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A/N: This was written as a belated birthday thing for alivingmuseum on tumblr.

The Prompt: Pre-Klaine at Dalton

Sweat prickles at the back of Kurt's neck and he just hopes that him palms aren't sweating, regardless of how much they tingle. Blaine's fingers drift across Kurt's left palm, swirling patterns over the pads of muscle and dipping down to run over the thin skin of Kurt's wrist, his blunt nails barely scraping along Kurt's sensitive skin.

Kurt is ready to punch him. Or kiss him. Or maul him. He's not sure which, but seeing as Blaine is his friend, none of them are entirely appropriate, then again, what Blaine's doing doesn't feel appropriate either.

Kurt's waiting. He's trying to be patient, he is. He really, really is. After the whole Gap incident and then Rachel and the mortifying moment when Blaine said his "sexy" faces made him look like he had gas pains, Kurt just isn't sure anymore. He wants their When Harry Met Sally happy ending, but it feels more and more with each passing day like it's never going to happen.

But then Blaine does something like this. And yes, Kurt has gotten used to Blaine's regular casual touches, though he's sure he'll never get over the heat of Blaine's broad hand on his thigh, but this is ridiculous.

It's been barely a week since their mortifying discussion about sex, when Kurt had admitted to Blaine that he thought a touch of the fingertips was as sexy as it gets. It's easy to see why, now. With Blaine's long fingers idly drawing patterns over his palm and wrist, it makes Kurt wonder if maybe things are changing, that maybe, just maybe Blaine is starting to see him as someone who could be his boyfriend instead of just his best friend.

So, yes, Kurt is ready to punch him, or kiss him, or maul him, but he doesn't do any of these things. Kurt's already put himself out there and made it known exactly how he feels about Blaine, so Kurt flips his arm over, so Blaine's fingers can play over skin that's less sensitive and won't leave Kurt aching for more when he's back at home tonight.

But Blaine's fingers don't keep drifting over his skin, they settle warm and solid over Kurt's hand, fingers curling under Kurt's palm and holding tight and when Kurt looks up at him, Blaine smiles, his eyes shining with an emotion Kurt hasn't seen there before. Kurt returns the smile and squeezes Blaine's fingers slightly before resuming his studying.

Yes, Kurt thinks, it's been a long wait, but he knows Blaine will be worth it in the end.