You and Me

Puck/ Sam E

Rating: K

This is my first time to write slash. It popped into my head. Let me know what you think.

Puck's head hurt. A lot. And he had to pee. And it felt like something had died in his mouth and was decomposing. Aspirin would be good, and a bathroom, not necessarily in that order. He groaned and started to roll off the bed. Except he couldn't move.

Puck looked down to see why he couldn't move, only to find he couldn't see either. The panic of that realization woke him up enough to remember that he had to open his eyes before he could see anything. He groaned again, squinting against the light; even his eyelashes hurt. Eyes open this time, Puck looked down to see why he couldn't move. An arm was holding him tightly around the waist. A very male arm.

Huh. Puck squirmed a bit, turning as best he could to the left. He visually followed that arm up to a man's chest, though Puck didn't immediately grasp that the tickling sensation on his shoulder was being caused by chest hair. Puck lay there blinking for a moment, trying to make his brain work. He decided that his partner's soft snores were not helping his headache.

Puck was almost sure he knew who was in bed with him. The only problem was he was going to have to roll towards the snores for confirmation. He thought about keeping it a surprise until he could get to the bathroom, but another attempt at getting out of bed just got him pulled more firmly back in. Plan B it was.

It took some poking and wriggling, but Puck finally managed to wind up facing his partner. Which wasn't all terrible, morning breath aside. Puck just wished he could remember how he and Sam had wound up in bed together, naked. He sighed and tried to roll away onto his back. Still sound asleep, Sam let out a soft whimper and pulled Puck closer.

He just laid there and waited for Sam to get up and then they would talk and see where to go from there.