It is late noon at the Hakurei Shrine, where a bunch of visitors; some local, three of them new to Gensokyo; look for any possible way to free the shrine maiden from her current prison, and learn a bit more from each other along the way.

There she is, inside that purple crystal with three prongs on its top, sitting with her legs crossed under her skirt and her eyes closed, blocking the way into the shrine's rooms; Reimu Hakurei.

Up to this moment, Rika is still missing, and although they are sure she's alright, her friends can't help but worry about her.

Ail stands in front of the crystal, aiming both hands at Reimu, bending his body, squinting his eyes, clenching his teeth tight, and groaning as though using great force.

Kyo stands to his right, while Mima, who has returned to her ghostly-legged self, hovers to his left, and Kyo, with great concern for his friend, places his hand on Ail's right shoulder and says "come on dude, that's enough. You're going to strain yourself."

Ail relaxes completely after expelling all his held-up breath, he breathes deeply through his mouth, then looks at Kyo and nods.

Mima smacks his back hard as she chuckles, and playfully says "so gapping her out of there didn't work. Big deal. Now you go rest and let me give it a whack."

Ail suddenly stiffens up, smiles nervously at Mima, but before he can say it, Mima says "don't worry, I'm not blasting this thing with Reimu inside. What do you think I am, a third-rate magician?"

Marisa sits by the table, next to Donald, and when Mima says those words, she grips her hat and lowers it over her face to hide her embarrassment from trying to Master Spark Reimu free a few hours before.

The exhausted Ail waddles toward the table, then drops on his seat in front of it, lets his head drop on the tabletop, then glances around at Marisa, who is sitting next to the open sliding doors to the left of the shrine, and Donald, Goofy and Mickey, who are huddled up, sitting next to each other while looking at several spell cards as though studying them closely.

Ail looks at their confused faces, smiles, then says "those are spell cards, used for turning battles into danmaku, also known as bullet hell games. They turn strong spells into somewhat harmless versions of themselves. Whomever wins a spell card battle gets to have his, or her demands, request, or whatever was it that was agreed upon before the battle, fulfilled by the losing party... With me so far?"

Donald lets out a long, soft squawk, while Mickey looks at Ail and says "I think so. What I don't understand is, why it is necessary to declare the spell."

Ail continues to smile as he raises his head from the tabletop and says "that's because Reimu thought that, with the spells being declared beforehand, there is no chance for either party to be surprised by any sudden spell casting."

Mickey, Donald and Goofy look at Ail with interest, then turn their heads to look at Reimu inside her crystal prison, then Anilan sighs and says "yes, she's the one that created this spell card system, and the reason why it's so concerning that she's trapped in there in the first place."

Mima suddenly groans while scratching her head, and sounding frustrated, she says "we're going to need someone with the same magical knowledge as I do over here. I can see and feel the magical aura around this, and can sense something, like some sort of signal entering and exiting this thing, but I just can't figure this thing out."

Marisa bangs on the table with her left hand and says "I'll get Patchouli over here. That book-filled brain of hers can help."

The black witch hops on her feet, heads straight outside, summons her broom to her lifted right hand, but before she even mounts it, Kyo says "oi, you're not going alone, miss."

Marisa turns a rather annoyed smile toward Kyo and says "hey, I am perfectly capable of taking care of myself, ze!"

Mima turns around to meet Marisa's face and says "young lady, the hunk is right. Please take mister Donald with you."

Marisa and Donald suddenly straighten up and dangle their arms in the air while slouching, and at the same time, they exclaim "NO WAY!"

The duck and the witch suddenly look at each other, scowl, then Donald asks "why should I go with that annoying girl anyway?"

Mickey looks at Mima's face, stares at her confident "I-Know-What-I'm-Doing" smile, then turns his head to look at Donald, and says "I think you two better do as she says."

Both Marisa and Donald say "what?" at the same time, stare at each other with another scowl and a frown, then both sigh in defeat and say a sad "alright, let's do it.", at the same time.

A few minutes later, after the two reluctant spell casters leave to the Scarlet Devil Mansion on Marisa's broom, King Mickey and Ail are having a conversation on the back of the shrine, while Kyo, Goofy and Mima watch with interest from the porch, drinking tea from Reimu's favorite tea set; large brown mugs she normally fills to the brim.

Mickey stares with interest when Ail summons a rod made entirely of light to his right hand, and observes how the energy flows from the bracelet.

Sounding disappointed, Ail says "even with this weapon in my arsenal, I couldn't defeat that large monster you call a Darkside."

Mickey touches Ail's weapon of light with the back of his hand, then hums while rubbing his chin and pondering, then says "your weapon is connected to your heart, just like Kyo's, only... there's something different about yours."

Kyo raises his right hand, summons his own Japanese sword with the flaming hilt, then casually stares at it while asking "hey yeah, how come my sword works like your Keyblade? You know, releasing those hearts and all?"

Mima chuckles, rests her head on Kyo's left shoulder, then says "you really don't get it, hunk?"

Mickey turns to look at Kyo, smiles, then says "this is only an assumption from my part, but the reason could be that your heart is already strong, and filled with enough light to deal with the Heartless' darkness."

Ail stares at Mickey with confusion while white question marks appear around his head, then he asks "what's a... Key...blade?"

Mickey turns around to face Ail, raises his right hand, and in a flash of light, his blue, crooked Keyblade appears on his hand, then he says "this is my Keyblade, Star Seeker."

Ail stares at it with admiration, then mumbles to himself "odd energy...", then activates his Yozoragan mode, startling King Mickey and saying "er, sorry, I didn't mean to startle you there. Please, let me take a better look there."

Mickey sighs to recover himself, raises the Star Seeker a little higher, and now Ail can clearly see a bright and colorful energy field surrounding the weapon, an even brighter beam of light inside of it, and watches how the inner beam of light enters Mickey through his hand and trails its way toward his chest, more precisely, his heart.

Fascinated, Ail stretches his ethereal dragon wings, startling Mickey into a defensive position, then points at the Keyblade and excitedly asks "can I touch it?"

Mickey looks at Ail quite suspiciously, so Ail, to calm him down, chuckles and says "I'm sorry, I should have explained. My abilities involve the opening of rifts through space and time, even though I'm not really that good at it, AND energy manipulation, which is my specialty."

Mickey finishes for Ail, saying "oh, so you want to touch it to experience the energy for yourself. Then go ahead."

Mickey raises his Keyblade and points it at Ail, who looks as excited as a child with his new toy as he pokes its toothed end and chuckles.

Later that day, Marisa and Donald are only a few feet away from the Scarlet Devil Mansion island, when Donald suddenly breaks the long and awkward silence between them by asking "is it always so dark here?"

Marisa looks up at the small clutter of unnaturally dark clouds over the island, then says "well, the master of the mansion is a vampire, so she probably asked Patchouli to block the sun, or something like that."

Unimpressed and ignoring Marisa's explanation, Donald survey's the area from the sky, admiring the trees, flowers and bushes all over the island, then something catches his eyes.

Over at the left side of the island, there is a whole area of the lake completely frozen, and a good chunk of the island itself looking like a winter wasteland.

He squints his eyes after noticing something else, then asks "hey, what's that thing coming at us?"

Marisa looks around in confusion, but before she can see anything, an icicle twice the size of Marisa's broom flies right between the witch and the duck, knocking them both out of the broom to fall head-first to the island.

Both of them are lucky that gravity seems to have been altered, so they fall relatively softly and immediately stand up with their brave faces on, and their weapons, Donald's staff and Marisa's Hakkero, already on hand and ready.

Looking around the sky, Marisa loudly exclaims "that was Cirno! You pesky little ice fairy, COME ON OUT, so I can punish you!"

Donald scowls at Marisa and says "for once, I agree with you!", then readies a small icicle on the tip of his small staff.

Marisa looks at the duck and says "oi, I just said that Cirno is an ice fairy. She'll absorb that spell. Use fire, or light."

Just as Donald nods in assent, three more icicle appear from the sky, seemingly out of nowhere, forcing Marisa and Donald to split up, but long before they have a chance to even look for each other, green kunai knives and blue ice bullets rain down on them, splitting them further apart, forcing Marisa closer to the thawed lake end, while forcing Donald straight toward the miniature snowfield.

Marisa runs as though the devil itself was after her, especially after noticing those green kunai have a curse on them.

She screams with fright when she notices how each of the knives leave a black circle on the ground, then loudly exclaims "th-that's a death curse!", and starts running faster.

She stops right before plunging into the lake's shore, and just as well.

Hovering just above the water is a large fairy with golden wings, blue eyes, long green hair tied to a ponytail with a yellow ribbon to her left, and wearing a short sleeved white shirt with a blue dress on top, and no shoes.

Marisa looks at the fairy, frowns furiously, and whispers "great. I was frightened to death by a stupid fair... wait, what's that?"

Marisa takes a long, hard look at the fairy, then notices the fairy's eyes are empty, and a black aura surrounds her head.

Not taking her chances, Marisa summons her broom to her right hand, a pair of orbs, with stars drawn into them, that hover to her sides, and raises her left hand to point her Hakkero at the fairy.

Warningly, Marisa smiles while saying "Daiyousei, right? Say, why don't you fly away before I-"

Daiyousei raises her right hand, then eight Heartless appear; three Shadows appear on land and five of a new type of Heartless, named Screwdivers, appear on the water.

These have a head that looks like a sick green fish with a propeller for a back-fin, has its jagged-toothed mouth open to reveal a pair of bright yellow round eyes inside, has a green body with dark-green flipper-like feet, dark-green arms and claws, holds a mid-blue trident on its right hand, and has a black-heart emblem on its chest.

Marisa groans while staring sickly toward the Heartless around Daiyousei, powers up her orbs and Hakkero, and says "I'll take that as a 'no Marisa, I want you to totally beat me today.' Yeah, I suppose I can give you some Marisa, but only for today, ze."

Right after the first Shadow jumps to attack, both orbs to Marisa's sides fire green spear-like sparks at an incredibly rapid pace, knocking that, and the other two Shadows on their backs, then Marisa uses her Hakkero to shoot a thick blue beam at the knocked out Shadows, quickly ending their existence, leaving only a thin black dust in their stead.

The black and white witch smirks when she looks at Daiyousei, then aims her Hakkero straight at the fairy's face, but the five Screwdivers jump out of the water, twirling in the air and holding their tridents out in front, as though aiming to skewer the witch.

Marisa manages to jump back in time to avoid the attack, then has her two floating orbs punish the first two Heartless in front, while she prepares a spell.

The other three Screwdivers jump over their comrades to try and cut Marisa with their raised tridents, but before they even see it coming, Marisa shouts "Magic Sign, Stardust Reverie!"

She immediately sits on her broom and rushes toward the Heartless and Daiyousei, surrounding herself in a bright magical aura while trailing countless colorful stars behind herself, turning the Heartless to dust in an instant.

Daiyousei opens her empty eyes wide and gasps, then frantically waves her arms around to shoot more of those cursed green kunai knives to defend herself from the magical green spears and Marisa's trailing stars.

The witch takes off to the sky to avoid the knives, and when she's high above the fairy, she lets herself fall, pockets her Hakkero, holds her broom above her head, and when Daiyousei tries to run away, Marisa shouts "oh, do you think I'm letting you off the hook so easily? THINK AGAIN!"

When she's just a foot away from the fairy, Marisa strikes her with the brush-end of her broom, right before making a loud splash upon falling in the water.

Meanwhile, Donald finds himself rolling around on the snow and hiding behind large icicles to avoid being hit by a rain of smaller icicles and yellow orbs.

Above the field of snow is another fairy, this one with six icicle wings, three on each side, short blue hair adorned with a large blue bow on the back of her head, empty blue eyes, and wearing a long blue dress with puffy white sleeves and a white jagged border designs on the bottom, a red ribbon around her shirt's collar, and a pair of light-blue shoes.

Donald can see a black fire surrounding her head, so he assumes she is being posses, and so has kept using simple fireballs to try and subdue her, but he's growing weary of the battle, and thus, rapidly losing his patience.

From behind the large icicle, Donald shouts "hey, fairy girl! Stop doing that, or I'm going to squash you!"

As her response, the large icicles on the ground rise to the air, making Donald squawk in surprise, and now watches as all eight large icicles surround the ice fairy.

Donald lets out another disapproving squawk, then tries to run away, only to have massive ice pillars rise in front and all around him and the ice fairy, creating a large round snow arena. Without much though, Donald starts running around while shooting small fireballs at the fairy, and without actually planning it, his running around saves him from the shower of icicles that rain from the sky.

The fireballs manage to stun the ice fairy for a small while, but after she recovers, she raises her arms in the air and causes the icicles around her to rise above her head and spin clockwise fast enough to cause a magical reaction.

Donald fires another fireball at the fairy, but she lowers her left hand and creates a small round ice shield that protects her, and her voice echoes lifeless and dragged as she shouts "strooooonnnn... geeest... Youuuuu caaaaan't...!"

Donald squawks and runs closer to an ice pillar, then watches as the ice fairy lands on the ground, and how she now holds a large lance made entirely of ice and swings it around with ease.

Donald scowls at the fairy, then says "oh yeah? Let's see you try and get close enough to use that!"

He picks up a spell card from under his droopy hat, snickers while looking at the ice fairy, then points his small wand at her and shouts "Fission Firaga!"

From his wand, a massive ball of fire flies straight at the ice fairy, and when it touches the second ice shield she made to protect herself, it explodes and expands, and to Donald's surprise, it doesn't end there.

After the fire knocks the ice fairy on her back, Donald's wand starts shooting small petal-shaped fire bullets, and now he turns around and uses those fire bullets against the ice pillar right behind him, while smiling confidently, but with scowled eyebrows.

Before he's done completely thawing the pillar, the ice fairy thrusts her lance to the right of his feet, making him screech loudly in surprise and move away immediately.

Somehow, the small fairy with the empty eyes and the black aura around her head is moving fast, and thrusting her weapon even faster, sliding forward whenever she thrusts that thing.

While running toward the other end of the snow arena, Donald picks another spell card from under his hat and shouts "Fire Sign, Fira!", and from his wand, several mid-sized fireballs fly straight to the fairy.

She uses the ice lance to defend herself as best she can, but Donald's fireballs are relentless, and after blocking ten of the fireballs, the lance melts, then three more fireballs fly straight at the ice fairy and strike her on the chest.

Donald takes this chance, runs straight at her, ignites a small fireball on the tip of his wand, then smacks the fairy on the head, saying "I've had enough of you!"

Even though he manages to hit the fairy on the head and knocks her to the ground, his fireballs misfires, misses the fairy, and flies off toward the almost thawed pillar, knocking it down with ease and making it blow up as though it's been blasted by one of Marisa's beams.

From the snow that rises from what used to be the base of the pillar, a small girl's voice loudly says "Cirno! Stop fighting, please! Cirno!"

After that, another, more familiar girl's voice says "calm down. I'm sure she's just fine, da-ze."

From the source of the voices between the ice pillars, Daiyousei, the green-haired fairy, moves so fast toward her fairy friend, that when she kneels next to her, she kicks some snow on Donald's face while she slides to a stop.

Donald, of course, gets angry and exclaims "hey! What's the big idea?", startling the fairy.

Marisa calmly walks over to the duck, with her floating orbs blowing warm air to dry her dress up, and with an annoyingly confident smirk on her face, she says "well, Donald, you actually managed to beat Cirno. Congratulations, you're not as weak as you look."

She holds on to her chin while looking up to the sky and says "of course, Cirno is quite the weakling. I guess that's perfect for a simple magician like you."

Donald furiously squabbles incoherently while swinging his fists in the air, then Marisa replies "aww, pipe down. I'm sure you did great, but I'm just saying."

Daiyousei screams, both Marisa and Donald prepare for another attack, but watch in awe as a dark fuzzy orb flies out of Cirno's head, and speeds away toward the Scarlet Devil Mansion's second floor, phasing through the wall, followed by a second fuzzy black orb form the other side of the island.

Marisa gulps, and looking a lot less confident, says "so... I'm guessing there's Heartless in there too, huh?"

Equally unsettled, Donald nods in assent.

Cirno suddenly starts moaning, and to distract themselves from the mansion, Donald and Marisa turn their attention to the two fairies.

After sighing with relief, Daiyousei says "Cirno-chan, you're alright. Thank goodness."

Cirno lifts her head from the rapidly-melting snow, looks around, then asks "wh-what happened?"

Marisa immediately says "that's what I would like to ask you! Both you and you girlfriend here were surrounded by a black aura, like you were being possessed."

Donald takes a step forward and adds "and you both attacked us like maniacs!"

Cirno looks up at Marisa and Donald, but before she asks, Marisa says "that's Donald. A very simple magician."

Donald kicks Marisa's ankle, making her jump in place while holding on to her right foot, then Cirno suddenly says "something came at us from the mansion, and it hurt! Ugh, I want to teach them some manners. I am the strongest fairy after all... but why do I feel like I've been shot at with fireballs? I feel weak now..."

Donald chuckles nervously, and to his surprise, before having to explain himself, Marisa says "you just had a fight with us and lost. That's why. Now, you two keep out of trouble. Donald and I need to go check on the mansion."

Before Donald, or any of the fairies for that matter, can even speak, Marisa grabs that duck by the back of his shirt and drags him all the way toward the mansion, leaving Cirno sitting on the melting snow next to Daiyousei.

The ice fairy looks at her surroundings, turns her attention to her friend, then asks "umm, Dai-chan? What is this place?"

Meanwhile, at the Hakurei Shrine's training ground, Ail has a squiggly rod made of light on his right hand; a failed attempt from his part to try and copy a Keyblade.

Mickey, who stands right besides Ail, face palms and sighs, then says "I'm telling ya', even if you know how it works, you can't just copy a Keyblade out of nowhere. A Keyblade is much more complicated than that. You have to earn the right to wield one."

Ail turns his weapon off, stares at Mickey, blinks twice, then asks "so maybe I should try making something LIKE a Keyblade, but not an actual Keyblade? Then let me try this..."

Before Ail activates his weapon of light again, Mickey replies "no, I mean... oh darn it, I don't know what I mean anymore."

Ail activates the light, but instead of a weapon, he summons the silhouette of a long-haired woman that seems to be stretching her arms behind her head.

Ail blushes beet red, turns the light off, then walks away from Mickey, who asks "Ail, what wasn't a weapon. What exactly did you do there?"

While Ail walks away and Mickey follows, they argue about that questionable image the boy summoned, and by the shrine's porch, Kyo has Mima resting her head on his shoulder while he talks to Goofy about Mickey being king.

Goofy scratches the left side of his head, just under his ear, while saying "well, the cat's outta' the bag, so..."

He leans closer to Kyo and Mima, and whispers "you see, we're from another world, but folk aint' supposed to know that. Uh, something about keepin' the world order. King Mickey is the ruler of our world, and a fine one too. A-hyuk, he's still trainin' to become a Keyblade master, but he's doing a great job at it already!"

Kyo whispers back "so how did you get here in the first place?"

Goofy covers his mouth, then whispers "gawrsh, I'm not supposed to say."

Before Kyo opens his mouth again, from their right, Mickey says "then allow me."

Mickey and Ail stand but a few feet away from their friends, surprising them all, even Mima, due to their sudden, stealthy appearance.

Kyo smiles mischievously at his friend, then grins and mischievously asks "so Ail, when are you going to stop thinking about Sanae and start focusing on making that weapon work right?"

Ail smiles while raising his right fist and flipping his middle finger at Kyo, but his friend turns his full attention to Mickey's explanations, ignoring Anilan's crude reply.

Mickey looks at Mima, then at Kyo, then says "we came here by means of our Gummy ship. We use it to travel from world to world, help out the locals deal with the darkness, then move on."

Mickey notices the looks of interest in everyone's face, then continues "we were sent here by my master when he sensed something wrong in this world, and he was right, but something interfered with the ships navigational system and we crash-landed here. Still, I wonder where is that ship now?"

Over the skies of Gensokyo, above the very clouds of white that caress the ground with their absent touch, two girls fly for their lives as the red and yellow Gummy ship flies straight at them, following them wherever they try to turn to, aiming its pointy tip at their butts.

The one on the right has short violet-blue hair, red eyes, and wears a black hat with a red ribbon that look like a pair of antennas on her head, a white long-sleeved shirt, a long black skirt that reaches down to her ankles, adorned with several open silver zippers on the sides, a pair of white socks and black shoes, and has a pink shawl with frilly red borders entwined around her arms and her shoulder.

Her name, is Iku Nagae, an oarfish youkai, and also a messenger of the dragons.

The one on the left has long blue hair and dark-red eyes, and wears a black hat with peaches seemingly clipped on to the sides, a pink shirt that reaches down to her thighs, with colorful bits surrounding the bottom of it, a long blue skirt that reaches just above her ankles, ties a large sky-blue bow around her waist, and wears a pair of brown cross-laced boots on her feet.

Her name is Tenshi Hinanai, a celestial, and a nuisance to almost everyone down in Gensokyo, save for a handful of friends.

Iku looks to Tenshi with tears dangling from her eyes as she cries out "miss eldest daughter, what do we do now?"

Tenshi looks back and opens her eyes wide when she sees the red crewless ship right behind her, then shouts "let's split up again!"

Iku grabs Tenshi's shoulder before she's out of reach, then angrily says "no way! You let that thing chase me around for hours before and didn't help!"

Tenshi desperately cries "wait, Iku, don't slow down or it's gonna- PHLEG!"

Before she can finish her sentence, the red Gummy ship flies through the two girls, running over them and sending to separate spots on the clouds, then continues on its way, flying aimlessly while seemingly searching for its crew.

Back down at the Hakurei Shrine, Mickey stops wondering about the ship, then turns his attention to Kyo and Ail, then says "say Kyo, why don't you show Ail how your weapon works? It might help him emulate something that could defeat those heartless."

Kyo looks to his friend, Ail looks back, then Kyo nods and says "sure. As long as it helps."

Ail suddenly twitches, looks around as though seeing the shrine for the first time, then asks "I just got the strangest feeling that something's just not right..."

Mima smiles, and contently says "ah, then things are going as they always do. That's good."

Both Kyo and Ail stare in disbelief at the evil spirit, while Goofy and Mickey look at each other and shrug, obviously unsure of that their friends are saying.

Meanwhile, at the Scarlet Devil Mansion, the front door to the mansion's foyer slowly opens up, making an unnecessarily loud and long creaking sound, then the door stops half-way through.

Marisa peeks her head inside the mansion, then whispers "looks safe enough."

Donald peeks his head below Marisa's and glances up at the witch, then says "let's just get inside and do this quick."

Marisa nods and says "I agree, ze. Let's get in and out of the creepy as fast as we can."

Both characters pulls their heads back outside, the door fully opens up with a bang, there is a long pause, then suddenly Donald screams while Marisa shouts "alright, you go in first!"

Donald flies inside the mansion by force and falls on his chest on the large red carpet with yellow wave designs on its borders, sliding on said carpet until his beak bumps against the first step to the stairs leading to the next floor.

Marisa casually walks inside, closes the door behind her, then says "hey, get up already."

Donald suddenly springs to his feet, squawks incoherently, and jumps on Marisa, knocks her on her back, grabs her cheeks, stretches them as far as he can, then angrily asks "why did you throw me in here like that, you talentless fiend!"

Marisa scowls at Donald and manages to reply "hash to make sure ish wah shafe!", then grabs the side of Donald's beak and starts stretching his face as well.

Suddenly, just as they started fighting, they stop, and now Donald looks around himself and awes with admiration.

He jumps off Marisa and looks up to the stairs, admiring the clean scarlet carpet trailing up to the next floor.

To the right of the stairs, after an amazingly tall ornamental archway, is one long and dark corridor lit by what little light enters through the few windows in sight, and a few dim lamps on the walls.

Back in the foyer, between the stairs and said corridor, is a dark archway that seems to lead down to a what should be the basement.

No light can be seen from inside, making it a little creepy, but the green plants in the golden pots stationed on twin wooden pillars between the archway makes it look a little more civilized.

To the left of the stairs is another archway similar to the one on the right, and this one leads to yet another corridor, but this one has more windows, allowing in more of the dim light from outside, and the same number of lamps as the corridor to the right.

As Donald looks around, he notices the ceiling is adorned by a large gold chandelier that hangs so high up, he wonders how do they manage to clean it so neatly, and that's when he realizes something, and asks "say~! Isn't this place bigger than it looked from outside?"

Marisa chuckles, then says "there's someone that works here that loves messing with space and time."

As Donald finishes admiring the mirror-polished pink marble floors, he hums, then says "it's impressive, but our castle has more light than this."

Marisa shrugs, then says "hey, I told you. The master of this mansion is one temperamental and bratty vampire. Her name's-"

Six black orbs appear right in front of the stairs, making a loud whoolsh noise, and now they have six Heartless flying in a wall-like formation in front of them.

They all have a smooth conical bodies with jagged collars, conical yellow hats with jagged edges and twisted thin tips, a pair of thin toes that look more like little bid claws, a round black head with yellow eyes, and have a black heart emblem on the chests.

The two on top are red colored, called Red Nocturne, the two in the middle are blue colored, called Blue Rhapsody, and the two on the bottom are yellow colored, called Yellow Opera, and all suddenly break their formation as they start to fly around Marisa and Donald.

The Yellow Opera move around annoyingly erratically, and quite fast, the Red Nocturnes move slowly and smoothly, but keep far away from the two magicians, and the Blue Rhapsodies move at a moderate speed, and keep as far away from the Red Nocturnes and Donald as possible.

Marisa summons her broom and her two floating orbs and shouts "COME ON THEN!", while Donald is already casting Thunder on the Blue Rhapsody in front of him.

The yellow bolts of lightning hit their mark, but the yellow Heartless get in the way and literally absorb the spell, making Donald squawk angrily and shout "these yellow ones absorb electricity!"

Marisa angrily replies "oh yeah? Well the blue ones absorb ice!"

A red and blue Heartless seem to team up and attack Marisa and Donald at the same time, hitting Marisa on the chest with ice, and Donald on he left arm with fire, forcing them both to stumble against each other's backs.

Marisa grits her teeth as she says "dammit, we'll have to get rid of blue ones at least!"

Both Marisa and Donald suddenly jump to their left to avoid a spark that forms up above their heads and shoots a lightning bolt on their heads, and although it missed them, they feel a bit disoriented as they get back up.

Marisa shouts "dammit, I never expected the mansion to be invaded by these things! Bah, I'll just spark them to death and get this over with!"

Donald shouts "hold on, I think I got something to deal with these!", then jumps on his feet, gets closer to the two yellow Heartless, raises his wand, and a black orb appears right on top of the two little creatures, flattening them on the ground as the orb itself flattens.

Marisa smirks at the sight, rushes other to the Heartless, then uses her broom and green sparks to take advantage of the flattened state of those Heartless, and finally manage various hits, turning them to dust.

Marisa turns around and flips a thumb-up at Donald, but two icicles strike her right hand, making her scream in pain.

Donald squawks furiously, turns around, and shoots a quick fireball at one of the Blue Rhapsodies, making it explode after one shot.

Still angry and a bit surprised, Donald says "the opposite element is their weakness!"

Marisa groans while she holds her arm, but she hates nothing more than to play the delicate damsel, so she fakes a grin, raises her right hand, gives Donald another thumbs up, then spots one of the red Heartless behind Donald.

She points at the duck and rapidly gestures her hand to the right, Donald jumps to the left, then Marisa's orbs shoots rapid icicles at the Heartless.

The Red Nocturne flies up and tries to fly away, making Marisa miss it, but just barely.

The foolish creature rejoins its red companion, stops moving, then Marisa grins and chuckles when her rapid-firing icicles smack those Heartless hard, explode on contact, and turn those red creatures to dust in an apparently-painful way.

Now there's only one remaining Blue Rhapsody left, and Marisa is feeling a whole lot better from her injury, so she and Donald exchange wicked and confident grins, turn to face that Heartless, making it sweat with fear and try to run away, then Marisa fires a star from her finger, and Donald a fireball from his wand, the two spells combine in mid-air, creating a fire-covered spinning star, and the poor Heartless explodes just before the flaming star hits its head.

Once the room is clear of Heartless, Donald and Marisa hold hands and jump in place, cheering and celebrating their victory, and while jumping around, Donald exclaims "and we didn't need your super destructive laser thing!"

Before Marisa replies, she and the duck notice they are currently holding hands, then both quickly pull their hands away, turn away from each other to hide their embarrassed blushes, cross their arms over their chests and tap their left feet on the ground, then awkwardly mumble some impossible to understand words.

After their awkward moment ends, Marisa gestures her right hand so that Donald follows her, and says "come. Patchouli's library is this way."

Donald nods and begins to follow the witch to the dark door leading downward, unaware that there are two more Red Nocturnes hiding behind the archway to the left corridor.

The two Heartless move stealthily in the air, position themselves high above the pair, prepare a fire spell each, and a spear of ice runs them through from behind, turning them to dust in an instant.

Donald and Marisa turn around after hearing the Heartless and the large ice lance explode, then they find Cirno flying towards them from an open window over the corridor.

The ice fairy points at the magicians, then boastfully says "you two pathetic things need help from the strongest fairy, so here I am! I normally would just let you get squished, but today, my goal is to get revenge on these black things! You should consider yourselves lucky!"

Marisa and Donald look at Cirno with surprise, and all Marisa can say to that is a surprised "C-Cirno! What the heck?"

Cirno's cheeks turn pink, then she crosses her arms over her chest and asks "wh-what? That black fire hurt! I just want payback!"

Moments later, the trio find themselves running through the dark basement corridor while being followed by a ridiculous number of Heartless, Blue Rhapsodies taking the larger number in the ranks.

While running, Cirno manages to turn around, lift her right arm, spread her hand open, and shoot countless little icicles at the Heartless from her fingertips, managing to slow down a few Soldiers and Shadows, but the Blue Rhapsodies absorb her bullets before they can make a bigger impact.

Frustrated, Cirno grunts as she turns around again, then shouts "just blast them like you usually do, Marisa! I can't have my revenge while running away like this!"

Marisa is ahead of the trio, holding her hat while running and panting, then says "there's too damned many right now! We need backup!"

Cirno boastfully shouts "HEY! I'm a good backup!"

Donald quickly shouts "either come up with a plan to get rid of all of them, or RUUUUUN!"

Cirno quickly replies "I can't understand what you just said!", but regardless, speeds up her pace.

After passing by several doors, which lead to the servant's kitchen, rooms and baths, they reach a pair of large red rectangular doors adorned with gold strings that make the impression of having a heart on the center of each door, surrounded by swirly golden grass.

Marisa gasps excitedly, and exclaims "there it is! The library! We're saved!"

Marisa bursts through the door, followed quickly by Donald, then Cirno, and right after entering, they can hear a soft, and calm voice, saying "and she actually brought them here!"

Marisa shouts "Donald, fairy, JUMP!"

Marisa and Donald jump to the left, behind a large bookshelf filled to the top with books, while Cirno stops running, looks around herself, places her finger under her lip, then asks "jump? Why?"

The little ice fairy screams when she realizes she is now between a wall of earth-element bullets in front, and the large group of Heartless behind.

Her reaction is to duck and cover while trembling and listening to the Heartless and the bullets colliding over her head, and at the same time wondering when she will be hit.

The noises stop, Cirno slightly opens her left eye, and when she realizes she's now safe, she stands up and boastfully says "hah, piece of cake! Those things never stood a chance.", but is unable to stop the violent shaking of her legs.

Marisa comes out of hiding, angrily saying "you stupid little fairy, you almost got yourself killed!"

Cirno recovers herself and angrily shouts back "hey, don't call me stupid! And my name is Cirno!"

While the little fairy and Marisa argue, Donald walks out of hiding while looking all around himself with his beak wide open, and his eyes running all around his head.

Books, books, and more books, and even more books make up the walls, the ceiling, and even the floors of this library.

Almost three floors filled with bookshelves, and these are filled with books of all colors and sizes, though there are some gaps, probably some of those Marisa 'borrowed', but Donald doesn't know that.

As he looks around in awe, he walks over to Marisa and Cirno, and that's when he notices the most beautiful magical creature he's ever laid eyes on, even daring to think she's as beautiful as his sweetheart back home, Daisy Duck.

This beauty has long purple hair tied with a fuchsia ribbon on the left sideburn, and a light-blue ribbon on the right one.

She has purple eyes, and although seemingly tired and unfriendly, to Donald they seem to burst with glistening light and life.

On her head, she wears a cutest pink mop cap with what seem to be hair buns on both sides of her head, tied with ribbons; fuchsia to the left, and light-blue to the right, and a golden crescent moon on the front.

Finally, she wears what looks like a long pink sleeping robe with a purple and white vertical-lined pajamas, and a pair of lilac shoes that make her look as though she's ready to go to bed, and sleep.

She has a few more of those ribbons scattered around her robes, and even has a light-blue one on her left shoe, and a fuchsia one on her right.

Donald can also see the pure and powerful magical aura around this girl, making her even more appealing to him.

Patchouli Knowledge sighs to calm herself down, and with the most soft, angelic, and unfriendly tones of voice, she asks "so, what brings you here, Marisa? Come to steal more books? Oh..."

When she notices Donald, the duck has massive pink hearts for eyes, his beak wide open, his thin tongue slipping to the left side of his mouth, drool dribbles to the ground, and he holds on to his hard-beating chest with both hands.

Patchouli looks at Marisa, points at Donald, then asks "and who is this? His magical aura is most impressive."

Marisa stares at Patchouli with great annoyance, clicks her tongue, crosses her arms over her chest, but doesn't immediately reply.

A few minutes later, Cirno, Marisa, Patchouli, and the love-struck Donald are in the center of the library, where they are surrounded by even more large bookshelves riddled with books, and stand on a green carpet that seems to cover the entire library, and where it is actually darkest in the whole room, though this does not prevent Donald from locking his eyes on the purple-themed magician cutie.

There are also several desks in the area, each in front of a bookshelf, and all littered with books on various subjects.

The purple-haired magician slowly makes her way toward one particular desk, where she has an open book with the picture of a Soldier Heartless on its left page.

She sits on the wooden chair behind said desk, rests her elbows in front of the book on the desktop, then looks at Marisa and says "well, that explains why the fairy and mister Donald are here, but that doesn't explain why YOU are here."

Marisa grins viciously at Patchouli, then says "I came here on Mima-sama's request; end of story!"

Before Patchouli asks again, Donald says "we came here to request your help in figuring out a way to save her friend, Reimu. Please, miss Patchouli, grace us with your beauty and knowledge. Help us free this girl."

Donald bows gentlemanly at Patchouli while voicing his request, but the magician doesn't seem too affected by this, and while staring drily at the duck, she says "I don't really like leaving the library unattended, but..."

From the darkness of the ceiling comes another girl, this one with long red hair and red eyes, a pair of bat wings on her head and back, and wearing a black vest over a long-sleeved white shirt, a black skirt with a white stripe surrounding the lower edges, and wearing a pair of small white socks and black shoes.

The left side of her face is covered in blood, and most of her outfit is in tatters.

She hurries over to Patchouli, ignoring the guests present, then falls on her knees in front of the desk, breathing hard through her mouth while trying to speak.

The purple magician lifts herself just slightly to look at the little devil's head, then calmly asks "what is it?"

Koakuma raises her head, then exclaims "the mistress needs help!"

Right on cue, after saying those words, a young girl's furious screams echo all over the mansion, then comes accompanied by a powerful roar.

Marisa, Donald and Cirno look at each other and shout "more Heartless!", at the same time.

Patchouli exchanges glances between the three, then picks up her book and says "come. Let's go to her before she lures that thing here. I don't want any harm to come to my books."

Marisa face palms hard, then groans and says "jeez, you and these books. You know, sometimes I-"

Donald interrupts Marisa by swinging his fists in front of himself, and loudly saying "come on! Miss Patchouli's books are at stake! Don't make me drag you to battle!"

Marisa stares lasers at Donald, Patchouli actually smiles and giggles, making Donald completely ignore the blonde to stare at the librarian to blush, and Koakuma and Cirno get closer to each other, then Koakuma asks "what did he just say?"

Cirno's response is one extremely confused shrug, and a shake of her head.

Meanwhile, in the Scarlet Devil Mansion's ball, or party room, two girls fight with an never-ending number of Heartless.

The dimly lit room is quite expansive, and should have many tables and chairs set in front of a small stand that has a large red curtain currently open from both side, and tied by a glittery red rope on the middle of said curtains.

On the ceiling's very center, there is a large golden chandelier with prism droplets dangling from the tubes in precise location so that it looks like a prism rain, and a glass center that emanates a dim light.

Now all the table and chairs are either broken, or thrown all the way to the walls of the large room, leaving the expansive polished wooden floor bare.

The room itself is not without its damages, as the walls are riddled with claw marks, knives, debris from the tables and chairs, and blots of dark dust that looks like burn marks from explosions.

The floor is surprisingly undamaged, but its covered in black dust left behind by the many slain Heartless.

One of the girls in the room, a maid who fights by throwing knives that never seem to end, has short silver hair with braided sideburns that are tied with small green ribbons, has dark blue eyes, and wears a dark blue maid's dress with an apron over the skirt, a black lace on the collar, a short-puffy-sleeved white shirt underneath her dress, a pair of black calf-high cross-laced boots, black fingerless gloves, and has knives sheathed around her right thigh, on a brown leather belt.

By now, the maid's dress is in tatters, it's missing the left sleeve, her skirt has a large uneven tear on the left side, and the poor girl looks exhausted, though she continues to fight.

The other girl looks like a young child with black vampire wings, scarlet eyes with slit black pupils, has short light-blue hair she adorns with a pink mop hat, which is adorned by a red ribbon tied to the right, a golden cross hanging from the ribbon, and wears a pink dress with a large red ribbon tied around her waist, a green oval jewel on her bosom, and a pair of cute little pink shoes with frilly pink socks.

The vampire girl is completely undamaged, and seems she is the one who's done most of the room's current damage with her powerful claws.

Sakuya Izayoi, the maid of Remilia Scarlet, and the just-mentioned mistress of the mansion and self-proclaimed Queen of the Night, continue to fight with all their might against the innumerable amount of Shadows that keep popping out of nowhere.

Sakuya looks tired and about ready to fall, moving about clumsily while flailing her arms to throw more knives, but Remilia looks fresh, ready for more, and quite annoyed at her unwanted guests.

The small, but powerful vampire slides across the room like a blur, clawing the Heartless and turning them to dust, then stops for a moment to look behind herself at Sakuya, and shouts "do NOT fall to these things, Sakuya! That's an order!"

Sakuya holds her golden pocket watch on her right hand, floats elegantly over the ground, raising her left leg while concentrating, then suddenly disappears just as six Shadows jump at her and swing their claws, hitting some game cards left behind by the maid in her stead.

Sakuya reappears next to Remilia, panting lightly while holding her chest, then bows at her mistress and says "I would never allow myself to disgrace this house in such a manner, my lady."

Remilia smirks after Sakuya's assurance, then darts away after the Shadows that attacked Sakuya, and in two swipes of her claws, she turns those Heartless into nothing more than a memory.

Sakuya now faces fifteen more of the little monsters in front of herself, standing between her and the small stand, but not giving them the chance, she pulls a spell card form her apron and shouts "Scarred Soul, Soul Sculpture!"

Her dark-blue eyes turn red and start glowing, the maid starts hovering five feet off the ground, then she starts moving her hands around so fast, her knives leave a red beam in their path that spreads around a large area, and for three seconds Sakuya continues her attack, then stops, drops to the floor, arranges her hair, looks at the black dust left behind by the Heartless, then sighs and says "phew, so many cockroaches in this room. I'll have to have a word with the fairies!"

Even though Remilia and Sakuya easily rid themselves of the Shadows, the little monsters keep appearing like nothing, and by now, Remilia is screaming furiously while destroying these creatures.

There is another girl's scream coming from the left-side corridor, then Sakuya looks worriedly toward the door and exclaims "my lady, Meiling is in trouble."

Remilia growls and says "that useless gate guard!"

The door to the left side of the room burst open, and in comes flying a woman with long scarlet hair, with her left aquamarine eye is slightly open, and her right eye is closed and covered in the blood that comes from her head.

She wears a green beret with a star that has the word "Dragon" written on it, a Chinese green vest and skirt with a slit on the left and right side of said skirt, a short-sleeved white shirt underneath her vest, long white pants under her open skirt, and is supposed to be wearing a pair of black slip-on shoes, but currently only has one on her right foot.

She flies all the way from the door to the other end of the room, where Sakuya seems to teleport to in order to catch the flying girl, and exclaims "Meiling, what the hell did you do now?"

Meiling trembles as she lifts her bloody head to the maid, and smiles as she weakly says "sorry miss Sakuya-san... Too many... and he... too strong.", then lets herself drop unconscious on the floor.

From the open door, eight Air Soldiers rush through, five more Shadows appear on the small stage, and now Remilia furiously screams to the ceiling, her scream followed by a powerful roar for the second time that day.

Remilia is already flying through the air and clawing away at the Air soldiers, which take at least two claw swipes to destroy, but for the vampire, this is nothing, and finishes all eight in what seems to be a mere two seconds.

Remilia stops moving after the last Air Soldier is dealt with, then bends down to dust her knees, unaware of the two Shadows jumping at her from behind.

She places her left hand on her waist, then a pair of silver knives run right through the Heartless' heads, turning them to dust quickly.

Remilia looks over to her maid and fainted gate guard, then smirks and says "good work, Sakuya. Take care of Meiling. I want to properly chew her out when she wakes up. She's stronger than this!"

After saying this, Remilia turns around and swipes her claw at the three remaining Shadows, managing to strike even the one turned to a blob on the floor, then Sakuya nods at her mistress and says "as long as it is done properly, my lady."

Remilia and Sakuya exchange a quick smile, but those smiles rapidly vanish when a massive purple flame enters the ball room and just hovers casually in the center of the room.

The vampire mistress frowns at the sight and stretches her fingers and claws, then says "creeps, you are all so damned annoying!"

The large purple frame seems to take the shape of a beast, but disappears from sight before Remilia or Sakuya could make out its shape.

The girls can hear the heavy thud from its footsteps, but neither can make out where they are coming from, and just like that, the thuds stop.

Remilia is about to ask Sakuya to stop time and find that thing, but before she can do just that, Sakuya yelps and is sent flying backwards with Meiling, then she smashes the wall with her back, then has Meiling flatten her against that very wall.

The impact is too great for Sakuya's human body, and even though her eyes are still open, she falls limp to the floor.

To her luck, she falls on Meiling's back, saving her face from the harsh wooden floor, but now Remilia is twice as furious, obvious from the rising crimson aura that surrounds her.

Without showing a trace of emotion on her face, Remilia rushes like a blur toward the unseen enemy, readies her claws, but is sent flying backwards to the small stage, where she slams hard against the wall.

Seemingly unaffected, Remilia quickly stands up and readies her claws, and that's when, to her left, there is a loud "vwoosh!"

She opens her eyes wide and exclaims "Ail! And... who is that?"

Ail and King Mickey jump right out of one of Ail's own gaps, and unlike Remilia, they can see the silhouette of the monster moving their way.

Mickey summons his Keyblade, while Ail summons that weird squiggly weapon and says "we'll take care of this!"

Remilia ignores Ail when Mickey summons his weapon, and with surprise in her voice, she shouts "KEYBLADE?"

Mickey turns a curious look at Remilia, but his response is "we'll talk later!", then he runs forward, jumps in the air and thrusts his Keyblade downward, striking the invisible creature and making it roar, while Ail glides just over the floor and swings his weird weapon like a bat, striking the invisible thing and making it fall on the ground, and helping turn it visible again.

Ail looks at Mickey as he lands to the left, then says "see, I told you I got the wavelength thing down!"

Mickey keeps his eyes on the monster and says "fine, I owe ya a ride on the Gummy ship. Now focus on this..."

From the right door, Patchouli says "that's a Dark Thorn! Get rid of it, quickly!"

Mickey and Ail turn their heads to Donald, Marisa and Cirno, who are running to them, and Patchouli and Koakuma, who stand under the door's archway, Patchouli holding that book form her desk on her hands.

She reads through the pages with speed, then raises her head and loudly says "if you don't hurry, it'll try to possess the entire room!"

Remilia is already next to Patchouli while holding Sakuya and Meiling over her shoulders, and as she pushes Patchouli and Koakuma through the door, she loudly says "this is a job for servants, so I leave this mess up to you. Don't let me down!"

After the door slams shut, Ail smiles sheepishly and chuckles, then says "and there they go."

Mickey suddenly exclaims "MOVE!", then he and Ail jump away and regroup with the unlikely trio to get a better look at the beast.

The massive thing has a black body, purple wavy thorns on its back, has dark manacles on both wrists and ankles, the one on the wrists separated, while the ones on the ankles are still linked, and has a hole on its chest in the shape of a heart.

It has a jagged, red toothy maw, beady, glowing yellow eyes, two enormous purple horns that blend with his mane, and muscular, but thin limbs that have three large red claws on.

Ail gulps after seeing the creature, then says "man, he's like some sort of giant monster dog-thing!"

Mickey and Marisa are already in the air, Marisa shooting blue beams and icicles at the monster, while Mickey is spinning around with his Keyblade on hand, and both shout at the same time "FOCUS!"

Ail snaps out of his thoughtful mind, then he, Cirno and Donald hop back once to avoid the creature's left claws.

Cirno squints her eyes to take a better look at the creature, then notices the dark flames that struck her before around the creature's back.

She gasps, points at the Dark Thorn while scowling furiously, then shouts "YOU! You're the one that caught me and Dai-chan by surprise! Get ready to feel my revenge!", then rushes forward.

Donald carefully aims a bolt of lightning on the creature's horn, making sure not to harm Cirno, while the ice fairy rips one of her own wings off and uses it like a sword to parry the Dark Thorn's claws, and sliding forward with a thrust.

The sacrificed wing rapidly grows back, so there's nothing to worry about.

Ail is about to jump in and join the battle, but a gloved hand pulls on his left shoulder, and when Ail turns to look at Mickey, the mouse king whispers "let them deal with it. We'll help if they need it."

Ail turns around again, then smiles when he notices how well Marisa, Donald and Cirno are handling the monster, so, like the king, he stays on the sidelines, waiting for any possible moment their help may be needed.

"Love Sign, Master SPARK!", shouts Marisa as she aims her miniature octagonal reactor and unleashes her multi-colored beam at the monster, which seems to damage it considerably.

The monsters lashes its arms in the air as it roars in pain from the magical beam striking it on the chest, and the moment the beam stops, Donald strikes it with a small icicle on the back, then Cirno follows by jumping in the air, spinning like a disk, and striking the Dark Thorn with her ice sword, using the momentum of her spin for more power.

After Cirno cuts the monster with her sword, the creature suddenly stop roaring, stands stiffly on the ground, then slowly tilts backward and falls hard on the floor.

As the Dark Thorn starts disappearing into the floor, Marisa, Donald and Cirno cheer victoriously, then Mickey shouts "hey, don't stop now! It's possessing the floor!"

Cirno, Donald and Marisa notice how the floor turns black underneath the monster, and how that darkness spreads all over the floorboards the very moment Dark Thorn is completely consumed into the polished boards.

The floor starts shaking around violently, not giving Cirno the chance to fly, or Donald the chance to run, and now they are being smacked all over by moving boards.

Marisa is safe on her broom, away from any danger, or so she thinks.

The Dark Thorn has turned invisible, and is hanging on the chandelier while waiting for Marisa to fly close enough.

Ail and Mickey, who fly safely above the moving floor; the king being held by the boy; can see the monster, but before Ail flies over to help, Mickey whispers "watch this" and points the tip of his Keyblade at the chandelier.

A thin white beam flies fast to the chandelier, and the moment it touches it, the dim light it shines intensifies and forces the monster to let go as it roars and covers its eyes as though in pain.

It falls on its horns on the floor, and although the floor remains black, the boards stop moving.

Cirno and Donald growl as they get up, turn their frowning faces at the trapped monster while it tries to pull its horns out of the floor, then the ice fairy and the duck nod after glancing at each other.

Meanwhile, Marisa floats dumbstruck in the air, staring at the chandelier, then she suddenly smiles wickedly, turns that wicked face to the Dark Thorn, then snickers after landing on the chandelier and starts drawing something on its very center, with a green pen.

Meanwhile, Cirno strikes the monster's body with a series of simple combinations with her ice sword, shouting "and that's for hurting my face; and that's for smacking me in the butt; and that's for making Dai-chan and me do those bad things; and-"

Donald is to the creature's left, lifting a spell card and shouting "Rapid Fire, Triple Blizzaga!", and just as he points his wand at the Dark Thorn, three large icicles fly right out of it, each followed by three smaller icicles that widen the spell's range just slightly.

Cirno slashes the beast one more time before jumping away from Donald's spell, and right after the first large icicle strikes the monster's open wound, it roars so loudly, the room vibrates violently.

After the rest of the icicles strike the Dark Thorn, out of the immense pain it felt, it pulls its horns free from the floor, taking one board on his left horn, and roars furiously toward the ceiling, making even the chandelier tremble, almost knocking Marisa down from it, though she holds on tight, then sighs with relief when the shaking stops, and continues working on whatever she is doing.

Dark Thorn runs after Cirno, grabs her by her torso, trapping her arms as well, swings her around, then tosses her straight to the wall on the right, immediately turning its attention on Donald afterward.

The duck bravely faces the monsters, grins, then lifts his want to summon more bolts of lightning that makes the monster shiver momentarily after they strike.

Meanwhile, Cirno is caught by Ail before she hits the wall, then asks "wh-what happened?"

Holding Cirno like a little princess, Ail smiles and says "that monster just disrespected you and tossed you aside."

Cirno looks confused and asks "what?", then Ail adds "and here I thought you were the strongest fairy. I guess I was wrong."

Cirno pushes herself away from Ail and furiously says "WHAT? Ooh! I'll make that monster pay," points at the half-youkai and adds "and YOU shut up! I AM the strongest fairy!", then flies straight to the monster.

Dark Thorn lifts it's left arm at Donald, ready to cut the duck to shreds, while said magical duck prepares another spell for it, though both are unaware of the angry little ice fairy flying their way.

The monsters winds its arm, then stops when from behind him, Cirno shouts "Ice Cube, Great Crusher!", and in just a second, she creates a gigantic icicle over her head, and slams it hard on the Dark Thorn's back, knocking it hard on to its belly, then Donald summons a showers of lightning bolts, then is tackled by Cirno afterward, because she forgot to stop flying in time.

As soon as the two are out of the way, the monster tries to push itself up, but the chandelier drops on it, expanded in size, sucks the creature to its center, rises back up, then Marisa, who flies on her broom just a few feet away from the chandelier, points her palms at the ornament, closes her eyes to concentrate, and mutters an incantation.

The monster roars one last time as the light inside the chandelier intensifies again, and slowly consumes it until there is absolutely nothing left of it inside, save for the slowly dimming light.

After finishing off the monster, Marisa quickly lands and casually walks over to Ail and Mickey, Cirno and Donald running to catch up to her friends, then says "I'm starting to get the hang of these Heartless things, ze."

After the witch catches up, Donald, standing to her left, says "oh sure. You let us do all the work and then finish them off."

Cirno, standing to Marisa's right, angrily taps her foot on the floor while placing both hands on her hips, and says "you couldn't have done it without my help!"

The blonde girl looks to her left, then to her right, then places her arms behind her head, closes her eyes, then angrily says "it was my spell that did the job, so live with it!"

Donald, Cirno and Marisa start to argue amongst themselves while Ail and Mickey just watch them go at it, but they don't have to time for this, so the king clears his throat and asks "so, did you guys find Patchouli, like you were supposed to?"

The trio immediately stops arguing, stare at Mickey, and from the mouse's right, a little girl says "really, what a noisy bunch."

Mickey gasps with surprise and asks "whoa, Ail, what happened to your voice?", but when he looks at Ail, he finds out the young vampire and mistress of the mansion is sitting on Ail's shoulders while covering his face with her skirt.

Ail sighs, and says "Remi, I can't see.", and the vampire just kicks his chest with her left talon and angrily says "just stand there and look pretty."

She quickly turns her eyes to Mickey, then says "you, mister Keyblade wielder. I thought you guys weren't supposed to meddle with local affairs."

Mickey gasps, and Donald squawks with surprise, then Mickey asks "how do you know about that?"

From the door on the right side of the expansive room, Patchouli says "my library possesses book on subjects many consider myths or legends. Like this book, for example. The only of its kind, because the original author was laughed at and ridiculed when he tried to publish it."

As she gets closer, she points at the book on her left hand, then opens it to show a crude picture of a Shadow.

Remilia jumps off Ail, flips once in the air, lands between Mickey and the magic trio, then says "I always wanted to see a Keyblade up-close."

Mickey twitches and gasps when he realizes Remilia is holding his Keyblade on her right hand while tracing her eyes all over it with great interest, then says "interesting weapon, but I wouldn't have need of it."

She tosses the Star Seeker back to Mickey, making sure to hide the burn mark on her hand, then turns aside to hide the beads of sweat coming from her forehead as the burn on her hand throbs painfully.

Ail bends next to Remilia, then whispers "it burned you, didn't it?"

Remilia twitches, chuckles nervously, then flies toward Patchouli and asks "s-so? What do you need Patchouli for anyway?"

Marisa twitches and gasps after the question, knowing the truth will upset Remilia, but Ail opens his mouth to explain...

Outside the mansion, the ground violently rumbles when Remilia shouts "REIMU IS WHHHAAAAAAAT?"

Back inside the ball room, Donald, Mickey and Cirno have been knocked on their backs by the force of the vampire mistress' scream, Marisa is crouching down, trembling and pulling down hard on her hat, Patchouli is covering her amused smile with her book, and Remilia is standing on Ail's chest while he lies flat on his back.

The vampire holds Ail's shirt and furiously pulls him from and pushes him against the floor while shouting "you idiot, how could you let that happen? I thought you were charged with protecting Reimu form shit like this! Why I ought 'a rip you a new one, Inmodo!"

After being repeatedly slammed against the unforgiving floor, Ail is in a daze, and can only mumble incoherently, so feeling satisfied, Remilia jumps off his chest, walks to Patchouli's left, then says "alright then, let's go. Koakuma, get my umbrella!"

Somehow, Ail is already standing straight, and with a large bandage on the back of his head, with an open rift that leads straight to the Hakurei Shrine in front of himself.

Koakuma, who has her face clean of any blood now, hands Remilia a pink parasol, then the vampire says "make sure Sakuya is taken care of, and have Meiling clean herself when she wakes up. I'm going to take a look into this matter, personally."

Koakuma bows to Remilia, saying "as you wish, my lady," then Remilia walks into Ail's gap without even looking at the little devil.

Mickey and Cirno walk to the gap, Mickey saying "wow, she's got one heck of a temper.", and Cirno saying "haven't been to that shrine in a while."

After they enter, Marisa chuckles and says "heads-up. Don't get in the way of Casanova here."

Marisa walks into the gap, while Ail looks around, asking "what? Who's Casanova?"

Patchouli gets closer to the gap, Donald tackles Ail out of the way, then offers his hand to Patchouli, bowing his head while saying "after you, oh so gracious lady."

Patchouli accepts the help, and even though she stares at the duck with that unfriendly look of hers, she still blushes while absentmindedly nodding.

After Patchouli enters through the gap, Donald quickly follows, leaving Ail looking around himself, wondering what the heck just happened to him.

Now the mansion is empty of anyone capable of resolving this incident, which could be solved already, if they only knew.

Unknown to all, the source of all these heartless comes from the seemingly harmless rock formation, just outside the mansion's walls, where the ground seems to rise a little higher than before.

Later that day, at the Hakurei Shrine, Mima, Patchouli, Donald and Mickey are working together to figure out Reimu's strange prison, while Remilia sits on Ail's chest and strangles him while speaking through her teeth, saying "you were supposed to guard her, you idiot!"

Meanwhile, Marisa, Goofy and Kyo sit around the small table next to the left-side exit, all taking sips from their tea mugs, while watching their friends working, and sometimes glancing over to Remilia and Ail, apparently for a moment of amusement.

Meanwhile, Cirno is looking around the shrine's kitchen, poking at the lower cabinets and the countertops while saying "look, look! I'm touching your stuff, Reimu! Come and get me if you can."

Both Mima and Patchouli gaps and pull themselves slightly away from the crystal where Reimu is, then both look at Cirno, and Mima says "hey, ice fairy, stop making her mad."

Patchouli adds "we can't work with you agitating her like this, so either shut up, or leave."

Before Cirno can even think up of a comeback, Donald has his arms locked around hers, and after a surprise gasp, Cirno starts kicking around furiously while shouting "hey, lemme go! Let me go this instant before I freeze you like steak!"

Ignoring Cirno, Donald loudly says "don't worry lady Patchouli, I'll take care of this nuisance for you.", then sinisterly whispers in Cirno's left ear "calm down or I'll burn you like beef!"

Cirno only understood the word 'burn', but that is enough to calm her down, then Donald quietly drags the fairy away to the back of the shrine.

From the table, Marisa and Kyo chuckle, then Marisa says "the duck's got it bad for Patchy."

Kyo chuckles some more, then says "yeah. I bet he'd bark for her if she asked."

Goofy chuckles in a most distinguishable manner, then says "just like the first time he met Daisy. A-hyuck, he even crawled around walls for a day, just because she asked him."

Marisa curiously asks "Daisy? Is she his girlfriend?"

Goofy nods, then whispers "and between you and me, if she ever finds out about this, she's gonna let 'im have it."

Kyo chuckles and replies a simple "my lips are sealed", but Marisa is another story.

Her evil grin becomes crescent with small jagged teeth, and widens to each corner of her cheeks, her eyes become cat-like, and she starts to rub her hands together as she says "oh, that's so good to know."

Suddenly, all heads in the room, even Ail's dazed and beaten head, turn to Mima, Patchouli and Mickey, when all three hum and mumble between themselves.

Remilia jumps off Ail after pushing his head on the floor, then says "you found something."

Mima nods, then says "I was right. There seems to be three separate signals coming into this crystal."

Patchouli points at the three prongs on top of the crystal, and says "these prongs act as receivers for the signals, spread it around the whole crystal, and reinforce it constantly."

Mickey then adds "not just reinforce it, but change the energy flow frequently. Someone went to great lengths to keep Miss Reimu in here."

Remilia looks at Ail in disgust, then says "then I guess that even with this fleshy man here, she would have still ended up in there, probably-"

Kyo finishes with Remilia "probably with Ail in there as well."

Ail finally manages to get up on his feet, wobbles for a moment, then holds the left side of his head, while saying "so, in short, we need to find where these signals are coming from, deal with whatever it is that's sending them, then Reimu will be free, right?"

Mima, Patchouli and Mickey nod in assent, then Ail says "sounds easier than it probably is."

Marisa, Kyo, Goofy, and now Donald and Cirno, who have just joined the three at the table, turn their heads to Ail, who continues "while in my Soraogan mode, I am able to see energy waves as easily as I can see you all right now."

Remilia turns her attention to the boy, then says "but you can't see this signal they just talked about. Of course, we can't have it easy, can we?", then jumps on Ail and holds him by his shirt while smiling.

Patchouli takes a step forward, then calmly says "calm down, Remi. Don't kill him just yet. Mima and I can work on something to track these signals, and I am sure we'll need his help dealing with this."

Remilia is already holding Ail by the collar of his shirt and readying her claws to cut his neck off, but after Patchouli's vague request for his life she calms herself down, releases his shirt, then nods and jumps off him.

Ail sighs with relief after his neck was saved, literally, then looks at Patchouli and lightly bows his head.

Patchouli nods back at him, acknowledging his gratitude, then Donald growls lightly while sending invisible purple sparks from his eyes to Ail.

Remilia casually dusts her sleeves and her skirt, snaps her right fingers at Ail, then looks at Patchouli and says "alright then. Patchy, as soon as you're done here, head back to the mansion, Sakuya may need your assistance while recovering. She did get hit pretty bad back there."

Patchouli silently nods, then Remilia walks toward the gap already opened in front of her, but before getting inside, she turns around to look threateningly at Ail, points at him with her right hand, then says "and you, you so-called protector! Fix this mess as soon as possible, or I'm turning you into Flandre's new plaything."

Ail starts to tremble and sweat, but even trembling so violently, he manages to bow to Remilia and say "r-right. D-don't worry! I'll make sure Reimu is out of there in no time, My Lady!"

Remilia lifts her nose after letting out quick "hmph!", then turns around and walks into the gap back to her home.

As soon as the gap closes, Ail asks "how long?"

Patchouli immediately replies "not sure", and Mima adds "we could be done in a few seconds... or a week."

Marisa and Kyo bang the table at the same time, and at the same time as Ail, they all ask "A WEEK?"

From the sky, a very familiar voice shouts "REIMUUUU! Emergency at the mountain! Reimu! Reimu~!"

Ail turns around and exclaims "Aya? Aya Shameimaru, you're alright!"

Mickey, Donald and Goofy squint their eyes while looking toward the sky, to where Ail is looking towards, but can only see a sparkle in the afternoon sky.

In just one second, the sparkle flies straight to the shrine entrance, and there now stands a girl with black bird wings on her back.

She has long black puffy hair that reaches just below her shoulder blades, pointy ears, red eyes, and wears a short-puffy-sleeved white shirt with a yellow band with brown leaf prints on the left portion and collar of the shirt, a short black skirt that reaches her knees, which has a matching yellow band with brown leaf prints on right of the skirt, a pair of calf-high black socks, red geta sandals, and a red tokin on her head.

The girl breathes rapidly through her mouth while looking around the shrine and desperately calls "Reimu, the Tengu Village is overrun, and it's spreading to the top of the mountain!"

Ail approaches Aya, places his hands on Aya's shoulder to calm her down, and that's when the crow tengu notices Reimu is trapped in the crystal, and shouts "FEATHER-STUFFED PILLOWS! What the hell! Reimu~!"

She rushes straight toward the crystal, running over Ail, of course, then the tengu panics, looks around, talks rapidly and incoherently about the end of the world, then Mima casually smiles as she karate-chops the rapid-talking chicken on the back of the neck, and knocks the winged girl down.

The evil spirit notices the surprised stares aimed at her, then shrugs and casually says "well, she calmed down now, didn't she."

After Aya wakes up again, Ail helps her to the table and gives her some tea, and even though she still shivers a bit, Aya manages to tell what happened.

She takes a big gulp of her tea, ignores the burning sensation on her tongue, then says "and now we have these weird roaches crawling everywhere, armored things that have taken two comrades' hearts, and there's these fat ones that keep pushing us around with those massive stomachs."

Patchouli reads through her book while Aya describes the creatures, then says "Shadows, Soldiers, and Large Bodies. There are probably more types of them out there by now."

Aya nods, then says "we thought we could take them, but they just won't stop coming! Even with the help from those mountain goddesses, they just won't stop."

Ail twitches, stiffens his arms and legs, and even though he trembles a bit, he manages to calmly asks "and you say they have taken over the mountain?"

Aya nods, then says "they just reached the shrine."

Kyo gets up so violently and suddenly, he almost knocks the table down, then walks over to Ail, grabs him by the left arm, then sternly commands "calm down!"

Marisa and Goofy stand up to help prevent any trouble, then they can see a rift on the floor, leading straight to a seemingly peaceful shrine, then Marisa says "whoa, idiot, don't jump in there like that."

Ail's response is his desperate call into the gap for Budou and Sanae, and when he realizes he's trapped by Kyo, he turns around and punches Kyo's fingers, hoping to break free while saying "let go! I have to go help them!", but to Kyo, his punches have no effect.

Mickey jumps from the crystal's side toward Ail and Kyo, slices through Ail's gap with his Keyblade, forcing the rift to a close, then looks sternly at Ail and says "we will help them, but we need to take one step at a time!"

Kyo grunts as he struggles with Ail, then manages to place his friend in a headlock, and says "look, buddy, I understand you're worried, but you can't help them if you get into this mess by yourself. You need to calm down and THINK!"

Goofy stands up besides Kyo and says "we will help ya out!"

Mickey walks closer to Ail and Kyo, then says "c'mon Ail. I'll help ya out this time."

Donald jumps away from Cirno's side and exclaims "me too!", but Mima quickly says "sorry, you and Marisa will stay right here."

Patchouli calmly adds "that's right. We will need both of your help if we want to make a working tracker for these odd signals."

Cirno, and the nervous Aya stare at Ail and Kyo with interest from the table, Mickey looks with concern into Ail's eyes, and Goofy gets closer to him and says "ya know, ye could go and lash your weapon around to try and 'elp, but you might end up hurting your friends along the way."

Ail stops struggling with Kyo, thinks hard about his chances of survival against what Aya says is a massive number of Heartless, then takes a deep and long breath.

After calming down, he looks at Kyo, then at Mickey, and finally at Goofy, then says "s-sorry. I just got... got worried. Wh-what do you guys suggest?"

Kyo releases Ail, then he, Mickey and Goofy smile, then Cirno raises her right hand in the air, already holding to a small ice sword, and exclaims "alright! More dark butts to kick!"

Aya quickly says "this isn't going to be easy! There's too many, even for the tengu."

Mickey smiles at Aya, then says "look, this is what we're gonna do."

To be continued...

Touhou-Project Shrine Maiden elements belong to ZUN -Team Shanghai Alice-

Kingdom Hearts elements belong to Square Enix and Disney Interactive

Ail, Kyo, and Budou were created by Willie G.R.

Rika Onkamikami was created by Snapshot 2010

MAR 12 2011 (Updated FEB 29 2012)

Written by

Willie G.R.


Again, I hope you are liking this story so far, and ask that you please let me know if I should just stop where I am, or continue writing these. And again I say, depending on how many reviews, hits and visits this crossover gets, I'll either go on with the simple idea and finish this quickly, OR expand the initial idea and add other worlds and characters from Kingdom Hearts.

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This chapter's new Heartless

Screwdiver - A type of Heartless that dwells in bodies of water. They use their trident for most of their attacks, and swim around like experts, using the propeller on their heads to move around, fast. They either propel to the enemy while twirling around with their tridents in front, or just tackle, swing said tridents with skill, and can absorb thunder/lightning.

Red Nocturne - A fire elemental Heartless that flies around, making sure to escape from the enemy, and either surround themselves with fire to tackle, or shoot small, but annoying fireballs.

Blue Rhapsody - A water/ice elemental Heartless that flies rapidly away from the enemy, and will either swipe its hat around while covering it with ice, tackle while surrounded in ice, or shoot fast icicles.

Yellow Opera - A thunder/lightning elemental Heartless that flies erratically around the enemy, and will tackle while surrounded with yellow lightning bolts, or summon a spark above the enemy's head that shoots a straight bolt down.

Boss Heartless - Dark Thorn - From Kingdom Hearts 2. His first form is Shadow Stalker, which looks like a black balloon with bright round yellow eyes, a pair of horns, and matching tentacles around it, and sporting a chain around itself. I used its second form, Dark Thorn, for this chapter, because I thought it was more appropriate. As for Dark Thorn, he moves around like a beast, and attacks as such, though also uses smart (to a point) moves, like the spinning around, and tossing of an enemy. It can possess rooms and inanimate objects with ease, and can and will turn invisible. It's a bit harder to make him visible than to just beat him up.