It was confusing, to say the least.

He was perfect for her. But that was the problem.

He. Him. BOY.

And apparently Betty wasn't half bad either.

But she was more of an after thought than anything. Another problem she really didn't want to deal with. So Tea ignored her called and texts—but she had answered Tony's?

God, she was confusing herself.

Tea wasn't one to dwell, and think about her decisions—brood and regret maybe, but not think of them before hand.

Which was why her dilemma with Tony was so mind-boggling.

Tea sighed once more.

She was getting a headache.

Booze was helping.

At this point, Tea can't remember what or how much she drank, but she knows that it was a lot.

The thing was, it was only helping with the panicking part. Instead of making her think of the reasons why it wouldn't work—she had a bunch when she was sober, but she couldn't think of any now—it made her think of how good it could possibly be.

To not be so disconnected and indifferent—to have someone interesting enough to invest into. She's bored—tired of being empty; hollow.

Even at the moment, she is on the prowl for another hot fuck, but, as always, nothing truly caught her eye. Sure there were a bunch of good looking, fuck-able girls, but that was it.

Suddenly she wanted more.

All because of Tony fucking Snyder.

Tea takes two pills from Chris' proffered hand, and decides to head home.

Time passes by, and she continues to feel a longing for the boy, one that isn't sedated by anything. Distracting herself with meaningless girls didn't work the first couple days, and had worked even less as the weeks pass.

Betty decides to make herself known—tries hard to stay in the line of Tea's sight. Betty's interesting in a maybe, sort of friend, quick fuck kind of way, but that's it.

Honestly, it wouldn't be the first time Tea's turned a girl gay.

Then she remembers the drama with her and Tony, and wonders how many guys can say they turned a girl straight.

It's over. Tea's done with all the the pining and confusion. Fuck it, who gives a shit.

Tea is Tea and Tony's Tony, and the world can go fuck themselves for all she cares. She'll do whatever the hell she wants whether it makes sense or not.

"Sex with a guy is weird," Tea stated wryly. It was meant to come out biting, but comes out jokingly instead. She turns her head to Tony whose supposed to be smirking, just as she's supposed to feel wrong about having sex with someone whose not a girl.

Instead, Tony's smiling softly, the way sex feels wrong in the best kind of way and partially—not all that wrong. Kind of great, actually, once she got the hang of it.

Things are all upside down and inside out, but that's just how they come together—like a really messed up, confused puzzle.

"Shut up," Tony says, kissing her. Tea pulls away to stick her tongue out at him. Tony quickly swoops back in to bite her tongue, and she wrinkles her nose at how gross the whole thing is, but can't help but laugh at the same time. Tony pulls back briefly, before kissing her once more; the kisses soft and vivacious.

His hand wrapped around her bare waist under the covers, and her hands wrapped around his neck, and things—in their messed up of kind of way—were perfect.

Because they matched.

Anybody else feel pissed about the season finale? Especially at the end when Tea looks like she's about to leave Betty's side to go to Tony's, only to return five seconds later, and get naked?

So even though this is just a collection of disjointed drabbles, I'm posting it to alleviate my annoyance. Maybe I'll think of a plot depending on how you readers feel about this—or whenever inspiration hits. Either is fine.