The wind was blowing lazily in the clear day, with the sky bright blue without a cloud to be seen. Kurt stood at the edge of a hill, the blades of grass tickling his bare feet. He smiled when Blaine appeared behind him and wrapped his arms around his waist, settling his chin on Kurt's shoulder.

"What did you want to show me?"

Kurt turned around in Blaine's arms and face-to-face, he said, "Well it won't be a surprise if I tell you now would it?"

The arms around his waist slinked away and then his hand was gripped in a warm embrace. "Come on then, tour guide. Lead the way."

Kurt smirked and pulled him along, winding through the thickening path of pine trees. When he could just begin to smell the scent of jasmine mixed among the strong pine, he said, "Close your eyes."

"Do I have to?"

He put his hand that wasn't connected to Blaine on his hip. "Yes."

Blaine groaned, but when his eyes slid closed, there was a smile on his face. Carefully tugging him forward, Kurt walked the final ten feet through the dense pine trees and into the clearing before them.

"Okay," Kurt whispered when Blaine had come to a stop beside him. "You can open your eyes now."

Dark eyebrows wiggled under curly hair. Kurt laughed and Blaine smiled again before doing as he was told. The sharp intake of breath was what Kurt was expecting because it had been the same thing he'd done when he first set eyes on this place. Blaine's smile slowly fell as he took in the surroundings.

"Kurt… It's beautiful."

Kurt grinned and stepped closer, laying his head on Blaine's shoulder. "I knew you'd like it."

"How did you… Did you just find this place?"

Blaine took hesitant steps forward as Kurt stayed behind, watching his every reaction. "It's too perfect to be real."

"This is heaven, Blaine."

He smirked. "I know that, oh-one-who-knows-all. I just can't believe it's here, like I can touch it, you know? It looks too perfect."

Kurt's eyes followed Blaine as he stepped gently on the damp grass, green as emeralds and looking as though untouched in a thousand years. His hands strayed on the smooth bark of the trees at the edge of the pool of water sunk right into the ground. The sun strayed in through the leaves, casting shadows on Blaine's face, and then reflecting off his cheeks when he took a few steps forward, making his eyes alight with hazel fire. There were flowers at the water's edge, nothing like Kurt had ever seen on earth. Blaine knelt and ran the velvet petals through his thumb and forefinger. This flower happened to be Kurt's favorite. It was white, with an orange the shade of smoldering embers outlining each of the five petals, with a sprinkling of the same color in the center. A stem curled up in loops along the vine, coupled with flourishing leaves shaped like crescent moons. Blaine's eyes strayed on the blue vein that ran through the center of each forest green leaf, painting the tips with the same fading shade of navy, winding down along the stem.

"It's beautiful isn't it?"

"Kurt, how… Seriously, you did not just happen to wander through the forest and just find this place right?"

He smiled. "Well, I may have done some very hard wishing that you and I would have somewhere to go and just relax."

Blaine stood and let the soft grin spread across his face. "Somewhere only we know," he said quietly.

Kurt wrapped his arms around Blaine's shoulders. They were silent for a moment as the scent of jasmines enveloped them again. Kurt hadn't been able to find any jasmine flowers anywhere and the flowers by the water had a scent that was sweeter and slightly spicy, but he couldn't pinpoint what it was. He'd decided that even the air here was perfect, as it carried the scent along whenever the soft breeze blew.

"Can we go swimming?" Blaine whispered, his eyes lighting up.

"Of course."

"Great!" He was already hopping around as he unbuckled his belt, pulled off his pants, and threw his t-shirt over his head, tossing them carelessly in a pile at the water's edge. Clad in only his underwear, he ran down to the pool and carefully dipped a toe in. Taking a few steps back, he grinned back at Kurt and ran, pausing only to bend his legs and push off the ground as he jumped and landed in the water with a whoop, causing water to splash up and almost drench his clothes, had Kurt not snatched them up.

"Hey! Did you want your clothes to get soaked?" Kurt yelled after him and moved the pile in his arms further up the hill and away from the soak zone. Shaking his head slightly, though he didn't expect anything different from Blaine, he began to unbutton his own shirt, slipped out of his pants, and folded them neatly next to Blaine's. When he reached the water, his boyfriend was bobbing up and down and watching him expectantly.

"Don't tell me you've never swam here before?" Blaine asked, eying Kurt as he looked around for a shallow place to enter the water.

"I've only been here twice. Once I took a nap and the second time, I had Aphrodite with me and I wasn't about to go swimming by myself."

"I bet she would have gone in. That horse will do anything for you."

Kurt snickered as he placed one foot in the water and upon finding it a very nice temperature, the other foot joined in. He waded out up to his chest and then started pulling himself forward with his arms, keeping his head above water as he watched Blaine swim towards him. The water rippled in shimmering waves around them that were turquoise one moment and purple the next. Kurt smiled when Blaine's face appeared next to his. Blaine linked their hands together.

"Thank you for bringing me here."

"I wouldn't want to share it with anyone but you."

"Aw," Blaine grinned. "You're making me blush."

Kurt lightly smacked the water up towards him. Though only a few drops landed on his face, Blaine's eyebrows rose and Kurt knew he was in trouble.

"Don't you dare." He said, trying to get his voice to sound angry, when they both knew he was far from it, though the threat was there. "Don't you even think about it."

Blaine held up his hands in surrender. "Wouldn't dream of it." But the way Blaine's eyes twinkled gave him away. Kurt sighed and when Blaine kicked over to the edge to pull a few flowers down closer, he rolled over, letting the water hold him up, and began to backstroke lazily. Through the cover of trees, Kurt could see that the sky was beginning to darken quickly. He'd never been here at night before. He wondered if he would be able to find his way out of here. But the thought vanished as soon as it came. All he would have to do is call to Aphrodite and she'd get them out if they needed it. A smile pulled at his lips as he thought that he was possibly planning on using the animal as a horse GPS.

The water was warm and almost silky as it splayed out his hair and swirled over his body. He closed his eyes and stilled his arms, floating gently on the water. And then his face was pelted by softly falling raindrops. Wait… raindrops? He squinted and then his eyes shot open as he looked to the side. He spluttered and splashed around, glaring and hollering, "Blaine! Eww, gross!"

Blaine assumed his charming smile and pretended like he had no clue what Kurt was talking about. Like he didn't just spray him with a mouthful of water.

"Fine. You thought about it, you did it. Are we fair now?"

His smile never faded. "Yes. Now come swim with me before it gets too dark."

Kurt took Blaine's hand and let him pull him through the water, using his legs to lightly kick along behind him. They swam in circles or zigzags and even engaged in a splash fight which ended up with Kurt trapped in Blaine's arms after he'd unsuccessfully tried to dunk him under.

"Alright little mermaid," Blaine laughed. "I've got you now."

Kurt snorted and leaned forward, kissing Blaine on the lips and tangling his fingers in the wet curls at the base of his neck. Blaine tightened his grip, their chests now flush against each other. Kurt closed his eyes. He swore he would never stop feeling like this when he kissed Blaine. Like it was their first kiss all over again.

He opened his eyes as Blaine broke their touch and leaned his forehead down to press against Kurt's. Locked in each other's gaze, Blaine whispered, "You are so beautiful."

"You are the epitome of a gentleman," Kurt smiled.

"Seriously Kurt, it's like the moonlight is just radiating off your skin."

Moonlight? Kurt's eyebrows creased. Was it that dark already? He pulled his head back and gasped at what he saw. There was a shimmering light all around them. Blaine craned his neck, turning in a full circle around himself, blinking as if he didn't believe what he was seeing. Kurt was aware that his mouth was half hanging open, but he was too amazed to care. All around them, the flowers Kurt loved so much were glowing. But not just glowing, no, pulsing with soft orange hues. The vines that hung over the edge of the pool were reflected in the shimmering royal purple water, casting dancing dots on the surface. Looking up, Kurt realized that the flowers that were embedded in the tree bark and tangling up towards the leaves were glowing too. These ones were shades of pink and green and casted the same soft light. Even the leaves on the trees seemed to shimmer faintly. Kurt brought his eyes back to Blaine, not surprised to see that in his wide irises, the glowing was intensified.

His voice was so soft in the still air. "Blaine, you are gorgeous."

Their lips met again, Blaine cupping Kurt's face in his hands as faint purple drops beaded down his fingers and wrists. Kurt smiled into the kiss and pulled him closer, wanting to get lost in this moment, but remember it forever. When they broke apart, keeping an inch of space between their skin, they whispered simultaneously, "I love you." And as if on cue, a flower fell into the water, sending glittering rays of orange that danced upon the purple waves, making their skin tingle and shine with the reflecting colors.

And somewhere only they knew had never seemed more appropriate, real, or attainable as it did in that moment.