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They say it's supposed to get easier with time.

That time would heal all wounds.

He couldn't help but wonder when 'time' would start to help, because it was really starting to become unbearable.

That dull feeling in your chest. That horrible tight feeling in your chest when you wake up alone in the middle of the night. When you were so close, but now you can't be.

When you did everything together, and then suddenly it's just you.

And the worst part is you know it's really not just you. That you have an entire family there to support you. That your best friends are also in mourning and are there for you as well.

He couldn't help but to wonder what life would have been like. What they could have had. Where they would have gone. Who they could have been.

But he would never know. None of them would. Because he was gone, and there was nothing none of them could do about it. But as Eiji stood there, before Oishi's grave, he wished nothing more than that there was.