A/N: after watching this particular movie yesterday I got this little idea for an at least one-sided pairing…

The guards bowed deep as they left the room following after the servants as they God waved his hand in a dismissing manner. Even his first prime was sent away although the man seemed reluctant in doing so, but he knew that death would be certain if he disobeyed.

As the heavy doors fell shut, they sound echoing in the large chamber, turned dark eyes back to the silent figure laying still in his death inside the sarcophagus. Striding over to the cold stone coffin, his robes brushing the ground stopped the figure, gaze never leaving the body in it. Why he had decided to give the false God whom had used his name a second chance to live was beyond him, and he dearly wished that Seth would never hear about this. The fact that he couldn't answer this question himself why he would do such a thing for a mare human if he wouldn't even do it for one of his own was clearly frustrating for him. A person committing such a dreadful sin as to impose as a God should deserve death not be saved from it by said God he disrespected.

Sun kissed hands trailed over cold skin, slowly regaining its old warmth, a contrast in colour between them, just like by ruler and servant, mortal and God. Once was it him whom gave these pathetic creatures the knowledge to build a civilization, without him and his kind it would those humans still live in caves. The closed eye lashes fluttered a little but stayed closed, the reviving process was running as expected. It only took him a second to find himself leaning down to that weak creature, warm lips brushing against cold ones. He would figure out what had caused him to do now again something he shouldn't have had a ground to do when the false God awakens.

Pulling away made the man his was the man making his way to the large doors, only stopping for one last look at the sarcophagus and the creature slumbering in it.

"I may decide o do again something foolish and keep you at my side false God, maybe you can give me the answers for the things you cause me to commit." and with that pushed Ra the doors open and let them fall shut behind himself, letting the silence fall over the room.