Chapter 12: Epilogue

The gentle yet majestic Path lifted off, carrying the two heroes in front of the fleet. Never in anyone's living memory had there been a sight grander. Warriors carried the corpses of long-dead heroes on their dragons, some of whom towed the fallen dragons. Non- Dragonbloods sat on the Dragonblood dragons, happy and content, but all tired. The massive path carried the two heroes and their dragons, permitted to lead the entire Dragonblood Order for her services.

With their dragons snoozing, Sintel and Regen sat facing each other. Both smiled exuberantly. Sintel spoke first. "Regen, I love you SOOOOO much. You're so kind, gentle and funny, yet brave, clever and handsome."

Regen smiled back. "Sintel. You are the most beautiful person I have ever seen. Also the smartest and nicest. I can't believe you actually went so far for Scales! And you cared for him so much you actually didn't hesitate to kill him when you thought he was in your way! Sintel, you are truly admirable," said Regen, his tone sincere and loving.

Sintel giggled, "You went as far for me, Regen. Luckily you didn't kill me."

Scales snorted in his sleep.

They both laughed.

"That reminds me," he said, choking back mirthful peals of laughter, "Are you still going to marry me?"

Sintel stopped laughing. "YOU COMPLETE IMBECILE!" she roared. She laughed at Regen's expression. "Of course! You'd have to be really stupid to think otherwise."

Regen laughed louder than before. They huddled together; cuddling up on Path's back, being lulled to sleep by the gentle rhythm of her wings. Sintel could faintly hear murmurings of the Council arranging for a complete reconstruction of the Council Room.

Then they kissed, more passionately than ever. Though they had kissed before, this felt like a first kiss again.

Four years later…

"Good morning, Regen," Sintel said, walking down the steps of their elaborate villa to the dining room. The villa was in the same spot where their cabin was, but the Guardians helped them rebuild it, and also build a Dragonblood Fortress nearby in the forest. They were, naturally, the commanders.

They had, as planned, got married, and now had a beautiful baby girl whom they named Ash, and a fraternal twin for her, named Smoke, a boy this time. Both were powerful Dragonbloods.

Regen smiled. "Come, my darling. Let us take a walk," Regen said.

He kissed her good morning (as they did every day) and gracefully led her out of the house and into the forest.

She gasped.

It was the same place where her parents had died. Regen had put off visiting her parent's graves and walking in the forest for quite awhile. This explained it.

Before them lay an elaborate mausoleum. Carved on its walls were the stories of how Sintel's parents died, and also how the blacksmith, and Steel, had been killed. All of their bodies were buried here.

"Now everyone will remember us," Regen smiled.

"Thank you, Regen! Thank you so much!"

And she kissed him passionately again, like how it had happened with Scales, but the kiss had the ferocity of their first.


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