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Chapter Three

The school day passes on like every other day, and it's soon to the point where it's time for all the kids at Casper High to leave school and go home. Danny, Sam, and Tucker were still unknown to what all happened at the science lab. Tucker hadn't looked at his so called "PDA" all day, for the reason of Mr. Lancer giving the class a lot of homework.

Anyway, Danny, Sam, and Tucker were walking up Danny's porch steps, when Tucker looked at his "PDA". Danny and Sam entered the house, set their backpacks down by the door, and headed to the kitchen to get an afternoon snack, with Tucker following, closely examining his PDA.

"Hm. That's weird." Tucker said, holding up the Mood Control 3000.

"What?" Sam asked while sitting at the kitchen table next to Danny.

Tucker soon plopping a seat next to Sam, said, "Well, my PDA isn't working. And it looks different. It doesn't have all of the buttons, just four."

"That's weird. Wonder what it is?" Danny said, while scratching his head.

"I don't know. But my curiosity still gets the best of me. I wonder what this button does." Tucker said, while pushing the big blue button in the middle of the Mood Control 3000. The screen showed a sad, blue face with tears coming out of its eyes.

The moodulator on the back of Danny's neck turned to a sad, blue, crying face. Suddenly, Danny's eyes glowed blue, and started crying.

"Danny, what's wrong?" Sam asked, while Tucker put down the Mood Control 3000, between him and Sam.

"M-my parents em-embarrassed me in front of the class at the s-science lab." Danny said through loud sniffs and crying eyes. "And n-now, we don't have Tucker's PDA!" Danny then started crying loud wails.

Meanwhile, at the grocery store, Jack was having his own problem. "Maddie, come on, why are you crying?" Jack asked his weeping wife.

"Because m-milk isn't on sale." cried Maddie.

"We can buy a different type of milk." Jack said, while trying to comfort Maddie.

"B-but I don't want a different type, I want this kind." Maddie wailed, soon crying into her hands. Jack sighed.

Back at the Fenton's house, Danny was still crying with Sam and Tucker comforting him.

"Come on, dude, it wasn't your fault, you grabbed the wrong PDA." Tucker said leaning on his elbow, not noticing that he was also leaning on the Mood Control 3000, making the screen turn into a red, unhappy face, clearly showing it was angry.

The moodulator on Danny's neck soon changed, and his eyes glowed red. "I grabbed the wrong PDA?" Danny yelled at Tucker.

"Well, yeah." Tucker said. After hearing this, Danny grabbed the table and threw it across the kitchen, making Tucker and Sam very frightened.

"You're going to regret you said that, Tucker!" Danny said, turning ghost.

"AHHHHHHH! I'm sorry!" Tucker yelled before quickly running away from Danny, who was flying after Tucker, shooting a ghost ray at him. Sam then ran after Tucker.

At the grocery store, Jack was preventing from getting hurt as well. Maddie's moodulator had changed as well. "I said I was sorry. We can still buy the same milk. Just please don't hurt me!" Jack said to his aggressive wife.

"Oh don't worry, Jack, I won't injure you…." Maddie said, making Jack sigh in relief. "I'm going to kill you!" Maddie yelled grabbing her ghost ray gun and aiming it at her husband. Maddie shot the gun but luckily, Jack jumped out of the way in time.

"Can't we talk?" Jack asked, dodging another shot.

"Talk about what? How you told me to go to the dark side?" Maddie asked with rage.

"Are we still talking about milk here?" Jack said, running down the cooking appliances aisle, with Maddie hot on his trail.

"You're dead, Jack!" Maddie said aiming the gun. But the gun was then knocked out her hands and slided under the shelf. Maddie turned her head to realize that Jack threw a jar at her. She looked up and saw Jack looking at her with scared, wide eyes.

"Whoops." Jack said.

"You'll pay for that!" Maddie yelled. She looked at her surroundings and saw a kit of knives. She quickly opened the box and grabbed two of the sharpest knives there was in the box, and walked toward Jack.

Jack raised his hands in alarm and walked backward and said, "Maddie, come on, it's me, Jack. You don't want to kill me, do you?" Maddie didn't answer, only kept walking toward him until Jack couldn't walk backward anymore.

Maddie grinned with an evil smile. "This is for telling me to buy a different brand of milk." Maddie said while slowly holding up both knives at Jack. Jack closed his eyes tight, hoping for a quick death.

At the Fenton's house, Danny was still peeved about Tucker blaming him for the loss of his PDA. He was flying after Sam and Tucker all the way upstairs, threw the OP Center, and finally on top of the OP Center.

Sam and Tucker raised their hands in alarm while backing away from Danny. "Danny, what's gotten into you?" Sam asks very concerned.

"Nothing, it's just that I need to teach Tucker a lesson. A lesson that he'll never forget." Danny says while walking slowly toward Tucker and Sam.

"Come on, dude, I was just kidding. You know that, don't you?" Tucker says worried.

"Sure you were kidding. I'm so sure." Danny says sarcastically, still walking toward him and Sam. Sam and Tucker then looked backward and saw they couldn't walk anymore only if they wanted to fall three stories.

Danny grinned angrily, "Looks like your time is up, Tucker. Ready to face my ghostly wrath?" Danny asked while holding up his hand to show it was haloed in a ghostly green.

"No, no not really." Tucker said. "But before I die, can I make a phone call?" He asked.

Danny shook his head, telling him no, still walking forward. Tucker and Sam looked down, seeing how far they were from the ground.

"Just tell him you're sorry, Tucker!" Sam yells. "You know, before he kills us!"

"I did, he won't listen." Tucker said.

Suddenly, Sam's boot slips off the roof of the OP Center, and starts falling down. "DANNY!" Sam screams. Tucker gasps. Danny, still mad at Tucker, paid no attention to the falling Sam, and kept walking toward Tucker. "Somebody help me!" Tucker and Sam both yell.

Unknown to Tucker, Sam, and Danny, Jazz walks into the house, sets down her backpack, and lets out a big sigh. "Mom? Dad? Danny? Anyone?" Jazz looks around and sees the house completely empty. She then walks toward the kitchen and sees the table positioned on its side, on the other side of the kitchen. Jazz gasps and quickly runs to the table and positions it back to where it originally was.

"Me and my crazy family." Jazz mutters under her breath. Jazz walks away, but soon steps on something. Jazz gasps and leans down to see what it is. She picks up the Mood Control 3000 off the floor and walks into the living room.

"What's this?" Jazz asks herself. The screen on the invention shows a pink face with hearts for eyes and hearts surrounding it. "Must be another useless ghost invention Mom and Dad came up with." Jazz says rolling her eyes, then throwing the Mood Control 3000 on the couch. Jazz then walks up to her room, leaving the Mood Control 3000 to still be set on the same emotion, love.