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Ok, here are the OC's again, FYI:

Sasuke's Random Kids:

Akahana- lit, "red rose". Sakura and Sasuke's kid. At time of epilogue 10 years old

Kaminari- literally, "thunder", daughter of Ino and Sasuke, about 10 years old

Isamu- lit., "bravery" Son of Sasuke and Hanabi, Chie's twin. About 10.

Chie- lit, "wisdom", Daughter of Sasuke and Hanabi, Isamu's twin. About 10.

Sasauke's Kids with Anko:

Itatchi- Anko + Sasuke's first kid. About 10 years old

Misao- name literally means "fidelity". Second son of Anko + Sasuke, age 8

Rena- literally means "reborn", third child of Anko + Sasuke, age 5

Naruto + Hinata's kids:

Minato: son about 9 years old

Kushina: daughter about 7 years old

Yasuyo- lit., "peaceful era", daughter, about 2 years old

Ino + Choji's kid:

Cho- lit, "butterfly", daughter, 8 years old

Sakura + Lee's kids:

Midori- lit, "green", daughter, about 7

Michio- lit., "road of life", son, named for Kakashi, about 5

Shikamaru and Temari

Ozora- lit, "wide sky", son, about 7

Tenten + Neji

setsuna- lit, "calm snow", about 8

and now, without further ado...

Chapter 15 Epilogue part 4


Sasuke twiddled his thumbs in the hospital waiting room, flanked on either side by Itatchi and Misao. Anko paced the floor in front of him, holding their snoring daughter Rena-chan.

"Do you think Chie's ganna be ok dad?" Misao asked innocently.

Sasuke shook his head. "Don't know. This whole sharingan/byakugan thing is new to me..."

Anko scolded, "Of course Chie is going to be fine! Sakura, Hanabi, and Hiashi-sama are all looking after her! Stop worrying you three!" But despite her words, it was plain to see Anko was worried shitless as well.

Finally, the door opened to reveal a smiling Sakura. "Oi, Sasuke-kun, your daughter wants to see you."

Breathing a long sigh of relief, Sasuke made his way into his daughter's room-

and his jaw dropped at what he saw.

"What- how- oh-" Sasuke muttered.

Hiashi nodded. "It seems that Chie has the rinnegan. I am truly happy that you sired my grandchildren." The older man came forward and shook Sasuke's hand.

Holy fucking crap!

Sasuke's mind was blank except for these expletives. He knew his jaw was hanging open and that he looked like an idiot, but this was truly unexpected. Isamu smiled up at him and said, "Hey dad, quit looking dumb and come take my spot!" Isamu, who had been holding his sister's hand, let go, and vacated his chair. Sasuke sat down feeling numb, but managed to stutter, "I'm just glad you're alright Chie..."

"Otousan, gomen-"

"Hush. You have nothing to be sorry for." He gently ruffled his daughter's hair. "I'm proud of you." His daughter beamed with pleasure at the praise. Sasuke thought idly that he had uttered more praise to his children in the past twenty-four hours than he had their whole lives. He made a mental note to change that trend.

Hiashi cleared his throat. "Once you and your cousin Kushina are recovered, I'm going to throw you both a party."

"A-arigato, Hiashi-sama!"

"Please," the older man waved, "just call me grandpa."

(line break)

It was a glorious spring day, and the cherry blossom trees were in full bloom in the Hyuga clan enclave. Sasuke languidly breathed in the cloying scent as his daughter Rena begged him to pick her some flowers. Acquiescing, he picked a small twig with a few blooms and placed it behind her ear. Smiling, he gave his daughter a kiss on the forehead and said, "You look very beautiful, Rena-chan!" The girl's smile reached from ear-to-ear. I could get used to this giving plenty of praise thing...

"Welcome everyone!" Hanabi came over to Sasuke and Anko's family.

Sasuke bowed deeply. "Thank you for hosting this party, Hanabi-san"

Hanabi punched him lightly on the arm. "Ugh, don't be so formal Sasuke-saaaaaaan!" She called mockingly. "We're all family. Come on in!"

Anko, instead of being perturbed by Sasuke's familiarity with his former lover, just smiled. She wasn't the jealous type, and she knew that her man knew his place.

"Mom, why are you laughing?" Itachi asked.

"Oh, I'm just so happy Itachi-kuuuuuun!" She got her son in a headlock and started ruffling his hair.

"Ow, mom, quit being so eeeeviiiiiiiiiiil!" Itachi moaned, helpless against her attack.

The backyard was decorated with light blue streamers which set off the pink of the cherry blossom trees nicely. Naruto waved at him from across the way, and motioned for them to come sit by his family.

"Ugh, dad, are we going to have to sit by Minato-"

"Hush." Sasuke slapped Itatchi lightly on the back of his head, causing him to blush in embarrassment.

"Ah, I was wondering when you guys would get here!" Naruto called as they got closer. Next to him, Minato looked down at the ground bashfully.

Hinata smiled, "It's good to see you, Sasuke-kun, Anko-chan, Itachi-kun, Misao-kun, Rena-chaaaaan!" With that, Rena ran up to Hinata and gave her a hug.

"Kushina-chan, you're looking well thank Kami." Anko stated as she sat down. The girl nodded, but remained quiet, and Anko didn't press any further.

Naruto elbowed Minato in the side, who then got up slowly. "Ah- Sasuke-san...-"

Sasuke waved his hand. "Please, don't apologize, if that...-"

Minato shook his head and walked over to Sasuke with measured steps. "I, um, got this for you!" The boy blushed profusely and handed him a box wrapped in dark blue paper. Sasuke grinned. "Arigato."

He peeled back the wrapping paper in a deliberate fashion, and opened the box. Inside were shirts emblazoned with the Uchiha and Uzumaki clan symbols arranged on the trunk of a calligraphic cherry tree.

"I-I design it m-myself. I thought it'd be nice to include the ch-cherry b-blossom tree too, since, Auntie S-sakura was one of your o-original teammates with my d-dad..." Minato spoke haltingly, twisting his hands together. "There's one f-for everyone."

Sasuke smiled and put his hand on the boy's shoulder. "Thank you, Minato-kun. I didn't know you were such a talented artist." Minato's blush deepened at the praise.

Itachi rose and bowed towards his rival. "Arigato, Minato-san."

Naruto snorted. "Come on now, no need to use honorifics with us Itachi-kun, we're all family here."

Minato smiled sheepishly and held out his hand to Itachi, who met his grasp and shook Minato's hand gently, as if his hand were made out of glass.

"Oi, Itachi, Misao, Minato, 'Shina-chan, come check this out!" Chie's voice called from far away. "I want to try out my new sharingan on you suckers!"

Glad for the break in the awkward moment, the group of children ran off to meet the twins, closely followed by Rena and Yasuyo. Sasuke chuckled as he watched them depart.

Anko raised an eyebrow. "Sharingan? I thought she know..."

Naruto spoke quietly, "Since Chie and Isamu are young, we thought we'd keep the rinnegan thing on the down low. We wouldn't want our enemies catching wind of it before the twins know how to protect themselves..."

"Ah, I see." Anko murmured.

"The truly amazing thing is that Chie has three levels of activation- she can start with byakugan, then proceed to either activate sharingan by itself or together with byakugan, and then the third stage..." Sasuke didn't complete the sentence, but everyone knew the third stage was the fabled rinnegan.

"It is truly...amazing..." Anko breathed.

"Not as amazing as the fact that due to Sasuke being a total slut, the village has two new trump cards." Naruto stated crudely.

"Oh my, is that a blush Sasuke-kun?" Hinata cackled.

Anko put her arms around Sasuke's shoulder. "He sure has come a long way from being a self centered, womanizing, jerk. You know, I even heard him giving our sons positive encouragement today. Yes, words of praise left his mouth."

"Hn." Sasuke used his trademark expression, but he was smiling.

"Yes, and I've noticed the bastard actually has been grinning a lot lately...have you been slipping him prozac in his morning coffee?" Hinata joked.

Sasuke held up a hand and motioned for them to quit laughing, stating simply, "I have a lot to be happy about."

The friends enjoyed the pleasant silence that enveloped them, as a gentle breeze blew cherry blossom petals around their sparring children.

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