Soul Mates

Chapter 1: Do you believe in soulmates?

"Our soulmate is someone who shares our deepest longings, our sense of direction. When we're two balloons, and together our direction is up, chances are we've found the right person."

~Richard Bach

It was raining hard outside even though it was in the afternoon. The blinds were pulled down and the lights were turned off. No light emanated from the room as the former Gundam Pilot Heero Yuy blankly stared at the ceiling as he lay on his bed, hands behind his head... alone.

How he despised these dark, rainy days. He would be stuck in his room all day because of the suspension of classes in his home Colony of L1, leaving him with nothing to do. After he and Relena parted ways a year ago, he came back to his home Colony to start life anew. He enrolled in college to earn a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, while he worked at a nearby automobile shop just so he could apply his skills into doing something useful.

It had been a year since he left Earth... left her. It wasn't as if he left without a word just like what he often did in the past during the war. This time, he and Relena had talked over things and had a clean break up. Relena understood his needs to leave Earth and start life anew where he was born and raised, or so he thought. It was what he thought of as his home.

But why did it feel like he was still a stranger in his own pad?

The only sound that can be heard in his room was the television that was turned on in front of his bed. It was currently on a news channel, just in case she would be on the news. Even though they parted ways, he still kept track of her.

A year after their parting, Heero thought Relena still looked the same whenever he would watch her on the news or on a live coverage of her speeches with her diplomat uniform. Still beautiful and elegant. But lately her hair wasn't tied in a ponytail like usual. For the past few months, Heero noticed that she had been having those braids that he was used to seeing when they were fifteen years old - it always reminded him of the Relena who found him at the beach, the Relena who he threatened to kill, and the Relena who he swore to protect. Looking back on their past, Heero again pondered on Relena's question. Do you believe in soulmates, Heero?

And suddenly, he closed his eyes as the unwanted memory played in his mind.

"Do you believe in soul mates, Heero?" asked Relena as she arranged the roses in the vase, cutting the stems at the end of each blood red flower before placing them inside their glass prison on the bedside table.

The two were in Heero's room in her mansion. It was one of the few occasions when the Vice Foreign Minister would decide on herself to add something in his room, aside from the usual bed and desk. Plus, their garden had already been having too much roses lately.

It had already been two years since the Barton uprising, Heero had joined the Preventers and was assigned to be the head of Relena's security team. Of course, it didn't take long before the two started a relationship. Everybody who had been with the two during the Eve Wars knew that the two had feelings for each other. It was only a question of when would Heero admit it to himself and to Relena per se.

The Peacecraft princess knew that this was something new to the both of them, especially to Heero. She still had her doubts if they can work it out or not, given the circumstances that she was a politician and he was a former Gundam pilot who knew nothing about life but fighting. Amazingly, Heero had shown that he was determined to adjust to this new lifestyle. It was hard, but he was trying. Relena, on the other hand, tried to understand his situation very well. And as painful as it may sound, she was readying herself to let him go if ever he decided to leave.

"No," replied Heero while seated at the edge of his bed, typing on his laptop placed on a foldable table.

"Not even in destiny?" asked Relena as she cut one more stem.

"Not even," said Heero, not removing his eyes from the laptop screen and not stopping from typing. Why was she suddenly asking this?

"Really? Why so?"

This time, Heero stopped typing but his gaze retained on the screen. Why? "I don't believe in destiny or fate because man is responsible in creating his own destiny. I don't believe that everything is happening because some magical deity planned this. Just like the war... The war began because of the greed of OZ. It was their choice. And everyone acted and fought no matter what their reasons were. It was their choices."

How about you, Heero? Were you given a choice? Would you have preferred to not have fought at all? Relena suddenly felt guilty about asking in the first place. She knew it still pained Heero to talk about the war, especially his participation in it as one of those who "fought no matter what their reasons were." He had lost his parents during the war, how could he live peacefully? In war, it's always kill or be killed. The war invited him in and he accepted it. It was true that he was given options before the war, he could've said refused piloting the Gundam. But the options that were laid down in front of him were far too cruel for a child.

After arranging the roses, Relena sat down beside him. "I know it's very unlikely of me to say this but... I'm glad that the war happened."

Upon hearing her statement, Heero immediately stopped typing and turned to her. His eyes questioning her, almost demanding her to explain. How could his Relena who had been fighting for peace without bloodshed and disapproving of any weapons of destruction possibly say this?

She just had to laugh at the reaction of her boyfriend to her statement. Relena waved her hand trying to take back what she said. "I know it sounded wrong. But no, I'm not glad for whatever reason you have in mind."

Heero's expression still did not change.

Sensing his need for an explanation, Relena reached out to him and wrapped her arm around his and leaned her head on his shoulder. "This may sound silly, but I'm glad that the war happened because I got to meet you."


"Think about it. If Operation Meteor hadn't been planned, nor the assassination of the first Heero Yuy, I wouldn't have seen you unconscious on that beach," said Relena, clutching Heero's arm tighter.

"And I wouldn't have threatened you." Heero felt remorseful. It was something that he regretted and tried really hard to forget. Sometimes he would laugh bitterly at the irony of him threatening and attempting to kill Relena several times in the times, and then ended up entering in a relationship with her. How could he?

"I know." Relena, on the other hand, laughed at that irony without bitterness. "It's alright, Heero. I'm still alive now. And it's all because of you."

She broke free from his arm and sat upright to look at him in the eyes. "Didn't it cross your mind that it was because of destiny that we met?"

Heero thought about what he said earlier. Destiny. Whose choice was it for them to meet? OZ? The Alliance? Her? No, it was something else. Was that what she was thinking?

Relena continued. "And even during the war. You kept on leaving, but we end up seeing each other again countless times. Was it still in our hands?"

Heero pondered on Relena's thoughts. Of course they were to meet each other again. Relena had been born a Peacecraft – from a monarchy that advocated peace. If she's not a Peacecraft, then she was still a Darlian, who also served as a mediator between Earth and the Colonies. He, on the other hand, was a soldier who fought in the war. Of course, it was inevitable for them to encounter each other during the war. They were born as part of it. But then again, was it their decision? They had been born that way. Did they plan it? Did they plan their encounters? He was beginning to understand Relena's point now. But for him to believe in destiny completely?

He snapped out of his thoughts when Relena chuckled. "We're soulmates, Heero." She held his hands.

"We were fifteen years old then, Relena. Do you think anyone can find their soulmates at fifteen?" he snapped back.

For the first time that day, Heero wanted to hit himself and take back what he said when he saw her frown. How he hated failing her. But was he supposed to say? That he did believe in destiny? It still wasn't what he believed in, but he didn't want to upset her further either. He didn't know what to say at a time like this, so he only relied on the only principle that he followed: Act on your emotions.

And act to his emotions he did when he leaned down and kissed her.

Heero opened his eyes when another thunder resounded from outside. It was the last time that they kissed before they talked, and eventually before he left. Relena said she understood him well. But did she really? Why didn't she even stop him? How did she manage to smile at him when she waved at him to say goodbye? Moreover, why did she agree that they can still remain as friends?

The former Gundam Pilot instantly sat upright when he heard the mention of Relena's name on the news. Heero reached for the remote on his bedside table and increased the volume of the television. He saw Relena take a step from the escalator being hounded by reporters everywhere. The headline said that she would be taking part in a conference of diplomats scheduled to be held on the L1 Colony next week.

She would be coming to his Colony. He would see her again. Was this also fate's plan? For the first time in his life, he really thought about believing in fate. Fate brings together those who are meant to be, Relena's words before they parted echoed in his mind. Our first encounter was chance. Our second meeting was destiny. If there really was such thing as fate, destiny, or whatever, if this would be his chance to see her again, he would take it. He wouldn't let this opportunity be put to waste.

He turned off the television when Relena's face was no longer featured on the news.

I'll see you next week... finally.

Author's Note: Since I'm a strong believer of destiny, I thought that I should write a story about it in the universe of Gundam Wing. I love destiny, I love 1 x R, so of course this is what comes out :)

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