Resident Evil: Shinobi Chronicles

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Chapter 3: Madmen

Unknown Location

A figure in an unknown part of the underground facility, a shadowed figure was watching Naruto and Rebecca on the elevator through a security camera which was crawling with leeches. "I have to admit, I never expected you two to make this far in my labyrinth," The male voice commended. He brought his arm towards the monitor and one of the leeches slithered up his arm. "But unfortunately this little game of Cat and Mouse will come to an end and soon I will have my revenge." Said person leaned towards the bright screen, revealing the figure of a man who appeared to be in his mid-20's with straight shoulder length hair.

This person was none other than James Marcus, a brilliant scientist who along with Edward Ashford, and Oswell E. Spencer were the founding members of the Umbrella Corporation, and creator of the original strain of the t-Virus.

A long time ago, Marcus befriended Edward during his studies at a private school, where he quickly proved to be an amazing expert in both biology and virology. After graduating and leaving school, Marcus and Ashford became research partners, and began pursuing research into the Progenitor virus, and enlisted the aid of one of Ashford's close friends Oswell E. Spencer, who provided enough funding when they discovered the virus in 1967.

Both Marcus and Spencer believed that the power behind this bio-structure could be used to create powerful biological weapons for military use, while Ashford was simply interested in his research, no matter what the consequences were since only his ambitions mattered. In order to cover up their research and motives, the three formed the Umbrella Corporation, drawing massive profits and political authorization for them to continue their research and all of their sinister intentions were camouflaged with the image of a benevolent, trustworthy and highly-respected pharmaceutical company which become the most popular corporations across the globe.

In 1968, Marcus reached the position of General Manager and Research and Development Director, and was appointed head of the Umbrella Research Center in the Arklay Mountains while Ashford assisted him, Spencer took over the corporation's financial duties. Later on, Ashford died later that year after contracting the Progenitor virus. Marcus continued his research into the virus, and in January 1978, managed to create the t-Virus by combining leech DNA with the Progenitor virus, which in turn would lead to further research into Progenitor and the later discovery of the G-virus and creation of Umbrella's line of B.O.W.s., which gave him much praise from his fellow researchers, much to Spencer's ire since he felt intimidated by Marcus's success and started to slowly grow paranoid.

Later that same year, Marcus took to two pupils who became his most promising researchers; William Birkin and Albert Wesker and before gotting the chance to present them, Spencer shut down the Umbrella training facility and transfers the t-Virus development to the Arklay Laboratory.

Despite the setback, Marcus continued with his research in the abandoned site, creating the first Bio Weapons and eventually starts to use his own assistants as guinea pigs for his Leeches, wanting to see if human's had a better chance of assimilating the virus better than animals could.

With Marcus

As he dwelled on the memories of his past, a scowl formed on his face as he remembered what had happened during his research projects. Spence ordered Wesker and Birkin to assassinate Marcus whilst he least expected it and in 1988, two Umbrella Security Service commandos stormed into Marcus' laboratory and gunned him down, being betrayed by his two students who then took over his research and leaving him for dead.

Unbridled fury emitted from his eyes as the memories played back in his head and he grits his teeth in rage. He vowed to make Spencer and those two traitors pay for what they've done. "You took everything from me… and now I'll take away everything you worked for. This I swear." He said before chuckling which changed to a mad laughter that echoed throughout the corridors.


The elevator stops to the sewer access and the door slides open. Naruto and Rebecca exit out of the elevator before Naruto makes a gagging noise. "Oh for the love of Kami what the hell died down here?" He gagged as he plugged his nose and was doing everything not to throw up from the smell of sewage water and decomposing bodies.

"It's an abandoned facility Naruto so it's possible that the place hasn't been cleaned for years so yes the smell in gross beyond comprehension. Say aren't mercs supposed to be use to these kind of environments?" She remarked and got a glare from the blonde.

"This isn't the time to be a smart ass missy, I have highly developed senses that are extremely sensitive." He said back to the medic while shaking the eroding smell off. Afterwards, they exit out of the Sewer Access and made their way into the area where several generators where whirring. As they took the path Rebecca notices the pipelines hissing and emitting steam but then one was making a straining noise. She turned around and saw the valve spinning rapidly, releasing sparks before exploding, releasing a blaze of fire.

Naruto turned around when it happened before cursing. "Let's move!" he ordered. As they ran, several more of the pipes exploded behind them. Rebecca could feel the heat from the blasts licking the back of her neck which made her run faster than she would like too. Naruto wasn't having as tough a time running faster than Rebecca did but then heard a surprised scream and turned his head to see Rebecca stumbling on her feet.

As she started to fall, Naruto spun around and caught her before wrapping an arm around her waist and holds her underneath before taking off again. Rebecca's eyes blinked rapidly wondering how he was able to move so fast and out run the explosion. As Naruto ran he noticed a steel door up ahead and from the looks of it, the door seemed to be locked.

He brought his right arm out and stretched out his palm, gathering chakra into his palm and creates a spinning orb which shines brightly. When Naruto was close to the door, he slams the Rasengan (Spiral Sphere) into the door, grinding and tearing through the steel before it is ripped off from the hinges and goes sailing through the room. As Naruto dived into the generator room, shockwave from the explosion sent him and Rebecca flying through the room.

He manages to adjust his body in mid-air and plants his palm on the floor, using it as a spring, and lands back on his feet, Rebecca tumbles towards him, and he manages to stop her while the smoke outside clears. "You alright? That was an ugly face plant you did earlier." He commented while Rebecca sat up grumbling. She felt something wet and sticky on her hand and looked down to see several leeches slithering over her hand and on the other side of the floor.

She lets out a shriek and jumps to her feet, which got Naruto's attention. Something then dripped on his shoulder and he looked up to see a whole bunch of leech clinging to the walls, pipes, and ceiling. "Kami there must be hundreds of them." He muttered as e helped her up before hearing something walking on the cat walk from the shadows. As the person entered the light, it revealed to be a young man in his mid-20's wearing an odd white garb with a purple pendant, chuckling.

"Welcome young one to my humble abode. I hope the place is up to your liking." He gestured in a mocking tone.

"Humble Abode? I've seen slums in better conditions than this place and the leeches don't actually scream welcome." Naruto commented to the man who simply shrugged. "But that aside who exactly are you?"

The man simply smirked, bringing his arm up and doing a gesture, resulting in a group of leeches to meld together, taking on a human shape. Once it was complete, it took the form of an old man wearing a brown business suit with a white dress shirt and a golden tie. "The man you see before you was me in the early 1900's and the one you see now is me reborn. I am James Marcus." He introduced. Rebecca's eyes widened when she heard of the name.

"James Marcus? But that's impossible you died in 1988 through unknown circumstances when working for Umbrella." She stated.

"You're correct but I didn't die under 'unknown circumstances' my dear. I was assassinated and betrayed for my achievements by my old friend Oswell E. Spencer." He spat the name out like it was venom. "And the reason I'm alive is because of my first achievement. These glorious creatures…" One of the leeches crawled up his arm and he looked at it in a loving fashion.

"Okay that is just creepy." Naruto muttered while James ignored him.

"This was my greatest achievement… these leeches are the carriers of a mutagenic virus me and three others created. But unfortunately Spencer grew paranoid of my successful reign and decided to have me killed and have my former pupils take credit for what I claimed." Marcus growled out before smiling in a wicked fashion. "However one of my pets manage to save me from the darkness that is death and merged with my DNA, making something more than human and giving me the power to have my revenge."

Rebecca's eyes widened greatly at his boast. "So you're the one responsible for all those deaths on the train. Because of you, several of my comrades are dead!" She yelled at the man. Marcus on the other hand simply gave her a look that said 'he didn't care.

"Those deaths were my retribution for Umbrella taking what I created and you comrades meant nothing to me. They were just liabilities that got in my way and had to be removed." He said. Rebecca's fists trembled at how callous he was acting and was about to yell at him, only to feel a hand on her shoulder. She looked at Naruto who had a cold look in his eyes.

"Don't waste your energy Rebecca, you can't compromise with a monster." He said, getting a scoff from the madman.

"Monster?" Marcus questioned before shaking his head negatively. "No I have become something more than monster," A crazed grin on his face form and his eyes widened maniacally "I have become a GOD!" He screamed as he reared his head back, laughing out in a maniacal fashion. He would've continued on only to vomit out some leeches and slime that dripped from his mouth, surprising Naruto, Rebecca, and Marcus himself. Said man looked up at the two in shock and horror before vomiting again and his body started to ripple and shift. Slime covered his form and the color texture from his body turned into a greenish gray color. His limbs stretched out giving the fingers a flat leaf life appearance and his feet were straight out paddle like and his face became twisted and deranged, showing no form of being human whatsoever.

And now Marcus was no more and the creature before them was the Queen Leech in humanoid form. It leapt off the cat walk and landed before them. That was when several tendrils sprouted out of its back and shot out towards the two. Naruto manages to push Rebecca out of the way, resulting the tendrils striking him full force and sent him crashing hard into the steel wall. "Naruto!" Rebecca cried out, unaware that the Queen Leech shot its elastic arms out. Before she knew it she cried as she was ensnared by the arms that puller her towards its body and proceeded to squeeze the life out of her.

She felt her lungs close up from the lack of air and gasped out in pain, feeling her vision fade in and out. Choking noses escaped from her throat as she tried to suck in more air and the creature was about to finish her off, only for a yellow blur to crash into it. The blur happen to be nine other than Naruto who had delivered a vicious right hook into its torso, punching a hold through it and made it skid back a little, releasing Rebecca.

The brunette started to take air into her lungs while Naruto stood in front of her in a defensive position. She manage to regain her breath and slowly stood up. The hole in the Queen Leech's stomach started to close up and it walked towards them in a sluggish fashion. "Okay so physical attacks are a negative." He looks around for his duffle bag and spots it laying a few feet away from it. "Rebecca head for my duffle bag, there should be a Grenade Launcher with several different rounds in it. I'll keep it busy." She nodded as he pulled out several shuriken and ran towards the bag.

Naruto threw the shuriken at the beast and once they made contact with the skin, they exploded, resulting in the Queen Leech to lose chunks of flesh form its chest cavity, which left the wounds to blacken and slightly burn. It screech in pain and flails around slightly in order to shake off the burning feeling.

"So it has a weakness to fire." Naruto smiled and was going to attempt to use a fire jutsu on it but paused for a sec. "No wait that's too risky if I use mid or long ranged moves I might accidently hit Rebecca." He theorized before evading a few tendrils that attempted to pierce through him. Meanwhile Rebecca manage to find the grenade launcher in the duffle bag and started to look for the rounds. She saw a few that consisted of explosive rounds, electric rounds, acid rounds, flame rounds, and flash rounds (like the cases from resident evil 5).

She grabbed three cases of flame rounds, loading several into the barrel while putting the extra ones in her pouch. As soon as it was locked and loaded Naruto landed beside her on his back with a crash, resulting in her letting out a surprised yelp as she looked down at his form. "We really have to stop meeting like this." He said dryly. "Rebecca I didn't know you were a triplet." Said medic sweat dropped at the comment and if the situation wasn't dire, she would've laughed at him.

She noticed the creature lurking towards them so without hesitation, she took aim and fired the first flame round at the beast. When the red round made contact, it was suddenly engulfed in flames. The Queen Leech howled in agony, flailing around like a fish out of water as it tried to douse the flames from its body. She fired off two more rounds, resulting in the flames roaring to life reducing the wailing screams the monster let out as it burned.

The other leeches were also extinguished with the flames that landed on the ground, and also screeched in order to get away the fires. Soon the flames died out, revealing a charcoal colored Queen Leech with smoke rising from its body. It staggered forward a few times before falling on its knees and hitting the ground, remaining motionless.

"Rot in hell you freak of nature." Naruto muttered before he got back up on his feet. Rebecca placed the launcher back into the duffle bag before handing it to Naruto. "Good shooting out there Rebecca. Looks like you proved you're no longer the rookie." Rebecca couldn't help but rub the back of her head in embarrassment and blush a little from the praise he gave her.

"Thanks." She said in a shy manner averting her gaze from his for a while before noticing a double door. "There, that door looks like our way out of this facility." With that the two entered through the door and saw what appeared to be a lift.

As they boarded it, Naruto walks over the control panel and pushes the red button that switches to green. The lift whirs to life and then it moves upwards to the top levels. They took the time for the elevator to head upward and rest for some R&R until


What sounded like an explosion caused the two to jump on their feet. "What was that?" Rebecca questioned as she looked around. Naruto on the other hand ran to the end of the rail to see a wall of dust below them.

"Awe you've got to be shitting me." He cursed and the reason for was because climbing towards them was a transformed Queen Leech. "Can this get any worse?"

Red Sirens started to blare and alarms started to go off. "Warning, Self Destruct Sequence has been activate, all remaining employed personnel evacuate the facility" The female computerized voice said through the speakers.

"What? Who activated the self-destruct sequence?" Rebecca cried out.

"Someone who doesn't want word of this facility going out to the public." Naruto answered back. "But the self-destruct is not our only problem!"

The newly morphed Queen was currently charging at the lift, not allowing its prey to escape and it was charging hard and fast. They were almost to the top level when Naruto grabbed his duffle bag and rushed to Rebecca. "Brace yourself for impact!" He yelled as he wrapped her up in his arms before


The Leech crashed right into the lift with enough force to not only wrecks it completely but to also cause Naruto and Rebecca to fly off the lift. The two of them tumble across the floor until they skid to a stop. Rebecca groans and shakes the cobwebs out of her head and looks up to see Naruto, whose mask face was a few inches from hers, on top and in an intimate position. The blonde noticed her blushing face before instantly hopping back on his feet looking away, rubbing the back of his head while she slowly got up, trying to get rid of her blushing state.

What snapped them out of their state was the Queen Leech roaring as it clambered on the first level. At first it was making its way towards the two before started to writhe in pain and scramble around. Rebecca blinked in confusion before she looked up and saw a hole in the wall, revealing the rays of the sun. "The Sun?" She theorized before the idea hit her. "Naruto the Queen is weakened by sunlight!"

Naruto looked up at the ceiling before grinning under his mask. "I think it's time the Queen here steppen into the light." He pulled his mask down before going through some hand seals, which confused Rebecca at what he was doing before he took some air into his lungs. "Katon: Dai Endan (Fire Release: Great Flame Bomb)." He exhales and fires a large blazing fireball at the ceiling which explodes on contact, putting a hole in the wall that was large enough to have a vast amount of sunlight pour down it , directly onto the Queen Leech who let out an agonizing wail and tried to find a hiding sot but it was all in vain.

Rebecca on the other hand was bug eyed as she saw what happened and for the first time in her life, she was speechless. Naruto on the other hand smirked at the beast's withering form and pulled out Ivory. "Rebecca!" He called out, snapping her out of her stupor.

"Yeah?" She asked before she caught his customized .45 Automatic.

"Care to do the honors?" He requested and got a nod from her, She took aim at the creatures withering form kept her eyes focused on her target.

"Like Naruto said earlier, rot in hell you bastard." She whispered and pulled the trigger.


The bullet sailed through the air in a slow fashion, descending towards it target. The bullet blasted a large hole through the creature, causing blood and flesh to scatter in different directions. The Leech flew backwards, breaking into large pieces, and descended down the shaft where another explosion occure engulfing its remains into the inferno.

"Well it's time to go." Naruto states as Rebecca hands her gun back to him.

"And how do you plan on doing tha-eeek!" Naruto scooped her up in her arms, holding her bridal style before crouching down focusing his chakra into his feet. Without warning, he propelled himself upwards, releasing and explosion of chakra from his feet into the air. Rebecca reacted by burying her head into his chest as he leapt out of the hole he made and slid down the rooftop. He then hopped off the edge and descended to the ground, landing softly before taking off at high speed once again.

The mansion remained in its current state for a few seconds before erupting into a blazing inferno, leaving nothing but the remains of rubble and a crater behind.

With Naruto and Rebecca

Naruto stopped at the edge of the open plains and gently set Rebecca down. She lets out a sigh of relief and plops down on the soft grass. Naruto does the same and keeps his mask down. "Well it's finally over… for now at least though we never did find Billy Coen… oh well I guess I'll just have to look for another bounty somewhere else." He said while brushing his hair back.

Rebecca chuckles in a tired manner before punching him lightly on the shoulder. "You're a strange person Naruto." She remarked before looking at the rising sun.

"I know, a lot of people say that… So what now?" He asked the medic.

She stood back up and saw the Spencer Mansion not far from their location. "There's the spencer mansion, Hopefully some of my teammates survived and found refuge in there." She answered hoping that they were safe and nowhere near the explosion.

"Well then in that case, I'll just have to tag along then." He flipped back onto his feet and stretched his right arm around. Rebecca looked at him questioningly, wondering why he'd stick with her. "What did you think I was gonna leave you alone and face god knows whatever's in that mansion? If what we experienced was a sign of there being worse things in this forest then I'll be damned if I leave you all alone. Not saying your weak or anything." He assured the brunette who blinked a few times before smiling.

"Then I guess we're partners from here on out." She said with a grin on her face. "Oh and Naruto." Naruto watched her approach him, wondering what she was gonna do. She then leaned forward and planted kiss on his cheek, resulting in his eyes widening in surprise while she giggled in a cute fashion. "Thanks for watching my back out there." She said before she headed out, Naruto snapped out of his stupor and ran out to join her. "Say how were you able to shoot a fireball and leap 30 feet into the air like that?" She wondered.

"Oh that? Something I learned from my mentors. They were ninja where I came from." He answered back.

"Really? I thought all of that was just make believe." She said getting a chuckle from him.

"Believe me when I say this Rebecca there a lot in this world you don't know about and can't be explained scientifically." He advised and got a nod of agreement from her.

"Can't argue with that logic." She mused as they headed into the forst, wondering what awaited them at the mansion.

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