Chapter 1: Massacre

The boy and his father trekked through the woods. Regen, the boy, looked out. He felt like he had been walking forever, but his feet were used to this kind of punishment. He spied a black form on the ground, not twenty metres away. Gesturing to his father, the blacksmith, he quickened his pace.

The blacksmith looked at it, eyes narrowed with suspicion. He turned over the body, which was clad in black armour, and saw that familiar emblem, the black dragon rising over a sea of blood. His eyes widened in surprise. He had been expecting this, but still.

Venturing further on, the two spotted many more such bodies, all dead. Many looked as though they were charred. Some seemed to have been stomped on by some giant creature, others like they had been shredded by massive claws. A few appeared to have been killed conventionally. Picking their way through the bodies, they finally reached the centre of all the violence.

There, slumped on the ground, were two massive dragons, one pale blue, one fire crimson. Their thick, scaly hide had been cut in multiple places. Walking past the fallen dragons, they passed more fallen warriors. Most of these appeared to have been killed by humans. Skin slashed by swords. Holes made by spears. At last, they reached a massive tree.

Under it were two humans, locked in an embrace. A spear beside the woman. A sword beside the man. Both stained with blood. They, like the dragons, were wounded in many places. They seemed to have died, slowly and painfully, from their wounds. Between them Regen spotted a slender, lithe girl, with short red hair and a cute face. Regen shook that last adjective from his mind. He spotted the dragon tattoo on each of their left shoulders. No. Not a tattoo. A birthmark. His father gestured to him, and he lifted the girl over his shoulder. The blacksmith picked up the two dead lovers and they walked back the way they came.