This is what happens when I look at fanart and listen to music whilst eating cookies at 4: AM.

Own nothing but this crazy collection of drabbles.

This one is pure crack. I'm sorry but on a mild sugar high when I should be snoozing...This idea came. It wouldn't leave.


The teenager was silent as she looked at the doctor hopefully. Maybe I can finally be cured.

She had been ill for so long and no one else had come up with any reasonable explanations. Maybe this was her chance to live her life normally again!

A hopeful smile crept upon her face. The doctor looked over at her. "You can be cured it's a minor disorder however..."

A gulp from the girl and unbeknownst to the girl and the doctor known as Black Jack the wallet in her pocket began sobbing quietly. "However...? Please Dr. Black Jack I'll do anything!" She pleaded.

He looked away. "Seven million yen."

The girl gasped. "Wha-what? I-"

"If you won't pay then I won't operate." He replied back.

The brunette girl hung her head low. What was she going to do? Her mother would kill her if she spent that type of money on her ear of all things. The problem had been situated where her inner ear was and had spread through out her body.

"I-I'll pay out of my own savings I guess."

A loud shrill scream caught both of their attention as audible sobbing came from her pocket. Pulling out her wallet the girl and Black Jack watched amazed as the wallet sobbed and screamed. "NO!" It spoke intelligently. "I WILL NOT BE EMPTIED BY THIS-THIS MAD MAN! I WAS MADE TO HOLD MONEY!"

The girl narrowed her eyes. "Since when did wallets talk?"

Black Jack smirked. "If you give me the wallet the surgery is free." I can't help myself. A wallet that talks and not only that but screams?

The wallet only wailed in dismay as the girl handed it over. "NOOOO! PLEASE! MAKIE! WHAT ABOUT ALL THAT WE'VE BEEN THROUGH? LAST WEEK'S ALLOWENCE? THE TIME I GOT STOLEN?"

The girl shrugged. "My life is more important then money."

The night after her surgery the wallet fled the cape never to be seen again.

"Well I guess we can add stupid to the list of things that wallet could have been." The surgeon commented more or less to himself with a sigh. "There goes my payment."

Makie walked away without having to pay too much (the wallet apparently even though it was gone was payment enough along with 1,000 yen.) Healthy and eager to restart school.

The wallet washed up on the beach a few miles away shivering and muttering scaring any and all who tried to pick it up.



….I don't even know what possessed me to write this...It's just plain crack fict to the ninth power.

I apologize for the insanity.