WARNING: Boy/Boy love, Wes/gavel fluff, awesome twin power, bromance moments, epic failing [in Blanc's case]

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The noise inside Warblers' Hall quickly subsided once the almighty gavel struck the wooden plate with a resonating thud. "This meeting will now come to order," Wes announced with a commanding tone, sending glares to those whose attention were somewhere else, i.e. Kurt and Blaine who were sharing fleeting glances every now and then. The Asian rolled his eyes at the all-too frequent sight and then looked at David, giving the other boy a 'please help me' look.

With a smile, David automatically reached over to put his hand over Wes', grasping the other boy's hand with the gavel and striking the small hammer loudly. "If we may have your complete and undivided attention, it would be appreciated." David said, sweeping his gaze over the room.

"But that was just a mere request. Of course, if you have better things to do, you can always get out and never come back. Your choice." Wes continued, a smirk building on his lips.

And that seemed to catch all of the Warblers' interest.

Both seniors beamed at their small victory. "Good. Now that we have your attention, we would like to announce that we have two students auditioning to join the Warblers." Thad said, gesturing to the two redheads sitting in the far corner.

Almost every head in the room turned to look at the newcomers.

"Is it our time to sing?" asked the one with shorter hair, his words weighing heavy with his French accent.

Wes nodded. "We're all ears."

The twins smiled brightly and sauntered closer to their audience.

"I am Marque Vierge and this is my brother, Therron. We will be singing 'Stays Four The Same' by The Ready Set." the one with the ponytail said softly, pushing his brother towards the piano nervously.

As Therron sat down on the piano bench, he gave Marque an encouraging pat on the back. "Nous allons faire de grandes," he reassured his twin.

I could've wrote down

Every thought I've been thinking to myself all this past year.

I would've said in doubt

"Oh, I wanna make myself clear."

Marque plopped down beside Therron, taking over the piano accompaniment as his brother stood up and sang.

And baby - clearly

I need some balance in my ears right now

'Cause I've been freaking myself out

And I've been waking this whole town

Weaving through the audience, Therron urged the Warblers to join in. He playfully shoved the boys off the couch and onto their feet.

The way your hips move

Side to side,

Left to right,

Guide me home tonight

The redhead pulled on a random Warbler for a dance partner—unfortunately and fortunately, it was Kurt. The countertenor couldn't help but laugh at the small dance they were doing that was no more than swaying and jumping. Blaine watched the two and felt jealousy flare in his chest.

And I need a little more thunder, a little more lightning

A little more you,

Be my lantern

Help me shine on through

By this time, the Warblers were already harmonizing, so Marque abandoned the piano to join his brother.

The price to pay is so, so high

And the irony could be cut with a knife

'Cause it's my first chance.

But it's my last chance.

Taking his brother's hand, Therron jumped up onto the coffee table and almost fell over if Marque hadn't caught him. They grinned at each other as they clapped their hands to the song.


Well I gotta have you loving me tonight.

And when my world has become a whirlwind

Will you be my white flag?

The twins ended their performance by hopping off the table with overtly energetic smiles. There was a short moment of silence before the Warblers erupted into cheers. Therron hooted and bumped fists with the closest boy, adrenaline still running through his veins. Marque, on the other hand, just stood quietly beside his brother as he smiled a small smile.

"So… did we do okay…?" Marque asked the council shyly.

All three council members seemed to think first to themselves before having a little conference with the others, conversing in hushed tones.

The noise inside the room had died down to soft whispers by the time the three were finished talking to each other. Wes cleared his throat, an all-too serious expression on his face that probably didn't mean well.

"Welcome to the Warblers."

And once again, the boys erupted into cheers. The words 'congratulations' and 'you guys were great' and slaps to the back were frequently given to the twins as David dismissed the meeting, taking hold of Wes' hand again and slamming the gavel to the wooden plate.

Some of the boys filed out of the room at the dismissal while some stayed behind to congratulate the two latest Warblers some more. The twins were grinning widely from ear to ear, obviously ecstatic at their success.

Kurt was hiding his giggles with one hand. "Wow. They're amazing and cute." he commented as he looked at the two redheads. Envy started to build up in Blaine. He dismissed the feeling and shrugged. Kurt rolled his eyes at the soloist's reaction, elbowing him gently in the ribs. "Come on, let's congratulate them." he said, pulling Blaine towards the twins.

When they had reached the boys, Kurt offered his hand. "Congratulations! Welcome to the Warblers!" Marque and Therron shook the outstretched hand. Blaine did the same, albeit a little stiffly. The twins turned to him with wonder in their eyes.

"You're—" Marque started.

Therron continued, "—Blaine Anderson, right?"

"The lead singer of the Warblers?" Marque ended.

Blaine nodded while Kurt laughed at the way they spoke, earning a confused look from the redheads.

Marque blushed slightly and asked. "Is something—"

"—wrong?" Therron interjected, smiling widely at the countertenor.

"N-nothing." Kurt mumbled, his eyes shining. Marque whispered something to Therron. The shorter haired twin let out an 'oh' and pointed at Kurt.

"You're Kurt Hummel?" he asked.

"The countertenor and latest addition to the Warblers? Aside from us?" Marque added.

"Y-yeah, that's me. How did you…?"

Marque smiled innocently. "Let's just say that we take our Research class too seriously." he said. Therron nodded. "You were awesome as a football player. Even more as a cheerleader—the way you moved those hip—"

The shorter haired twin was interrupted by a smack to the back of his head. "Watch your mouth, Tee." Marque muttered under his breath, his cheeks a light pink; he looked up and became even more embarrassed at his brother's slip-up.

Blaine's mouth hung open in shock, either surprised about the fact that Kurt was more athletic than he gave the countertenor credit for or the fact that Therron liked the way Kurt moved his hips.

Kurt, on the other hand, was red-faced, hand clamped over his mouth, not knowing how to react to Therron's words.

Therron, however, seemed unfazed by the embarrassing thing he said. "D-did I say something wrong?" he asked. Marque just sighed heavily.

"S-so… does that mean—I-I mean, no offense, but… are you… gay?" Blaine stammered.

With a grin, Therron nodded while Marque shook his head. "Well, Therron's 100% gay. I'm bi." the latter twin explained.

Kurt's face reddened more as the newcomers' sexuality was cleared. "Ah…"

An awkward silence settled over their heads, making all of them—except for the oblivious Therron—slightly uncomfortable. Marque opened his mouth to somehow defuse the awkwardness of the situation when a loud 'BLAINE!' came from the doorway.

"You guys are still here?" David said, approaching the quartet.

Marque let out a sigh of relief as the weight of the discomfiture lifted from his shoulders. Someone patted his shoulder and he looked up, straight into Wes' eyes. The Asian smiled. "You guys were great! But I'm sure you already know that." Wes commented with a goofy lopsided grin. Marque smiled back.

David nodded in agreement then swung his arms over Blaine and Kurt's shoulders. "So, you guys up for a horror movie later?" he casually asked. Blaine shifted uncomfortably, catching Kurt's eye. He extracted himself from under David's arm. "Sorry David, but I have to go over my French tonight." he reasoned.

Wes smirked at Blaine's lame excuse.

Kurt smiled. "Need some help?" he offered. A grin appeared on Blaine's face. "Sure! That would be perfect," he answered. Wes and David sniggered at the soloist's enthusiasm.

"Well, I guess we should just postpone." the Asian said, pouting. David nodded. "It's no fun when Blaine isn't there. Horror movies without his girlish screams aren't the same."

Blaine turned red. "First of all, I do not scream. Second, if I do scream, they are most certainly not girlish." he retorted.

"Game night then?" David asked Wes. "Sure." the other boy responded.

A spark of interest appeared in Marque's eyes at the mention of gaming. Wes noticed and turned to the aforementioned redhead. "Want to join?" he inquired.

"M-me? Y-yeah… If it's… okay with you guys… Don't want to be—"

"Great!" David exclaimed, hooking his arm through the redhead's. The dark-skinned boy paused to think. "Wait… Uh, Therron, right? Is it okay if we drag you brother off somewhere?" he asked the other twin.

Therron smiled goofily. "'S m'kay!" He took the impossibly wide smiles on Wes' and David's faces to be thank you's as the two seniors walked out of the room with his brother in tow.

Kurt frowned at his response. Twins don't usually separate, do they?, he thought. Plus, it must be sad to spend the night alone. An idea suddenly popped up into his head, making him smile.

He turned to Blaine and whispered, "Hey, is it okay for Therron to study with us tonight?"

Blaine stared at the countertenor with a look of confusion and envy.

"Maybe?" he said softly, his tone unsure.

"Oh come on. He has a French accent." Kurt argued quietly. "And besides, we can't let him be alone. He's still new and doesn't know anyone else."

The soloist sighed. That was Kurt all right. Blaine finally consented, earning a one-armed hug from the taller boy.

"Therron?" Kurt asked. The redhead looked at him expectantly.

"Correct me if I'm wrong, but you and your brother are French, right?"

Therron nodded. "Yeah." he answered slowly, making his accent more prominent.

Kurt's smile grew. "Do you want to help me help Blaine? He already agreed."

Therron stood speechless, ogling at the brown-haired boy.

"R-really? I-I mean, sure! I would love too!" he said after a while. Kurt grinned at his response.

Blaine, on the other hand, frowned slightly. His frown deepened when Therron unexpectedly hugged Kurt. "Holy—I love you!" he shouted.

The countertenor blushed scarlet at the redhead's words while Blaine's mouth went agape. "Ooh! Blainey boy's got competition!" David hollered from the doorway, causing the soloist's face to go a deep shade of red. "A—"

"Shut up, Rivers." Kurt snapped, cutting off Blaine, as Therron pulled away. The redhead grinned innocently.

"Therron, is it okay if we return Marque to you by… uh"—David glanced at his watch—"seven?"

"If it's okay with him, it's okay with me. He is the older brother," the redhead replied, shrugging. "Oh. Okay. See you later then!"

The senior disappeared into the hallway, leaving the trio alone once again. "Shall we?" Therron prompted. Kurt nodded and pulled Blaine.

"Come on slowpoke." he teased.

Blaine let out a small huff and picked up his bag. Kurt already had his satchel and was about to gather his books when Therron grabbed them instead.

"You're already carrying too much." he reasoned before smiling sweetly. Therron turned to walk out of the door.

Ugh… How can one boy make me blush on more than one occasion in just one day?, Kurt thought as he groaned silently. His pale cheeks had already turned red once more.

Man, is he annoying! I mean, saying 'I love you' to Kurt and then picking up his books. Who does he think he is?, Blaine fumed, holding his bag's strap tightly.

Looked like Blaine really did have some competition now.

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