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What a mess.

The circumstances were definitely strange. It wasn't to say that roaming Castlevania one imperishable night, slaying vampires and the like wasn't already an unlikely scenario, but this was really pushing it.

Jonathan Morris sighed as he looked away from the cursed Grimoire floating ominously over a golden pedestal. In his company was a boy with short hair that framed his face. His dress was casual; he wore an average black turtleneck and a pair of faded jeans with boots. However, what was most noticeable was a mysterious pendant that dangled from his neck and a rather stylish tailcoat that was more or less similar to Jonathan's own. If he could remember right, the boy introduced himself as Soma Cruz.

The only problem was the fact that there were three Soma Cruzes standing before the teen. One Soma had fiery red hair and a red coat, again much similar to Jonathan's. He looked very anxious about something as he danced in place with a hand axe gripped tightly between his fingers.

Another Soma sported hair with a suggestively pink color to it, a tad bit longer than the other two of his character. He also wore a large pink coat with fur trimming upon his tiny frame, but the pendant was noticeably absent. This Soma was rather reserved, preferring to stand away from the group. Oddly enough, he would occasionally look from the floor to Jonathan and back again.

The last Soma had black hair and a rather large black coat that nearly fell down to the marble floor. His pants and boots were a charcoal color as well, giving this Soma a rather dark appearance. Black Soma also wore a small ring with a mysterious diamond embedded into the gold band. It was definitely no ordinary ring, Jonathan was sure of it.

With another sigh, the blonde teen turned back towards the book. The Grimoire once again showed Jonathan his gear.

"Vampire Killer…" The boy cringed as he read. No matter how many pages he turned after and before that, Offensive Gear only displayed the legendary whip as part of Jonathan's arsenal.

It was VERY strange. Nearly five minutes ago Jonathan was running through the halls of Castlevania armed with various swords, lances, whips, and subweapons. He had even managed to defeat the Whip's Memory in the form of Richter Belmont, by unconventional means at best. The last thing he remembered was jumping through another painting alongside his partner Charlotte Aulin, on their quest to stop the vampire Brauner.

"I hope she's alright…" The vampire hunter's thoughts briefly went towards his sixteen year old partner yet again. He wasn't too worried for her safety though. Charlotte had mastered several powerful spells in their short time inside Castlevania, and he would dare say that she could slay foes more efficiently then he could. Instead he was rather fearful for his own safety. He had just unlocked the true Vampire Killer, and Charlotte wasn't around to keep watch over him at the moment. If he wasn't careful…

"Ah, gotta stop thinking about it," shaking his head, Jonathan turned back towards his new company. "Well let's get going."

"About fucking time!" The Red Soma snapped towards the other red hunter as he started down the short hallway of what was supposedly still Castlevania. "I've been waiting forever!"

"Calm yourself, Soma. We shouldn't rush into danger unprepared now." The Black Soma coolly spoke as he finally opened his eyes and pushed off the wall from which he was leaning on. At his belt was a rather long sheath for what was probably some sort of katana blade.

"Whatever!" Red Soma called as he got near the exit. Suddenly several zombies emerged from the ground with a low groan. Grinning, the Red Soma swung his hand axe left and right, decapitating the zombies as they rose. "Gimmie your souls, dammit!"

Jonathan quickly withdrew the whip hooked to his belt and ran towards the action. "You're a newb, right?" The Black Soma questioned as Jonathan ran past, halting him to a stop. "Be careful out there. I trust you at least have some common sense."

"Hey don't worry about me. I'll be fine." Jonathan reassured his dark comrade with a grin. Black Soma merely nodded and took off running towards Red Soma with incredible speed. With a single leap, Black Soma flew over the small battle and landed safely in the next room. "Wow…. Hey, what about you? Are you okay?"

The Pink Soma jumped when Jonathan directed his attention towards him. "Ah-ah-um…um…. Yes. I'll be fine…."

"Well alright. If you need me, be sure and call me, okay? My name is Jonathan by the way." He waved as he again ran towards the growing group of zombies. Quickly grabbing one of the many knives hooked to his belt, Jonathan threw a blade with pinpoint accuracy into the eye socket of a zombie that had nearly snuck up on the preoccupied Soma, killing it easily.

Red Soma was blissfully unaware of his assist, however, as he was joyfully and blindly swinging his weapon around like mad. "Souls! Yes, that's three now for me!" The man laughed hysterically as blood and guts splattered all over him.

Jonathan considered himself rather fortunate that he was a warrior trained with the whip. Not only did it benefit him with the safest of ranges when it came to fighting, but one could avoid the ever annoying blood of the foes he'd fell splashing onto his clothes. He distinctly recalled Charlotte giving him a hard time whenever he briefly wielded a sword into combat and came back smelling like garbage.

As the number of zombies began to dwindle, Jonathan and Red Soma slowly met up in the thick of battle. With some impromptu teamwork, Jonathan whipped off the arm of a rather large zombie, giving Red Soma the opportunity to grab the dismembered limb and jam it into the mouth of a jawless zombie as it tried to swipe at him.

With the final three zombies risen, Jonathan quickly threw a knife between the eyes of each corpse, bringing them down before they could even act.

"Hey bitch, they were mine!" Red Soma complained as he briefly cleaned the gore from his axe off with his coat. "Fuck off!"

"Hey man, chill out. We should be working together."

"Fuck that! You just want more points don't you?" Red Soma frowned.

"Uhh… points?"

"And you," Red Soma pointed angrily towards his lighter colored counterpart. "Where were you?"

Pink Soma began to stammer. "I-I-I uhh.."

"Hey hold on there," Jonathan halted Red Soma for a minute, gaining his attention once more. "You yell at me for helping you fight, and at the other guy for standing back? That doesn't make any sense."

"Your mom doesn't make any sense!" Red Soma shouted as he ran off to enter the next room.

Jonathan sighed as he retrieved his subweapons from the many corpses surrounding him. "D-don't listen to him! You were…. were really great…" The Pink Soma squeaked out. "You look great…"

"What was that?" Jonathan raised a curious brow as he plucked another knife from rotten flesh. Had he heard him right?

Instantly the Pink Soma's cheeks flushed. "I-I meant that you looked great fighting! That other guy… he didn't know what he was doing…"

"Oh…. Thanks." Jonathan blinked as he snapped the last knife back onto his belt. His gaze went back to the fidgeting youth who was still standing near the Grimoire. "Are you okay?"

The young boy quickly nodded while averting his gaze to the floor.

"Well alright. Hey we should really keep up with the others, we'll be safer in a group." Jonathan said as he turned towards where Black and Red Soma disappeared to. "Try not to fall too far behind!"

Pink Soma's eyes curiously went back up after moments of silence. He let out a soft sigh after realizing he was left alone.

The next room was rather large. Stained glass windows depicting knights and princesses could be found, as well as countless candelabras and candles on supporting pillars. Platforms leading up to what appeared to be an exit in the ceiling caught the young vampire hunter's eye. Quickly locating a small levitating platform, Jonathan jumped on and then jumped again to a sturdy platform, likely a makeshift second floor for a room that was never finished. As he prepared to make another leap for a higher platform, the faint sound of string tightening came to his ears.

Jonathan quickly turned and threw two knives out. One knife hit and stopped a speeding arrow, while the other pierced the neck of an Amalaric Sniper.

"That was too close…" Jonathan breathed as he watched the fallen sniper of goth fall to the floor below. Not wanting to waste more time, Jonathan quickly leapt for the third platform, and made his way into the path above.

The long room seemed to go up quite a bit. Jonathan was greeted with what seemed to be a peeping eye, before it was sliced cleanly in two. To his immediate left was another short hallway full of rather vicious looking skeletons, and a plain old chest. Deciding that the risk wasn't worth the reward, Jonathan continued up.

Jonathan now emerged into a sort of pit filled with dead mermen. Rows of gears accompanied by overgrown vines made up this otherwise empty room. "A dead end…?"

"Well met, friend," came a somewhat familiar voice. Jonathan turned his gaze upward to find Black Soma standing on a ledge far beyond Jonathan's reach. "I see you're still alive."

"No problem." Jonathan replied while looking for a means of getting up. "How're you?"

"Just fine," The boy replied simply. Jonathan had to admit, the contrast between him and Red Soma was extreme. "I advise that you search for an alternate route."

"What about you? Are you coming with me?"

"Hmph…" With a flick of the wrist, Black Soma cleared the mermen blood off the red blade of his deadly katana, and easily slid it back into its scabbard. Without a word, the brooding man disappeared from the boy's sight.

"Yeah, see you later." Jonathan grumbled. With Charlotte's help he could easily make it up. Thinking back, the teamwork they had wasn't entirely perfect. Jonathan easily remembered the time he let Charlotte stand on his shoulders to give her the extra height to a goodie stashed out of their reach. Despite her stern warnings though, the boy took a daring peek up at the girl's underwear and was met with a rather painful heel stomp to the face.

"Guess I'll turn back." The boy decided and he headed back the way he came. The hallway just opposite of the merman room was again short, but another path could be seen. Also standing in the way was a blue axe knight with a large shield.

With a quick sprint, Jonathan rolled under the thrown axe and jumped high towards the knight's head. With a kick, the hunter bounced off the monster's helmet for extra height, and then proceeded to whip as strongly as he could down at the creature as he landed.

As the blue axe knight fell apart, Jonathan noticed that the thrown axe was making its way back towards him in a boomerang effect. With a confidant smirk, the teen easily grabbed the weapon with his free hand and stored it within one of his coat pockets. "Thanks for the axe, knight."

"Got to remember to tell that one to Charlotte." Jonathan noted as he stood up. Briefly, he noticed someone with pink hair retreat quickly behind a corner of the previous room. Not wanting to ask questions, Jonathan made his way further upward, as the pink figure slowly peeked out again to watch the man leave.

As he climbed higher, Jonathan suddenly stopped when he spotted Red Soma marching back and forth. "Hey."

"About god damn time!" The boy suddenly snapped as he glared at Jonathan. "Get over here and help me!"

"With…?" Jonathan asked as he glanced around the small room off to the side of his original path. There seemed to be no monsters or puzzles, only a lone blue chest.

"Stand right here next to the chest." Red Soma ordered as he backed away. As soon as Jonathan was standing in the desired spot, Red Soma nodded. "Good, now stay right there!"

"What am I-"

"Shut up! Now I'm gonna start running towards you, and when I reach you, open the chest as fast as you can, okay?"

"I don't-"

"GO!" Red Soma took off running as fast as he could towards Jonathan. As he reached the chest, both red coated teens gripped the blue lid and opened it quickly. "Fuck!"

Inside appeared to be a lone potion filled with sparkling blue water. The bottle was decorated with gold designs all around, with the figure of an angel acting as the cork.

"You fucking noob! Can't you do anything right?" The Red Soma shouted angrily as he kicked the chest and stomped off. "GOD! Why am I stuck with all the idiots?"

Watching the hot head leave, Jonathan turned back towards the strange potion and picked it up carefully. "What was he trying to do?" He briefly wondered as he examined it carefully. It certainly didn't look like any ordinary potion. With a shrug, he pocketed the small vial into the only inner pocket of his tailcoat and quickly ran after Red Soma.

The next room was larger than the rest. Three giant brass bells hung, each conveniently higher than the rest, allowing for makeshift platforms to a higher area. Across from him was another path, guarded by a bone pillar and an axe knight.

"Noob! Get this thing off me!" Red Soma yelled as he thrashed around. Jonathan could see that a sneaky little flea man had found his way onto the older boy's back, and wasn't intent on letting go. Red Soma spun around wildly with his axe out, trying desperately to get the critter off him. He only succeeded in unknowingly destroying the two bone pillars though.

"Hold still…" Jonathan muttered as he brandished his whip and struck out at his comrade in distress. However with Red Soma spinning around wildly and running around, the flea man was harder to hit then they normally are. Jonathan winced as he realized some of his strikes were actually landing on the Soma. "Ooh…"

"You aren't helping!" Red Soma cried before he took a second whip smack to the face. He quickly retreated into the adjacent room with the axe knight, bowling him over as he ran.

Jonathan quickly caught up, finishing off the enemy as he passed and pocketing himself another subweapon. He reached out in a vain attempt to stop Red Soma from falling into the pool ahead. He didn't make it, of course, and watched the boy trip over himself into the water.

After nearly a minute of watching from dry land, Jonathan finally noticed the tiny corpse of a flea man surface. Moments later, Red Soma came up for air. "Thanks for the fucking help!"

"You're welcome." Jonathan replied as he took in his new surroundings. By his side was a very promising looking switch that was just begging to be thrown. He didn't want to admit it publicly, but Jonathan loved to push buttons and pull levers. It was a strange habit.

"Don't you dare pull that, we don't know what it does!" Red Soma warned as he swam for land. Jonathan smiled happily as he ignored the boy's warning and pulled the switch, a noticeable click of the gears echoing through the small room.

Suddenly, the strange sound of what could be described as a toilet flushing came to the boys' ears. The water in the room then began to swirl around and around, draining away into the room below.

"You !" Red Soma yelled as he was swept around in the whirlpool and dumped into a lower room.

Jonathan nodded calmly, strangely satisfied with what he just witnessed. "Something good always happens I when move switches."

Now with the room empty and drained, Jonathan dropped down to the wet floor and peered into the hole he had just made. Below he saw an angry Red Soma swimming away in what appeared to be the mermen room from before.

Making sure his gear was properly secured onto his belt, Jonathan dove into the hole and back into the merman room. As he surfaced from the newly formed pool, he noticed that Pink Soma was standing near the entrance of the room, poking the water gently with his finger. "Hey!"

The pink one timidly looked up in response to Jonathan's call. "Hi…"

"Jump in, the waters great!"

"Ahh?" Pink Soma's ever present blush deepened considerably at the offer. "N-no! I'm okay!"

"Suit yourself," Jonathan said as he swam towards the path he saw Black Soma at earlier. After pulling himself out and brushing a lock of wet hair from his face, he turned to find Pink Soma was still on the other side of the room, staring at him. "Are you coming?"

"Umm….. I-I can't…. swim." The boy replied in a barely audible voice.


"I can't swim," He answered again, louder this time. "I'm sorry."

"Ah, no problem. I'll just head back over and we'll find another-"

"No!" Pink Soma cut him off quickly. "No no no, you don't have to do that… for me…"

"Are you sure?" Jonathan asked as he readied to dive back into the water, just in case. The shy boy silently nodded his head yes. "Well….. see ya."

Pink Soma watched the blonde run off, then sighed softly as he turned his gaze to the sad reflection in the pool. "Bye…"

The rest of the journey was rather uneventful for Jonathan. Nothing but short hallways with the occasional spinning spike trap and pathways that constantly lead him up. Eventually, he came to a lowered drawbridge within the castle walls, which actually covered a long drop back into the mermen room far below. After climbing even higher, the boy came across two paths. The left path lead to a small room, with yet even more platforms that lead up. The right path lead to a long hallway. Jonathan chose to take the hallway path, the better alternative to more climbing.

"Whoa…" The hunter's eyes widened. Jonathan was met with the sight of two minotaur heads impaled through each others' horns and what he could guess was their bodies sliced into ribbons and thrown about the room. "Hardcore. Did that Soma guy do this?"

His thoughts on the matter would have to wait, however, as his eyes spotted one of the minotaur's halberd weapons lying on the floor in perfect condition. However, as Jonathan reached out to grab it, he was pushed down by a red figure as it dashed by and grabbed the weapon for himself. "Mine!"

"What're you doing? I saw it first!" Jonathan shouted as he rose back to his feet. He was really getting irritated with the kid now.

"Noob, you don't deserve to use this." Red Soma responded with a smirk. He took one last look at his hand axe before tossing it aside, gripping his new halberd with both hands. Red Soma twirled it around a couple times to mock the unfortunate hunter, when suddenly a small beam of light shot into the room. "What the fuck is that?"

Although he was tempted to look, something told Jonathan that he should back away to a safe distance. Red Soma went up and casually poked the small beam, just as it grew in size. Jonathan watched as Red Soma was then engulfed in a terrifying beam, burning the greedy hunter to a crisp.

As the beam slowly faded, Jonathan carefully walked around the toasted Soma, who was twitching on the floor. "Karma."

"Screw you," he coughed out.

Hurrying ahead, Jonathan found a rather large pendulum swinging back and forth slowly. With proper timing, he easily climbed onto the pendulum and set his sights on the next platform leading to a small tower.

Platforms consisting of large rotating gears filled the small room, and the walls were lined with rows of razor sharp spikes. Treading carefully, Jonathan climbed his way up the tower. Without the presence of medusa heads, he had to admit that it was actually easier than he thought to climb up. It was nothing like the clock tower, a place he'd dread to ever visit again.

The next room had him sighing though. Brandishing the whip once more, Jonathan set out to combat the small army of skeletons that greeted him. It didn't take much effort to take down the foes though. A single whip was all it took for the skeletons to fall apart. Jonathan even got fancy and kicked a thrown bone right back at its owner, shattering the skull to dust.

"Bone Cold Justice," Came a voice from behind. Jonathan turned to see that Red Soma had caught up to him. "What's up?"



"Err uhh….. so I see you're still alive." Jonathan stated the obvious, observing how Red Soma was miraculously still walking around.

"You kidding? It's gonna take a lot more than some fucking laser beam to keep me down."

"Right. Strange how that blast didn't even burn a hole through the walls." Jonathan looked around the large room he was in. Somehow that giant laser didn't even leave a scratch on any part of the castle.

"Well whatever, who cares? Let's keep going already, I want some more fucking treasure!"


Both boys then slowly looked up at the two small pendulums swinging madly above them. They could spot a lone platform at the top of the room, leading further through the castle.

"Ladies first," Red Soma gestured as he took a step back. "Go on!"

"Right." Jonathan studied the first pendulum carefully, waiting for the right moment to jump. The first few attempts however resulted in failure. Jonathan would either jump too late and miss entirely, or he would jump too early and have the brass smack against his face as it passed.

"You suck!" Red Soma laughed, enjoying the younger vampire hunter's failure. After a couple more tries, Jonathan was finally able to gain stable footing onto the first pendulum. "About fucking time!"

"You could've helped, you know." Jonathan grumbled as he gripped the chain tightly, making room for Red Soma. The boy surprisingly had less trouble with his jumps, and actually managed to be standing next to Jonathan on his second try.

"Well? Not bad, huh?" Red Soma grinned.

"Where have I heard that before….?"

The two boys in red then turned their attention to the second pendulum. This one would be more difficult to land on, especially now that they themselves were being swung back and forth. "Go."

"Again?" Jonathan shot his companion a questioning glare. "What about you?"

"Bitch, you know I can do it."

"Yeah well… how about you help me up after you make it? That way you don't have to wait so long for me." The hunter offered. Red Soma thought about the offer carefully, then decided he'd go with it, just this once.

The teens waited for five more minutes before Red Soma made his move. Unfortunately, jumping from a swinging platform didn't exactly give him the height he wanted. Red Soma screamed as the second pendulum slammed into him with full force, sending him flying through a conveniently opened window.

"What a way to go…" Jonathan gulped. It was his turn now. He wasn't exactly ready to end his life by being flung out the window. At times like this, he would try to remember the stories of his father's adventures.

"Hey Eric, how skilled was my father with the whip?" Jonathan curiously asked while his partner harassed the merchant priest in the next room for supplies.

"Your father's skill with the Vampire Killer rivaled those of the Belmont Clan," Eric answered as he thought back to their adventures across Europe. "He was even able use the whip as a tool to swing across large gaps."

"Wow," Jonathan's eyes widened at the response. "He could swing with a whip… uh, hey Eric? What could you do?"

"I could jump really high." The ghost answered proudly.

"…That's it?"

"Yes." Eric confirmed with a nod.

"That's….. kind've lame." Jonathan loudly admitted.

Eric was less than amused with his reaction. "Why haven't you brought me any cakes yet?"

"It's worth a shot," Jonathan decided as he gripped the Vampire Killer tightly in his hand and waited for the opportune moment. With a quick snap of the wrists, the whip shot out and wrapped itself around the chain of the second pendulum. Jonathan tightly held on with both hands as the whip pulled him off the first pendulum.

Slowly climbing up, Jonathan finally found himself a seat on the higher platform. He quickly untied the end of the whip and curled it back to its resting place at his side. With the exit just ahead, he made one final leap from the second pendulum and landed rather roughly on his behind.

The path ahead was rather straightforward now. After opening a red chest and pocketing a rather healthy amount of gold, he advanced down the hall to what appeared to be a green metal door, blocking the way. "Dead end?"

Suddenly the whirring sound of an elevator grew louder and louder until it stopped with a ding, right on the other side of the green door. The door then opened to reveal a rather surprised pink haired boy. "Ah!"

"Hey there," Jonathan greeted with a warm smile. "It's good to see you again."

"It-it-it is?" Pink Soma couldn't believe his ears.

"Yeah! I'm glad you're alright, you know?"

"You…. you are….?" The boy hid his maddening blush in the fur of his coat. "I'm happy to see you again too," Pink Soma then dug into his coat pocket to pull out a pair of throwing knives. "Here."

"Eh? What's this?" Jonathan wondered as he took the gift. They looked similar to the kind strapped to his belt. "Oh, from before!"

"I found them next to that dead angel thing. I meant to give it to you earlier, but I forgot..." Pink Soma explained timidly. After a brief silence, he continued. "Are you hurt? I could give you some of my potions if you are..."

"Hey, don't worry about me," Jonathan reassured the boy with a pat to the shoulder. "Charlotte and I have been through worse stuff than this. I'm fine."

Pink Soma frowned slightly as he heard the name of the girl. "Charlotte?"

It was then that the sound of a fight caught Jonathan's attention. Rushing over from their spot at the elevator, he found a drop into a large room of what could be best described as the top of a large tower.

Within he saw a giant, frightful monster. Its skin looked to be decayed and rotten, with its ribcage clearly visible. The face had skin assumedly melted over the eye sockets and a row of large teeth designed for mashing its food into mush. The beast stomped around on two mammoth legs, the only limbs that appeared to be remaining on the body. The legs were interestingly cuffed together via golden shackles at the ankles.

The monster known as Gergoth was stomping around blindly, dripping a deep crimson shade of blood all over the floor as it chased a figure dressed in black. "Hey, that's the other Soma!"

Pink Soma finally caught up to see what was going on, and promptly hid behind Jonathan. "Scary..."

"He needs my help. Stay here, okay?" Jonathan ordered as he took a rather great fall into the room. No turning back now. Pink Soma continued to watch helplessly from above.

Black Soma noticed Jonathan from the corner of his eye and smirked as he leapt over Gergoth's tackle attempt. "You impress me."

"Why's that?" Jonathan asked while getting easy shots in on the fallen creature.

"You're still alive," Black Soma pulled a silver gun from his coat and began firing at the beast's face. "This is a good sign..."

Gergoth finally rose to its feet again and turned towards Jonathan now. With a loud roar, the creature began his slow advancement. Jonathan pulled every knife he had from his belt and began throwing them, aiming for the gap between the exposed ribcage. The beast roared in pain as it stomped closer to the young hunter now. Jonathan quickly grabbed the Vampire Killer and began whipping up at the face of the beast as it drew ever closer. Saliva dripped from the exposed gums as Gergoth chomped down blindly at the attacker.

"Crap, what've I gotten myself into?" Jonathan wondered as he barely avoided another fatal bite from the monster. "Really wishing you were here now, Char."

With a simple snap of the fingers, Black Soma summoned an army of Amalaric Snipers behind them. The dozen or so angelic beings then took flight and aim. A shower of arrows descended upon the distracted Gergoth, allowing Jonathan to throw one of his axes up into the exposed intestines before running to safety.

"Is that some kind of spell?" Jonathan huffed out as he caught his breath near Black Soma.

The boy ignored his question as he dismissed his angels with a wave of the hand. "Prepare yourself accordingly. He's not done yet."

Gergoth slowly turned to face the two hunters. The rusted chain from his shackles finally broke to pieces, allowing the creature to run.

"Move!" The black one shouted as he and Jonathan separated just in time to avoid Gergoth's head. The beast collided into the wall with full force, causing the tower to shake. "This place is going to fall apart..."

"What?" Jonathan noticed various cracks forming in the floor. "That's... not good, is it?"

Gergoth recovered from its headbutt and turned towards Jonathan once more. With another loud roar, the creature leapt high into the air, nearly hitting the ceiling of the tower. Jonathan quickly rolled out from under the massive weight brought down onto the floor.

"Brace yourself!" Black Soma shouted as the floor began to crumble and fall apart beneath their feet. Pink Soma watched in shock as the two hunters fell into the dark abyss below, along with the monster Gergoth. He quickly turned back towards the elevator.

Red Soma had finally found his way back into the castle after being thrown out through the window like a doll. The landing wasn't the softest he could ask for, and now his back ached like there was no tomorrow.

"Fuuuuck..." The boy groaned as he stepped into a large empty room. He looked around quickly for any sort of treasure chest to open but found none. Instead he heard the strange sound of crashing and screaming echoing from above. "The fuck?"

Suddenly Gergoth crashed through the ceiling, face planting deep into the concrete blocks below. Red Soma stepped back in shock, only to have Jonathan land on top of him, painfully pinning him to the floor.

Jonathan quickly got up while rubbing his bottom, turning to the screaming red child. "Ahh... sorry? Are you alright?"

Black Soma landed on his feet next to the two. "Concern yourself with our foe! Strike him while we have the chance!"

With a nod, Jonathan and Black Soma rushed forward with their weapons in hand. Jonathan whipped like mad at Gergoth's body, while Black Soma sliced away at the creature's legs with his red katana.

Gergoth finally managed to pull it's head out of the ground, crushing the rocks caught in its mouth before turning to face the two. Suddenly the skin on its face peeled back slowly to reveal a bloodied face and black beady little eyes. Its jaw dropped open wide as light began to form within the mouth.

"Get down!" The Soma ordered as he dropped to the floor. Jonathan quickly did the same just in time to have a giant beam of energy pass over his head. Gergoth made an entire sweep of the room with his blast before it finally faded. Seizing this opportunity, Black Soma jumped to his feet and made a mad dash for Gergoth. With a great leap, he landed onto the beast's head and drove his katana deeply into one of the eyes before the thick layer of dead skin could cover it back up. Gergoth roared in considerable pain as it staggered and fell onto its side, firing another beam from its mouth. "Quickly, the heart!"

Jonathan quickly sprang to his feet and rushed towards Gergoth's ribs. Channeling the power of the unlocked Vampire Killer, the whip struck at the exposed heart with chains alit with holy flames.

The heart caught fire. Gergoth's beam finally ended as it let out one final roar before it finally succumbed to death.

Black Soma yanked his red katana from the gooey exposed muscle of the now deceased Gergoth's head, and casually pulled out some cloth to clean it. "Impressive work."

"Yeah, thanks," Jonathan said as he curled the whip back up and hooked it back to his belt. As he looked over at his companion, he swore he saw a strange glimmer to the ring on his right hand. "Although I do kind've feel bad about it."

"Gergoth was originally a gentle creature," Black Soma spoke as he slid his weapon back into its resting spot. "Dark magic and torture eventually drove it mad, however. Yet another victim to Castlevania."

"Really? Wait, do you know what's going on here? Where we are?" Jonathan asked, hopeful that the boy could give him some answers. Just then, the door to the room opened, revealing a visibly concerned Pink Soma. "Hey there."

"Are you guys alright?" Pink Soma cried as he came running to the group with several blue potions in his arms. "Here, drink some of these! They'll make you feel better!"

"Unnecessary, we weren't harmed," Black Soma answered for the two. He then pointed Pink Soma in the direction of an unconscious Red Soma. "Although I believe he requires your attention."

"Hey, you didn't answer my question," Jonathan pressed again. "Where are we? I need to get home."

Again the Black Soma ignored him. Turning his back to the group, he replied differently. "Take your prize and be done with it already."

Suddenly Jonathan noticed a large sparkling gold chest be his side. "What the? When did this get here?"

"Tr-trea...sure...?" Red Soma groaned as he came to, "Open... you noob... ugh." The boy managed before passing out again, throwing Pink Soma into another panic.

Jonathan gripped the top tightly and threw open the chest, being nearly blinded by the golden light within. As the light faded, he noticed a rather peculiar green gem resting inside. As he held it firmly in his hands, the name of the object seemed to pop into his head instantly. "Staurolite...?"

It was then that the world around him began to fade away. Jonathan quickly noticed that the three Somas were gone.

"Where are you guys?" He called out desperately as his surroundings turned dark. "What's... what's going on?" Was the last thing the hunter managed to shout before everything went black.

End of Chapter 1. Did you enjoy it? Did you hate it? Do you have a guess at who will appear next? Eitherway, now comes the bonus Harmony of Despair trivia, where I post 3 questions about the game and/or the fic. Answering them is optional, but correct answers will receive points. The reviewer(s) with the most points after an undisclosed number of chapters may get a treat? Who knows.

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Question 2: Jonathan used a special attack to finish Gergoth. Can this be done in HD with this particular weapon?

Question 3: What is Black Soma's sword called and where is it obtained? (Two possible answers for this one)

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