with more clandestine operations utilizing genetic engineering and biological weaponry. The company also had a more public face, producing cosmetics, consumer products and foods.

A subsidiary of Umbrella operated as a paramilitary organization. This division of the corporation maintained a highly trained security force capable of rescue, reconnaissance, and para-military operations. All in all this company has been around since the 1960s and was created and found by a man named Ozwell E. Spencer who seemed to be very popular amongst the globe but for I had my suspicion about the man and his company.

One day I learned from one of my informants that a series of murders were occurring in a place known as the Arklay Mountains, a geological site that was situated in the northwestern side of a town known as Raccoon City, so I decided to check it out especially when I heard that the murder sites have been seen around some property Umbrella owned so I decided to check it out.

I don't know why but something tells me that this 'mission' will change my life and the lives of those I meet.

(End of POV)

Arklay Mountains

A person driving on a black Suzuki Hauabusa GSX 1300 R motorbike was silently driving on the dirt road of the heavily vegetated arklay mountains with its headlights shining throughout the dark forest. After driving up the mountain road for a while it suddenly stopped and the door slowly opened. A figure set the bike break and removed his helmet. This figure appeared to be 6'0 and had wild spiky shoulder length blonde hair that stopped to his shoulders and had two jaw length bangs on each side of his head with what appeared to have red highlights on them and possessed the build of an Olympic class athlete. He also had deep blue eyes with slit pupils.

He had canines jutting out from his upper lip slightly and appeared to have three red jagged whisker- like marks on each side of his face. He appeared to be wearing a black short-sleeved skintight 5.11 muscle shirt, black 5.11 pants, and black combat boots (the same outfit Leon wears in Resident Evil Degeneration) with a pair of black fingerless gloves with thin metal plates that had the whirlpool symbol on them as well as a tactical vest and was sporting a variety of carry on equipment and gear on his person which included an supply pouch where he kept a small kit and other healing products and three weapons pouches which he kept weapons such as throwing knives, coated senbon, explosives, smoke and flash bombs.

He also had double pistol mag pouches, navigation light, rappel, and radio pouch. A drop leg holster was strapped to his thigh and holstered in it was a .50 Caliber customized Desert Eagle with a light and scope attachment, and he also wears a dark grey leather gun shoulder holster which contained two customized .45 semi-automatic M1911 guns he created (ebony and ivory from DMC). Strapped behind his belt were two full tang battle knives with a 15 ΒΌ in. long stainless steel blade, a finger guard, black wood handle accents, and high quality leather sheath with a belt loop and strapped to his back was a Ninjato. He was Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze.

As he got off the bike, he pulled out what appeared to be a black duffle bag that had the picture of a red fox head with a blade in its mouth and hoists it over his shoulder. Afterwards, the marks on his face as well as his canines shrink and fade away. "Geraldo had better be right about this or I swear I'll beat the crap out of that skirt chasing drunkard for sending me on a wild goose chase." Naruto mumbled to himself as he looked at his vehicle and did a hand sign.

In a puff of smoke the bike vanished and a scroll appeared on the ground. Naruto picked it up, puts it in one of the pockets of his pants, puts on a mask similar to the one Kakashi wore, and heads of into the woods. The blonde demon made his way into the forest with the irises of his eyes glowing green and was scanning the dark vegetated forest, looking for signs for anything odd. "That's odd. Where the heck is all the wild life? The Arklay Mountains are usually full of animals roaming these parts of the mountains especially the Mountain Lions and Bears." He asked himself until the scent of blood and decaying bodies entered his nose and aimed his direction at a clearing.

"That's not natural decay." Naruto made his way out of the forest and to the clearing and saw what appeared to be a train. "Well that's something you don't see in these parts." Naruto said to himself and slowly walked towards the immobile locomotive with his hand wrapped around Ebony and saw the name Ecliptic Express in gold letters engraved on the cart.

He slowly opens the door and enters the train only to see the place was barely lit and the place seemed to be soaked with blood and mangled bodies around the area. Naruto crouches down and places his hands on a blood stain that was on the floor. "This blood is still fresh meaning this train wasn't attacked not too long ago." That was when a couple of gun shots echoed through the train. "Someone else aside from me is here and from the gunshots they're close." The blonde ninja stood back up and made his way towards the shooting.

Passenger Car

The one who was firing one shot after another was none other than Rebecca Chambers, a member of Raccoon City's police department special unit S.T.A.R.S (Special Tactics and Unit Service). A gifted girl, Rebecca graduated from university at the young age of 18. Her expertise in chemistry and medicine earned her a position in S.T.A.R.S., a Raccoon City Police Department branch handling specialist cases. She was assigned as Rear Security (RS) and Medic for the Bravo team and became the unit's youngest and most inexperienced member, which made her quite nervous around her teammates. Because of this, she was eager to please the CO and has been known to take on any task assigned to her without hesitation.

Rebecca is wearing her S.T.A.R.S. uniform which consisted of a green t-shirt and pants with a white bulletproof vest. The red cross symbol is printed on the back of her vest to indicate that she is a medic. She also wears black, fingerless gloves and boots.

Now she was regretting it because not too long ago her team's helicopter crashed into the Arklay Forest but luckily they managed to get out okay and during their search, they encountered a military transport vehicle that was sending Ex Marine Lieutenant Billy Coen to be executed they found the bodies of two dead MPs that appeared to be mauled. They then split up to search for any signs of the man and then she stumbled across a train looking for any signs of life in the locomotive until she encountered the victims now turned into zombies.

After dealing with them she found a member of her squad, Edward mutilated and barely hanging onto life stating that the forest was full of zombies and monsters and then died. Afterwards a pack of undead dogs crashed through the windows and had their sights on making Rebecca their next meal. So far she managed to kill two of the five Cerberus using her 9mm automatic and was slowly backing away from them. The dogs snarled as they slowly approached their prey, waiting for the moment to strike.

Rebecca continued to back up until she was pressed up against the wall. "Oh crap." She said and went wide eyed when the first Cerberus snarled, ran towards its trapped prey and leaped towards her with its maw full of bloody and sharp teeth opened and ready to tear her apart. She manages to aim her gun at its open maw and fired. Blood and brain matter splatters out of its head and it hits the ground, laying there motionless.

Rebecca barely had time to react as one of the dogs tackled her, making her lose her weapon and hit the ground. Rebecca groaned and freezes up when she felt the hot breath of the dead dog near her throat and the sound of snarling entered her ear. She turned her head a little and saw the snarling beast slowly open its mouth and she closed her eyes waiting for her inevitable death which never came. The reason why? It's because the sound of a few gunshots and yelping was heard.

She opened her eyes to see the dead Cerberus laying beside her with blood pooling around it and the sound of footsteps approaching until they stopped. She turned her head to see a gloved hand reaching out and saw a masked blonde. "Need a hand?" Naruto asked Rebecca who snapped out of her stupor and took his hand and he pulled her back on her feet. Afterwards he holstered his gun. "It's a good thing I showed up when I did otherwise you would've ended being dog food like that guy on the floor over there."

The blonde then crouched over and picked up the gun she dropped. "I believe you dropped this." He stated and she looked sheepish and took her firearm back and got a good look at Naruto who raised a brow. "Are you with S.T.A.R.S because I've never seen you before?" She asked Naruto who shook his head.

"Me? No I'm not affiliated with your group. I'm a freelance bounty hunter." He answered which caused the youngest member of S.T.A.R.S. eyes to widen. "I got a tip that a man by the name of Billy Coen an Ex Marine was missing and there's a bounty on his head to bring him back dead or alive and he was last seen around the Arklay area." He explained and reached into his back pocket and pulled out a black wallet and flipped it opened, revealing his bounty hunter badge.

Rebecca took it and looked at the I.D. and handed it back. "Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze. That's a very interesting name. I'm Rebecca Chambers. Thanks for helping me out back there." She said gratefully and then frowned. "Unfortunately me and my team separated in order to cover more ground and they're all out of the signal range of my walkman."

"I see. Well I think it would be best for us to stick together especially with those Zombies and mutated Dogs roaming this place. Unless of course you want to end up like your comrade over there" He paused and pulled a surprised Rebecca towards him due to the fact that the zombified Edward Dewey attempted to lunge at her. Naruto performed a powerful roundhouse kick across the dead man's skull which tilted back hard and a sickening snap was heard. It fell to the ground and didn't get back up.

"That was close." Naruto said and carefully approached the dead body and crouches down, pulling off the dog tags the dead Edward wore around his neck and tosses them to Rebecca who caught them and had a solemn look on her face and she looked at them. Naruto stood back up and walked towards her and placed a hand on her shoulder.

"First time seeing a fallen comrade?" He asked and she slowly nodded. "You can mourn for him once we get off this train. You need to stay strong and focused otherwise you'll just get yourself killed. There's nothing we can do for him now but keep moving."

Rebecca looked at his sympathizing yet serious gaze and nodded. Wallowing on the death of her comrade would just distract her and right now she needed to worry about surviving. "Got it." She said. That was when the train rocked, surprising them both.

"What the hell? Who started the train?" Naruto wondered as did Rebecca. That was when a sound of slithering was heard and coming out of the shadows were what looked like a small horde of leeches, they started to pile up and morph into a humanoid like form and staggered around towards Naruto and Rebecca.

"Oh my god" Rebecca said with a horrified look on her face.

"Move!" Naruto said a pushed her away and barely avoided the slimy appendage that formed into a whip and lashed out at them and smashed a table in two. Naruto pulled out Ivory and proceeded to fire at the zombie leech who staggered back a little but just shrugged the hits off. Rebecca did the same and fired at the leech like creature.

Said creature screeches, picks up a chair and flings it at Rebecca who cried out in surprise and ducked as it flew passed her and hit the wall and the chair was reduced to fire wood. "Alright ugly." Naruto reached into his weapons pouch and pulls out a throwing knife that seemed to be in the form of a grenade (the incendiary kunai from Ninja Gaiden Sigma). "Let's see you shrug this off." He flings the projectile weapon at the humanoid leech and when it hits the creature just sucks it into its body as it stalked towards Naruto and Rebecca until it expanded and exploded into slime and flames.

"Phew. I don't know about you but I'm starting to think it was a bad idea to get on this train." Naruto said while the S.T.A.R.S Medic stood back up.

"I'm starting to agree." Rebecca replied and wondered what else they'd have to face in this train and she was inwardly praying it wasn't something worse than the zombies and leech monsters.

And Cut! Well folks here's another new story and be sure to give some credit to Elemantal Demon Sage as he was the inspiration for this story. Until Next Time Peace Out ^^.