Full Summary: The great ninja war ends when Sasuke has a change of heart and kicks Madara's butt. But will the village be able to fully accept him, especially given some of his...ahem... new hobbies? "I just banged Sasuke-kuuun!" "What? I was just in his bed last night Ino! I-I think we've just been played!" That UCHIHA-NO-BASTARD! "Tsunade-sama, where are the pregnancy tests?" A very humorous romantic comedy, rated T+ for strong language and hinting at sexual themes (nothing too gory I promise, it's more of a comedy and NOT a soft porn, no lemons here yo:)

Please be warned, there is a very, very slight Yaoi pairing in this fic that happened in the past that a few characters talk about like once or twice- so please don't flame me if you don't like Yaoi, you have been warned fool! Anyway, there are multiple parings and much hysteria. And we'll be having a few OC's in the last chapters, but never mind that now!

Note: I don't own Naruto, but if I did it would be awesome:)

Sakura took a break from her medic duties to sit and drink a cup of tea in the shade. It was a hot day, but Sakura felt slightly euphoric- everyone in the village felt that way, really. The last great ninja war had ended abruptly- much to everyone's unimaginable joy- when Naruto fought Sasuke and won. And Sasuke, with the last of his strength kicked Madara Uchiha's ass.

Still, the aftermath of war was no simple thing to clean up. There were many new names on the memorial stone. The village was still in ruins. But despite the losses, Sakura had to smile. Naruto kept his promise- he brought Sasuke back! Not just Sasuke's body, but his heart and soul as well. Sakura looked at her reflection in her cup. She still hadn't had a chance to speak with Sasuke after the war; even though he had redeemed himself by fighting Madara, there was still a long laundry list of crimes he had committed. Sakura thought he was probably still in custody as Tsunade and the council worked everything out...

"Hey, Sakura-chan..." She heard the familiar voice, and felt his warm breath on her neck. She suppressed her desire to moan, and instead made her face inscrutable as she turned to face-

"Ohio...Uchiha...Sasuke...san...I didn't sense you there."

"Hn." He took a seat beside her. "You seem to be deep in thought."

I want to ask him so many things...I want to trust him, but...? Sakura decided to keep the conversation on the surface. Schooling her face so that she wouldn't reveal her tumultuous thoughts, she asked, "What did the council decide about your status? Since you're not in prison right now, I'm assuming it's good news."

"Yeah...mostly good news. Naruto stood up for me...and the fact that now he's officially next in line for Hokage helped things. I'm a regular enrolled ninja now...albiet still a genin." He laughed softly. "I even got this-"

He pulled out a leaf shinobi headband, and put it on his forehead.

"That's great, Sasuke...san." She tried not to sound too excited, and she decided to use the more formal honorific to put some distance between them. Sasuke raised an eyebrow at the formalities, but decided to ignore it.

"On the other hand, I also received these-"

He lifted up his shirt, and Sakura fought her blush. God, he's still so beautiful...She let her eyes take in his muscular chest with masked pleasure, but then gasped as she looked up at his heart.

"What is that?" She asked in alarm.

Completely unperturbed, he answered, "It's similar to the seal used in the Hyuga clan for branch members...The Hokage and Naruto both have the power to kill me instantly. And this-"

He turned around, and Sakura noticed the seal on his back. "That looks like a tracking seal..." She wispered.

Sasuke nodded. "I'm basically under constant surveillance with this seal. There's always an ANBU black opps keeping tabs on me with their chakra." Sasuke sighed. "I guess it's what I deserve though...actually, it's much better than what I deserve."

They sat back in silence, and Sasuke put his shirt back on. He sure is being talkative for Sasuke... But then, a lot had changed, and maybe the events of the last six months had really brought him back...back for real.

"I-I'm glad that thinks worked out ok, Sasuke-san. But I really should be going now...I have a lot to do." In truth, Sakura could have taken a longer break, but she was getting weirded out by Sasuke and his open manner of speaking, and she couldn't handle the intensity of the air between them- it was like there was electricity in the space between their bodies, and Sakura wasn't sure how long she could hold her stoic facade. It's so strange, the last time we saw each other, I tried to kill him with a poisoned kunai knife, and he almost murdered me with his chidori, yet here we are having a very polite conversation. Sakura's inner voice chortled ironically, but outwardly she maintained her cool. She tried to stand up-

Sasuke took her hand- "Wait."

Mustering up all of her training as a ninja, she continued to put an energetic wall around her reactions. She was in an awkward half-standing, half siting position, and since she couldn't stand up with Sasuke's tight grip on her arm, she stifled a sigh and sat back down. "Nanda?" She asked simply.

"Sakura...I'm sorry...for everything..."

"It's ok Sasuke, you've redeemed yourself and the village forgives you. We all know now...what you went through..." Sakura's mind turned to the startling revelation of the true story behind the Uchiha massacre. After learning that, it was hard to really blame Sasuke...just another product of the ninja world's hatred. Hatred that they were all overcoming, thanks to Naruto.

"That's not what I mean. I'm sorry for what happened...between us."

It was silent for a moment. "It's ok, Sasuke-san. I've already forgiven you. If I hadn't, you would have been dead when I met you after the Kage summit. I'm glad you're so open with me, it makes me really happy, Sasuke-san." She was still using the formal honorific with him.

Sakura stood up and dusted herself off. "It was really nice seeing you Sasuke-san, and I'm glad things have worked out between you and the village." She broke her cold facade and offered him a lukewarm smile. "Let's talk again sometime."

Sasuke stood up and caught her eyes with his. Sakura's breath caught in the back of her throat. Those eyes...I could lose myself and drown in them if I'm not careful. Sakura made an intention to steady herself, but before she could move-

it all happened so fast-

damn those Uchihas and their speed!-

He caught her up in an embrace- she felt warm lips pressed to hers-

Sakura opened her eyes in surprise. She pulled away slightly, but let him hold her.


He nuzzled in closer to her and whispered in her ear, "Why don't you take a break for a little while? You work too hard..." Sakura felt his breath on her ear and neck, and realized she could no longer hold back the electricity in the air from invading every pore in her body, from shaking her to the core.

Damn! I was trying not to be his fucking fan girl! She told herself to resist, but instead she felt herself holding him closer. She didn't even remember putting her arms around him...

"Wait a sec..." Sakura stepped back. She made a hand-sign and muttered, "Release!"

Sasuke raised an eyebrow at her.

She grinned, signing, "Just checking..."

"You really think I'd put you under a genjutsu?" He looked at her askance. He was still holding her at the waist, and his fingers started to roam the expanse of her back.

"Hn." She replied, mocking him. He looked into her eyes again and Sakura could feel herself falling in... genjutsu or not, she melted helplessly in his arms as he kissed her slowly. She was surprised at how warm his embrace felt, how gentle. He whispered in her ear again, "Your place or mine?"

"Yours is fine."