Kurt wasn't at school. That was strange, for him. What was even stranger was that he wasn't at rehearsal. Kurt never missed a rehearsal, especially since he'd been working on another duet with Blaine. It was just for fun, not for any kind of performance, but he still showed up diligently to every practice. Kurt had gone home to see his dad over the weekend, like he did most weekends, but he wasn't there when Blaine crawled into bed. The dorm they shared hadn't felt right without him. Kurt's empty bed was a reminder that he was alone tonight. He missed his company. He'd figured that Kurt had gotten held up in traffic or something and called his cell to leave a message. He'd fallen asleep soon after and when he woke up, he still wasn't there. He'd felt worried, and almost panicky when he called Kurt's cell phone again and heard the voicemail telling him to leave a message. Dialing his home phone on the way to class this morning was unsuccessful as well, with him having to leave another message. The no cell phone policy meant that he couldn't call again until after rehearsal.

When the luminescent clock over the door changed to 4:00, Blaine said his last few encouraging words to the Warblers and dismissed them.

Blaine followed the group out of the large rehearsal room and leaned up against the doorway, crossing his arms over his chest, watching as they dispersed, talking loudly or practicing a line they'd had trouble with. The sun was bright, getting lower in the sky, but still holding all of its influential power of warmth and life. They'd had a good rehearsal today. He was proud of them, of course, but he didn't truly show it. At least, not yet. Praise was good in small doses and he didn't want them getting cocky. Yes, they had had a good rehearsal today, but not a great one. One voice was missing and as Blaine shut the door and made his way back to the dorms, he felt himself getting more annoyed.

His shoes made light tapping noises on the concrete and he shoved his hands in his pockets as he walked. He didn't realize how much he missed Kurt until he wasn't there. Blaine sat next to him in English, Math, and Chemistry and they ate lunch together every day. Thankfully, Kyle had asked for help on the History homework, so he was able to take up that time, but he was itching to try and call Kurt again. And then at rehearsal, everyone had agreed it sounded great, but to Blaine's ears, it was mediocre. There was an audible hole in the chorus, left vacant by Kurt's absence.

He pulled out his cell phone and dialed the number absentmindedly. He knew it by heart. The monotone ringing seemed to grow louder as he counted the number of times it rang. Once… twice… three times… four times. He furrowed his brow in annoyance. It rang once more before the cheery sound of Kurt's voice telling him to leave a message sounded, one he'd heard so many times today.

"You've reached Kurt Hummel. I'm not here right now, so-"


Blaine was slightly taken aback by Kurt's sudden voice in his ear as he answered. He smiled, forgetting his annoyance for a moment.

"Hey. I missed you today. Where were you? Didn't you get my messages?"

"I'm sorry. I meant to call you. I guess I forgot. How did rehearsal go?"

Blaine frowned. It didn't seem like him to forget to call. "It was alright I guess. To be honest, it wasn't the same without you."

Kurt laughed lightly. "Glad to know I'm missed."

"You still didn't answer my question. You okay?"

There was a pause on the end of the line. "Yeah, I'm fine."



Blaine sighed, running a hand through his hair and sitting down on his bed. "Are you going to make me guess as to the reason why you weren't at school today?"

He laughed again. "Possibly."

Blaine could picture the smirk that undoubtedly had appeared on his porcelain face and he smiled. "Okay, let's see here. Umm… well, you don't sound sick. Are you sick Kurt?"

Another pause. "No."

Blaine paused too, thinking. "You didn't get tired of me did you?"

Kurt inhaled, voice dripping with mock offense. "I love that you think so highly of me to ever tire of you."

"Alright. You got me. I can't think of any other reason why you wouldn't be here."

"I was just… really tired today."

Blaine knew he was lying and snorted quietly. "Want to tell me the real reason?"

Kurt's voice grew soft. "Please Blaine, can we just drop it?"

"Oh, umm… yeah. Sure." Blaine had lowered his voice too. He couldn't place it, but he heard something in Kurt's voice and suddenly wanted to see him so badly.
"Did you need me to bring you your homework?" He didn't mind driving two hours to his house, not if it meant he got to see him. Kurt was acting different and it was a troubling thought.

"My dad e-mailed the office, so they sent it all to me. Thank you though. I'll be there tomorrow."

"Okay." Blaine tried to hide the disappointment in his words. "Get some sleep okay? Today sucked without you."

Kurt laughed again. "Sir yes sir." There was a pause. "I missed you too."