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The whole entire team rushed to the hospital. The group ran over to the nurse behind the front desk.

"Is Mac Taylor here?" Danny asked in a hurry.

Before the nurse opened her mouth, a young doctor came in from the other side. "Are you here for Detective Taylor?" They all nodded. "Is there a Stella Bonesera?"

Stella stepped forward unsteadily. "That's me."

The doctor pursed his lips. "May I talk to you in private please?"

Stella glanced around at the team, who all nodded their heads in return. "Go ahead, Stell." Flack said. "Bring us some good news about Mac, ya?"

Stella gave a small smile and followed the doctor through the door to another hallway. They sat down on the chairs lined up by the wall. The doctor sighed. "I'm Dr. Lane, Detective Taylor's surgeon. Detective Taylor has you as one of his emergency contact numbers. You're his partner am I correct?"

She nodded. "Is he...is he going to be okay?" Stella was afraid to hear the truth, knowing he didn't know who he was himself.

Dr. Lane sighed and ran a tired hand through his hair. "Well a piece of glass pierced through his right leg and thank god it missed a major artery or he would have been in serious trouble. The surgery went well, we patched him back up. Now, his memory," he bit his bottom lip, "his memory at first was a couple years delayed. He told me he remembered things from when he was a Marine." Dr. Lane looked up and met Stella in the eye. "But it came back. He knows he's the boss of the crime lab."

Stella nearly bursted in joy. Right after the doctor said that, she jumped up and gave him one of the biggest hugs on Earth. "Thank you! Thank you sooo much!"

Smiling, the doctor said, "Now mind you, he needs time off the field. No shooting, running, even walking. That leg doesn't need anymore damage."

All this time, Stella was nodding. "I'll chain him to a chair if I have to, thank you so much!"

Dr. Lane grinned and Stella started running to the door but stopped when he shouted, "You can see him in his room! Just ask the nurse!"

Turning around, Stella replied, "Thanks! Will do!" Then she ran out the door.

The team was still pacing. As the door opened again, Danny and Flack rushed over to her. "Is he okay?"

Stella nodded. "Yea, he's alright. And we can see him."

Getting the number from the nurse, they all got into the elevator. A minute later, they were standing outside the door to Mac's room. Through the window, Stella could see him. He had an IV attached to his wrist and he seemed to be sleeping. The fact that he was all right, that his memory wasn't gone, made Stella nearly jump in joy.

"Stell, you should go in," Lindsay said quietly.

Stella gulped. She didn't want to interrupt his peacefulness. She didn't even know how to began, after all the things that happened that evening. Drawing a large take of breath, she opened the door and stepped inside. The others waited outside, letting them talk on their own. Stella took another step forward to Mac's bed. She could see him more clearly now. Without all the dirt on his face, she could see the bruises and small cuts that the bomb had made. Dragging herself a chair, she sat down next to him. Reaching forward she grabbed his hand and caressed it.


Stella's eyes shot up to the voice. Mac cracked open one eye and when he saw her, he smiled. "Hey," she said, tears forming on her eyes once again. "How you doing?"

"Been better." Mac coughed. Stella smoothed his hair and glanced into his eye's in concern. "You okay?"

Giving up a small smile, Stella replied with a nod. "Yea." She wiped the tears off her cheeks. "Ya, I'm fine."

Mac gripped her hands. His eyes changed mood, from relieved to guilty. A frown lit on his handsome face and he coughed again. "Listen, Stella, I...what happened back in the building...I'm sorry."

Stella didn't need to think to understand what he was talking about. "It's okay, Mac. You have nothing to be apologizing for." It was true. It wasn't his fault that he was looking for Claire, 10 years after she had gone to Heaven.

Mac looked down, ashamed. "I put you in a tough stop."

Stella gave up a warming laugh. "Mac, it's okay."

Their eyes met and the surroundings disappeared. The only object in their eyes were them. The beeping of the machines vanished and the roaring from the sirens of the ambulances outside subsided. Mac and Stella simply stared into each others eyes, lost by their gaze. But the moment was short lived when the door burst open behind them.

Stella gasped and turned around in a second, her hand going to her gun at her side. However, when a very clumsy Danny stumbled in, she relaxed some. Danny was a different story. He landed on his hands and knees with a thump. Looking up with nervous eyes, he smiled small and shrugged in apology. Stella then saw that behind Danny, the team was grouped around the door, all leaning in, caught expressions plastered on their faces. It then accord to her that the team had been eavesdropping on them. Oh great.

Putting her hands on her hips in mock attempt, she straightened up and faced them. Clearing her throat, she said, "What exactly are you doing?" For a while no one spoke. Then, soft laughter filled the room. Startled, Stella turned around to see Mac smiling and trying to hold in a laugh. Flack joined him in a heap. Next thing she knew, the room was filling with laughter and chuckles. Stella stood back with a smile on her face as the group crowded around Mac, who was grinning.

They were going to be just fine.

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