This is basically just a little epilouge I threw in, more for comedy reasons. It's probably nothing mind blowing, I just hope it's good for a quick laugh. Here ya go!

A few days later...

Back in the hideout, Peter glared annoyingly at Tink, who was blowing into a small, fairy sized Pan flute that she had. Her arm had healed significantly in past few days so she, with Peters help, had been trying it out. Unfortunately the sound coming from it when Tink blew into it was nothing at all like the beautiful music Peter could make.

"No, Tink, you gotta hold more horizontal to your mouth." Peter explained.

"I'm trying!" Tink shouted at him. "It keep tilting cause my arms get tired!"

"Try blowing into one tube at a time, try to get a feel for each one of them." Peter told her calmly, though he was starting to lose patience.

Tink attempted this, but kept accidentally letting her breath slip into more than one.

"Dammit! My mouths too freakin' big!" Tink shouted angrily.

Peter gave an annoyed groan.

"Okay, Tink, watch me." He said.

He brought his own Pan flute to his lips and blew into it. The same beautiful music he always played came flowing out. Tink sighed angrily.

"Okay, now you're just trying to make me look bad!" She sneered at him.

"No, Tink, you're just making it more complicated than it needs to be!" Peter shouted at her.

Tink attempted to blow into hers again. She wrapped her entire mouth around one pipe and blew.

"No, Tink, you don't put the entire thing in your mouth, you just bring it up to the tip of your lips and blow lightly!" Peter explained, his face turning red with annoyance.

Tink tried to do what he said, but once again, her breath kept slipping into different pipes, making a wierd, non-musical noise. Tink had finally had enough. Her body went completely red.

"Ah, screw this!" She shouted and threw the flute against the cave wall, breaking it into several pieces.

Peter stared down at his red and angrily shaking friend. He tried to hold it back, but a few small chuckles forced their way out of him. Tink glared up at him, looking like she was about to knock his teeth out. Then, slowly, her body returned to its normal color, and a ffew small giggles slipped from her. Soon the two were laughing uproariously.

"I-I tried to tell you I didn't w-want to bother with teaching you! I knew y-you'd freak out and l-loose patience quickly!" Peter laughed.

"Yeah, well, it's a dumb instrument anyway." Tink said, her laughter starting to subside. "There's like a million better things we could do today."

"Like what?" Peter asked her.

Tink thought for a moment.

"Wanna go terrorize those last few pirates?" She asked.

Peter quickly became very excited.

"Hell yeah!" He shouted, pumping his fist in the air.

"Race ya to the ship!" Tink shouted as she sped off out of the cave.

"Hey!" Peter cried, zooming after her.

The two sped off through the forest, pulling the other one back when they got close enough to each other, and laughing all the way.

Alright, like I said nothing mind blowing, but hopefully it gave ya'll something to laugh at. I feel I should say that I'm not sure if I have any ideas for a sequel for this, but I do have an idea for something of a prequel that shows how Marla met Hook and what drove her to becoming who she is. I might even make it M rated! Anyway, not sure when I'll write it, but there's a good chance it'll happen. Thanks again for sticking with this story to the end. My love to ya'll!