Chapter 13: Back to Your Heart

"It's not that I can't live without you
It's just that I don't even want to try
Every night I dream about you
Ever since the day we said goodbye
If I wasn't such a fool
Right now I'd be holding you
There's nothin' that I wouldn't do
Baby if I only knew~"

Back to Your Heart by the Backstreet Boys


This is getting nowhere. Everything aches. My knuckles are turning white as I grip these bars on either side of me just so I can get on my knees properly. My knees have been uncooperative lately –getting numb at first, then it shakes violently- and I always end up falling face first on the floor. My arms won't even respond to aid my falls. My head is spinning. I could even barely stand. Damn it.

I close my eyes, searching for anything that can remind me that there is still something worth living for. Two things stood out among the rest. One of which is a stellar image of the universe – of the scattered stars, of Space, of Earth. As for the second one? The person who holds together the Earth Sphere.

I picture her long, golden hair reflected in the sun as she collects the roses in her parents' mansion. I picture the soft crease of her brow whenever she contemplates the Bills that she has been reviewing in the Senate. I picture her balled fist that she uses whenever she tries to emphasize her point during debates, and how it trembles when she's nervous as she places it on her chest. Those are the same hands I used to hold when we make our way through the crowd of paparazzi for every conference and business meetings. I can still feel her hands when she used to squeeze mine, seeking for assurance, and I squeeze it back that can go as much as saying, "I'd do anything for you."

I see her eyes, her eyes that possess the color and depth of the ocean, where her emotions lay as she works through the day with a different façade. Those eyes that refuse to leak, not even once, even during the most trying times, except when it concerned me.

I hear her voice. The authoritative, but soft tone of it that always wins the favour of the people of the Earth Sphere. In my memories, I hear her giggle when I used to kiss her on that sensitive spot below her ear. I hear her soft whisper in the dark when she admits that she's nervous about a debate on the following day. I listen as she calls my name, or borrowed name, just to make sure that I haven't left. I hear her telling me that she loves me. Only that, I couldn't even find my own voice to say it back, no matter how much I wanted to respond. Because I'm too fucked up for her.

I remember her voice above anything else, so vividly. It always makes me feel that she's not too far away even though we're light years apart. That voice that has saved me more than I could count. Like waking me up from a daze as I was falling from a 50-ft building with a parachute that I have pulled out a little too late. And all she did was call my name.

It is amazing how a voice, or simply just a memory of it, can help keep a person go on. Just like that, I have found a new surge of strength inside.



I know I said that her voice is the most vivid memory that I have of her. But this time, it is louder and it feels even much real, like she is actually here with me. I try to capture as much of it as I can, the way a kid catches a colorful butterfly in its hand, closing his fists around it, afraid that it will be blown away. But then I hear my name again, louder this time. And… closer.

When I open my eyes, I am greeted with the ocean-colored orbs that I have just been remembering. Though this time, there are a myriad of emotions that are swimming in it. There is a raging tsunami. There I see anger, confusion, hurt, relief, and softness in there. I don't miss the redness of it, too. Swollen and already dried. I caused that. I always do. It kills me when I see her like that. I take note of the dark circles under her eyes. But she still looks so damn beautiful. Even the fragmented memories can't do her justice.

It is only when she is walking towards me, with the sound of her heels clicking on the tiled-floor, that she calls my name again, as if assuring herself over and over again that she's not in the wrong room with the wrong person. But then again, I am wrong in many ways possible.

When her voice fills the room and my head, I am still in denial whether this is a dream or not. That it cannot be possible that my thoughts have just miraculously conjured her. That this cannot be because based from my last update, she should be in Japan where her wedding will take place in a few days. With a different man.

And how did she find me here? More than that, she knows. Shit. She can't see me like this. I have done everything to prevent this from happening.

She continues to inch closer until she is standing just directly in front of me. So close. I am about to ask myself if this is a dream until her hand slapped my cheek so hard I know it will redden. A mark of my punishment. I deserve that.

It stings. And that's when I knew that this is reality in the raw. I am even much convinced when tears start to form in her eyes and her voice is trembling when she says, "How could you?"

And then it doesn't sting anymore. It goddamn wounds.


Relena immediately withdrew her hand the moment it made contact with his skin… his face. She balled it into a fist and laid it on her chest, clutching on her cardigan as if she might fall. She stood, looking at him from head to toe. She took him in – wearing a hospital gown, holding on to two bars while standing on a mat, looking like he had not slept in days with his unruly hair, lines on his temples, and the dark circles under his eyes. But his eyes, his eyes, though wary, had never lost the intensity that it had always possessed.

"How did you know?" he asked in his trademark monotonous tone of voice.

"In the worst case possible. Why didn't you tell me?" was her accusatory response, ignoring the two female nurses and male physical therapist in the room who have were too shocked for their own good that the Vice Foreigner Minister was in the hospital and had just hit their patient.

Recovering from the shock, a petite blonde nurse gained back her composure, clutched the clipboard tightly, and approached the politician. "Miss Darlian, excuse us, but Mr. Yuy is currently taking his therapy. You may see him later when he has finished in the afternoon."

Relena didn't stop looking at Heero, but managed to soften her voice. "Yes, of course. I apologize."

Heero watched Relena's back as she made her way towards the door. Then she suddenly turned to him. "I'm not going anywhere. And don't you dare leave without giving me answers. You owe me that much."


Just when she thought that finding and confronting him could unlock this box full of secrets, she found herself alone... again, wandering through his home Colony, the very Colony where he had found her again, and the very place where they parted again.

She reminded herself to thank Quatre for arranging a quick flight to L1 and also for arranging her stay at a hotel his family owns. The moment she left her mansion, including her fiancé, she knew she had to go to L1 for answers without alerting the media and worrying her mother by taking off on her own. Thanks also to her friend and his massive connections in all of Space, they also managed to track down which hospital he was in. Thank god for good friends in the right places. It'd be totally nice if it worked for (ex)boyfriends, too.

Wrapping her cardigan tighter around her, she put on her shades – better stay low profile without her security team. Wandering in L1, the city was alive. Cars rustled and bustled on a busy afternoon, store doors opened and closed with merry customers, and little children played at the public playground she happened to pass by. Seeing everything incurred a small smile from her. At least the Earth Sphere was doing pretty well.

Sitting down in one of the swing sets in the playground, Relena basked in the joyful squeals of the children, with their mothers chatting side by side on the bench a few feet away. In front of her, the sun was starting to set over the horizon, painting the sky with orange, purple, and gray hues. It was beautiful to miss so she removed her sunglasses. It always amazed her how the people who made the Colony manage to really replicate Earth. Even the sunset effect was almost real.

She held on to the swing and began to rock it slightly, causing screeching sounds. Now that she had seen Heero, what now? When she left Earth, shaken and appalled by how she got hold of the vital information of him, all she ever wanted was to head straight to him, to confront, and to make sure that he will never think of leaving again, of having to go all through this alone.

But when she had entered the room, upon seeing him, holding onto bars for balance wearing a white hospital gown, her feet were stuck in place. She prepared herself for such sight – her protector, the strongest man she had ever met- sick and holding on to the bars as if his life depended on it; perhaps it did. There was a firm resolve she possessed due in part to believing that everything was a lie, a fabrication. In the plane, all kinds of scenarios played in her head as she tried to come out with the perfect words to say to him, to make everything hit him with sense.

But it was true. What now? It was like the rug was pulled out of her feet when she saw him, casting her disbelief aside. There were so many questions she had to ask, but words were caught up in her throat. She wanted answers. She wanted resolution. She wanted him to come to her. She wanted to help him. There were too much damned words waiting to be said aloud, but they wouldn't come out. So the building emotion only made its way to her hands and feet, hitting him, conveying the hurt of being not told, of being left, and hurting other people in the process.

Her mindless swinging went on until the only sounds left in the park were the squeak of the swing and her feet kicking the ground. The sun had set by now and stars were dotting the sky. The children and their mothers had gone home, as well.

She put much force on her kick on the ground in order to send the swing higher and higher. Feeling the breeze sweep around her, she closed her eyes and basked at the almost carefree feel of the act, like a child who had not yet been exposed to the brutality of life. For a while she stopped kicking and just let the swing move until it slowed. She opened her eyes, breathing in the scent of roses wrapping around her. Where the heck were the roses in this area?

When her swing was immobile, she stood up, feet firmly planted on the ground while still holding on to the hanger. She was about to let go for another round until she was halted by someone gripping the edge of the swing. Panic was about to consume her until the stranger behind her called her name.

She knew that voice. Turning her head slightly to look at the man behind her, she gasped as she noticed just how their faces were to each other. Prussian eyes clashed with cerulean ones. And that face. Even when sick he still had to look too damn attractive in his own quiet way that floored her. His gaze was focused on her so much that she can fully see herself in his eyes, but his expression was impassive as always. Suddenly feeling self-conscious under his scrutiny, her gaze dropped to his lips… which was another part of his anatomy that threw her mind in high level entropy.

She swallowed hard and managed to utter, "Why are you here? You should be in the hospital." When he didn't answer, Relena looked back up at him. "Say something. Anything." She did not have the strength to control the hurt in her voice.

His look softened a bit and his hands moved down to place over hers. It was only when she realized that his whole body was standing pressed behind her, but there was still a huge wall between them to overcome.

So near yet so far. She flinched when their hands touched as his warmth filled her senses. How she missed this. Him.

He tightened his hold on her hand and said, "Come with me."


"This is nice," remarked Relena when she leaned on the railing of the ferry, facing the water. Who would have thought that they also created rivers of this sort in Colonies?

As the ferry cruised, Relena marvelled at how the city looked like with all the lights illuminating the evening. The breeze blew her hair in one direction; a chill ran down her spine and had her breathing in deeply. Behind her, there were about a dozen other people enjoying the short trip up to the other side of the city.

"There's one hour until the nurses come back to my room," said Heero, his back leaning onto the railing with his arms spread, gripping the railings to steady himself.

Relena turned to him, his outstretched hand barely touched her arm resting on the railing. She looked at him, taking note of his green long-sleeved top and jeans. He was looking at her, again, so intently she was out of words again. How does he manage to do that every single time? Relena had also taken note of how weary he looked; that somewhere along his handsome face, he looked like he had aged a bit, the circles under his eyes were bigger, and the lines on his temples getting even more prominent. It was like she was punched at the gut to actually think about how he had been all along… alone. Or did his teammates knew about his condition?

"I suppose you want answers," he initiated, the water lapping beneath them.

"It's what I came here for."

Heero sighed and diverted his gaze in front of him where three girls were taking group photos on the opposite side. "What do you want to know?"

"Everything. Tell me about your sickness."

"It's the type of disease that affects the nervous system. The immune system attacks the myelin sheath of my nervous system, which causes me to lose my reflexes; my body goes numb, and everything just goes uncontrollably shaky and weak," he explained, still looking ahead.

Relena eyed Heero from head to toe before settling on the hands that gripped the railing. He was gripping too hard that his knuckles almost turned white. She wanted to hold him but restrained herself. "What's the cause?"

"Its cause is still unknown."

"How long have you had this?"

"I started feeling the numbness two weeks before I began ignoring you. I consulted with Sally when my balancing starts to get off. That's when we knew something was wrong. And it was getting worse. I was getting worse, the shaking that led to paralysis later on. Sally gave me meds that can prevent them for a while."

Heero continued, "Une spoke with me. Rules are rules. I had to get help. I had to be cured. So I was discharged. Une insisted that I take their offer to fund the treatment so I can go back to the Preventers as much as possible. It was the only thing I agreed to with them. I didn't want anyone to babysit me. Everything was confidential. So I took on the opportunity to study, as well."

Relena was reeling, digesting the information. How could she have not noticed? "What's the worst that can happen?"

"Paralysis." He paused. "There are also cases that lead to death. It happens when the muscle weakness affects the heart rate and…"

"Is it curable?" Relena cut him off, controlling her voice, preventing it from breaking. Just the word death already made her dead cold.

He faced her again. "It is. We're working on it. Physical therapies and medication." She was just about to sigh in relief when he added, "But it returns."


"There are some cases wherein patients are fully cured, while there are others who do not fully recover. There are times when the numbness and weak balancing returns. But I'm still working on it. The doctors have high hopes for my condition with the ongoing treatment."

"How long?"

"Recovery lasts up to 6 months. Sometimes even longer. Years. I still don't know. I've been on and off from the hospital."



Relena nodded, locking her eyes with him. "You look fine."

"My trainings as a soldier come in handy in combating the physical handicaps. It was also the reason why I joined the track and field team. Just so I can keep my muscles moving."

"Who takes care of you?"

"I take care of myself." He ran a hand through his hair. "Don't look at me like that."

The princess removed her hands from the railing and fully faced him. "What kind of face would you like me to put on?"

"I don't want your pity."

"I care, Heero," she answered, taking another step closer. "So this is why you really left?"

He faced her growing fury without flinching. "It is in the code of the Preventers and in the military that if an individual is disabled, he is no longer fit to serve. He must be discharged."

"You know this is just isn't about you leaving the Preventers."You left me. "Why didn't you tell me?"

"I couldn't let you see me in that state. The way you're looking at me right now. I especially didn't want to see that. And I can't protect you if I'm disabled."

His reasons being about her as just a politician were getting on her skin. "I don't need protection." I need you. "And it was you all along who needed to be watched. You could've told me."

"You have a very important position in the Earth Sphere. Too much baggage on your shoulders and I don't want to add to that. I didn't want to be a burden. You're being strong for everyone. I didn't want you to do that to me, too."

"You still could've told me. And that would have been my decision; it is not for you to decide on who is being a burden in my life or not. Stop using my work against me for you walking out on me!" She had to keep her emotions at bay, pushing back her tears by allowing her anger to take over. In that instant, she thought of Nathan. Of Nathan confessing that Heero came up to him to hand her over to him. Of Nathan waiting loyally inside the hotel when she ran for Heero before saying goodbye. Not only had he walked out on her, but he also had the guts to give her away to someone else. And he wanted to fight this disease alone.

His silence killed her. She sighed in defeat. Her balled fist rested on her chest. "I told you before that I like worrying about you. It's part of the package of falling in love with you. You can't escape that. I understand that you wouldn't like to be looked at this way, but that isn't what I want, Heero. I want to see both your good and bad side. You at your best and at your worst. I'll always be here for you. It doesn't matter if you're with me or not, I still worry."

She looked up at the stars. "Is it going to be an endless cycle? When I first you saw you on the beach, it was mere coincidence. An accident. When you showed up in my school the following day, I then had a feeling. A feeling that maybe meeting you wasn't just coincidence. There was something significant about it." Relena rested her arms on the railings again, staring at the water that reflected the moon. "When the war had totally gone out of control and crazy, our paths still managed to cross. It was as if, no matter how far we were from each other, light years apart, we still manage to find one another.

But then, those encounters had always been brief. In an instant, you were gone. And then there you were again. When does it end? When does it happen that we just… meet. We meet and just stay like this forever? Why are we always pulled apart? Heck, if you're going to leave then just leave. Bring everything with you." She faced him. "You know why? 'Cause I still see you everywhere. I can't even sleep at night without remembering you doing your rounds and knocking on my door. You're still damn everywhere, as if you were mocking me that I can't escape your ghost!"

Relena yelped when strong arms pulled her, crushing her against his wall of a chest. Heero wrapped his arms around her tightly. He bent his head and nuzzled his face on her hair, taking in her scent. The scent of roses. He pulled her against him even tighter, but not enough to hurt her, his back still resting against the railing.

This. This was why he had always pushed her away. There was just too much at stake. His illness, depending on the level and intensity, could be a permanent handicap and if the odds weren't in their favour, he could die. As much as he didn't want to leave her, if ever his illness consumed him, his permanent departure from the world could bring her an even irreparable damage. He wished he could let her understand that he was saving her from a bigger heartache.

But as he held her, another fear crept up. He knew that when she was close, this close, he would find it hard to let go. That instead of letting go, he would cling to her as if his life depended on it. Or maybe it already did since they met. Now that he was holding her, he couldn't believe that it had only been weeks since she had crashed in his apartment and had shared a bittersweet night together. There was also that gnawing feeling inside him as he thought of all the places and corners of Space and the Earth Sphere that he had been through just to get by. But now he realized that it was only in Relena's arms where he truly felt at home and loved.

Just then, Relena also wrapped her arms around his neck and settled her cheek against his shoulder. How many nights had she dreamed of this moment? She missed this. So much it ached. Everything ached. How could she have managed to say "Yes" with someone else when she was still madly in love with the man who has saved her life more than she could count?

"How are you holding up?" Are you going to die? she asked, closing her eyes, bracing herself for an honest, heartbreaking answer.

"I'm fighting." Heero tightened his hold on her, resting his cheek at the top of her head. "I've escaped death countless times. I can't lose to this one now."


"I'm still fighting because you're still in this world. I'm fighting so I can keep on protecting you." He held her tighter and whispered. "I'm sorry."

Relena shook her head. "I read your letters."

Heero lifted his head and pulled away from her slightly to look at her face. His brows creased. How the hell did she get those letters?

"You said someday when we meet again we can dance beneath the stars."

For the first time that night, the stoic mask that Heero had always put up withered away. Without the mask, his gaze was filled with a longing she had not seen in his before. There was depth and tender affection stretching between them. He then took Relena's hand and brought it to his lips, kissing the back of her hand which made her whole body tingle. Later on he was spinning her around without letting go. She stepped back from him and returned to his arms. For a few good minutes, there were just them on the ferry, dancing and laughing. The other tourists did not matter. The ferry approaching the harbour did not matter. The past did not matter. The inevitable future did not matter.

"None of the therapies can compare to this," said Heero, once more leaning against the railing as he wrapped his arms around Relena's waist. He breathed in her scent – roses, her favourite – and marvelled at how much better he had been since spending three weeks of treatment in the hospital. The difference her presence makes to his condition still amazed him.

"Let me in," uttered Relena against his chest, gripping his arms. "No more secrets, please."

"You are already inside."

"Don't push me away again."

"I only bring you tears."

"That's 'cause you're being a stuck-up, stubborn prick."

Heero smirked as he ran a hand down Relena's hair. "And I make you say bad words."

"'Cause you're being a stuck-up, stubborn prick!" repeated Relena, her voice tinged with exasperation and amusement.

"You're getting used to that."

"Took a lot of practice."

"To say that to me?"

Relena pulled away to look at him. "Reserved only for you."

Heero's smirk vanish, his eyes were serious. "What about your fiancé?"

Relena's face fell. "I ended things with him."

The look in her eyes conveyed a silent plea to not elaborate any further. That if they were to talk about the details of it now, she would break, to which he understood. Instead he lifted his hand and brushed the bangs from her forehead. "I missed you."

By ignoring and leaving her so she could be happy with someone else, he thought he was doing the right thing. Now with everything they've been through, for every tear shed, for every wasted moment in arguing instead of loving, for the first time ever, Heero admitted that everything was the other way around. They needed to be together.

Despite his reluctance to let her see how weak he had become and he will still become, she still wanted to be with him, wanted to share his pain, wanted everything to do with him. And he had fallen deeper in love with her for it. There was also a profound sense of liberty now that she knew all about his condition. As much as he had done it, he hated keeping things from her.

Moving his hands down from her forehead to her flushed cheeks. He traced her jawline with his index finger, her hair blowing in the wind. His finger moved further down, as if trying to recall and remember every detail about her, to see if he had missed anything. He stilled when his fingers reached out at the silver chain around her neck.

The tender look in Heero's eyes vanished and Relena she realized that she was still wearing the chain that held the latest ring that Nathan had given her. She tried to step back but Heero didn't let her as he clung onto the band on the chain.

"Where did you get this?" he asked, turning it over so that the platinum band reflected the moonlight.

"Nathan gave it. He wanted to pattern our wedding rings with the design." Shaking her head, she said, "I forgot I still have this thing on. I'll…"

"Where did he get this?"

"From a store. I… I don't know which." She was suddenly jittery under Heero's scrutiny. It was like she had been caught stealing cookies from a jar. Wait, was this cheating? On his part? Or Nathan's part?

Soon, Heero's lips curved up into a smile as he let out a deep sigh. His smile was dazzling. It'd been a long time she last saw his smile. The effect made her forget how to breathe.

"What's amusing you?"

Heero turned the ring over so that the moon's light can let him see the words written inside. "The carving."

"In rose." Relena's eyes snapped at him.

Their gazes locked onto each other; the recognition was there, it was palpable.

Our secret.

Heero nodded. "We were light years apart and this still made its way to you." He put his hand in his jeans pocket and brought out another ring similar to the one on Relena's chain. "I had this made years ago. I planned to… but you know what happened. So I sold this at a store here." He inserted the ring in his ring finger. "The ring was bought and made its way to Earth. Made its way to you – the original owner. Even my letters reached you."

Relena grasped the band chained on her neck as tears were falling freely from her eyes, reeling from everything that she had come to know. Heero. It was Heero who had this made… years ago. Did he mean that at that time he was already thinking about a future with her? And this. She was right all along, she can't escape him. He was everywhere. He was far away from her and yet still around her.

He was all there is for her. And it turns out, she was all there is for him.

"You're my miracle." Heero reached for her face and wiped the tears away, kissing her forehead, temple, and cheeks in the process. Relena had been right all along, their meeting was significant. No matter where they go or what they do, they will always be inextricably connected. His letters said the same things. They were made for each other. And even if they get married with someone else, their souls and hearts will remain tangled. They knew that by now.

Just then the ferry had docked at the harbour and Heero once again gripped the railings, his back against it, and he was straining to straighten his legs. He closed his eyes at the effort, brows creasing and beads of sweat formed at his temples.

"Are you okay? You should go back to the hospital," said Relena as she went to his side.

"I'm okay. I just have to take my meds." He clenched his fist in hopes of lessening his growingly shaking hand. "Can I crash at your place?"

"How about the nurses?"

"They're used to my absences. I can always go back tomorrow."

Relena eyed Heero's shaking hands and his wobbly knees. "No, Heero. You should…"

A kiss from Heero silenced her as much as surprising her. When he pulled away, he looked at her straight in the eyes. "Your place. That's all I ever want to be in."


They alighted from the ferry when Heero had finally gotten his bearings. He reached for her and squeezed her hand. "It will be hard."

"I know. It's okay." Relena squeezed back his own trembling ones. "Fight it with me."

Heero dipped his head to meet her lips just in time when a shooting star flashed across the sky. "I love you."

And he can conquer every obstacle thrown his way.


It's already been a year and a half since Heero came back with me to Earth. Finally, he told me everything about what he went through and the illness that he is still fighting against. But this time he conceded that we'll fight it together. To be honest, I was surprised that he agreed so easily to leave L1 to come home with me. We've had a Preventer agent assigned to take care of Heero's school and medical records so he can have his courses credited when he resumes school here. His condition is still known to very limited staff of the Preventers. For the past year he stayed confined in the hospital with all the IVs hooked up for faster recovery. Now he's getting better. He's on medication, but he is fine without the IVs. The therapies are being done at home. The worst that he is getting right now is the off balancing. But the numbness, paralysis, and extraneous shaking aren't happening anymore. His doctors are commending his progressive healing, saying that he'll be as good as new in a month or so. When that happens, he can serve in the Preventers again and at the same time finish his degree.

As for me? My term as Vice Foreign Minister just ended a few months ago as you may have heard about. I'm currently enrolled in a university, also aiming for a college degree. After this, it is only when I will decide if I will return to politics again. I probably will. I may never get it out of my system, like I still have to fulfil my duties to the people and see to it that total pacifism is achieved. I drafted the Disarmament Bill after all, and spearheaded the Mars Terraformation Project. I'll keep tabs on my projects, but for now I also aim to just attend school, to live like a normal school girl again.

How about you? I read that your restaurant chain and hotel business are opening up more branches in the L2 Colony! That's great! I'm glad that things are turning out well for you.

Hey, Nathan, are you still mad at me? I bet you are. And I would be surprised if you aren't. I knew you were just being nice, as you always were, when I dropped by your house to face your parents when I'd just returned to Earth with Heero. I'm sorry for making your mother cry. I'm sorry for wasting your father's time. And most importantly, I'm sorry for hurting you. You deserved far better than that. There was absolutely nothing wrong with you. Everything's on me. I'm sorry I couldn't meet your efforts halfway.

You have to know that I loved you, too. You made me happy in ways I never thought possible. You are a beautiful person in and out, Nathan. I'm glad I met you. I'm blessed to have been given the privilege to be loved by you. I hope you're okay. I still care. I will always care. Please don't forget that.

I know this is selfish, but I'd like to see you again. Maybe we can try to catch up? I really don't want to lose our friendship at least. Attached to this letter is the invitation for my birthday. You can bring Amber along, too, if you want. I heard that you've been seeing her since you attended a press conference in should also know me by now that I get what I want. I won't take your "No" for an answer. When or if you're ready to talk to me, you can always reach me.

Thank you for everything, Nathan. I wish you all the best and I hope to see you soon.

Sincerely Yours,



"What are you thinking?"

Strong hands adjusted her silky robe before his arms wrapped around her from behind, feeling the warmth of skin even through her silky nightgown despite the chilly weather of the night. Relena let herself lean on his well-built body – a body that was still capable of staying strong, withstanding everything thrown his way. The scent of the body wash and shampoo indicated that he had just finished taking a shower after taking a jog, or a run, for an hour.

"That it's amazing that there are millions of people living in the Colonies and yet, I was still the first person who saw you when you landed on Earth." She placed her arms on his that were wrapped around her waist, and looked up at the starry sky. "That I want more moments like this."

Heero spun her around to face him. She melted at the sight of his rare smile, more so when he began to spin her around on the balcony, dipping her, and pulling her back to him. "Didn't you know? You're my other half."

And they continued to dance beneath the blanket of stars with the surrounding lingering scent of roses that were in full bloom.


"Come on, time to go
The new world is calling us
Hey, don't you see
We'll always be there for each other
No matter how many seas separate us
Don't be afraid of what's ahead
Because don't forget
We fight together~"

Fight together by Namie Amuro


Author's Note:

Hello! So with this chapter, I now officially declare Soul Mates – complete! I'm so sorry it took this long to be completed. I was aiming for this to be up before May ends, but yeah, time constraints.

This story means a lot to me. I started this in 2011 and went on to last for two years wherein so many changes in my life transpired. And I noticed that even my writing has changed in the course of finishing this fic. So in between the lines, there are also stories within.

I hope this is a good enough ending. I originally planned for a bittersweet ending for Heero and Relena, like really considering for Heero to die. But when I think about you guys sticking with the story for two years, I figured that you guys deserve to read a happy ending. :)

For the selling of ring part, that's the significance of the last scene in Chapter 10. Also, Heero's disease in this story is a legit one, but revised it a bit. I just honestly forgot its name since it has a not-so-easy-spelling to remember.

My next project will be the completion of Love Game. I also have a lot of ideas in store for another multi-chaptered fanfic, but since the school year in our country has just begun, I don't think I can commit in starting one asap. So maybe, yeah, I'll have one-shots up from time to time and also for Love Game. Let's see what happens. :)

So there. I want to thank every reader and every reviewer who took the time to go over the thirteen chapters of Soul Mates, or maybe just a few chapters. Haha. It's been a fun journey with you all! Really. Like I said, this story means a lot to me. And it's been a privilege to share this journey with you guys! :)

Alrighty then! Until my next output!

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Fight Together English translation credits to JpopAsia.