Well guys here's another fic for one of my favorite survival horror franchises. Clock Tower.

I've had this on my mind for some time now (damn plot bunnies keep gnawing on mah BRAINZ!) anyway enjoy.


Commotion was about. News, Media and even the police were lined in front of a mansion. Romsdalen was once again the center of attention.

News reporters ran about and cameras flooded the scene. Words echoed.

Well. This wasn't their first time on the scene. More than a year had passed since police roamed the Barrows Mansion. A series of murders the previous year shook all of Norway in fear. But all of that was behind them now and they dealt with a more normal situation.

This was the distraction needed. A certain girl climbed the ladder leading to the mansions most obvious part . Amidst all the commotion. No one bothered to focus on the tower let alone notice her on the ladder. She breathed a sigh of relief as she reached the top. Making her way into the tower.

She took a few steps and stopped. As if frozen by fear. But no one was there...

Her eyes were focused on something. A large pair of scissors was visible on the wooden floor

Her eyes focused on the shears as if she saw a person. "So we meet again." she muttered walking forward slowly. She walked towards the scissors. Her hands reached out to grab the pair. her fingers made contact with the handle and she paused. Frozen.. images and memories flowed through her head.

She almost fell down in shock but grabbed onto the scissors for support. Tears came from her eyes as she slowly got up. "Lotte.. Ann... Laura..." she whispered slowly to herself as more tears fell..

Then gunshots were heard. Hastily she grabbed the scissors and made her way down to the remains of a nearby elevator. She prayed that it would still work quickly pressing the button for the second floor. And to her relief it still worked. Arriving on the second floor she quickly ran to find a room for cover...

hearing steps she hid as two figures wearing ski masks walked by. Once again breathing a sigh of relief. She found difficulty raising the scissors. But it was all she had on her hands at the moment. finally lifting said shears she slowly brought the blades to her front. She stared st the blades that killed her friends one by one. Before snapping them twice as a gleam appeared on her eye. "These scissors would be used... for good this time." she said to herself. Before running to another room. Looking towards the courtyard the saw more men holding civilians at gun point.

Her Name was Jennifer Simpson and from that moment forward she promised to herself that she wouldn't run or cry again... not this time... she would redeem herself


Well how was that? Kinda disappointed that it ended there even for the prologue.

First attempt an a non-crossover story this time. For the people reading "Soul Alchemy" don't worry. I just had to get THIS off my head.

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