The Prompt: Making s'mores on the beach, gazing at stars and cuddling to keep warm.

"How on earth did you manage to get marshmallow in your hair?" Kurt asks, rather incredulous that it's a question he ever has to ask.

Blaine just shrugs and looks up while tilting his head back as though he thinks if he keeps going he might be able to see it. Kurt cocks an eyebrow at him in the firelight.

"You know, sometimes, I really worry about you."

"What, like you've never gotten marshmallow in your hair?" Blaine asks, gesturing for Kurt to help him out.

"Definitely not." Kurt takes pity on his ridiculous boyfriend and snag the sticky little glob between two fingers, pulling it out.

"Hmm, but you have had other things in your hair."

"Well, yes," Kurt starts, looking around for something to rub the marshmallow bit off onto, "mousse and hairspray and—"

"And other things," Blaine finished for Kurt darkly, snatching up his hand and sucking the two marshmallow covered fingers into his mouth.

A chorus of ooh's erupt around the circle and Kurt is fairly certain he hears Puck tell him to "get some" and then Finn's unmistakable "Dude, that's my brother", but Kurt can't take his eyes off Blaine, his beautiful lips wrapped around Kurt's fingers.

After a few moments too long, Blaine draws back, but pulls Kurt to his feet and away from their group of friends followed by a few catcalls and Kurt decides he really needed better friends as he lets Blaine lead him away in the sand.

"Where are we going?" Kurt asks, but Blaine doesn't answer, just pulls him down the beach and around a curve away from the light of the fire and the prying eyes of their friends before he drags Kurt down into the sand on top of him.

Blaine lets out a little 'oof' as Kurt's weight settles on him and then they are face to face, chest to chest, lined up from head to toe.

"Hi," Blaine whispers.

"Hi," Kurt whispers back before leaning down and kissing Blaine. Blaine's lips are warm and a little sticky, his mouth full of the taste of s'mores and Kurt licks it out until all he can taste is Blaine.

They fall into this rhythm that Kurt can't help loving. Blaine sucking on his lower lip, Kurt nipping at Blaine's top lip, the tips of their tongues tracing each other, the hot suction of Blaine's mouth around his tongue, a tantalizing tease that shoots sparks of arousal down Kurt's back to coil low in his stomach.

Blaine's legs part until Kurt's settled between them, hips and hard cocks aligned and rubbing with Blaine's calves curved along the backs of Kurt's thighs.

When Kurt releases Blaine's mouth, Blaine licks and bites and sucks his way to Kurt's neck, until they're both panting and grinding and Blaine falls back a little so it's just his hot breath, panting in Kurt's ear.

Blaine's hands settle low on Kurt's back, fingers curling into the material of Kurt's shirt, before he's tugging it out of the back of Kurt's pants and then Kurt really has to stop this.

"Blaine," Kurt groans, pulling Blaine's hands away and pinning them in the sand above their heads. "I'm not having sex with you on a beach."



Blaine pouts, actually pouts, and pins Kurt with his biggest puppy dog eyes in the moonlight, but Kurt just rolls off him, landing in the sand and pulls Blaine into his arms.

"Just look at the stars, B and the moon and feel me here, with you," Kurt whispered, petting Blaine's hair, ungelled from their day at the beach.

Kurt has been trying not to think about it, has mostly succeeded, but there are only two weeks before he leaves, two weeks before it will be two months until he can have this boy…this man that he loves so much back in his arms.

"Blaine," Kurt says and Blaine lifts his head, planting his chin down on Kurt's chest.

"These stars? The moon? It's the same moon I'll see in New York, so if you just look at the moon, just know that I'm looking too and thinking of you."

Blaine closes his eyes, resting his face back against Kurt's chest and Kurt thinks that that will be the end of that, but then Blaine's moving, leaning up and kissing Kurt so tenderly it's as though the whole world could shatter at the wrong move.

"It's the same sun too," Blaine whispers, his lips brushing gently against Kurt's. "We'll be under the same sun, the same moon, and next year we'll be under the same roof too, in the same bed, forever."

"You promise?"

"I promise." Blaine's lips press against his, Blaine's hand finding his, tracing along the ring there. Not the gum wrapper one, but a proper, simple silver band, one of a pair that they'd picked out together months ago and as they settle in the sand, gazing up a the bright moon and the stars dotting the sky, Kurt can't help reaching down and rubbing his thumb over the ring on Blaine's finger and thinking that they'll be okay.

They have the moon and the sun and their love for each other and in a year they'll have more and in the end, that's all either of them need.