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The Prompt: Blaine tells Kurt he's going to McKinley after he's already enrolled.

Kurt screams when he opens his locker one chilly Monday morning and instinctively slams the door shut. There is something in his locker. Something he did not put there.

"Everything okay Kurt?" Mercedes asks as she opens up her locker a few doors down. Kurt stares at her and points back to the locker.

"There's something in there," Kurt mutters, staring horrified at the metal door. Mercedes sidles over to Kurt's locker and flings the door open. Her bubbly laughter fills the air a moment later and Kurt pushes her aside. It's a coffee cup. There is a coffee cup in his locker.

Kurt picks up the cup, a medium of course, and it's warm to the touch. He eyes it suspiciously for a moment before bringing it to his lips. Medium drip.

It had to be Blaine, but Blaine was at Dalton so…

"How…" Kurt mumbles, Mercedes shrugs and goes back to her locker. She starts rambling about something, a new song or something, but Kurt is lost in thought about his mystery coffee.

After a couple minutes, the pair head off to their first class and Kurt tries to put his questions out of his mind and just enjoy the coffee. He could ask Blaine later.

By the time glee rehearsal rolls around Kurt is pretty sure that he's gone round the bend; he should be straight jacketed and sent to the loony bin. Kurt has been hallucinating all day long.

He knows that he and Blaine are still a relatively new couple, and he certainly thinks about his boyfriend a lot, but he must have snapped. There is absolutely no other explanation.

Between each class, Kurt swears that he saw Blaine. Not all of him, never all of him. A curly head of hair, a deeply triangular eyebrow, Kurt swears he heard Blaine's laugh during lunch, but by the time his brain caught up with his senses it was gone.

Blaine is at Dalton Kurt tells himself, but if Blaine is at Dalton, then why is he in the choir room with Mr. Schuester's arm thrown around his shoulder?

"I'd like all of you to give a warm New Directions welcome to our newest member, Blaine Anderson!" Shuester exclaims. Kurt's jaw just about hits the floor.

"You!" Kurt yells from the door. Everyone in the room flips their attention to Kurt and Blaine's expressive eyes meet his, an amused smile gracing his incredibly kissable lips. But Kurt is certainly not thinking about kissing Blaine right now…of course not.

"Kurt! You made it." Blaine's smile grows as he walks towards his boyfriend. The rest of the glee club goes back to their usual inane chatter giving the two a bit of privacy. Blaine goes to hug Kurt, but Kurt shies away from Blaine's arms. "No?" Kurt shakes his head – no.

"What are you doing here?" Kurt asks, his voice half an octave higher than usual.

"I transferred," Blaine states plainly. Kurt goes to protest, but Blaine waves him off, "you make me want to be better Kurt. Okay? At Dalton, I was just running away from my past and I, I was protected, but I'm not always going to have that protection and I just…I wanted to be here with you, to face all of this with you."

Kurt is stunned for a moment and Blaine stares at him, his eyes searching for a reaction.

"Why didn't you tell me?" Kurt asks, his hand sliding into Blaine's. Blaine blushes, his eyes drifting to the floor.

"I didn't really know how to tell you," Blaine murmurs.

"So you decided to break into my locker and make me think I've been hallucinating all day instead?" Kurt asks haughtily, an eyebrow shooting up. Blaine bites his lips and shrugs with an apologetic smile.


"You're an idiot." Kurt gives him a soft smile and Blaine grins.

"I'm your idiot." Blaine positively beams at Kurt.

"Yes, yes you are." Kurt rolls his eyes and places a kiss on the tip of Blaine's nose.

Kurt grabs Blaine's hand and leads him over to the chairs with the rest of the group. Their hands stay connected even after they sit down and Kurt can't help the broad smile that covers his face.

Kurt might not be insane, but he is certainly crazy in love with his cute, idiot boyfriend. His cute, idiot boyfriend who is now at his school. This is going to be fun.