NOTE: This is written in the point of view of the Touhou cast, and to them, Heartless and Keyblades are a mystery until after explained about these. Also note that there are no specific time-lines set for either the TH or the KH cast/worlds. Also note there might be slight changes (or none) to the Touhou cast's outfits, as well as some Heartless. Please also keep in mind that I might be making Heartless up in order to move the story along (I will leave a notice before the chapter begin if I do add original Heartless). Hope you'll enjoy.

Please note that the beginning of this story is OC heavy, but please bare with it, as I balance this out along the way.

Gensokyo, a patch of land sealed away from the world we live in today by a powerful barrier; a paradise for youkai, gods, and some humans, but a prison for one particular being...

The Misty Lake, a large lake that rests on the foot of the Youkai Mountain, is home to many spirits, be it fairies or youkai, and over at the far back of the lake, yet not far enough to reach the Youkai Mountain, there is a single, small island.

On this island, there is a large red mansion that gives the impression of being a castle, even having a large clock tower as part of the architecture.

There are barely a handful of windows visible from the outside, and the mansion itself is surrounded by a spectacular garden, one large red gate that surrounds it completely, bushy trees that seem to embrace the mansion's outer walls, and, of course, water from the lake that surrounds the island.

This is the Scarlet Devil Mansion, home to Remilia Scarlet, a vampire, and along with her, there also live fairies that work for her as maids, a dragon youkai, a very gifted but unmoving magician, a small demon, oddly enough, a human with amazing powers over time and space, and there is one more vampire, who until a few years before, remained locked inside her room, and happens to be Remilia's own little sister.

On the island itself live two more beings, two shadows that came to be by unnatural means, but seem to live peacefully with their scarlet mansion neighbors... but appearances can be deceiving.

So early in the morning, everything seems peaceful enough to suggest a calm and uneventful day, but that is all about to change.

A sudden roar, accompanied by several explosions on the right side of the mansion's gates, destroy any hopes of peace and quiet anyone in the area had.

A pale-skinned girl with long, wavy white hair and red eyes, wearing a golden necklace, an open dark-blue vest with silver borders, a purple sleeveless shirt, and a long black skirt that covers the ghostly tail she has for legs, looks desperate, breathing rapidly through her mouth, while hiding behind a tree with a look on her sweaty face that reveals the fright coursing through her entire being.

Kali presses her back against that tree as though trying to push herself inside of it, and after she hears two more explosions to her far left, the takes a deep breath and says to herself "good... I lost her."

From the branch above Kali's head, a woman mockingly says "oh yes, you lost me alright. The thing is, even if I lose you, I can find you easily with my left eye, you twit!"

Kali trembles as she forces herself to look up to see a woman with light-orange hair that reaches just above her lower back, a yellow lizard-like right eye, and a black left eye with a red lizard-like pupil that seems to be surrounded by white flames.

She wears a green beret on her head with a golden star to the left of said hat, an open green vest, showing off her womanly figure, which is covered by a slightly stained white shirt, and what should be a long green skirt has been ripped in half, showing off the woman's legs, and shows off even more of her gorgeous body by wearing a pair of brown shorts with two small pockets, that reach just above her knees.

Kimi grins at the frightened girl beneath her, opens her left hand to prepare a large fireball, and just before tossing it on Kali's head, her face turns intense with a vile smile as she says "boom."

There is a powerful and loud explosion that rattles the entire island, and Kali now screams and runs... or sort of hovers, as though her life is on the line, heading wherever her ghostly tail can take her.

Still standing on that tree branch, Kimi looks to the right of the island, where Kali is running to, then grins and says to herself "oh, what would I do without Kali to pick on. Probably something drastic."

After saying that, she takes flight and goes up and up, until she's at least ten feet above the trees, then claps her hands together as though praying.

Her ripped skirt and open vest start flailing about as though a powerful gust of wind is pushing its way around her, then Kimi's entire body and clothes start shinning bright-yellow.

In a flash of blinding light, the glowing woman becomes a massive snake-like dragon with dark-green scales that turn black against the light, long thin whiskers that grow from the sides of her snout, a pair of fins for ears, large jagged pearly teeth, a dangerous-looking yellow right dragon eye, and a glowing red left eye.

Kimi roars loudly and moves swiftly after Kali, shouting "run, little gerbil. This dragon is bored and hungry!"

After Kimi transforms, Kali squeals with fright and flies faster, though she still doesn't know where she should run to.

As she hovers rapidly, she cries to herself "stupid dragon is mad! I must hide, but I just don't know where!"

She looks up to the sky and shouts "but I didn't do anything today! Why are you trying to kill me?", in hopes that Kimi will leave her alone.

Kali's fears are fed further when Kimi replies "I told you, I am bored and hungry! Just give me some sport and I might spare your head. Don't worry! As long as that head remains, you can resurrect!"

This gives absolutely no comfort to the shadow youkai, and only makes her move faster.

Kimi gets overexcited, evident when a spell card appears above her large head as she shouts "Dragon's Mega Flame... Homing!"

The dragon winds back, she takes a deep breath, her mouth fills with fire, and with a very sudden forward thrust, she spits out a large fireball that is followed by three smaller fireballs.

Kali is now hyperventilating as she desperately flies for safety, but she knows she's doomed.

If she flies higher, Kimi will get her, but if she keeps hovering around on the ground like that, she's going to get fried.

She somehow trips, even though she doesn't have legs to trip with, and falls on her face, sliding on the ground for a bit before coming to a full stop.

Kali spits the dirt from her mouth as she slowly gets back up, and that's when she notices a strange formation of rocks in front of her.

They look like a door of sorts, with two whitish gray rocks supporting an oval rock of the same color on top, all resting against the ground that seems to rise behind these stones, hinting of being able to provide some cover, but getting in there won't be easy, seeing as the rocks on the sides are so close together.

The homing fireball to the right is getting closer, and Kimi is cackling above Kali's head on the skies, but that's when Kali remembers something.

She smacks the side of her own head with her left hand and says "jeez, I'm such an idiot! I can turn into a shadow!"

In a moment, her pale skin turns translucent black, her wavy white hair becomes smoother, her eyes lose their pupil as they start glowing red, her gold necklace remains the same, but the silver borders on her vest, the only visible piece of clothes on her now, turn golden for some unexplainable reason.

Once in her shadow form, Kali rushes inside the rock formation and avoids being hit by the homing fireballs, though her ghostly tail gets a little singed.

The fireballs impact on the ground right in front of the rocks and cause the ground to shake along with a deafening explosion, and a thick cloud of dust to rise to the sky.

Kimi, still in her dragon form, looks around the area by closing her right eye, and looking around with her left.

Everything looks black with white shades and outlines through that eye, but life forms look red, green, or blue, depending on their body temperatures and energy waves.

After looking around for Kali's red silhouette for about a minute, Kimi returns to her human form with a blinding yellow flash, shrugs, then casually says "seems I vaporized her. Too bad.", then flies toward the back of the island while whistling a happy little tune for herself.

On the ground, after the smoke clears, the strange rocks have turned blackish purple, the space through the two rocks has expanded, and said rocks are emanating an eerie dark blue glow that protected the entire area around the stone formation from the fireballs, but there isn't a single soul around to witness such an event, so the rocks return to their whitish grey color, making themselves look harmless once more.

Inside the rocks, what Kali thought was just a small hole to hide in, is actually a massive cave, too big to be underneath the small island on the lake, yet Kali doesn't seem to be able to realize this.

The cave is lit by a very dim dark blue glow; on the edges, rocky beams seem to be supporting the roof from falling, the ground is so dark, it is as if there is no ground at all, and deeper into the cave, the dim blue glow gets swallowed up by a dark purple glow.

To Kali, this eerie and dark cave feels like paradise.

It's so cold, so mysteriously quiet, but more importantly, it is very dark, something a shadow youkai like Kali appreciates very much.

After looking around for a bit, Kali whistles with surprise and says "wow, who knew such a wonderful place existed under this stupid little island. Hmm."

She starts floating deeper into the dark and silent cave, admiring the strange dark rocky roof, odd rock formations on the ground that look like they could spring into life, strange bumps that look like large black pimples with purple puss flowing out, and that's when she sees another peculiar thing.

She quickens her pace, flying quickly toward the back of the cave, where the dim blue light is replaced by a dark purple glow that emanates from a central spot on the back of said cave.

A wide grin takes over Kali's face as she turns back to her human from; though she still lacks legs, so maybe it's semi-human form; and when she is just a few steps away from the purple-glowing source, several orbs of light rain down from the ceiling, making the shadow youkai fly back, then these light start circling softly around that dark source, making three lines.

The farthest and inner lines circle clockwise, while the center line circles counterclockwise, all circling very softly, and at the same time, emanating a warning light to keep Kali away.

Sitting on the dark ground, she takes a better look at that dark source and realizes it is a towering dark translucent purple crystal with a black flame, a shadow flame, in its center.

The odd flame has a gray center, while the body itself is black, and the outline is purple.

Looking at the crystal, Kali says "that... that flame. That flame calls me. It... it's mine, I want it. I... I want the flame!"

She pushes herself off the ground, feeling a strange surge of power flowing through her, and without hesitation, she aims to fly above the circling lights.

The orbs of light, though seemingly harmless, rise up and form some sort of dome of light with beams that form a polygonal net between them, but Kali will not stop.

She boldly pushes on, surrounding her body with a purple flame that eats the light up and allows Kali safe passage through the dome-like light net.

Once she is through, she lands right in front of the crystal, gazes upon its glorious and eerie dark glow, raises her left hand, then touches it with a grin on her face.

The second she touches it, the orbs of light scatter all throughout the cave, and now, strange yellow dots with what look like antennas fill the floors and walls of the cave.

While this happens, the shadow flame slowly makes its way out of the crystal and enters Kali's chest.

Once inside her chest, the towering crystal buzzes, and three tiny crystal pieces, followed by a large crystal chunk with three prongs springing from its top, float toward Kimi's lifted right hand and hover just above it.

She somehow already knows what these are for, and with a wicked grin on her face, she turns around to look at the increasing number of yellow dots and antennas, then starts cackling loudly, raising both hands in celebration.

Five days pass, and although everything seems peaceful in Gensokyo, some youkai and humans that are sensitive to energy waves feel there is more to this peace than meets the eye.

The Hakurei Shrine, a peaceful and lonely shrine at the eastern border of Gensokyo, set on top of a tall mountain, ever guarding the peaceful land, as well as the border that separates Gensokyo from the outside world.

Upon reaching the top of the long, long stairs, the tall, worn red gates are the first thing to greet any visitor, and to its left; from the point of view of the shrine itself; sits the extension for the Moriya Shine.

Further ahead, following the stone path, is the main shrine with the donation box in front of it, and it would be completely empty, but thanks to the help of two half youkai, it sometimes contains a few scattered coins and paper moneys inside.

To the left is a hot spring, and to the right, the stone path narrows out as it reaches for the shrine's living house, the surprisingly large backyard used for training, the storage house at the farthest end, and behind this storage house is a pretty large lake.

The shrine itself is surrounded by trees and bushes, and during spring, flowers turn the shrine into a marvelous and beautiful sight, though today, that is not the case.

On the back of the shrine, behind the living house; or living quarters; are various dummies set on the ground that is surrounded by the narrow stone path, which ends right before reaching the greenhouse that rests to the left of the storage house, which is surrounded by trees and bushes that seem to want to get inside of it.

Today should be no different than any other, but there are some signs that suggest the contrary.

For starters, Rika Onkamikami, the shrine's loyal maid, and her familiar and shikigami, Suzaku the Bird of Vermilion, are nowhere in sight.

Another odd sight is that there is nobody drinking tea on the shrine's porch, something Reimu Hakurei, the maiden of the shrine, and guardian of Gensokyo, is known to do on a daily basis.

It is almost midday now, and from the skies just above the red gate in front of the shrine, a well known visitor arrives.

A boy with short unkempt brown hair, brownish gold eyes, wearing a dark violet shirt, a pair of black pants with six silver zippers that seal his pockets, three on each side, a pair of brown boots and white socks, and a golden bracelet with a light-green jewel on his right wrist, flies forth and lands in front of the donation box.

His name is Anilan Inmodo Leuch, but he prefers to be called Ail, and ever since he entered Gensokyo, along with his friend, Kyo, through one of Yukari's gaps, he's become fast friends with the Hakurei maiden, which in turn has earned him quite a few youkai friends as well.

He approaches the donation box, pulls quite a few gold and silver coins from his left pocket, unloads them all into the donation box, then grabs the red and white entwined rope above the box and pulls on it to ring the bells twice before starting his prayer.

A moment passes by and Ail quickly notices something is off.

He opens his left eye to look toward the edge of the building, and quickly realizes something is missing.

Reimu hasn't peeked her eager face to see who has donated, something that amuses him to no ends.

He bows to finish his prayer, but forgets to ring the bell when his heart starts beating fast, and a chill takes his chest with each beating.

Sounding worried, Ail loudly asks "Reimu? Rika? Is anybody there?"

His breathing quickens when there is no reply, and now, as he walks in a rush toward the living quarters, he nervously and loudly calls "Reimu, Rika, answer me! I-Is someone there? Mima? Suika? Aya? Anyone?"

He reaches the front-left entrance to the living room with his right hand, and that is when the crystal on his bracelet changes to blue, and makes that sound of a droplet falling on the ground, which means there is danger.

He stops from opening the door to look at the hovering holographic image over the jewel of a girl with long dark hair and a red ribbon adorning her head, sleeping seemingly in peace.

Out of nowhere, a woman's voice loudly says "behind you Ail!"

The moment he hears this, Ail turns around and is surprised, amazed and a bit frightened at the sight he sees.

Small black creatures with tiny clawed hands, thin legs with pointy feet, yellow eyes, and antennas on their round heads now surround him; a number of at least thirty of these things, all jerking or shaking their heads or looking around, acting as though they are harmless.

Ail can feel they are not as harmless as they appear to be, so without hesitation, he focuses for a moment and makes his bracelet glow brightly.

A Japanese sword made entirely of light appears on Ail's right hand, and not a second too soon.

Without giving much of a warning, several of the little creatures jump toward the boy, and being experienced in combat, a requirement of living in Gensokyo, Ail swings the blade of light sideways and dissolves at least five of the eight creatures that jumped him, while knocking away the other three.

Not waiting for them to attack again, Ail moves toward the group and swings his weapon while shouting "what are these things? What is happening here? And where is Reimu?"

The voice that spoke to him earlier doesn't reply, so as he cuts away three more of these creatures, he shouts "helloooo! Mysterious voice?"

No answer, and now one of the creatures has jumped from behind him and has slashed his back with its claws, making him flinch for a moment before turning around and turning the little creature unto dust with his weapon.

More creatures jump overhead, while three others turn to some sort of goop and start crawling around on the ground, and after taking care of the jumping creatures with one slash from his sword, Ail thinks "they are small, easy to get rid of, but they are just too many! I may have to retreat for now and come back later with reinforcements!"

Right before his very eyes, the very same creatures he defeated not a minute ago are already coming back.

Despair takes Ail, and without really thinking about it, he activates his Yozoragan mode, a power that aside from giving him a pair of ethereal dragon wings and turning his eyes into what look like a starry night sky, also gives him a boost of power, as well as other abilities, including the ability to duplicate his weapon of light.

He claps his hands to duplicate his weapon, and having two swords of light now, as well as being able to move faster, Ail waste no time and starts destroying as many of the creatures as he can, taking out five of them with each swing.

One of the creatures turns into a blob just before Ail's sword hits, and now is the only remaining creature around, so Ail tries to strike the ground while running above it, but nothing happens.

Annoyed, Ail shouts "come on out already, so I can kill you!"

The blob disappears from sight, as well as the barely-visible black mist left behind by the defeated creatures, but before Ail can even think he's won, he is surprised once more when he starts hearing some annoying and loud clinking sounds all around him.

Instead of the small creatures with antennas, Ail is now surrounded by at least twenty dark jagged-toothed creatures with a metal helmet on their heads, which have an odd swirl on its top.

Along with the helmet, these new creatures have blue skin, worn out purple kneecaps, black shoes with a swirled tip, wear a pair of metal gauntlets on their wrists, have long and sharp red claws, and all have an odd red and black heart emblem on their chests.

Ail stares at these new creatures and knows he's in trouble, and with a doubtful tone, he says to himself "oh, not good."

Immediately after the battle begins, Ail finds out he has to strike these new creatures at least four times before they fall, and the problem is that there are so many of them for just him alone, even with his Yozoragan mode activated.

But Ail is not ready to give up and flee just yet.

He is too worried about Reimu, Rika, and all his friends from the shrine, so he pushes on, taking out one monster at a time, yet realizing that he can't beat them fast enough to make any progress.

By the time he's defeated eight of these, four have already returned and are now attacking him in unison.

Two of these creatures start to spin around like tops in the air with a foot raised, and after successfully deflecting one, the other catches Ail off guard on the left, pushing him toward another of the creatures that is already swinging its dangerous claws around.

He manages to recover in time to avoid being struck by another set of claws and decides it is time to leave, even though his heavy heart begs him to try again.

He hesitates, and after showing this sign of weakness, seven of these creatures jump toward him, all ready to cut him to shreds with their claws, but a pair of thin piercing multi-colored beams destroy these creatures, saving Ail's life.

Surprised, Ail looks up to the sky to see Marisa Kirisame, the ordinary magician, and Reimu's long time friend, flying on her broom with a slightly annoyed look on her face above the shrine's gates.

She has long blonde hair that reaches to her upper back, has her right sideburn tied with a white bow into a braid, has yellow eyes, wears a large black hat with a white ribbon around it, a black vest with four golden buttons on the front, a white puffy-sleeved shirt underneath, a long black skirt, a white apron over said skirt, and has a pair of shiny black shoes with white socks.

With strong determination in her voice, Marisa shouts "clear the way, Ail! Love Sign, MASTER SPAAAAARK!" Ail flies away from the concentration of monsters the moment Marisa starts shouting out her signature spell.

Right after he is safely away, he watches with a smile as the large rainbow-colored beam easily destroys all of the creatures in one strike, and even those that are crouching down and holding on to their helmets for protection are done in.

When Marisa's powerful beam dies down, Ail takes notice that not even the black mist left behind after defeating these creatures remains.

After landing and taking a breath of relief, Ail exclaims "thank you so much! You saved my life!"

Marisa smiles as she lands on the ground in front of Ail, then quickly turns her brief smile into a serious expression as she asks "where the heck is Reimu?"

Ail and Marisa rush to the left-side entrance of the shrine's living quaters, and right after the sliding doors are open, both of them gasp with horror.

Inside the living room is the small table to the right of said left entrance.

To the right of said table is the familiar cabinet where Reimu keeps a few of her things, along with plenty of charms, amulets, needles, and anything else she may need for exorcising or punishing bad youkai.

On the wall to the right of the cabinet is a simple green scroll with ancient writing, which might just be there as an ornament.

To the left of the shrine, which would be the back, from the point of view of the shrine, is the kitchen, with all its cabinets untouched, it counters clean, and the stove shows no signs of being used that morning.

On the center of the room, blocking the opening to the rooms corridor, is the shocking sight of a translucent dark-purple crystal with three prongs on its top, and inside this large crystal is a sleeping girl.

Reimu Hakurei rests in the center of the crystal with her eyes closed and her legs crossed under her red skirt, as though in meditation. She has long dark-brown; almost black; hair that is adorned by one large ribbon on the back of her head, and two red tubes that hold her sideburns.

Through the crystal, her hair is looking raven-black, and her outfit looks like a weird tone of lilac.

She wears a red vest over a white sleeveless shirt, a pair of white detached sleeves, and a long red skirt, which looks kind of sickening lilac through the crystal.

She has her arms placed on her knees, and is holding her gohei on her right hand, aiming it diagonally to the left.

Both Ail and Marisa stare in shock at their friend, with their mouths and their eyes widely open, unable to believe their eyes.

Marisa gulps to settle her rapid-beating heart back into her chest, raises her trembling right hand where she holds her Hakkero, the item she uses to unleash her devastating Master Spark, and with a cracking voice, she say "I-I'm breaking her out of there. L-Love Sign-"

Before she can recite her spell, Ail tackles her to the ground, where she furiously thrashes about in an attempt to knock him off of her, but he pins her down, looks her in the eyes, and trying to sound as calm as possible, he says "if you do that, miss brainless witch, you are most definitely going to kill her."

Marisa tries with all her might to push Ail off, but his words suddenly reach her, then she calms down after gasping, then looks to the right in shame as she says "yo... you're right."

Without waiting for too long, Ail gets off Marisa and offers his hand in help after he's on his feet.

Right after standing up, Marisa gasps and asks "what about Rika? She might be trapped behind that thing!"

Ail realizes he almost forgot about Rika, so he panics and rushes to the wall beside the crystal and shouts "Rika! Rika, if you're back there, answer me, please!"

Marisa stares at him in disbelief and face palms hard when Ail looks at her and says "I'm breaking the wall down!"

Before he makes his move, Marisa smacks the back of his head as hard as she can, and feeling various levels of annoyance, she says "use your gaps, stupid!"

Ashamed, Ail chuckles sheepishly as he blushes while looking at Marisa, smiles, and says "erm, whoops. I, heh-heh, forgot."

Opening a bluish gap, a rift that breaks the borders of distance, into the rooms corridor, Ail and Marisa jump inside and quickly notice how dark it is, but neither is backing down.

They can see Reimu's back, and how she placed an amulet on herself, so sounding relieved, Marisa says "ohh, she's alright after all, ze."

Ail nods and replies "never doubted her for a second."

They quietly make their way to the room to the farthest right, which would be Rika's room, but other than her futon and some of her clothes scattered about, there is no signs of her anywhere.

As they turn around, Marisa says "well if she's not in her room, or Reimu's room... where is she?"

Making their way to Reimu's room to the left side of the corridor, Ail replies "I really wish I knew. Geez, what a terrible big brother I am."

Marisa chuckles as she pat his right shoulder from behind, then say "cheer up, you neglectful idiot. She's a big girl and can take good care of herself, so she's probably somewhere safe by now."

Ail seems to ignore the witch's remark.

As predicted, upon opening the sliding door to Reimu's room, they find out it's empty, save for the folded futon on the corner.

Rika has been in here.

The room is spotless, all of Reimu's clothes are in their respective places, the futon has been neatly folded, and the walls and the floor are just too darned clean.

Smiling almost too happily, Ail and Marisa say at the same time "oh yes, she's fine."

Somewhere over a vast, yet somewhat dark space, where bright starts, upon closer inspection, hold a vast world of their own, a single, oddly shaped, red and yellow-colored ship flies through this space at a rather slow pace.

The ship has a crystal dome cockpit on its top, a pointy red tip with a yellow tube on the front, blue and purple guns under the cockpit, two rockets on its back, four white wings, two on each side, and on the sides, it has what looks like fuel tanks painted in orange.

Another peculiar characteristic of this ship is that it seems to be made out of some rubbery gummy material, which would suggest the ship itself is weak, when in reality, it is quite the opposite.

Inside the ship, three strange silhouettes can be seen moving around the cockpit, apparently having some sort of conversation.

Inside the cockpit it is surprisingly spacious, and it's full of blinking buttons all over its white and silver consoles, a few flashing screens, and three, rather comfortable-looking white seats, and on these seats are three humanoid beings.

Gensokyo is full of humanoid creatures, but these three are different, as they retain more of their animal characteristics than the youkai in Gensokyo.

One looks like some sort of black dog with thin black floppy ears, large white eyes with black pupils, two separate buck-teeth at the bottom end of his long bare-skinned snout, a round black nose on the top end of said snout, and wears a pair of white gloves, a goofy yellow hat with goggles around it, a green, long-sleeved turtleneck shirt with a black sleeveless open vest on top, a pair of baggy yellow pants held by a black belt with a silver buckle, and a pair of long brown shoes with what look like metal protectors on the tips.

The other looks like a white-feathered duck with a large orange beak, a big pair of blue eyes with black pupils, and wears two golden bracelets, one on each wrist, a droopy blue cap with what looks like a zipper on its droopy tip, an odd deep-sea-blue vest with a blue capelet with yellow borders on top, small sewn-in blue bags around the vest, two zippers that seem to make part of an ornament, and has his bottom and orange webbed feet bare.

If it weren't for the feathered bottom, this duck could be considered obscene, but he's not.

The third one looks like a black mouse with rather large, round ears on his round head, and compared to the other two, this one's eyes look normal in size; white with black pupils, and most of his face is bare skinned.

He wears a rather majestic red vest with short black sleeves, which have a white border, and the vest's lower zipper is slightly open at the bottom, as well as having two yellow straps that hang from the shoulders.

Like the dog-like creature, he wears a pair of white gloves on his hands.

He also wears red shorts with zippers for adornments and yellow bag-like pockets, and wears a pair of big yellow shoes with barely-visible yellow straps adorning said shoes, crossing over the tips.

The dog-like creature sitting on the left seat, with a somewhat silly voice, asks "gawrsh, are ye' sure this is the right place, your majesty?"

The duck on the right seat, speaking with a raspy, squawky, and almost unintelligible voice, angrily replies "Goofy! Don't question the king!"

On the center seat, which is the main seat of the ship, sits the black mouse, who with a mousey and kind voice, says "It's alright Donald. He's right, I think we're lost."

There is a long pause and a moment of silence, save for the ticking of an unseen clock, and after a ting form this clock, Donald angrily squabbles and shouts "we should have bought uncle Scrooge's map!"

Goofy, looking quite relaxed, smiles as he cheerfully says "a-hyuk. There's no need to fret now, Donald. I'm sure King Mickey will pull through in no time."

Before Mickey has a chance to reply, Goofy leans toward the glass in front and squints his eyes, then points forward as he says "maybe it's that world over there."

Donald jumps off his seat and presses his face against the glass, looking all around with his eyes while saying "where? I don't see anything."

On the other hand, Mickey squints his eyes while placing his left hand over his head, then says "where? I don't see... wait, I think I see something."

Before Donald can spot whatever is it Goofy and his king can see, the ship rattles violently, and all three shout in surprise, Donald squawking loudest, seeing as he is out of his seat, and has flown above Mickey's head and crashed head-first on the solid gummy floor.

Goofy looks at Donald, places his right hand on the tip of his snot, then asks "gawrsh, are you okay there, Donald?"

Before Donald can reply, King Mickey loudly says "hang on! I lost control! We're going down!", and before long, the red gummy ship is spiraling down toward a small, unknown world; one we know as Gensokyo; with three screaming passengers on board.

Meanwhile, in Gensokyo, at the Human Village, an usually peaceful place where humans, and human-friendly youkai live, several battles have broken out in three separate points.

Over at the west side of the village, Kyo, Ail's long-time friend, Luna Rivers, Kyo's partner, and Medicine Melancholy, a sort of adoptive youkai daughter of Kyo and Luna's, are having a blast while dealing with the tiny black creatures with yellow eyes and antennas.

They fight right in front of a two-story house on a wide dirt road, and the only two neighboring houses beside said house are one to the left of said house, after a vacant spot with a lonely tree stump and several tall grass patches, and the other is in front, though separated by the width of the road.

Kaizo Yumeda, who prefers to be called Kyo, is a strong and buff young man with short, spiky black hair, intense brown eyes that give the wrong impression that he might be angry, wears a white muscle shirt with a navy-blue unbuttoned shirt on top, which has a silver zipper under the left breast, a pair of long lose black pants tied with a black belt strapped around his waist, with a black, sewn-in pouch on each knee, an open silver zipper on the left thigh, a pair of wooden sandals, and holds a steel Japanese sword with a hilt that seems to be on fire on his right hand, and a round white shield with visible wind circling around its edges on his left.

He stands firmly on the ground, cutting three of the creatures in half with one swing of his sword, and once his area is clear, he looks up and shouts "Luna, Medicine, don't take these things lightly!"

Flipping around in the air is Luna Rivers, whose real name is actually Katalina, but that's an old story now.

She has long silver hair with red highlights she ties into a ponytail with a small green ribbon that has a silver wing etched on each end, has a pair of black hairclips on each side of her head, bright silver eyes, and has a star-shaped birthmark on her right cheek.

She wears a simple dark-blue dress that reaches down to her knees, a pair of tight and stretchy white pants underneath that dress, has a lose brown belt with two sheathes for her swords, wears a pair of red geta sandals Aya, the tengu, gifted her some time ago, and holds on to a pair of blades with yellow hilts that fire multi-colored kunai knife bullets when the hidden trigger is squeezed.

As she flips around in the air, Kyo is left dumbstruck at the sight of his woman, kicking ass with such style, and after enjoying the sight of her tight white pants while she jumps around, he sighs and raises his shield in time to strike one of the black creatures on the face.

Luna notices he's looking at her, lands on the dark-blue roof of the two-story house, blushes, then shouts back "why don't you focus on the fight and leave the perverted thoughts for some other time?"

On the ground in front of the two-story house, a thick purple smoke cloud starts dissipating as the voice of a young girl can be heard shouting "take that, you disgusting little roaches! Oh, you want more? COME AND GET IT!"

From the roof, Luna shouts "Medicine, don't get cocky now!"

In the center of the poisonous clouds is a little girl with short blonde hair adorned with a red ribbon, has blue eyes, and wears a dark red puffy shirt with red strings that, oddly enough, connect to a chromed red cross on her chest, a blood-red puffy skirt with dark red strings that also connect to chromed red crosses around the bottom of the skirt, has a large white ribbon on her back, and wears a pair of pair of blood-red shoes with pink socks.

Flying besides Medicine is Su-San, a small doll that wears the very same outfit Medicine has, except for the fact that the colors are inverted, and Su-San has a pair of crystal wings growing from her back.

Though Medicine does look like a little human girl that somehow spews out poison from her pores, fingers and mouth, it is known that she too is supposed to be a doll.

Medicine looks up to Luna, smiles confidently, then says "there's only fifty of them left! This is cake!"

Kyo's shield comes flying from Medicine's left, flies around her, turning several of those creatures to dust, then flies back to Kyo like a boomerang.

Annoyed, Medicine shouts "hey, stop taking away my fun time!", then spews thick poison clouds from her mouth that turns each of the creatures around her into blobs that simply fizzles and vanishes from sight.

On the roof of the house, Luna jumps and flips around to avoid the remaining six creatures around her, and as she does so, she swings those sword with deadly accuracy, destroying those creatures with ease without harming the house.

After they are gone, Luna jumps toward the closest window, takes a closer look, passes her finger over the glass, then shouts "Kyo, darling, these windows need cleaning!"

On the ground, Kyo swirls in place with his shield and sword held tightly on his outstretched arms, defeating the last three monsters that were jumping toward him with their black claws ready to strike, then looks up to the roof and shouts "fine! After we check on Keine and the girls! Come on!"

Without another word, Luna jumps from the roof, and Medicine and Su-san fly out of the poisonous clouds, then all three rush toward the center of the village.

At the center of the village, there is a large building with what looks like a small tower with a golden bell in it, and in front of the building is the large gray statue of a dragon with jeweled glowing eyes, which are glowing bright red at the moment.

Around this statue are a few stone benches, various flowers that seem to have been trampled just a few moments ago, and a few scattered trees on the grassy spots that appear to be used for picnics and such.

A woman and a girl jump and fly around the large building while blasting away many annoying clinking monsters with metal helmets that seem to be after a particular little girl, who is being kept inside the large school while guarded by another young-looking girl.

This school belongs to Keine Kamishirasawa, which also serves as her home, and the girl protecting the targeted little girl is called Akyuu of Hieda, Gensokyo's chronicler whom is also known as the Child of Miare.

She has short purple hair she adorns with a flower ornament that matches her sleeves, and wears a kimono with a green torso and yellow sleeves that have flowers designed on them, a dark-red skirt, a wine-colored lace she uses as a belt, wears a pair of white socks, and wooden sandals.

One of the creatures gets close to the door before a stone spike strikes its head and sends it flying away, then Akyuu, after recovering from her fright, shouts "Keine, there's just too many!"

Keine, the woman with long silver hair with blue highlights, brown eyes, wearing a strange hat that looks like a building that defies gravity as she flips and flies around, a long dark-blue dress with short white sleeves, a red ribbon around her white collar, and pair of black shoes with ribbons on them, aims her finger at the same creature that got too close, ending its life and turning into dust with a blue laser beam that flies out of that finger, then shouts "Renko, I'll hold them off while you go get help!"

The girl helping Keine has short brown hair, brown eyes, should be wearing a black hat with a gold zipper on front that, unlike Keine's, couldn't defy gravity and lies on the ground away from the school, a red ribbon on her left sideburn, and wearing a white long-sleeved shirt with bands on her elbows under a small black vest, a short black skirt, and a pair of black shoes and white socks, flies upside-down as she summons more stone spikes form the ground and gestures her hands to send them flying straight at the monsters.

She flips to land on her feet after her stone spikes knock the monsters down for a moment, then looks at Keine and asks "but are you going to be alright?"

Keine fires several blue laser beams around Renko and finishes off the three creatures that recovered from Renko's attack, then shouts "go! The faster you move, the better!"

Gasping with shock, Renko settles her thoughts, nods at Keine, turns to the west, but just as she is about to move, she notices the jeweled eyes of the Dragon God Statue on the very center of the village are glowing intensely bright red, and this actually startles her to trip on her own feet.

Five of these creatures, making that annoying clinking sound, rush toward the human girl to finish her off.

Keine calls for Renko, but she's too busy with eight more of these creatures that threaten the school to manage to spare a helping laser for her friend.

Renko Usami has no choice now but cover her head and pray, and her prayers are quickly answered.

Before the creatures' claws can get too close, there is a manly roar, the sound of metal ringing against the wind, and all the creatures disappear from sight, leaving a pink crystal heart that flies off to the air.

Renko quickly looks up and sees Kyo rushing away from her side to aid Keine.

Luna runs toward Renko, kneels down, offers a helping hand, and with a smile on her face, she says "careful little lady. Showing weakness in the midst of a battle will cost you dearly."

Renko smiles back at Luna as she accepts the help, then says "I-I'll be more careful next time."

This cool moment for Luna is immediately shattered when Medicine comes from behind, jumps on Luna's head, then springs off towards the battle while shouting "move it slowpokes! There's a battle to be won!"

Annoyed, Luna grumbles while grinding her teeth, so Renko simply helps herself up, chuckles nervously, then says "we should help out."

Their help won't be needed. Keine and Kyo both take out these armored creatures with two blows each, and with Medicine poisoning the remaining twenty or so of these creatures, they are taking out two per-hit each, and before long, Medicine punches the last of these monsters between the yellow eyes and knocks it to the ground, turning it into dust after it hits the bit of grass.

After sighing with relief from inside the school, Akyuu exclaims "thank you Kyo! Keine, Amy is safe!"

From behind Akyuu, a small girl with short black hair tied to twin tails, wearing a brown baggy robe tied with a brown rope on the waist and a pair of small brown sandals, walks out of the school and towards Keine, bows down, giggles, then says "thank you very much for protecting me Keine-sensei."

Keine looks up to the sky and sighs with relief while rubbing her forehead with her right hand, then turns her face to the girl, smiles, and says "you are welcome. It is also my duty to protect my students, as well as the village."

Curious, Renko asks "but why were those creatures so interested in this little girl?"

Amy angrily shouts "my name is Amy, you big jerk!", then sticks her tongue out at Renko.

Feeling a bit ashamed, Renko blushes while looking away, then says "s-sorry", then remembers the Dragon God statue's eyes and says "oh, that's right! The dragon statue..."

Before she can say more, there is a loud explosion from the east, then Kyo and Keine, at the same time, say "more trouble ahead!"

Before Kyo moves out, Luna looks to the sky and exclaims "oh, what now? Look, up there!", and points to the south-east.

The three figures of Donald, Goofy and Mickey can be seen falling straight toward the spot over on the eastern side of the village, where the explosions are coming from, and a red sparkle can be seen flying from beside them and heading toward the Youkai Mountain.

Over at the eastern gate of the village, where there are plenty of houses sitting beside each other and between a large dirt-road, adorned by a few bushes on the ground and potted flowers on the windows, a woman and a girl fight with the two types of the now somewhat familiar antenna and helmet monsters, but accompanying those is another type of monster.

These have wings, and fly around like experts.

They have jagged-toothed mouths, pale-blue skin, large red claws, brown bat wings, have light-brown kneecaps, and wear a pair of brown shoes with blue tips, a brown aviator's cap with a propeller on its tip, yellow goggles around what should be the monsters' faces, a red and black heart emblem on their chests, and a pair of silver gauntlets on their wrists.

The ones fighting these creatures are Maribel Han and Mima, and even with Mima's help, they are being overwhelmed by the number of monsters surrounding them.

There are at least a total of fifty of these creatures, and although they are quickly dealing with them, the creatures just keep popping up out of nowhere to add more to their numbers, plus these flying monsters are no easy targets to deal with.

Mima, the supposedly evil spirit, has long green hair, green eyes, and wears a pointy blue hat with a yellow sun motif and a white ribbon around it, a blue cape with white borders over a long blue long-sleeved robe, has a white ghostly tail for legs, holds a golden crescent moon staff, and bears six thin demonic wings, three on each side of her back.

She uses red lasers, lightning bolts and fireballs to deal with the creatures, finishing them off in one blow each, but more keep taking their fallen monster comrade's places.

Frustrated, Mima shouts "stop regenerating, you little creeps! Pretty kitty, we may have to retreat!", while hovering just above the middle of the dirt path with her staff held sideways.

Maribel has short blonde hair, purple eyes, and wears a white mop cap with a silver four-edge star emblem hanging on the back by a red ribbon, a long purple dress with three white buttons, a sewn pouch on the left breast, a silver zipper covering a pocket on the right, has a white ribbon wrapped around her waist, which works as a pouch in front, and wears a pair of sky-blue socks with brown shoes.

She flies toward Mima, stands with her back against the evil spirit's, and replies "you may be right. I'm starting to get tired."

The annoying clinking sound of the helmet monsters warn the girls they need to prepare themselves for another assault, but before they can fly into action, they are reminded of the flying monsters when the whirring sound of their hat-propellers reach their ears.

Mima clicks her tongue as she glares up to the sky to her left, lifts her left hand, then shoots a magical fireball that explodes violently against the flying monsters, finishing off five of them and causing the remaining ten to scatter.

Maribel shouts "good one!", then she and Mima take flight to deal with the antenna and helmet monsters.

Maribel is immediately overwhelmed by at least a total of thirty monsters, while Mima, though facing about what she believes are forty or fifty, smiles as she fires three piercing laser beams from her fingers, finishing off a good number of monsters in an instant when the beams explode violently, yet more keep coming.

Maribel aims her open hands at her group of monsters, then pink and red energy hearts fly at them in great numbers.

Though it takes at least three to five hits to deal with just one, the amount of hearts shot by the girl are more than enough to deal with many creatures at once.

One of the helmet monsters crouches just before Maribel's hearts reach it, and manages to successfully protect itself from the impact, and to its luck, Maribel doesn't notice it.

Taking advantage, the creature start spinning around the ground like a top, with its claws and left foot spread, builds up speed, then rushes toward Maribel.

She feels something striking hard on her back, making her gasp and flinch, and that's when one of the flying creatures swoops down from her left and tackles her ribs, sending her flying against the nearby house.

Mima quickly notices this and turns her back on her enemies to call for Maribel, and that distraction is all these monsters need.

Five of the helmet, and three of the antenna monsters jump on Mima's back, knocking and pinning her to the ground on her stomach, and after she grunts and attempts to push herself up, she shouts "get off me! Dammit, you're heavier than you look!"

Mima watches with horror has more of the creatures surround and trap Maribel on the ground, and desperately calls for the girl while she, too, gets surrounded by the monsters, all eager to sink their claws into her back.

All the creatures suddenly stop, then look up the sky, where three faint screams get louder every second.

Before long, the bodies of Donald, Goofy, and Mickey, in that order, fall on the ground, Mickey's impact cushioned by Goofy's back.

Donald, however, took the full force of the impact, plus had his body used as a cushion for both Goofy and Mickey.

The king, being the first to recover, looks around and exclaims "Heartless!", jumps off Goofy's back, then summs to his right hand something that looks like a giant crooked key.

This odd item has a wide white hand guard that looks like a pair of wings held by a pair of circled stars that bend toward a white and yellow star that has a chain dangling from it, and at the end of this chain is a crescent moon.

Above the wings is a light-blue crooked blunt rod with white stars designed on it, a crescent, toothed end with a yellow crescent moon and star on the back, and to Mima, who has just managed to lift her head, there is a strange aura surrounding that item that seems to counter these dark creatures.

Mickey jumps toward Maribel and starts spinning around in the air while holding tightly to his weapon and generating a strange bright glow around himself that forces the monsters to run away, saving Maribel.

The second his feet touch the ground again, Mickey jumps again, this time headed toward Mima, then twirls around in the air, again generating this glow, and once close enough, the creatures scatter away from the evil spirit, but not before Mickey manages to strike one of the helmet monsters with this weapon of his, turning its body to dust and releasing a crystal pink heart to the air.

Mima immediately gets up from the ground, gasping with admiration at Mickey and his odd weapon, then asks "who are you?"

From behind her Donald squawks "no time for that! We have to get rid of these Heartless things!"

Mima looks to her right and sees Goofy, the dog creature, holding on to a round blue shield with a black motif on the center that resembles Mickey, the black mouse, and its adorned by golden bands that trace the motif and the shield itself.

To the left of the dog creature, Donald, the duck creature, holds on to a small black wand with a brown wizard's hat on its top, which seems to cover what looks like a blue robe that covering a humanoid's torso.

After looking at the strange guests, Mima rubs her chin while in thought, then says to herself "so these are the things are called Heartless, huh?"

Maribel runs to Mima, breaking her from her thoughts, then says "come on! We have to help them!"

Maribel runs past Mima and heads to join Goofy, while Mima simply smiles and says to herself "this is going to be an interesting day.", then flies toward Donald.

Maribel joins Goofy and assists him as they fight a horde of thirty of the Heartless; fourteen of the antenna creatures and sixteen of the helmet creatures.

While Maribel shoots her magical hearts, Goofy charges with his shield in front of him and smacks the Heartless as hard as he can, making a disturbingly loud clunk sound when tackling the monsters.

Mima and Donald find themselves surrounded by twenty of the helmet monsters, but neither looks worried.

In fact, both smirk almost too confidently before both unleash bolts of lightning; Mima's blue and Donald's yellow; that spread around a very small area after touching one of the creatures, taking out at least two per strike, and weakening about five more that stand close to the initial targets.

Mickey runs behind the left-side houses to confront the ten remaining flying Heartless, and although seemingly outnumbered, Mickey bravely faces them on with his odd blue and white weapon on hand.

Before the Heartless can attack, Mickey is already jumping toward them, twirling around with his weapon held tightly on his hand upon reaching them.

It takes several strikes to take one of these down, but Mickey moves so fast that he's taking out one every three seconds, sending those glass pink hearts flying away, and every time he strikes their bodies, crescent moon and star sparkles fly in the air and vanish quickly.

Two of the creatures behind Mickey rush toward him, raising their arm and readying their claws for a quick strike, but the mousy king drops down to the ground after taking out two more Heartless at the last second, making the creatures miss and crash their heads together when they are unable to stop in time.

Once on the ground, Mickey looks up at the monsters and watches as the two that attacked him recover, then join the remaining eight as they scatter around the air.

He raises his weapon and points it at the Heartless, frowns as he focuses, but the only thing that happens is that a white puff flies out of the tip of his weapon, making him look at it in confusion and wonder.

On the dirt road, Donald, Goofy, Mima and Maribel have joined their efforts, mixing in the remaining Heartless, which are about fifteen now, then Donald confidently says "I'll handle this!"

He raises his wand, squawks loudly, but nothing happens.

Mima looks unimpressed, and sounding disappointed, she says "seems you're out of juice, little duckling."

Donald scowls as he looks at the green-haired spirit, but before he fires off his mouth, from the dark-red roof of one of the houses, Mickey, holding on to a card on his left hand, shouts "declare your spell, like this! Fire Sign, Firaga!"

He points his odd weapon at the flying Heartless that are diving at him in a triangular formation from behind the house, then a massive ball of fire flies out of the tip of the blue weapon, flies fast at the intended targets, then burns right through the formation, weakening the last four that were spared from the flames.

Mickey jumps to the air to finish the job, while Donald turns his attention to the many antenna and helmet Heartless that are noisily running to him, then he squawks with surprise when a small rectangular blue glow covers his left hand.

Once the glowing stops, he sees he now holds a card with a picture of various yellow bolts of lightning, then chuckles and grins as he stares maliciously at the Heartless, raises his wand to the air, then shouts "Thunder Sign, Thundara!"

Just as the creatures jump toward Donald, Goofy, Mima and Maribel, several bolts of lightning strike down hard on the Heartless and turn most of them into clouds of dark dust.

Three of the antenna creatures remain alive, hidden as blobs on the ground, and when Donald confidently turns around to boast, all three creatures rise from the floor and rush toward the duck, tackling him on the head, sending him tumbling towards Maribel, and knocking both to the ground.

Goofy readies his shield, then from the right, Kyo roars as he jumps on the leader of the tiny pack, then swings his sword with might to finish off the last two with a slice, turning all three into dust in an instant.

Once the Heartless are dealt with, and Mickey regroups with his friends, Kyo looks back and asks "is everyone alright?", then looks at Mickey and his friends, and asks, "and who are you guys?"

After settling down, still near the eastern gates, Kyo, Mima and Maribel approach Mickey, Donald and Goofy, but before any question can be asked, from behind the houses to the right side, a girl excitedly shouts "wait! I want to kick some more black-thing butts!"

Medicine flies over the house with Su-San following after her, hurriedly lands between Kyo and the visitors, then frantically looks around while saying "alright, alright! Time get some medicine down those creeps'..."

After noticing there are no more monsters, she calms herself down, scratches the side of her head, looks up at Su-San who flies over her right shoulder, then asks "hey, why are the monsters gone?"

Kyo punches the youkai's head as he angrily asks "Medi, what the hell are you doing here?"

Crouching on the ground and rubbing her head while tears dangle under her eyes, Medicine looks up at Kyo with her left eye and a pout, and cries "you big bully. Luna sent me over here when I tried showing Amy how poison works. I wasn't going to poison her that much and she gets upset and sends me here like that, then you come and punch me. Idiot!"

Kyo face palms, points with his hand at Mickey and his friends as though presenting them, then says "settle down then. Our friends here are about to explain a few things to us."

Mickey chuckles nervously, but quickly settles down, then says "as I was saying, my name is Mickey, and these are Donald and Goofy, my most loyal friends."

Kyo, Medicine, Mima and Maribel bow respectfully, then Maribel asks "Mickey, Donald, Goofy, can you tell us about those creatures?"

Kyo quickly adds "we have all sorts of magicians, youkai and nut-heads here in Gensokyo, but these... things..."

Maribel quickly adds "I-I saw one of them doing something to the woman that lived in that house behind you, then something shiny came out of her chest and she suddenly turned into one of those things with antennas!"

Donald squawks to what sounds like an "awww", while Goofy gasps and sounding a bit frightened, he says "those Heartless fellas sound like trouble."

Mickey hums while rubbing his chin, then says "then it seems our crashing here was no accident after all."

Recovering his cheerful self, Goofy replies "a-hyuck, of course not your magest-" but Donald jumps on Goofy to cover his mouth, then whispers "Goofy, remember that we are visitors here."

Goofy gasps, then whispers back "sorry there. Won't happen again."

Mickey clears his throat, then says "those things with antennas are called Shadows, and they belong to what appears to be a wide variety of creatures called The Heartless."

Kyo, Medicine, Maribel, Donald and Goofy seem confused, but Mima looks interested, and seems to be thinking about something while pinching her chin.

After a pause, Mickey continues "I still don't know much about these beings myself, but I do know they are drawn to the darkness inside people's hearts, and once they tap into that darkness, the one attacked becomes a Heartless as well."

Maribel gasps, sweats while fretting about, and while holding her fists just below her neck, she asks "w-wait, does that mean that woman is d-d-de-...?"

Mickey looks away and says "I don't know that much yet. I've only just recently learned about these creatures myself."

Scowling, Donald adds "one thing's for sure. Those things sound like a real nuisance to me!"

Goofy nods in agreement while saying "and a little scary too."

Mima gets closer to Kyo, discretely points with her thumb at Donald, then whispers "hey, did you get any of that?"

Kyo whispers back "I was hoping you did."

After waiting for a bit before explaining some more, Mickey says "there is a large variety of these creatures, and the ones you faced so far are Shadows, the small ones with antennas, Soldiers, the ones with helmets, and Air Soldiers, the ones with wings. The only sure thing I understand about them is that they fear my weapon because it is one of the few things that can really finish them off."

Mickey closes his eyes to focus, summons his funny blue weapon, and before he can explain, Mima gets closer and startles all when she pushes her way toward Mickey's weapon.

Annoyed by Mima, Kyo asks "oi, Mima, what gives?"

Mima gasps, straightens herself up, with a loud poof, her ghostly bottom becomes a pair of legs hidden under her long robe, then says "oh my, how rude of me. Mickey, Donald, Goofy, I am Mima, magician extraordinaire, and those are Kyo, Medicine and Maribel. Now, I need to know... is that really a..."

Her eyes sparkle as she continues "a Keyblade?"

Mickey gasps in surprise, while Kyo and the others look quite confused, Kyo going as far as scratching his head while a yellow question mark appears floating above his head.

Mima turn her smiling face to her friends and says "let's test it out.", then turns to Mickey, grabs his Keyblade, then tosses it away, making it fall to the ground where it's tip stabs itself on the ground like a sword.

Mickey, understandably upset, exclaims "hey, what you do that for?"

To everyone's surprise, the weapon suddenly disappears in a flash of light, then appears back on Mickey's hand as though nothing ever happened.

Amazed, Kyo exclaims "whoa! That is one handy trick!"; Maribel exclaims "ooh, it's like he summoned it back!"; Medicine shrugs and says "eh, it was a string, I'm sure."

Mickey looks up at Mima and asks "and how do you know about Keyblades?"

Mima smiles smugly as she shrugs, then says "I've come across some pretty neat stuff during my time. I'll admit though, I've never seen a real Keyblade on the flesh. It's got some interesting energy wavelengths. It's like it's resonating with your own heart... mister."

Mickey nods in assent, calls off his Keyblade, then says "you can say this sort of unique weapon reacts differently to its owner, so yes, it should be linked to my heart in some way."

Kyo steps in to interrupt the conversation, then says "alright, enough of the Keyblades. What I really want to know is, why are these creatures here in Gensokyo, why are they attacking in such large numbers, and where the hell is Reimu? She normally starts taking care of these incidents after the second day!"

Mima gasps, then says "hey, you're right! I wonder what's that lazy shrine maiden doing right now?"

Kyo immediately asks "hold on, don't you live over there at the shrine?"

Mima giggles and smiles almost too innocently as she says "I've been sleeping under Maribel's bed these past few days."

Maribel yelps and exclaims "hey! So that explains my nightmares!"

Before Mima replies to that, Goofy points to the east, straight toward the Hakurei Shrine on top of the tall mountain, then loudly says "hey, uhh, look over there! Something funny's goin' on!"

Everyone looks toward the shrine and quickly notice some unnaturally dark clouds swirling above the shrine's roof, then witness when a massive black swirl of energy forms right in front of the large red gates.

Kyo sternly says "Maribel, you and Medicine go back to the school and stay with Renko and Luna."

Medicine complains "hey, who the heck do you think you-"

Before she can finish, Kyo turns around with a mighty furious face, an ominous under-glow, and in an ominous tone of voice, he says "I am not playing around. Go over there and take care of Luna!"

Medicine panics and salutes Kyo while trembling, then says "s-s-sorry... We'll be good."

Before moving out, Kyo looks at Mickey and his friends, and says "sorry to bother you with this, but seeing as you're the one with that Keyblade thing..."

Mickey nods, puts on a brave and determined face, then says "no problem. We'll go with ya and help as we can.", while Donald and Goofy look a little confused and nervous.

Goofy immediately adds "it's a good thing the king is here with us, or we would be in whole lot-"

When he realizes what he just said, Goofy covers his mouth with a goofy "oops", then Donald taps his webbed foot on the ground as he scowls at his friend

Kyo stares suspiciously at the visitors, then says "king, huh? You can explain later. C'mon! I'm actually getting a very bad feeling about that black thing over there."

Meanwhile, at the Hakurei Shrine, Marisa walks out of the storage house at the same time as Ail walks out of the greenhouse, sweating as though he's walked a marathon under a scorching sun.

They look at each other with defeated expressions on their faces, then say at the same time "nothing!"

They get closer to each other, stopping next to one of Rika's training dummies, then Ail says "no clues about Rika, or about what happened to Reimu."

Marisa sighs, then says "and it seems Mima-sama hasn't been here for a while, so looking for her will lead us nowhere, ze."

Ail slumps, and while his arms dangle in the air, he sighs, groans, then says "man, this is turning out to be a very dissapoin-"

He suddenly straightens up, looks around the shrine like a frightened animal, then Marisa twitches and gasps. Ail looks at Marisa and asks "do you feel that?"

The witch shivers, then asks "wh-why is it getting so dark and cold?"

Deafening thunder that startles Marisa to jump on Ail's hands comes accompanied by a purple bolt of lightning.

Holding Marisa and shivering, Ail nervously asks "and what the heck was that?"

Marisa sees a glimpse of a dark swirl in front of the shrine, points forward, then shouts "more monsters!"

Ail places Marisa on the ground on her feet, activates his Yozoragan mode, summons the two long Japanese swords of light, then bravely says "they're coming for Reimu! We have to protect her!"

Out of nowhere, a woman's voice that speaks directly into Ail and Marisa's heads says "that's a Darkside! You can't defeat it by yourselves! Get help!"

Ail and Marisa look around in confusion, then hear a loud rustle coming from behind them, but nothing else.

Ail and Marisa look at each other with doubt, then Marisa summons her broom to her right hand and confidently says "someone is trying to scare us, but we won't fall for that! We must protect Reimu from this... Darkside thing!"

Ail's face fills with determination, nods at Marisa, then says "like hell I'm leaving now! Let's work together, and protect Reimu. She's already saved our butts plenty of times already, so it's only fair we return the favor!"

Marisa nods back to Ail and says "a perfect way to even the score", then both smile with confidence toward the shrine's front, Marisa sits on her broom, Ail readies himself, then both rush forth.

When they reach the front, both of them stop so abruptly, that even Marisa's broom skids to a halt in the air.

Right in front of the gates is a large black creature with a head full of tentacles, small round yellow eyes, a buff muscled torso and arms, small twisted wings on its back, short thin legs with feet that curl upward, and on its abdomen is a large hole that looks like a heart.

Both Ail and Marisa turn a bit pale at the sight, but almost simultaneously recover their brave faces, then rush forth, shouting with courage.

The moment Ail and Marisa get close, Darkside roars to the air and slowly swings its left arm in an attempt to swat Marisa out of the air.

Marisa rises to avoid its muscular arm, then proceeds to showering the monster with a barrage of multi-colored stars.

Ail runs to his right arm, jumps as high as he can, then swings his weapons alternately, swinging his right sword, spinning around to strike it again with the left, swings downward with the right, then finishes with a downward strike with both weapons.

Once back on the ground, Ail looks at his swords with confusion, looks back up at the Darkside, then notices how his, and Marisa's attacks are doing nothing to it.

Worried, Ail shouts "it's not working! We're not even tickling this guy!"

Without warning, the creature swings his right arm and strikes Ail on the side of the head with the back of it, sending him flying straight toward the donation box.

Marisa flinches when she witnesses that hit, then looks toward the creature, growls, pulls her Hakkero form her apron's right pocket, then says "oh, you're going down hard, you big snot."

The creature only stares at Marisa as she mouths her spell, then Marisa suddenly shouts "Love Sign, Master Spaaaaark!"

The familiar wide multi-colored beam consumes a good chunk of the Darkside, making it roar and lash its arms around as the destructive beam pierces its muscular body.

Confident, Marisa grins and intensifies her beam, having to hold her hat with her left hand so it doesn't blow away, but her confident grin quickly disappears.

The monster starts moving around as though nothing is happening to it at all. It raises its right arm, punches the ground, the ground gets consumed by a dark blob, its hand goes through that blob, then it immediately pulls his arm out and is now carrying a strange dark-brown energy orb that's surrounded by dark beams.

It throws the orb to the air, where it bursts and becomes many small violet and black orbs that rain down from the sky.

Marisa yelps, cancels her spell so that she can dodge the raining orbs, then shouts "Ail, some assistance would be appreciated!"

Ail runs straight toward the monster just as it rams its left fist on the ground, generating another dark circle blob on the ground where its arm goes through, this time summoning more Shadows to aid the Darkside.

Five Shadows are summoned by the time Ail reaches Darkside's arm and attempts to attack, but his swords of light do very little damage to it.

Ail growls, then finds himself fending off the five Shadows when one of them tries to jump behind him and strike him with its claws, forcing him to roll away to avoid being hit.

After defeating two of the small creatures, he looks up at Marisa and shouts "this is impossible! Marisa, I think we're in over our heads with this one!"

Marisa ignores Ail as she glares straight into the Darkside's eyes, then raises her right hand to fire a piercing blue beam from her Hakkero that goes right through the large monster's head.

The Darkside twitches, its eyes intensify, it moves its creepy curled wings, curls itself up, hugging itself with its mighty arms, then Marisa grins and says "heh, just needed to be softened up a bit."

It suddenly uncurls and sends a barrage of small, but fast and powerful purple orbs from the heart-shaped hole on its chest, that catch Marisa and Ail off guard.

Two of the orbs strike Marisa on her head and chest, making her groan before falling from the sky to the ground next to the hot spring, and being the worrisome fool he is, Ail forgets he still has one of those Shadows roaming about when he runs toward Marisa, calling for her in hopes that she'll reply quickly.

The Shadow rushes ahead of Ail in its blob form, rises from the ground, then strikes him on the face with a crude uppercut.

Ail tumbles backyard, placing his left forearm on his face, and that's when he fully understands the predicament he and Marisa are in.

He lowers his defenses, stares at the Darkside to his right, then at the Shadow that's approaching him from his front, then sighs, raises his right weapon, then turns around and rushes toward the large monster, thinking "dammit, of all the times to goof up! I'm sorry Reimu, but it seems that the one time you truly need my help, I failed miserably. Hope you survive this, so you can scold this fool's spirit when you get back."

As he thinks this, he reaches the monster and swings his right blade, this time making Darkside flinch, but even so, the damage done isn't that much.

What's worse, the little Shadow has caught up, so Ail turns his attention and left blade toward it, slashes it twice to turn it to dust, then the Darkside rams its right fist on the ground again, sending a dark shockwave that sends Ail flying on his face to the ground a few feet away.

Ail gets up from the ground and turns around as quickly as he can, only to watch as the monster raises both fists above its head to finish him off.

Ail sits back down on the ground and covers his head with his forearms, preparing himself for the worst, then, from behind the monster, the mousey voice of King Mickey comes loudly as he shouts "Ice Sign, Blizzaga!"

A large icicle flies through the Darkside's open abdomen and explodes into many large spreading icicles that damage the creature so much, it slumps and lets his arms and head dangle close to the ground.

Mickey jumps over the monster and starts spinning around with his Keyblade held with both hands when close to the head, striking the monster repeatedly and hard, and as soon as he touches the ground, the Darkside recovers and straightens up, but Mickey is already jumping toward its left arm and twirling around to strike it fast.

Ail manages to recover enough to sit up, but he is too amazed and simply watches as the battle continues.

Donald and Goofy come running from the monster's sides and Donald immediately shoots a small fireball from his small staff at the creature's head, making it roar as it bends back from the force of the impact.

Goofy starts spinning around with his shield on his right arm and strikes the monster several times on the left arm, making it fling off to the air.

Mickey is once again airborne and swinging his Keyblade fast and hard against the monster's right arm, and after an aerial thrust, the monster's right arm flings backward.

After that, the three humanoid creatures stop attacking, then walk toward Ail as though the monster is already gone, but the Darkside is still here.

Ail gasps and points back as he shouts "wait, it's still alive!"

Kyo suddenly flies from behind the creature with his own sword held downward with both hands, then thrusts the blade on the very center of the Darkside's head, making it stop in its place as a beam of light that, oddly enough, emanates from inside its head, slowly consumes the monster, making it vanish slowly, so Kyo pulls his sword out of its head and jumps down to regroup with his new friends before he falls off the monster's head.

Ail is left in shock and is unable to even think of something to say, so once Mickey gets close enough, he says "hi! You must be Ail, right? I'm Mickey, this is Donald, and this is Goofy."

Goofy raises his right hand and says a cheerful "howdy", while Donald just smirks.

Ail stammers for a moment, then Kyo loudly says "well, look at that. I'm saving your butt again, just like old times!"

Ail stammers some more, then points at the shrine's gates, which are now clean of any remaining darkness, then says "but I... Marisa even...M-Master Sparked it!"

From the left of Ail, all the way in front of the hot spring, Marisa exclaims "holy hell, that was amazing, ze! And with such simple spells too!"

Donald takes this comment personally, scowls at Marisa, then asks "heyyy, what do you mean 'simple spells'?"

Marisa casually replies "just what I said! That fireball was a simple spell. Not very impressive."

Donald starts squawking unintelligibly while jumping in place and raising his left fist and swinging his right around, then, from behind the duck, Kyo places his hand on his face, and from behind him, Mima sighs and says "no, no. Just let them be. It'll be easier on your nerves."

Kyo looks back at Mima, then says "it's not that. It's that, she understood the duck."

Mima gasps with surprise, and simply scratches her chin while staring at Marisa with curiosity, then absent-mindedly says "maybe it was a mushroom."

To be continued...

Touhou-Project Shrine Maiden elements belong to ZUN -Team Shanghai Alice-

Kingdom Hearts elements belong to Square Enix and Disney Interactive

Ail, Kyo, Luna Rivers, Kimi and Kali, plus additional characters, were created by Willie G.R.

Rika Onkamikami and Suzaku were created by Snapshot 2010

FEB 16 2011 (Updated FEB 28 2012 {DAMN I took a while})

Written by

Willie G.R.


First off, I hope this wasn't too confusing for you in the beginning, and I mean that where the Heartless are concerned. I am writing this at the point of view of the Touhou cast, so to them, they are these "creatures" at first. Aside from that, I hope you enjoyed this chapter for my first crossover.

I am trying as hard as I can, and more, with this, as I want both the KH and TH elements to shine, and I hope I achieve this. One very important thing I want to ask the readers is the following. I ask that for the first three or five chapters you leave a comment or review regarding this crossover. Depending on what you write, and how many visits and hits this fiction gets, I'll either cut to the chase and end this quickly, or continue writing and adding more elements and characters. This will include other worlds and Disney and Final Fantasy characters.

For now, I leave you and hope you have enjoyed this chapter. Take care.

This chapter's new Heartless

Shadow - A common type of Heartless that, although is weak, always appear in great numbers, have the annoying ability to sink on the floor like shadows, which makes them invulnerable to attacks, and can be quite annoying... really.

Soldier - Second, most common type of Heartless. They can use their helmets to protect themselves from physical, and SOME magical attacks (in this fiction). They use both their claws and feet to attack.

Air Soldier - Not so common, but can be found in many worlds. Quite the agile little creatures, while in the air (which they keep to all the time). They either tackle, or flip-kick, and will also use their claws, though sparingly.

Boss Heartless - Darkside - The very first boss you'll ever face in the Kingdom Hearts games (if you play from the very first game, that is). This Heartless' strength and power can vary greatly, but it is generally quite strong. His most basic attacks are the purple homing fireballs from its chest, and the summoning of Shadows by ramming a fist on the ground.

(The idea for these list of explanation about the Heartless by Snapshot 2010)