NOTICE: Original Heartless by Willie G.R. are used in this chapter.

Night has fallen over Gensokyo, and at the Youkai Forest, a place full of bushy trees of all shapes and sizes, as one would expect, which also serve as homes for fairies, and both friendly and dangerous wild youkai, the locals are finding it quite hard to go to sleep, or to find breakfast, in the case of those that have just woken up.

All sort of Heartless, some recently discovered, cause havoc for everyone, and even though the youkai are stronger than humans, some have fallen to the Heartless, and have joined their ranks as either Shadows, Soldiers, or simply become an orb of darkness that disappears from sight, only to reappear elsewhere as some other form of Heartless.

Four local girls of the forest have joined their efforts to fight back these creatures, and so far, thanks to them, the number of Heartless spreading around the forest's edges have diminished.

One of these girls has blue hair tied with red bobbles as twin tails, has blue eyes, and wears a green cap with a white symbol on it, a long sleeved, light-blue open vest over a white shirt with a silver gear motif imprinted on it, a long, light-blue skirt riddled with silver and golden-zippered pockets all around the lower borders of said skirt, and a pair of light blue wellington boots with silver plating on the tips.

Her name is Nitori Kawashiro, and is using mechanical arms and odd inventions from the large green backpack she carries on her back; which is strapped around her chest by a golden key; as well as an odd white rod that fires magical water bubbles, as her weapons against the Heartless.

The second girl has long aquamarine hair tied in front of her chest by a dark-red ribbon with white frills, and has a large frilly ribbon on top of her head of the same color, has aquamarine eyes, and wears a dark-red dress that's brighter red on the lower borders, has an aquamarine swirl to the left of her skirt that symbolizes the knaji for "misfortune", wraps a dark-red ribbon with white frills on her left arm, and wears a pair of knee-high black boots.

This is Hina Kagiyama, and her weapons are misfortune talismans that paralyze the Heartless, and her own legion of curses.

The third girl has short blonde hair with red autumn leaves on a thin headband, yellow-orangey eyes, wears a long red dress that ends in cutout leaf shapes, a white collar, which is bordered with chrome-lined cutout leaf shapes, and wears a pair of white socks and brown slip-on shoes.

Her name is Shizuha Aki, and her weapons are a self-made oak staff, her own agility, and her melee combat capabilities.

The fourth girl has short blonde hair, red eyes, and wears a red mop cap with a cluster of grapes on the front, a yellow, long-puffy-sleeved blouse under an orange dress with a long black skirt that reaches just under her knees, black straps over her shoulders, and has no shoes at all.

Her name is Minoriko Aki, Shizuha's younger sister, and more than actual fighting, she's there to support her comrades with buffs and healing spells, but that does not mean she can't kick or punch some Heartless when needed.

Though Hina and the Aki sisters are goddesses, it's Nitori who does more damage to the Heartless with her many strange inventions, though carrying that large backpack around slows her down a bit.

Nitori's left-side mechanical arms catch two Shadows that jump toward her from the trees, squishes them into dust, then Nitori shouts "they're on the trees now! Don't let your guard down!"

Minoriko and Shizuha press their backs against each other, scowling as they look around the themselves, then Shizuha exclaims "something's not right!"

After some annoying clanking noises come from the trees, Minoriko adds "miss Hina, stay close!"

Hina stands just two feet away from Nitori's left, and sounding just a bit irritated, she says "I can take good care of myself, thank you very much."

A total of ten Soldiers jump from the tree branches above and land right on top of Hina and Minoriko, while Shizuha manages to roll away, and Nitori gets saved by a miniature laser that shot itself upward from her backpack.

Hina immediately curses the two soldiers on her back, making their usually-round yellow eyes narrow down in a saddened manner, and just like that, they explode.

She gets up to the desperate voice of Shizuha, as she calls for her younger sister, but quickly finds out the Soldier on Minoriko's back have been literally kicked to dust by the older sister.

The young leaf goddess helps her sister on to her feet, and after Minoriko asks "wha-what j-just happened to me?", Nitori grins viciously and shouts "hit the floor! I'm trying the new one!"

Even Hina yelps and drops to the ground when Nitori's backpack opens up on its own, and still grinning, the kappa shouts "FIRE!"

A large blue rocket flies right out of the backpack, and even the remaining six Soldiers duck for cover when they see how that thing glows, but it explodes before coming down again and lights up the area.

All the girls gasp with fear when they realize they are completely surrounded by Soldiers and Shadows on the trees, but just as their hopes seem to start fading away, all the Heartless look away from the forest, and just like that, they either run away on foot, or disappear into black blobs.

The light from the rocket dims down, Nitori exchanges confused glances with the girls, then Ail, Mickey, Kyo and Goofy run by, Kyo shouting "they're headed to the river!"

From the air, Aya shouts "don't let them get the kappa too!", and Cirno, who is wearing a black sleeve on her right arm, shouts "seems I scared them off!"

Aya quickly replies "yeah, sure... you did. Now MOVE!"

After the party leaves, Nitori takes her eyes off the sky, looks at her allies, then asks "what the heck just happened?"

The reply she gets is a simultaneous shrug from the clearly-confused girls.

Nearing the waterfall at the beginning of the river, a Soldier looks around itself as though looking for something, but before finding anything, Mickey comes flipping around in the air and strikes the creature hard on the head, releasing a crystal-pink heart to the air after it becomes dust.

This part of the forest is silent, save for the never-ending song of the waterfall crashing on to the rocks below, and Mickey enjoys its soothing music until the rest of the party, except for Cirno, rejoins with the mousey king.

Ail angrily says "dammit, I can't find Cirno anywhere! It's like she disappeared!"

Sounding slightly worried, Goofy says "gawrsh, I hope she's alright."

Mickey nods, then says "that little fairy doesn't look like the kind that will fall so easily. Have faith in her, and I'm sure she'll come back on her own. Now, what should we do from here?"

Aya approaches Mickey, point up to the left side of the waterfall, then says "we go to the Tengu Village. Since this is an emergency, those that accompany me will be treated as temporary allies, so you guys have nothing to fear."

Kyo hums while pinching his chin, thinking a little before saying "well, Ail here won't be much help to us. I'm sure he'll want to head straight to the shrine."

Right after Kyo finishes his sentence, Ail agitatedly says "of course I want to go there! Sanae and Budou could be in danger!"

Mickey raises his hand to pat the back of the boy's left shoulder, successfully calming him down.

Kyo nods at Ail, then says "fine then. I'll go with Aya, and you three can-"

Mickey interrupts Kyo, saying "ah-ah-ah, just a moment..." then looks at Goofy and says "you are going to need Goofy on this one, so it's best he goes with you."

Kyo looks toward Goofy while the dog creature stands up straight, holding his shield firmly around his right arm, then Kyo looks back at Mickey, nods, and says "alright then. Ail, Mickey, if there's any trouble, you send us a signal. We'll come and help if we can."

Mickey and Ail nod at Kyo, then at Aya, who nods back, then at Goofy, who just chuckles and says "that's right. Don't go forgettin', ye've got plenty of friends."

Anilan bows to Goofy, knowing that that comment was aimed particularly at him, then he and Mickey make their way toward the waterfall's side, while Kyo, Goofy and Aya make their way across the river to reach the Tengu Village.

When they reach the riverbank, Kyo grabs hold of Goofy by grabbing him from under his arms, and while flying over the water, Goofy says "somethin' tells me we'll be the ones calling for help."

Kyo chuckles, and while landing on the other side of the water, he says "Ail has the type of luck only Reimu can match, and you tell me you king is a force of his own. I think you're right."

Overhearing the conversation, Aya flies overhead and says "jeez, will you quit that already? Us three, and the entire Tengu Village will be more than enough against those Heartless things! E-even if they are numerous."

Kyo and Goofy start walking toward the mountain, and with a feeling of unease coming through his voice, Kyo says "I sure hope you're right about that."

Over at the right side of the waterfall, Ail and Mickey look up to the mountain, take notice of the rocky path leading all the way up, then the boy asks "so, want me to fly us up there?"

Looking up, the king asks "can't ya just open one of those rift thingies instead?"

Ail shakes his head, continues looking up, then says "I actually have a very bad feeling about opening one of those right now."

Mickey smiles, then says "wise choice then."

The dense one looks down to his left at Mickey, then asks "fly you up?"

The black mouse looks up at the half-youkai to his right, and asks "you don't mind?"

Ail smirks, then says "just take down the Heartless that are sure to pop on our way up."

Mickey nods, summons his Keyblade to his right hand, then jumps on to Ail's shoulders.

The half-youkai places his hands together as though praying, summons his own failed, yet functional Keyblade-like, squiggly weapon to his right hand, then slowly lifts off the ground to the air.

Only ten feet in the air, and already six dark orbs appear right in front of Ail and Mickey.

Two Blue Rhapsodies, two Red Nocturnes, and two Green Requiems appear from these blobs.

The little green monsters looks exactly like their counterparts, with conical bodies, jagged collars and hats, thin legs, the black and red heart emblem on the chest, but their bodies are light-green, and instead of attacking, these fly around slowly, move their bodies and ring it like a bell, and surround their allies with a green glow that obviously heals them.

Mickey scowls at these new Heartless, then says "they've got healers now," then jumps off Ail's shoulders and starts spinning around, smacking all the Heartless hard with his key, and releasing the captured hearts.

Somehow, he manages to up-thrust the last Red Nocturne before falling and landing back on to Ail's shoulder, but before the two can celebrate, six more dark orbs appear in front of them, with two more Green Requiems, and four Air Soldiers.

Before jumping off Ail's shoulders again, Mickey says "uh-oh. Seems I'll need your help, buddy!", then jumps straight at the highest Air Soldier, while Ail tries to maneuver himself to stay underneath Mickey, and at the same time, rapidly spins around to strike the two green coned Heartless with his odd weapon, successfully releasing the captured hearts.

Mickey lands on his left shoulder, then Ail excitedly says "hey, you saw that, right? I released those hearts! It actually worked!"

Mickey quickly replies "good. Don't let it get to your head now!", then jumps back to the air and flips around, striking two Air Soldiers several times.

Anilan, again, maneuvers himself to stay under Mickey, and connects a few diagonal combos on the Air Soldier that tries to flip-kick his face, defeating it after the fourth hit.

Just before falling, Mickey manages to stay airborne a little longer, spins like a top with his Keyblade stretched out in front of himself, then finishes off the two dazed Heartless and falls back on Ail's shoulders, almost falling when his right foot slips.

Ail exclaims "this is crazy! I'm going to hurry this up, or we're both gonna fall!"

Before Ail has the chance to speed up, ten more Air soldiers appear above them, then scatter around fast, making it hard to track them, or even make up a strategy.

Mickey jumps off Ail, regardless, and while he attacks one in front, from behind him, another comes and strikes his back with its claws, making him flinch and fall toward the mountain.

Ail calls for Mickey, but before he can go anything, three of the Heartless rush to him and tackle his back, sending him straight to the rocky path on the mountain.

Having landed next to each other, Ail and Mickey get up from the rocky ground while rubbing their heads, and sounding aggravated, Ail says "I am going after those bastards!"

The boy is about to fly after the Air Soldiers, but Mickey grabs his shoulders and pulls him back, shouting "look out!", and right after they drop back on the ground, a giant pair of hands made from the rocks of the mountain trail down said rocks, stop in front of the Heartless, briefly separate each other, then quickly clap hard, taking out eight of them at once.

The brown-haired boy and the king watch in awe as the hands disappear back into the mountain, stare at the two remaining Air Soldiers flying erratically in the air, but before either gets up, a young girl's voice, familiar to Ail, loudly says "you are such persistent little cretins!"

A small girl with blond hair that reaches to her shoulders, green eyes, and is wearing a straw hat with a silver zipper in front and a pair of eyes on top, a simple purple dress with dancing frogs motif, a pair of long white sleeves attached to the dress with half-open silver zippers and a silver frog medallion hanging from a chain on the right sleeve, and a pair of knee-high white socks and black boots with dark-brown bands crossing the tips, swoops in front of the Heartless from out of nowhere, and swings a pair of iron rings that seem to glow gold around her arms.

She swings the rings around her hands, and using them as weapons, she spins around and strikes an Air Soldier on the face, then dives down and thrusts her rings on the torso of the next, and right after those two Heartless become dust, all ten hearts are released at the same time.

Both Ail and Mickey stare awestruck at the girl, then the king exclaims "she's amazing."

Ail suddenly snaps out of the surprise, then waves his arms in the air, and calls "Suwako! Over here!"

The girl turns around, spots the two on the rocky path, then slowly descends to get closer after magically putting away her iron rings.

Right when she's at earshot distance, Ail smiles and says "Mickey, this is Suwako Moriya, one of the two goddesses of the mountain! Suwako, this is Mickey. He's been-"

Before he can finish, Suwako scowls and says "and where the hell have you been? I've been trying to reach you all day!"

Ail's expression changes to concern, then asks "what happened? Is Sanae alright?"

Suwako angrily says "I don't know. There's a dark barrier up there, and we need a damned Keyblade to open it! And more importantly, do you have any idea as to why we have Heartless inside Gensokyo? This is a terrible catastrophe! If we don't do some-! Wait a moment..."

Ignoring the distress on Ail's face, Suwako turns her attention to Mickey, smiles when she sees the Star Seeker on his right hand, then suddenly screams with excitement "WAAAAAH! A Keyblade wielder! It's a Keyblade wielder! This is great! Say, can you help me with-?"

Ail suddenly shouts "Suwako, what about Sanae, and Budou? What's been happening over here?"

At the same time, Mickey asks "so you know of the Heartless and Keyblades?"

At the very same time, Suwako continues "my descendant and her youkai daughter are up there, and I'm really worried, so could you give me a hand with that barrier?"

Ail, Suwako and Mickey stare silently at each other when they are done with their questions, then Mickey says "uh, I think we'll have to try this one again."

Suwako and Ail simultaneously nod and say "agreed!"

Meanwhile, at the other side of the mountain; Kyo looks bored while he, Goofy and Aya, cross over a natural stone bridge, then he suddenly groans and says "man, not a single Heartless, nobody trying to take us down... What gives? I thought you said this place was overrun!"

Aya smiles nervously and gulps, but quickly recovers herself, looks around, then says "th-they're probably in the village, causing chaos as we speak."

Goofy looks at Kyo in confusion, then asks "so, you want the Heartless to attack us?"

Before Kyo answers, Aya, sounding serious, says "alright, keep your guard up, boys. We're about to enter tengu territory. Stick close to me at all times, and if we are attacked, do not get separated. It could very well be the last mistake you'll make in this lifetime."

Kyo and Goofy gulp, then the large dog replies "uh, sure thing, ma'am."

The exact moment Kyo sets foot on the other side of the bridge, a massive dark-blue and purple blob comes flying straight at him, so he, Aya and Goofy drop on the ground to avoid colliding with the thing.

It bounce once on the bridge, then crashes against a sharp rock almost reaching the other side, shattering it on impact, then stops.

Kyo is the first to lift his head to ask "what the heck was that?", and after getting up, he can see the large thing struggling to get up on its own.

Kyo summons his sword and shield when he notices the creature's blue arms, then sternly says "Heartless!", causing Aya and Goofy to get up from the ground, prepared to attack.

The large monster gets up, scratches its small head, then turns around, revealing a large black and red heart emblem on its chest.

It's a Large Body, and has a spherical body, long, large arms with silver armbands with black chains on its wrists, very small legs, big black shoes, a very small black head, a conical metal hat on it, and wears a purple body suit strapped by yellow strings around its large and round belly.

When it spots the party of three, it smacks its own belly with its right hand, making a loud "boing" sound, then quickly runs to them.

Just as the trio start their charge toward it, four white wolf tengu, one familiar to Kyo, rush toward the creature with their claws, shields and swords ready.

One of them strikes its belly to stop its charge, though causes no damage to it, and the other three immediately attack it from behind and on the head, finishing it off after one strike from each.

The one that attacked its belly is Momiji Inubashiri, and she has short white hair, wolf ears, the right one adorned with a silver wolf earring, a fluffy white tail, red eyes, and wears a white shirt with long sleeves that are strapped to the shirt by thin red strings, a long black skirt that reaches to her calves, which is adorned by two bronze zippers on the sides, the right one open at the bottom and has a red-fire motif around the bottom, a red tokin, and a pair of red geta sandals.

The ones beside her wear the same outfit, save for some modifications; two of them wear long pants instead of skirts, and the second skirted girl, as well as one of the ones with pants, have long hair that seem to flow easily with the wind.

The four tengu approach the party, then Momiji looks at Aya and asks "were they the only ones available?"

Aya nods with a stern face, then Momiji sighs and says "well, small help is better than none, but you guys better prepare yourself. The village is infested. They even took the courtroom."

Aya clenches her fists hard, grits her teeth, then asks "so they got Lord Tenma?"

Momiji shakes her head as her response, then asks "but the minute signal hasn't rung in a while, so could you guys go and check for us? We still have to clean up around here."

Aya is about to mention her concern for her allies' safety, but Momiji beats her to it by sniffing both Kyo and Goofy, then howling loudly to the sky; her howl echoes all over the mountain, then she says "there. For the time being, Kyo and..."

Goofy waves his gloved hand while smiling and saying "Goofy", then Momiji finishes "and mister Goofy are clear to enter the village safely, and will be greeted as allies to the Tengu."

Aya smiles like her usual self, then says "ah, you guys are so helpful sometimes. Thanks."

All four white wolves exclaim "HEY!", at the same time, but Aya only chuckles nervously and waves her hand at them.

After that awkward moment, Goofy gets closer to the wolf with long pants and long white hair, and says "say there, that was some fine shield work you did there. Can you teach me how it's done, Miss?"

The tengu growls, and sounding annoyed, he says "hey, I'm a guy! Jeez!"

Goofy covers his snout and says "whoops. Sorry there, sir."

The wolf just growls, then Aya chuckles and says "oh, take it easy on him, Mark! He's a newcomer."

The tengu furiously barks back "MY NAME IS WATANABE, you STUPID crow! GRRR!"

Not taking any offense, Aya simply strikes her fist on her open palm, then says "ah, that's right. Sorry about that, Watbe!"

Momiji has to hold Watanabe by his shoulders to prevent him from ripping Aya to shreds with his fangs, then sighs and gruffly commands "look, just head inside and go help Lord Tenma already."

Aya salutes Momiji and says "right!", then signals Kyo and Goofy to follow her, adding "come on, you guys. We have a job to do."

Resting the unsharpened end of his sword on his left shoulder, Kyo rubs his eyes with his left hand and says "somehow being around Aya seems more dangerous that going on our own."

Goofy just stares back at Kyo, trying to understand what the guy meant about what he just said.

Inside the Tengu Village, the usually quiet community is now a battlefield. Shadows, Large Bodies, Air Soldiers, and many other type of Heartless are giving the many tengu some trouble.

Included amongst the ranks of Heartless are weird-looking crows, with long crooked blue necks, large red claws, spiky black feathers on the head and body, a jagged-toothed open beak with a black face inside it, round yellow eyes, and has that black and red heart crest on the front-end tip of their beaks.

These, though weak, are numerous, and are giving some extra trouble to the tengu, whom already have their hands full.

The village is supposed to be a peaceful and beautiful place, with many houses set over the mountain walls, or patches of lands, and bridges made for those who prefer walking, most leading straight to the back-end of the mountain, and linking to many of the houses.

Most of the houses set around the rocks, the mountain walls and patches of lands have been lightly damaged, though by the look of things, the damage seems to have been caused by the tengu themselves.

A few of the wooden bridges are down, and that limits Goofy, the only one unable to fly, to having to cross the three old, thin natural bridges that lead to the courthouse; a massive white building with a red roof, and various open windows, set at the very end of the village against the mountain wall, on a long patch of land.

The building itself looks unharmed, but Aya knows that if the signal bell isn't being rung continually during an attack, it means there is trouble inside.

Aya takes a step forward, looks at the mess inside the village, but doesn't seem to be too affected by it.

She turns around to look at Kyo and Goofy, then casually says "since Goofy can't fly, we'll have to take the very old, crumbling natural bridges to get to our destination."

Annoyed, yet forcing a smile, Kyo says "why, of course. Making it easy would be too much to ask for, so yeah, let's take the most dangerous course of action."

Aya smiles at Kyo, and sounding almost too happy, she says "so optimistic in the face of danger! You are now my third most favorite human!"

Now even more annoyed, obvious by the pulsating vein on his forehead, Kyo face palms, sighs, then says "birds. Can't detect sarcasm at all!"

Goofy just chuckles, then says "we better get goin' to that there courthouse. The faster we finish this, the better."

Kyo relaxes, nods in assent, then says "alright then. Aya, lead the way."

Their run through the first part of the bridge is uneventful, but right after reaching a rocky patch of solid ground linking to the second part, five of those crow Heartless swoop down from the sky, screeching as they fly low to the ground in a spread formation, and readying their claws to attack.

Surprisingly enough, Goofy is the first to charge the attack with his shield raised and shouting "COME ON!", and ramming his shield hard against two of the Heartless, turning them to dust in an instant.

Surprised, Aya exclaims "hay, I'm the fastest in this party!", then she and Kyo charge to battle.

Aya uses her fan to create a small tornado, trapping two of the birds in it, then dive-kicks to the center of the small tornado and turns the Heartless to dust.

Kyo stops his charge, straightens up, blows air through his nose in annoyance, calls off his sword, places his left hand on his waist, grabs the last dark bird by the neck when close enough, making the bird caw in despair, then casually lifts his shield and smacks the bird on the head, taking down his first Heartless in the trip, and releasing its heart.

He is annoyed by this fact, evident by the disappointed look on his face, and says "the next five Heartless are all mine."

The left corner of Aya's lip rises as she points behind herself with her thumb, and says "ask, and ye shall receive."

Behind them, five Large Bodies are smacking their own bellies and pulling up their pants, as though welcoming Kyo to the fight, and now, the mentioned boy, Goofy and Aya scream and run for their lives through the second part of the narrow bridge, while the Large Bodies, as well as numerous other Heartless, hastily chase after them, all eager to take the party's hearts.

Meanwhile, at the right side of the waterfall, Suwako, Ail and Mickey follow the steep and rocky path to the top, and seems that by climbing the hard way, they save themselves the trouble of Heartless attacks.

While they climb, Suwako, who is ahead, loudly asks "so, that's what happened out there?"

Sounding a little agitated, but doing his best to control his nerves, Ail replies "y... yes, that's about all that's happened so far."

Suwako stops her ascent after reaching a long patch of land, looks up, then says "I see. Then it's much worse than we thought. But... you are certain that we can free Reimu, right?"

Mickey catches up to Suwako and Ail, then says "the girls weren't a hundred percent on it, but they believe we can."

Ail suddenly loses his patience and exclaims "look, talking here will get us nowhere. Let's get to this barrier and save Budou and Sanae, then we can focus on Reimu!"

Before Suwako has the chance, Mickey summons his Keyblade, jumps up, then smacks Ail on the top of the head, making Suwako grin a happily.

Rubbing his head, Ail angrily exclaims "dammit, what was that for?"

Mickey frowns as he looks up to Ail, then says "young man, that is no way to treat this situation, especially with your friends involved like this."

Still holding his head, Ail squats and says "I know, I know! But I'm just so darned worried. What if they are in danger right now? What if their hearts-"

Suwako takes front and center, places her right hand on Ail's forehead, then says "you and I have talked about this before, and you know this better than anyone, yet it seems I need to say it again. If you want to help those you love, LET. THEM. GO!"

Dropping on his seat after Suwako is done speaking, Ail sighs, closes his eyes, raises his head to look at Suwako, and slowly opens his eyes while calmly saying "I'm sorry, lady Moriya. You're right. It... looks like I need more practice and training."

Suwako chuckles, shakes her head, then says "no. You just need to settle that heart of yours. It's too jumpy."

She looks up and around, then says "well, here we are."

Ail gets up on his feet, then he and Mickey look around, but when neither can see any barrier, Ail asks "so... where's the barrier?"

Looking at Ail and Mickey, Suwako raises her right hand above her head, stands on the tip of her toes then her hand is suddenly consumed by a swirling mass of black and purple clouds.

Not even flinching, Suwako says "no less than eight tengu were consumed and turned to heartless thanks to this. Mister Mickey, all you have to do now is aim that key up to this point, and it will do the rest."

Mickey watches in awe as Suwako's hand rapidly grows back and looks like nothing ever happened to it, then shakes his head to recover from the shock, quickly raises the Star Seeker, and aims it at the very spot Suwako touched with her hand.

His Keyblade starts trembling violently, pulls Mickey closer to the barrier, and in a sudden burst of light from the Keyblade's tip, the barrier becomes fully visible.

It looks like a giant oval blob made of black and purple gas that seems to be churning within a balloon, but as soon as it becomes visible, bright white cracks start spreading around the whole thing, and in seconds, the horrible barrier explodes, allowing free passage to the Moriya Shrine once again.

Mickey continues to stare awestruck, turns his stare at Suwako, then says "you know a whole lot more about Keyblades than I do! Are you a Keyblade Master?"

Suwako chuckles, then says "I told you already, I'm a god. I may look young, but I've been around the block a few times."

Feeling a little ashamed for doubting her, Mickey bows his head and says "I'm sorry I didn't believe ya at first. It's just... a god. Gosh, I don't know what to say."

Ail, now far calmer than just a few seconds ago, chuckles and smiles while placing his right hand on Mickey's shoulder, then says "she does that often."

Back at the Tengu village, Aya flies ahead of Kyo and Goofy as they make a run-for-it to the courthouse, seeing as the number of Heartless chasing after them has doubled during their run through the third, and last segment of the bridge.

Kyo looks back, nervously groans, then says "they're gonna GET US!"

Goofy tries to hurry Kyo by pushing him and running even faster, but almost causes both to trip on their feet and fall down the bridge, thus slowing down when they almost fall and have Aya pull them back to safety.

Before continuing their run, Goofy says "er, sorry about that, Kyo," then they notice the first Large Body is getting closer.

The three of them scream and resume their running, then Aya excitedly shouts "there it is! The courthouse!"

Right as they reach the patch of land right in front of the large building, they all smile when they believe they are safe, and that's when six more blobs appear right in front of them.

There are now four more of those weird crows, and two more Large Bodies between them and the courthouse, and what's worse, the ones following them have finally caught up.

Aya, Kyo and Goofy press their back against each other, each of them holding tightly to their weapons, then Kyo chuckles and says "well, seems I'll get to have some action before I die."

Aya scoffs, then says "don't be so negative. At least think you'll wake up in Heaven."

Goofy scowls as he looks around at the Heartless surrounding them, then says "well I don' know 'bout you, but I'm not giving up just yet. There's always a way out of these here situations."

Both Kyo and Aya smile, then Aya softly says "fine then, let's give them hell, and come back for more after we're done."

Kyo nods, Goofy remains focused on the Heartless, then all three charge at the enemy, shouting courageously as they get closer to their intended targets.

Each raise their weapons offensively, then, from outside the cluster of Heartless, a woman shouts "let the divinity of the heavens cleanse this land of the darkness! Heaven's Stream, Miracle of Otensui!"

A powerful storm forms outside the range of the small party, and with a combination of powerful winds, raging holy streams, and a massive shower of bullets of various colors, the Heartless caught in the storm are quickly purified, and the hearts inside of them released.

The team of three look confused, but very relieved when the Heartless are swept away and purified, and as the storm around them subsides, Kyo laughs and shouts "Kanako Yasaka! About time!"

A woman with bushy, short blue hair, dark-red eyes, wearing a rope with leaves around her head, a red shirt with long, white sleeves, a dark-red skirt with bright red borders that have light flower patterns on it, a pair of sandals, a mirror on her chest, and a large round rope on her back, approaches the party with a calm smile on her face and says "that was just a sample of what your faith in me can do!"

Aya sighs with relief, then says "ayayaya. And there she goes with the faith talk, again."

Kyo, Aya and Goofy regroup as they walk closer to Kanako, then the black dog bows his head and says "thank ye kindly ma'am! For a moment there, we thought we were goners. A-hyuck."

Kanako chuckles, then Kyo says "Goofy, this is Kanako Yasaka, one of the goddesses of the mountain, and she's actually much older than she looks."

Kanako grabs Kyo in a headlock, and while smiling at Goofy and speaking dearly, she says "please, pay no heed to the tainted one's blasphemous speech."

From near the courthouse, Aya loudly says "I'm sorry to interrupt, but something's odd about this place. It's very... quiet."

Kanako releases Kyo, gets closer to Aya, and with a stern face, she says "that's right. I came down here after I was done with the elders' houses. I feel there's an unnatural power flowing from this place, and thought of taking care of it."

Rubbing his neck, Kyo gets closer and says "then what are we waiting for! ? We have to get in there, find what's lurking around, and kick that whatever's butt."

Aya grins mischievously, and in a joking undertone, she says "and you'll just run away again."

A vein pulsates on Kyo's right fist and forehead, growls, but doesn't reply.

Ignoring Kyo, Goofy walks over to Kanako and asks "so you're a god, right?"

Kanako shoots a casual look at Goofy, then nods, and just like that, the silly dog drops on his knees, bows until his snot touches the ground, then says "my lady! Thank you for savin' our lives."

Kanako chuckles, points at the dog-like creature, and says "say, I like this fellow. Please, get up. It is embarrassing, and you can't fight Heartless like that."

After getting up, Goofy joins Kyo and Aya, and along with Kanako, they stare toward the large courthouse, preparing themselves for what may lurk inside.

Meanwhile, Ail, Mickey and Suwako rush through the long stone trail leading to the Moriya shrine, flipping in the air, jumping on and off trees, and shooting small spells and bullets to get rid of the many Heartless that get in their way, releasing their hearts in the process.

While twirling in the air with her iron rings held tightly on her hands, and after taking out one Air Soldier, Suwako asks "so what world are you guys from?"

Mickey quickly realizes the question is directed at him, and at first he thinks of some excuse to not say too much, but remembers he's addressing a goddess, so decides to say the truth.

He spins in the air and takes out a second Air Soldier and one of the crow Heartless, then says "I come from Disney Town. More precisely, Disney Castle."

Suwako chuckles, then says "yeah, I noticed the kingly air about you, and that gear you have on is not poor man's gear, your majesty."

Ail is shooting blue laser beams all over the place, takes the lead, strikes a Large Body on the head, followed by Mickey, then Suwako tosses her ring to finish it off, releasing its heart, and after resuming their run, Ail exclaims "man, you really know your stuff, don't you Suwako-sama."

The goddess giggles, then says "I told you, I've been around the block a few times. But enough of that. We're coming up on the shrine..."

Just before reaching the large red gates that greet the faithful to the shrine, Mickey says "yeah, and seems the Heartless have stopped attacking. That usually means there's more trouble ahead."

Suwako smiles as she points at Mickey, then says "oh, you're good. And you're right."

The three stop right under the gate, take a breather, then Ail looks forward with longing in his eyes.

The Moriya Shrine lies right in front of him, but it's so dark, he can barely see anything, other than the few trees that make up its garden.

As his eyes adjust to the darkened night, he can see the central building, which is the main shrine, with its donation box on the front of the large wall, a large sacred rope hanging horizontally above it, as well as a white and red rope with bells hanging vertically.

To the left of that, he can see the storage house, which is a bit larger than the one at the Hakurei Shrine.

The lock is undone, but the door is closed, so maybe Budou and Sanae are in there.

Further back, he can see the sacred logs from the lake, standing eerily silent over the quiet lake waters.

He moves his sight to the right of the shrine, towards the living building, where there is always one light on, at least in normal days, but today hasn't been normal, and the lights in the shrine are off.

Ail looks back at Suwako, and trying to hold back his sudden surge of anxiety, he asks "w-what should we do? Ho-how do we save them?"

Suwako places her hand on Ail's shoulder, and calmly but sternly, says "calm down. The shrine is crawling with those things, Ail. We're going to have to take them out before we can search... alright?"

Ail nods rapidly, Mickey places a hand on his other shoulder, and after Ail looks back at him and then at Suwako, he calms down, nods more naturally, then says "alright. One step at a time."

Back at the Tengu Village, inside the courthouse, Kyo cuts a bright flaming cross in the air with his sword, pushes it forward with his shield, then the cross flies straight toward a pair of Large Bodies.

The flaming cross ties the two creatures together, constricts them, then Kyo jumps high and strikes their heads, releasing the captured hearts after the creatures become dust.

At the same time, Aya and Goofy are making short work of a couple of Air Soldiers, while Kanako deals with the crows that refuse to come down from the ceiling.

Kyo, Aya and Goofy regroup, then the buff boy shouts "Kanako! We're heading to the next room!"

Kanako flips her right thumb up and replies "I'll follow you soon!", then resumes her bullet battle with the crows.

The trio make their way to the door when it suddenly explodes, and from within flies Hatate Himekaidou, who twirls in the air before falling flat on her back with her clothes in tatters and her face covered in a black smudge.

She has long brown hair tied to twin pigtails with purple ribbons, and wears a purple tokin, a white shirt with purple frills on the collar, a black tie with a silver wing pinned on the tip, a purple and black checkered skirt that reaches just above her knees, a pair of black knee-high socks tied by purple straps, and a pair of red geta sandals.

Aya gasps and calls for Hatate, who narrowly opens her brown eyes, and whispers "Lord... Tenma... Possessed by... dark."

She closes her eyes once again, then a dark and chilling breeze comes from inside the main courtroom, taking the trio's attention away from Hatate.

Kanako lands next to the fallen tengu, picks her up, then says "I'll take her to the medics and come back as soon as I can. Now go!"

Kyo, Aya and Goofy nod simultaneously, then quickly rush inside the darkened room.

Right after entering, they gasp at the sight of the two figures in the room.

First is the Tengu Lord, Tenma, who is wearing a fierce-looking, red , long-nosed tengu mask over his face, a red tokin with strings at both sides that are covered with white, feathery puffs on his long dark hair, has a long black beard, and wears a long white robe over a black armored vest with golden edges, and a pair of mean-looking geta sandals with silver plates on the platform.

The other looks like a round floating purple helmet with the faceplate down and three silver spikes around it, that floats above a purple hourglass-shaped body, which has a lilac diamond pattern above its waist, as well as the black and red heart symbol on its chest.

When it sees the small party enter through the door, it rises high above the ceiling, and just watches, while the tengu lord turns his masked face at them, then raises a large fan the same shape as Aya's, only darker, and is emanating an ominous vibration.

Kyo raises his sword at the tengu, then says "Aya, listen carefully. Your leader is possessed. Donald and Marisa said they had to knock Cirno and Daiyousei down to free them before. Understand what I'm sayin'?"

Aya grins confidently, then says "oh, don't worry about me. Not too eager to do this, but at the same time... I kind'a want to."

Goofy nods at Aya, then looks at Kyo and says "try not to harm him too much. He's possessed after all!"

With Kyo on the front, Goofy to the right, and Aya to the left, the small party is ready to battle the possessed tengu lord, Tenma.

The first thing the large tengu does is viciously swing his fan and send large dark tornadoes at Aya.

Kyo and Goofy rush forth, but Goofy is stopped by the sudden appearance of two soldiers, leaving Kyo on his own.

Aya takes flight just before the dark tornadoes touch her, and aims to battle the odd Heartless hiding on the roof.

Kyo reaches Tenma, raises his sword above his head, swings it downward, then Tenma blocks Kyo's sword with the dark fan, but Kyo just grins and chuckles, then smacks the possessed tengu lord on the ribs with his shield.

Tenma gets pushed backward, then Goofy suddenly charges forward, raises his shield above his head, then jumps off the ground like a rocket, shouting "sorry about this, sir!", and strikes Tenma on the chin, making him tumble backward and fall with his back against the tall podium he uses to address his people.

Meanwhile, Aya sends a barrage to tornadoes at the odd Heartless, but it has a dark barrier around itself, and all her attacks bounce off. She grunts as she positions herself closer to the creature, rushes forward with her fan, but ends up getting deflected, and falls backwards to the ground.

She falls on her back on something relatively soft, and with a curious look on her face, she looks around to find out she's on the possessed Tenma's lap.

When she sees her leader raising that fan over his head, she panics and shouts "PUFFY FEATHER DUSTERS~!", then manages to roll away from his lap and the fan that falls and cuts the floor like a blade, saving her own head, but not a few strands of hair.

While Tenma gets up, Kyo and Goofy rush to Aya, then Kyo asks "are you alright?"

Aya has tears dangling under here scowling eyes, and sounding both panicked and aggravated, she shows the tip of hair missing from the left side and shouts "does THIS look OK TO YOU?", points at Tenma, then finishes "he's going to have to pay! NOW!"

Goofy tries to remind her that Tenma is being possessed, but Aya cuts him off and shouts "HE! WILL! PAAAYY~!"

Tenma rushes straight at the small party at the same time that Aya takes flight and rushes straight at his face, and before Kyo can voice his concern, Shameimaru is already kicking the tengu lord on the right cheeks with the platform on her sandal.

Surprised, Kyo drops his guard and says "whoa, she's really pissed off."

Goofy suddenly shouts "behind you!", then he and Kyo start fighting off some Soldiers that appear out of nowhere.

Tenma groans loud and long as he clumsily tries to swat Aya away from himself, but the tengu reporter isn't giving him the chance, zipping to the left and the right, leaving an after-image with every move, and swatting his head with her fan.

Aya thinks she has him, and is ready to make her final move, so she shouts "this is it! You are going DOWN!", and dives straight to his face, but that's when Tenma lifts both arms in the air and summons a shield of wind-blades that leave a gash on Aya's left cheek when she crashes against it.

Meanwhile, Goofy pushes the last Soldier towards Kyo with his shield, then Kyo finishes it off with a downward cut in the middle, and as the released heart flies away, Kyo shouts "woo! That was fun! Let's get the big guy now."

Aya falls on top of Kyo, knocking him down along with herself, and while rubbing the back of her head, she gets up, groans, then says "he got mad."

Tenma's eyes can be seen glowing red from behind the mask, and the wind shield around him turns purple with a wave of his hand, then Kyo hastily gets up along with Aya and exclaims "poison! Don't get too close!", then rushes forward while raising his sword.

Aya shouts "HEY! I thought you said 'DON'T get close'! What are you doing?"

Kyo shouts back "I'm immune", then matches Tenma's fan swings with his sword.

Goofy observes the tengu lord's movements as he fights with Kyo, and without saying anything, he raises his shield over his face and charges forward.

Aya follows after him, shouting "you crazy dog thing!", then launches a wind blade at Tenma, making an opening on the poisonous air shield to his stomach.

Goofy speeds up, jumps to the tengu, aims his shield, then strikes the tengu lord straight on the abdomen, making him groan loudly and stop his attacks.

Kyo takes this chance to back away and regroup with the tengu girl, then Tenma drops his fan and calls off his wind shield, holds his stomach, then both Kyo and Aya look at each other, nod, and run to the tengu lord.

Aya kicks his abdomen as hard as she can, while Kyo jumps and strikes his forehead with the hilt of his sword, and just like that, Tenma screams, and the dark aura that surrounded him lifts to the air, the courtroom lights up, and as though being repelled, the odd Heartless on the ceiling breaks out of the building and flies toward the mountain shrine.

Now that there is light, the party can see the red and white checkered tiles that make the courtroom's floor, the knocked wooden podium, the destroyed tables where the elders are supposed to sit, and the various droplet-shaped hanging lamps on the ceiling.

Kanako flies inside the room just as the creature escapes, points up, then shouts "he's going to the shrine! After him!", then quickly flies after it.

Kyo, Aya and Goofy still haven't grasped the fact that they have won, and just look at Tenma with concern.

After Kanako is gone, Momiji, as well as several white wolf, crow and daitengu enter the courtroom, gasp at the sight of their knocked-out leader, then one of the masked tengu asks "what happened? Who did this to Lord Tenma?"

Aya, who hides along with Goofy behind Kyo, exclaims "h-he was possessed! The thing that did it ran away! Ka... Kanako went after it!"

Kyo takes a step forward, then sternly says "we're going after that monster, so you take care of your leader."

The masked tengu gets closer to Kyo, showing off his towering height to the human, then nods and says "go, and make sure those things never return to our mountains."

Kyo nods, turns around, grabs Goofy by the back of his shirt's collar, then takes off after Kanako.

Aya grabs a green leaf from her skirt pocket, presses it against her cut cheek while looking at the masked tengu, and when she removes the leaf, the cut is gone.

She nods at the tengu, he nods back to her, then suddenly takes flight after Kyo and Goofy.

Meanwhile, at the Moriya Shrine, Ail Mickey and Suwako struggle against the army of Heartless over the shrine's grounds, while making their way to the living quarters.

They are just three steps away from the building when three Large Bodies and five Soldiers appear right in front of them.

Ail seems tense, but far more relaxed than before, and glaring at the ones between him and the building, he calmly says "I'm starting to get real sick of all of you.", then rushes straight into battle, promptly followed by Mickey and Suwako.

He raises his odd-looking weapon and strikes one of the Soldiers, releasing the captured heard, but the Large Body behind it manages to body-slam Ail and send him flying backward to Suwako.

The little goddess remains on her feet when she catches the flying boy, then looks at the odd glowing of his weapon and says "oi, we'll handle these small-fry. Go inside and get my Sanae and Budou."

Ail stares with confusion at Suwako, but before he can ask, she throws him over the Heartless into the dark building with a simple gesture from her right arm.

After doing that, she and Mickey stand with their backs against each other, and the mouse asks "are you sure that was wise?"

Suwako grins, then asks "scared of the Heartless?"

Mickey smirks, then says "hey, I've already got 56. How about you, Miss Goddess?"

Suwako lowers the front of her hat to hide her eyes, grins, then says "tch! Must be getting sloppy. No matter, I can top your number if I just focus."

By now, the two are surrounded by the many Heartless, including the crows and Shadows, then they both raise a hand, a spell card appears above each, and they simultaneously shout "Divine Bright Winds!"

Mickey jumps on Suwako's shoulders and angles his Keyblade upward, while Suwako stretches her hands with her rings apart and starts spinning and floating 2 feet above the ground, then powerful gales imbued with pure light starts gathering around her and King Mickey, then turns into a bright tornado of light.

Meanwhile, inside the dark living room, Ail slowly gets off his face and looks around, quickly realizing there is a single lamp on the right-side wall that dimly lights the living room.

There is a small square dinner table sitting to the right of the living room, away from the open sliding doors leading outside, and there is a television at the center, nearing the back of the room, as well as a couple of knocked-over wooden couches with red cushions.

To the right side of the building is the kitchen, which is quite modern, though most of the electronic devices in it aren't doing much anymore, seeing as there isn't electricity in Gensokyo.

The counters still have chopped vegetables on the cutting board resting on top of one of them, between them, the sink is full of water, only half of the dishes have been cleaned, there is a knife stabbed on the floor in front of the cabinets under the counters, and Sanae's apron lays on the unused side of the counter with various tears and stains on it.

To the left of the building is the rooms corridor, and that's where Ail is headed.

To the farthest left, almost in front of the corridor's wide doorway is Suwako's room, next to the right is the toilet room, next to that is the bathroom, and further inside are Kanako's and Sanae's rooms.

As he enters the darkened corridor, he calls "Sanae, Budou! If you can hear me, say something!"

From the room farthest inside the corridor's right, a little girl cries out "papa! Papa, please let that be you... HELP!"

Ail immediately raises his head in attention, runs fast toward the last room, and when he opens the sliding door, he finds Budou curled up into a ball at the right corner of the room.

She has long teal hair that reaches the top-half of her back, touching her large brown bat wings, has violet eyes without pupils, and wears a large white ribbon with black borders on the left of her head, a light-brown sleeveless dress that reaches down to her calves, a short-sleeved white shirt under the dress, wraps a small teal apron around her waist, and wears a pair of pink socks that allow her tiny claws to freely cut through without breaking said socks.

Next to her are a pair of purple gauntlets with silver claws threatening to grab her, but get pushed back whenever they crash against a holy barrier around the little girl.

Ail knows that is Sanae's barrier, but the shrine maiden is not in her room; but now that he's found Budou, Ail wastes no time in summoning his weapon, which now looks like a straight rod, then jumps toward the left gauntlet and swings with all his might.

With just one swing, he sends that gauntlet spiraling in the air and against the back wall, but he still has the right one to deal with.

The right gauntlet punches the side of his ribs, but Ail manages to hold on to it with his left arm, raises his light rod, then strikes the end of the gauntlet, making it flip and drop to the ground.

Both gauntlets rise up from the ground, but instead of attacking, they rush straight out the window.

After the gauntlets are gone, Budou rushes out of the barrier towards Ail, wraps her arms around his waist, then cries "I tried to help, but I got scared, and mama tried to save me, and-"

Before she continues, Ail kneels down, embraces her and rubs her head to calm her down, and with a smile on his face, he asks "it's alright. I'm here. Now, where is Sanae?"

There is a loud bang and a scream from the living room, then Budou shouts "mama Sanny!"

Ail and Budou rush out the room and into the living room, noticing the door to Suwako's room has been destroyed from inside, then both gasp at the sight of Sanae Kochiya lying hurt on the living room's floor.

She has long light-green hair, green eyes, and wears a snake coiled around the white tube on her right sideburn, a frog-head clip above that, a white sleeveless vest with blue borders, a sleeveless shirt underneath, a pair of detached sleeves with blue borders, a long blue skirt that covers down to her calves, and a pair of blue socks and light-green shoes.

She lies on the floor with bruises and stains all over her face, and with her clothes in tatters, and she suddenly yelps and rolls around to avoid being stomped by a large black shoe with purple guards and forelegs.

When that foot stomps, it sends a shockwave that strikes her back and sends her flying against the television table, where she yelps again in a failed attempt to call for help.

Both Budou and Ail lose their temper at the sight, and rush in to help her, but the second foot stomps down hard behind them, and sends both flying forward after the shockwaves hits them.

Ail wraps his left arm around Budou and gets up from the ground, summons his weapon once again, though it looks as messed up as before, then he jumps in the air and strikes the second foot before it stomps again, making it fall to the floor on its side.

Budou pulls on Ail's left sleeve, then points at Sanae and shouts "save her!"

She fires a laser at the falling foot, which was headed straight at the green-haired girl, and makes it loose momentum, giving Sanae the chance to get up and limp away.

Ail places Budou on the ground, closes his eyes, then, after time seems to stop, he says to himself "to save those I love, I have to let them go. Still, I already failed with Reimu and Rika, and now I might not be able to save Sanae. My heart aches with fury for all my blunders. I want to do more, be better, but I can't help if I lose my temper like that; fall into darkness again."

At that moment, Mickey enters through the front door and notices the second foot is about to get up, so he rushes to it and smacks it right back into Suwako's room.

Ail's right hand starts glowing gold as he continues "but I mustn't give in to this hatred. If I give into that, I'll probably end up like a Heartless. What I need is strength of heart; the power of light! Maybe that's what Suwako and Mickey meant back there. I think I understand. My heart is light, but when I lose myself it becomes dark! I think... I get it now."

Mickey stands beside Budou, and stares awestruck at Ail.

The weapon of light on his right hand has taken the shape of a Keyblade, looking like a large key; with a long rod with teeth that look like a crown on the tip, a hand-guard that looks like the head of a large old key, and a Hidden-Mickey symbol at the end of the weapon's ethereal keychain.

Mickey stares at the Keyblade made entirely of light, then whispers to himself "but... that looks like the Kingdom Key. The one in my master's book."

Ail has no time to inspect the light-copy of a Keyblade he's managed to make.

Sanae is in danger, so he rushes straight at the flying foot that's chasing after her.

The maiden tries to limp away to safety, but that foot is flying faster than she can move, so she ends up crouching on the floor and calling for help, then Ail moves in and strikes it with his Keyblade of light, sending it flying through the roof after just one swing.

After the threat is gone, he turns toward Sanae, kneels beside her to meet her face, smiles, then softly says "sorry I'm late."

Sanae looks up at Ail, wanting nothing more than to throttle him for not answering her summons, but instead accepts his offered helping hand and gives him a sudden hug, asking "dammit, why didn't you come? We used the whistle, so why didn't you?"

After calling off his new weapon, Ail returns Sanae's hug, and while he comforts her, he looks around and notices the surprised look on Mickey, Budou, and the "I-told-you-so" look on Suwako's face, who now stands under the exit's doorway.

After brightening up the living room with more lamps, settling down a bit, and having Sanae's wounds tended; now having bandages on her right arm, left leg, and over her forehead and left eye; Suwako approaches Ail next to the table to the right of Sanae, and says "so you understood why I stressed about letting them go."

Ail nods, summons his Keyblade of light, and as he stares at it, he says "so you knew what was messing up my attempts to copy this Keyblade thing after all."

Suwako nods, then says "but that's not all. If you kept going on like that, the Heartless would have consumed you. Thankfully, now that you understand this, it will be harder for the darkness to take you. And that's good, 'cuz we need you here with us."

Ail looks at Suwako with concern and asks "harder? You mean, even with this, I can still fall?"

Suwako nods, then Mickey, who is with Budou on the replaced couch near the television, loudly says "Ail, just because you managed to summon a Keyblade doesn't mean you can't fall into darkness. In fact, you will be tempted to join the darkness even more, now that you have that weapon. Just stay true to those you care about, don't lose your temper, don't give in to guilt, and you should be fine."

Suwako immediately adds "and to remain in the light, stop being so greedy, and let go of your loved ones. You'll smother them too much if you don't, and they'll eventually get tired of it, and leave you on their own."

There is a sudden loud thud from the front yard, then Suwako, Mickey and Ail spring on to their feet, then the little goddess says "Sanae, Budou, I've placed barriers around the house. Stay inside and let us handle this."

She turns her head to Mickey, who nods at her, then at Ail, who sighs then nods at her, then the goddess says "they're gathering up. We'll need to give it our all, and more. Now, let's go."

With that, Suwako, Mickey and Ail exit the building, and immediately find out the entire shrine grounds are invaded by too many Heartless to count, and now, in the center of that are the arms and feet Ail fought before, along with its torso and head, all which hover close to each other to make one large armored Heartless named Guard Armor.

Mickey, Ail and Suwako summon their weapons, and with smiles on their faces, they look around the shrine, then Ail asks "we better take their leader first, don't you think?"

Mickey and Suwako nod, then Mickey says "just watch your backs at all times."

The trio walks toward the largest Heartless, well-aware of the many creatures gathering up behind them, closing up any escape routes, not that they are looking for one at the moment.

The three now stand ten feet away from the Guard Armor, look around themselves, then Suwako says "so unfair," Ail adds "so few for the three of us," then Mickey chuckles, then says "don't worry, I'm sure we can manage some amusement out of this."

Mickey is the first to jump straight toward the large Heartless and strikes its head hard while spinning around with his Keyblade.

Ail follows after Mickey and focuses on attacking the monster's spinning arms, making it flinch when he blocks the attack so forcefully, then aims his attacks at the monster's torso.

Suwako clicks her tongue, takes two steps forward, then flies low to the ground and uses her rings to smack the monster's feet as she flies between them, and once she's behind it, she jumps up and strikes the back of its head with her rings without needing to turn around.

The Guard Armor suddenly splits its limbs apart and flies above the battlefield while Ail, Suwako and Mickey focus on taking down the stomping feet and their shockwaves, the drill-spinning arms, and taking out the smaller Heartless that are already too close.

Ail gets hit hard on the back by a shockwave and tackled by a crow, then rolls away from a Shadow's claw, strikes the crow on its chest, sends it flying against the Shadow, releasing the heart from the crow when they explode, then blocks the foot when it tries to stomp him, knocking it sideways in the ground.

He takes advantage of this and lands a few combos from his Keyblade before sending it flying away towards a group of Large Bodies, releasing the captured hearts and saying in admiration "whoa, they were released after all."

Mickey is spinning around, taking out one Air Soldier after another, then various crows dive straight at him and manage to tackle him to the ground, but Mickey isn't out yet.

He pushes himself on all fours, starts spinning around and drops his back on the ground, and as he spins around with his Keyblade held on his hands, a light starts surrounding him.

He spins faster and faster and ends up standing up in one foot, and as he continues his bright spin, he moves around the entire battlefield, successfully creating a large parameter for the trio, and now can focus again on the largest Heartless once again.

After spinning so much, King Mickey finds himself a bit dizzy, so he covers his eyes with his hand and waits to recover.

Suwako moves about like an acrobat, taking out some Shadows, blocking one drilling arm, striking the second hand hard, and finally kicking the second foot away from herself.

Once she's free to attack, she calls off her rings, jumps in the air, inhales heavily, then spits out a divine stream of water from her mouth that strikes all three floating limbs and sends them flying straight at the fourth one, plus, she manages to save Ail from a Shadow behind him as well.

She lands softly, and loudly says "Ail, watch your back!"

The boy nods, then suddenly scowls and instinctively sends his Keyblade of light spinning in the air straight at Suwako.

The little goddess gasps and drops to the ground, allowing the spinning Keyblade to fly over her head and strike a Soldier and Large Body that were behind her, releasing their hearts.

The weapon spins back to Ail's hand like a boomerang, then he excitedly says "whoa, I could actually throw this! That's awesome!"

Suwako gets up from the ground, chuckles nervously, then says "ca-careful where you aim that, you idiot!"

The Guard Armor's torso and head fly back down and its limbs reassemble, and that's when Ail, from its front, Mickey from its left, and Suwako from its right, look at each other, nod, then jump as high as they can.

The moment they get close enough to each other, the trio strike their weapons together, and drop down hard on the Guard Armor's head, creating a large spear of light as they fall down.

The Heartless stops moving for a moment, its limbs, body and head start shaking, then it falls to pieces on the ground.

The trio quickly regroup, high-fives as Suwako cheers "we did it!", but quickly realize the number of Heartless around them has tripled.

Mickey gulps, then says "uh, guys, I think we're in trouble now."

Ail, Mickey and Suwako press their backs against each other, and wonder how they will manage such an insane number of Heartless, and to make matters worse, the Guard Armor starts shaking, and suddenly rises up.

The trio watches as the feet take the place of the hands and become a set of black pincers, how the claws become the creature's feet, how the torso turns around to have the wider part of it on top, and how it opens up its faceplate on its head to show as though it has jagged teeth, and a pair of round yellow eyes on its dark face, thus becoming Opposite Armor.

By now, even Suwako seems worried, but still, sounding as calm as she can, she says "come on, we can't give up just yet. There's always something to-"

Kanako's voice echoes loudly when she shouts "fly true, Onbashira!", and riding a colossal sacred log, the war goddess lands it on top of several Heartless, releasing quite a few hearts in an instant.

Kanako waves at the trio and exclaims "the cavalry has arrived!"

From the shrine's entrance, Cirno's voice rings loud and clear as she rushes to battle along with the Youkai Forest girls, shouting "take that! And THAT! Come on, girls! There's plenty of Heartless to go around!"

The little ice fairy is still wearing that black sleeve on her right arm, and she's leading Hina, Nitori and the Aki sisters into battle, and all seem quite pleased with this.

Ail whispers "why that little ice fairy. Heh, I'm so glad to see her."

From the left side of the shrine grounds, the familiar sound of Goofy's shield, bashing against Heartless' heads gets Mickey's full attention, and he watches as his loyal knight, Kyo and Aya fight hard against the horde of Heartless.

Goofy notices his king looking at him, waves, then says "a-hyuk, we'll take care of these here Heartless for you while you take care of that there big one!"

Mickey nods and waves back at Goofy, then he, Ail and Suwako turn around to face the Opposite Armor with confident smiles on their faces.

Over at Kanako's side of the battlefield, the air-headed goddess of war summons divine danmaku storms and sacred logs that float around her back to take down as many Heartless as she can, freeing the captured hearts from those with the black and red emblem on them, while turning the Shadows to mere dust.

She hovers over their heads while gesturing her hands to move her logs, and soon realizes the Air Soldiers and Large Bodies are taking quite a few hits before falling.

Surprised at this, she thinks "I have been neglecting my meditation," then notices Mickey's and Ail's weapons and asks herself "oh, I wonder if those are the Keyblade thingies Suwako was babbling on about earlier?"

She gets so caught up in staring at the key-shaped weapons, she doesn't notice the Shadow sitting on her head until it starts swinging its feet and swaying left and right, as though singing to itself.

Annoyed by it, Kanako gestures her fingers for one of her logs to wind back, then slams herself on the head with it, taking care of the little Heartless, but causing herself to drop to the ground in a daze and waddle around while swinging wildly and babbling incoherently.

Meanwhile, Cirno uses a large two-handed ice sword to cut and thrust the Heartless, and even uses her left hand to punch those that get too close to her.

Hina, Minoriko and Shizuha are working together to take down their share of monsters, though the curse-doll youkai keeps forgetting about her allies and spews out curses all around, making it harder on Minoriko and Shizuha.

Nitori is working her magic close to Cirno, but makes sure to keep away from the ice fairy, and she laughs manically as her mechanical arms take out Shadows, Soldiers and Crows, her semi-magical staff, which now floats to her right, takes care of the Air Soldiers and the conical-shaped Heartless, and uses her own water bubbles and lasers on the Large Bodies and Screwdivers that get too close.

Nitori looks over to Cirno and exclaims "careful little ice fairy! The big ones are tricky!"

Right then, Cirno tries to thrust a Large Body's belly and ends up getting deflected, and the large Heartless takes the chance to swing its big arms around to smack Cirno on the side of her head.

She is pushed away and almost knocked on the ground, but when she recovers, she stomps hard on the ground and shouts "oooh! That's IT! I'll make you pay for THAT, fatty!"

She hovers three inches off the ground, points her left hand at the Heartless' chest, then fires several icicles that damage it, regardless of its defenses.

After shooting more than enough icicles to make herself feel satisfied, Cirno flies straight at the creature's head and swings her sword with all her might, taking it down, and somehow releasing its captured heart.

The ice fairy lands behind where the monster was, smiles boastfully, then resumes her attack on the other Heartless.

Meanwhile, Aya uses a tornado on Goofy at the same time as he starts spinning around with his arms extended, and as he gains momentum from the tornado, he knocks out a Heartless per-hit, save for the Large bodies, which take at least three hits from this technique to take down.

When he stops spinning, he immediately rushes forth to bash more Heartless ahead.

Aya combines her wind magic with kicks and direct strikes form her fan, and unlike Goofy, she's taking out the Heartless a lot faster.

While she attacks, she notices how those creatures defeated by her magic spells have their captured hearts released, and those she defeats by melee attacks simply turn to dust that will probably come back later.

She smiles as she raises her fan next to her face, then says "I'll free the hearts of those tengu you took!"

Meanwhile, Kyo seems to be having the time of his life, cutting Heartless with his sword, or bashing them with his shield and releasing the hearts while smiling, and feeling confident, he shouts "oh yeah! Bring them on!"

And that's when five Large Bodies in a triangular formation step forth, smacking their bellies or adjusting their pants in a taunting manner.

Kyo looks on with a bit of fright, gulps loudly, then asks "why the hell do they come in packs of five?"

He slightly bends his knees, raises his sword and shield, then grins and says to himself "well Kyo, let's see what you can REALLY do."

He jumps over the head of the leader, then begins his attack with a sword thrust on the creature's back.

Unknown to all, there is a black-hooded figure taking the right side of the battlefield, wielding an ivory-colored Keyblade with a broken red heart on the wing-shaped teeth and on the keychain, a hand-guard that takes an upward shape of angel wings, a heart on the shaft of the weapon, and a pointy silver tip.

This person is using the Keyblade backward, and moves and attacks so fast, it's like this person is a master.

The hooded figure takes out the Heartless almost as fast as King Mickey, and even though overwhelmed by the monsters, manages to win the battles and move on to the next.

At the center of the battlefield in the Moriya Shrine, Ail, Mickey and Suwako attack Opposite Armor as hard as they can, but even Mickey is finding this battle a little hard.

Ail jumps toward the left pincer, twirls in the air, and with the momentum gained, he strikes the pincer, blows it up, and it disappears.

Mickey exclaims "nice one!", and when Ail lands, he replies "thanks, but this thing's just not going down yet!"

The large Heartless suddenly gathers itself up, takes the shape of what looks like a make-shift airship, then rockets forward, knocking Suwako right out of its way and pushing Mickey back.

Ail manages to roll out of the way in time, then rushes after the armored monster and strikes a cross-combination with his Keyblade of light.

The Opposite Armor turns around and strikes Ail on the chest with its remaining pincer, so Mickey takes the chance, jumps toward it while spinning, strikes it several times, and the pincer explodes and disappears.

The monster seems furious about it and sends the claws after Mickey and Ail, but Suwako dives toward the claws and knocks them to the ground, then shouts "take them out now!"

Mickey points his Keyblade at one claw, raises a spell card on his left hand, and shouts "Fire Sign, Fira!", and a large fireball, accompanied by several fire bullets, fly straight toward one claw and explode on contact.

Surprised, Mickey smiles and says "well, that was a nice effect."

Ail rushes toward both claws, raising a spell card on his left hand, and shouts "Blast Sign, Soothing Spread!"

Normally, Ail alone would be surrounded by large orange orbs, but his spell now affects Mickey and Suwako as well, surrounding the surprised party with five of those large orange explosive orbs each.

Ail approaches the two claws and starts his attacks with his Keyblade, and at the same time, the orbs explode when they touch the claw the boy is attacking, absorb some of its power, pass it on to the dense one, and healing his wounds.

Before Ail is done, both claws suddenly rise and spin around, but to Ail's incredible luck, his last exploding orb touches the claw Mickey had weakened before, making it explode and making the other stop the attack and fly away.

Suwako chases after that claw, cuts its escape, then strikes it five times with her rings, making it explode after she uses both rings for the last, sixth strike.

Mickey suddenly shouts "look out!", then pushes Suwako away from a massive black orb that Ail intercepts and deflects with his Keyblade.

The orb came from the torso and head, which have now taken the shape of a cannon, and are moving around fast and shooting more of those dark orbs.

Suwako gets up on her feet and says "it's desperate! Let's get him!", then runs after it, with Mickey running behind her, while Ail keeps doing his best to continue defending against those orbs.

Suwako and Mickey jump high to reach the cowardly Heartless, then spin and twirl in the air to strike it hard with their weapons, at the same time as Ail's orbs explode on it and absorb its energy.

Both Mickey and Suwako feel refreshed after their last orbs smack the Heartless, and both are hitting harder as well, but the monster is still there, and it continues shooting those orbs at Ail.

The half youkai deflects yet another of the orbs, but misses his chance to surprise the monster when the Opposite Armor moves away.

Ail has had enough, and readies himself for the next attack, not noticing the two crows quietly diving toward him.

They tackle Ail's back the very moment the large orb is in reach, causing him to stumble straight at the shot, then yelps when the large orb explodes on his face.

The hit was hard, but not hard enough to knock him out, so Ail stumbles on to this feet, swings his Keyblade wildly behind himself, manages to take out one of the crows, then takes a deep breath through his mouth, turns around and sees the next large orb is close, and instead of striking it with his Keyblade, he turns the weapon sideways and pushes the orb back, managing to send it straight at the Opposite armor's next location and stunning it when it's hit by its own attack.

Suwako shouts "Mickey! Up!", links her hands under her knees, then Mickey runs to her, places his left foot on her hands, then she pushes him up with all her might.

The mouse points his Keyblade up and spins around like a drill, breaks right through the Opposite Armor's torso, and exits through its back along with a massive crystal-pink heart that flies away to the sky, and the large armored Heartless starts shining brightly as it disappears from sight.

Ail walks to regroup with his friends and laughs at the sight of Mickey sprawled on the ground while chuckling, and the sight of Suwako kneeling next to Mickey, smiling while panting.

When he reaches his friends, the brown-haired boy chuckles, then says "that was freaking hard."

Suwako takes a deep breath, smacks her lips once, then says "oh, come-come on. That was just... just a warm-up, heh-heh."

Mickey chuckles as he sits up, then says "come on guys, enough joking around. Our friends need our help."

Right after he says that, the remaining Heartless around the shrine either run away, or turn to blobs of darkness and disappear, and to this, Cirno exclaims "hey! Don't run away now! I was just getting started! COME BACK!"

Suwako, Ail and Mickey start to chuckle, progress to laughing, then the half youkai calls off his weapon, stretches his arms, then lets himself fall backward on the ground.

He stops laughing, takes a few breaths of air, notices how the stars in the sky have become visible once again, then says "this victory would be even better if we had some of Sanae's cake."

The sun has started to rise over the land of Gensokyo when Ail, Mickey, Cirno, Goofy and Kyo make ready to return to the Hakurei Shrine.

Mickey, Kyo and Goofy shake hands with Kanako and Suwako, while Suwako says "that was fun, you guys. Do come by again for another party like that."

Kanako sweats, smiles nervously, then says "don't listen to her. She's just a bored little froggy."

A vein pulsates on Suwako's hat and forehead, then says "well, at least I'm not an old hag with puffy grandma hair."

In that instant, the goddesses engage in a cheek-stretching fight in front of the guests, and all said guests can do is chuckle nervously and watch.

Ail, who has his Yozoragan mode activated, and is wrapping Sanae with his ethereal wings to heal her, kisses the maiden's forehead and says "at least you now understand why I couldn't come when you used the whistle."

Sanae nods, looks down to the ground, then says "I'm sorry I doubted you, and as soon as I am better, I'm going to look for you and help you out. Dammit, I feel so useless."

Budou wraps her hands around Sanae's neck as she peeks her head around Sanae's left shoulder, then says "mama Sanny is never useless! She fought hard! It's Budou that needs to work harder!"

Ail chuckles, his wings disappear, his eyes return to normal, then he smiles as the rubs both Sanae and Budou's heads and says "you just focus on recovering yourselves for now. We will take care of this mess, and I'll be back before you know it."

The three giggle as they look at each other, then Sanae suddenly kisses Ail on the lips, thus creating quite a show for the many onlookers inside the shrine.

When the two of them realize they have an audience, they stop their kiss, their faces turn tomato red, then both stammer for a bit, before Budou laughs and says "ooh! Mama and papa's cheeks are all red."

To relieve herself from the awkwardness, Sanae angrily exclaims "you're all just jealous!", making Ail chuckle as he gets off the couch to join the leaving party.

Kyo turns around to look at Aya, and the helpers from the Youkai Forest, then asks "what about the Tengu Village?"

Aya closes her eyes and shakes her head, then says "quite a few of us have disappeared, and Lord Tenma will be out cold for a bit. Recovering from this will take some time."

Kyo and Goofy nod at the same time, then Goofy says "be sure to give us a holler if you ever need some help again, Miss."

Aya smiles and nods, then Cirno suddenly jumps in front of Kyo and Goofy, waves her right arm, then says "if you guys need help from me again, I'll be at the other shrine!"

Hina, Nitori and Minoriko chuckle nervously, while Shizuha, almost moved to tears, exclaims "please take care miss Cirno! Thanks for your help!"

The other three girls start nodding and smiling weakly when they start agreeing with Shizuha, so Ail leans closer to Cirno and asks "what did you do?"

Cirno proudly replies "saved their butts from those green fish Heartless things by the river."

The Hakurei Shrine party exits the Moriya Shrine's living house, Ail takes the front, then suddenly gasps.

The hooded figure stands several feet away next to a large tree, holding the ivory-colored Keyblade backward on the right hand, then nods and vanishes behind the tree.

Ail blinks twice, rubs his eyes, but before he can say anything, Mickey rushes to get closer, but stops and asks "Ventus? Ventus, is that you?"

He turns around to look at Ail after the hooded figure vanishes, then says "that's Ventus' Keyblade, Lost Memory!"

Ail and Kyo look sternly at the tree where the figure disappeared, then Ail says "seems there's more than just you three visiting Gensokyo."

Kyo nods in assent and says "let's just hope he's not the one causing this mess."

Mickey keeps his eyes locked on the tree, even after Ail opens a gap to the Hakurei Shrine and calls for him, then sighs and thinks "but that can't be Ventus... His heart was lost, so there's no way... Who could that be?"

At the Hakurei Shrine, Mima, Patchouli and Donald stand behind Marisa, who sits by the small table at the shrine's entrance while drawing on a piece of paper what looks like an ancient rune in the shape of a flame.

The witch seems focused on her work, even though her eyes look puffy and dark from lack of sleep, and as she traces the pen around the paper, she sticks the tip of her tongue out and closes her right eye.

She slams the pen to the right side of the paper, groans loudly, then shouts "FINALLY! They are done!"

The three magicians behind her cheer at the same time, then Ail's gap opens up behind them, and Kyo, Goofy, Cirno, Ail, and finally, Mickey, walk out of said gap before it closes up.

Seemingly unimpressed, Mima says "well, you're back earlier than I expected."

Kyo asks "so, you're still working on that?"

Marisa groggily says "oh, we're done with that... ze."

Mima smiles, then says "thanks to mister Donald, we were able to come up with a way to track the incoming signals."

Donald blushes and aws, then Patchouli places her hands on his shoulder and says "his magical knowledge is quite amazing. I never thought of treating the three signals as a whole single signal to actually manage and track them down separately."

Obviously annoyed, Marisa scoffs, then says "that was just a lucky guess."

Ignoring Marisa, Donald blushes as he looks up at Patchouli and says "no need to thank me. All I did was suggest something. You did all the work, lady Patchouli."

Mima giggles and says "oh look, the bashful, blushing, little duckling is so humble."

Ail takes a step toward Mima and asks "and how exactly do we track these signals?"

Mima smiles, looks over to Patchouli, the purple-haired magician grabs one of the papers Marisa drew on, balls it up and covers it with her hands, then focuses her magic on it.

When she opens up her hands, she reveals that the ball of paper has become a silver heart emblem and says "you, Marisa and Kyo will be wearing these on your clothes, and with them you'll be able to feel where the signal is coming from," then offers it to Ail.

Ail grabs the offered heart, explores it in his hands, then says "oh, so these are like some kind of radar, or receiver, or something like that."

Patchouli nods and says "yes. Something like that."

Mima grabs the second heart emblem, and while she pins it on Kyo's left arm, and starts squeezing that arm as well, she says "and the signal will get stronger, the closer you get to the source. And as an added feature, Patchouli and I will be able to see what you see, so we'll be like your sort of assistants, in a way... I guess."

Patchouli pins the third heart on the tip of Marisa's hat, while Ail pins his own on the left side of his waist and says "well, at least we can start moving forward now."

Mickey walks to Ail's right, then asks Mima "and what should we do when we come across these sources, miss Mima?"

Kyo immediately says "whoa, wait a minute. You don't have to get involved in this."

Goofy places his hand on Kyo's shoulder and says "but we wanna help out."

Mickey nods and adds "getting involved in this doesn't seem like an accident. Master Yen Sid sent us here on a mission, and I believe it is our role to help."

Donald nods in assent and says "if the King says we'll help, then we'll help."

Goofy chuckles in his unique way, then Cirno loudly asks "hey, why don't I get one of those pins? Why can't I help out too?"

Ail kneels down and places his arm around Cirno's shoulders, then says "because you have to stay here and guard the shrine from the Heartless."

Mima, Donald and Patchouli turn to look at the crystal where Reimu is trapped in, then Mima says "I think she's laughing... harder than ever. At least... if she could, she would be rolling around on the ground right about now, I'm sure."

Ignoring Mima, Cirno smiles confidently and says "alright! You leave the guarding to me, the strongest fairy! Um, but, is it alright if I call for some help? Er, I mean, it's not that I need it, but being here all alone will be boring."

Ail looks around at his friends, smiles, then looks back at Cirno and says "sure thing. Just make sure you don't make Reimu angry again. We wouldn't want her breaking out of that crystal prison and strangle you."

Cirno gulps and holds her neck, then says "um... yeah, okay. I'll be good."

Mima happily claps her hands together, and sounding way too bubbly, she says "excellent! Now, how about we all rest for today, and get working on this tomorrow. I mean... you all look so beat up, and Marisa..."

They all turn their attention to the sleeping witch on the table, then Mima voice returns to normal as she finishes "seems she's out of order at the moment."

Ail nods, then says "alright. Today we rest, tomorrow we hunt. Hmm... there's something familiar about all this."

Kyo suddenly stomps on the floor to get everyone's attention, and sounding sarcastic, he says "say, why don't you tell us where the signals are coming from, or are we supposed to just guess with the radar-pins."

Patchouli calmly replies "one is coming from the Forest of Magic, so Marisa and mister Donald will be going there. Another comes from the Bamboo Forest of the Lost. Kyo, Goofy, you can take care of that, right?"

She looks at Ail with those unfriendly eyes, then says "the last signal is moving around, and quite often too."

Mima, looking serious at Ail, says "that's why I believe you and dear King Mickey should chase after this one, since you can use those gaps, and Mickey's plenty strong. There's something odd about it... and seems to be quite the strong signal too."

Mickey and Ail look at each other with determination, nod simultaneously, then Mickey says "we'll take care of this, no problem."

Mima smiles, nods, then says "excellent. Now, someone make breakfast. I'm getting hungry."

Patchouli immediately adds "I'll have some scrambled eggs, please."

Suddenly requests shower all around Ail, who sighs in defeat and says "fine. But I'm not doing the dishes!"

Later that day, Ail looks annoyed while everyone sleeps comfortably in their futons on the floor, while he finds himself cleaning the dishes at the kitchen sink.

He groans softly, then whispers "idiots..."

Over at Bahva-Agra, the red Gummy Ship chases after Iku, while Tenshi sits on its nose, wooing and cheering.

Aggravated, Iku shouts "stop playing around and stop that thing already!"

Tenshi shouts back "this is too much fun! Now way I'm stopping now!"

She looks back at the cockpit, then says "say, this thing is actually harder than we first thought... but it's so gummy."

The ship suddenly starts to twirl around, making Tenshi scream and hold on tight.

Iku shouts "please, just stop that thing before it knocks you out, Miss Eldest Daughter!"

Tenshi recovers herself and says "oh, I guess you're right. Let me just... eh?"

The ship reveals a pair of mechanical arms on its sides, grabs Tenshi with the right arm and pulls her off itself, then Tenshi screams "KYAH! It's grew arms! Iku, save meeee!"

Iku shouts back "oh great! I told you to stop it when you had the chance!"

Tenshi cries "Ikuuuu, save me, please!"

The ship starts twirling around, throws Tenshi away to the farthest skies, then speeds up and drills through Iku, sending her to crash face-first against a lone peach tree, knocking out all the fruit on it, then flies in the direction it threw Tenshi, speeding up once again.

Iku moans as she tries to get back up on her feet, uses the tree as a support, closes her spinning eyes, then says "this is what I get for hanging out around that celestial. Uuu~! If I could just catch myself a husband, I wouldn't feel the need for some company."

She opens her recovered eyes, sighs, looks down to the ground at the fallen peaches, grabs one, and while biting down on it, she says to herself "eh, whatever. Husbands are overrated anyway."

From the distance, Iku can hear Tenshi's voice, echoing "save me Iku~!", but simply shrugs and takes another bite off her peach with a calm look on her face, while the fallen celestial cries all the way toward the city of Bahva-Agra, hoping to find help there.

To be continued...

Touhou-Project Shrine Maiden elements belong to ZUN -Team Shanghai Alice-

Kingdom Hearts elements belong to Square Enix and Disney Interactive

Credits for Cirno's "Advent-Cirno" style go to its creator.

Ail, Kyo, and Budou and extra elements were created by Willie G.R.

Rika Onkamikami was created by Snapshot 2010

MAR 22 2011 (Updated MAR 2 2012)

Written by

Willie G.R.


Thank you for reading this far. Now, I will repeat this for the last time. Depending on how many visits and reviews this fiction gets, I'll either go linearly to the end, or add chapters, characters and more Kingdom Hearts elements. Please note that chapter 4 will take me a long time to finish, though hopefully not. All depends on many factors. I hope you don't mind me adding original Heartless into this, but I need to do this in order to move the story along, and make it feel complete. Also, though the OC (original characters) involvement is pretty big, I hope I am doing a good job at balancing that out by adding Touhou characters to each party. I hope you are enjoying this so far, and thank you again for reading.

This chapter's new Heartless

Green Requiem - This Heartless moves around above the battlefield and rings its body like a bell. When it does this, it's actually healing all the other Heartless around it. They move around a lot, but are easy to hit, and have very little health, so taking them out first is a must, but doesn't become a drag.

Large Body - Like its name suggest, this Heartless is large. Its belly and chest deflect normal physical attacks, but not magic, or skill/special attacks. It's still best to attack it from behind, or on its head. It moves around slowly, hits hard, but it has a short attack range. When its health is low, it will charge around and body-slam one particular target, but, of course, will hit anyone white gets in its way.

Boss Heartless - Guard Armor - Opposite Armor - They are the same Heartless, but as the name suggest, Opposite Armor turns itself around to have its legs as hands, and hands as legs. Has higher defense and stamina, hit harder, as you may assume, and has various more attacks. Guard Armor is the basic form of this boss, and its main attacks are stomping its feet, swinging its arms around itself, and twirling its torso like a top.

Original Heartless by Willie G.R.

The crows - Not the most imaginative name, but I couldn't come up with something Kingdom Hearts-worthy. They always fly in packs around and above the battlefield, and their attacks mostly consist of diving and scratching with their claws, biting, or simply tackling hard. Being from Gensokyo, they can also attack with Danmaku, but only if they are strong enough to do so, and it's only fairy-level strong.