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Chapter One

It's night time in Amity Park and Danny Fenton is getting ready for bed, when he hears screams coming from outside.

"Now what?" Danny sighs, as he turns into his ghost form.

As he phases through his bedroom window, he sees the Box Ghost in a storage building.

"Mwahaha! I, the Box Ghost, will now have full control of all boxes of…" the Box Ghost looks around and sees a poster with the name of the building. He then says, "…of 'Jim's Storage Company, Inc.!"

"Not so fast!" Danny says as he phases through the wall. "Don't you ever take a break and just go home?" Danny yells as he punches the Box Ghost in the chin, causing the ghost to fall backward into the wall.

"You will pay for that!" yells the Box Ghost with rage. His hands start to glow blue as well as the boxes in the building. The boxes start to float up and then move directly toward Danny, at a very quick speed.

Danny looks at the boxes, and then turns intangible before the boxes can hurt him. As the boxes go through him and drop to the floor, Danny pulls out the Fenton Thermos and captures the Box Ghost. "Nighty night." Danny says.

Danny travels back home, becoming a little more exhausted then before. Soon after turning human while inside his bedroom, Danny hears a knock at his door. The door opens and there are his parents with smiles on their faces.

"Hi honey. We just wanted to come and tuck you in." says Danny's mom, Maddie, as she walks over. "Are you excited for your field trip at the science lab tomorrow? Your father and I are going to be coming along to help supervise you kids."

"And in case any ghosts come by." Danny's dad, Jack, replies.

"Oh yeah, that. Yeah, I'm super excited about the field trip," Danny says sarcastically, while sliding under the covers of his bed. "Even though you guys will be coming." Danny adds under his breath.

"Well, good." Maddie kisses Danny's cheek and leaves the room along with her husband. "Good night, Danny." She says as she turns off the light.

"Good night." Danny says before drifting off to sleep.