A/N: Take notice that the following chapters will take place the same day, however I opted to separate the adventures into one-per-chapter, instead of cluttering all three at once in various chapters. To make things clear, I'll be sure to add the day at the beginning of the chapter, and let you know what time of day it is during the events that take place. Hope it's not confusing for you, and hope you enjoy this chapter.


Under the large red gate over at the entrance to the Hakurei Shrine, Cirno and her four friends prepare themselves for what lies ahead of them.

The ice fairy stands in front of her friends, while they all stand in attention with straight backs, sharp eyes, and courageous hearts.

At the line, from left to right, are Daiyousei, Wriggle Nightbug, Rumia, and Mystia Lorelei.

Daiyousei's attire has changed quite a lot since her ordeal with the Heartless at the Misty Lake.

She wears a pink shirt that hangs from her neck and crosses around her chest, making her look a lot more curvy than usual, a pair of golden bands secure above her elbows, which hold a pair of pink detached sleeves, a purple strapless leotard underneath her shirt, a blue armored skirt that hangs around her waist and covers the side of her legs, but leave the front a bit open, and a pair of thick white socks and brown shoes.

She also wears a thin brown belt that crosses her waist underneath the skirt and her right shoulder and holds a small green staff on her back, and because her back is bare, her gold and translucent wings look more free and maneuverable.

Wriggle has short teal hair, a pair of bug antennas on her head, blue eyes, and wears a white shirt with the right sleeve torn off, a long black plated cape that's red on the back, dark-blue shorts that just cover the top of her thighs, a belt with a pair of batons on each side, and a pair of brown shoes.

Rumia as short blonde hair, red eyes, has a ribbon on the right side of her head, and wears a black, long-sleeved leotard with a pair of dark-brown pants, a black short sword on a make-shift rope-belt, and a pair of ankle-high black boots.

Mystia has short pink hair, pointy owl ears, grey eyes, and wears a round brown hat with wings, a silver breastplate over a brown shirt with wing-shaped ribbons, a long brown skirt with small silver plates around the waist and beside her legs, and a pair of brown calf-high boots.

She also has a pair of purple wings with pink feathers on her back, and sports a set of long, sharp-looking claws on her fingers, which appear to be her weapon of choice.

Cirno paces left and right in front of the girls, then loudly says "alright, listen you lot! I called you here because we have a very important mission. Weird creatures called 'Heartless' are threatening our homes, and this shrine."

Cirno stops when in front of Rumia, who seems to be smiling as though there's not a single care in the world at the moment.

The little ice fairy places her face close to Rumia's and continues "if this shrine falls, then we can kiss our homes goodbye, because if this place falls, so does Gensokyo. At least... that's what Ail and the scary green-haired ghost lady said!"

Cirno continues her pacing around, looking very important while raising her right arm to show off her cool black sleeve, and her brand new watermelon-shaped sword on a sheath on her back, then stops.

She looks at Daiyousei, then says "so we must NOT let this place fall into the hands of the enemy! No matter how many monsters there are, as long as we watch our backs, we will prevail. So NO RUNNING AWAY!"

Daiyousei starts to shiver and whimper, nods rapidly and nervously, then Cirno whispers to her left ear "just stick close to me and watch my back, ok Dai-chan?"

Daiyousei relaxes and nods, and even though Wriggle heard the whisper, she decides to keep quiet about it.

Cirno walks directly underneath the large red gate, turns around and makes sure to tap her brand-new black army boots loud enough for all to notice them, then grins.

She suddenly gasps, smiles nervously, then says "oh, before I dismiss you. Um... mister Ail wanted me to tell this to you. Ahem."

She places her left hand in a hidden pocket on her skirt, pulls out a large note, then reads "be sure to drop as many items or coins these creatures may drop from their carcasses into the donation box, so when Reimu breaks free from the crystal prison, she won't murder you lot for the co-collat-llateral... Um, collateral damage you are sure to cause."

After she reads this, all four girls look at Cirno with surprise, then the ice fairy chuckles nervously, shrugs casually, then says "Reimu's in a bad mood because she got trapped inside a crystal, so it's best we don't make her madder, for now."

Rumia giggles and asks "is that so~?", while Wriggle wriggles her lips and says "great. I should have stayed back home."

Cirno shrieks, then exclaims "but then I'd be all alone and bored!"

Daiyousei and Mystia cross their arms over their chests while looking sternly at Cirno, and Rumia chuckles mischievously, while Wriggle groans and face palms hard.

Meanwhile, at the entrance to the Forest of Magic are Donald and Marisa, and although the duck looks wide awake and ready for anything, Marisa looks tired, bored, and ready to hit the bed again.

The Forest of Magic, as the name implies, is full of trees that seem to clutter together to cover the sky.

Its seemingly harmless bushes hide all sorts of magical mushrooms that constantly expel spores, and mixed with the little visibility to the sky between thick and bushy tree branches, anyone new to this forest can, and WILL easily get lost.

Along the trees and magical mushrooms, youkai, spirits, and all sorts of magical creatures live in the forest in harmony, though not in peace; certainly, a place like this is a paradise for magicians, thus the reason why Marisa lives here.

Marisa lazily taps the silver heart emblem on the tip of her hat, then groggily says "this stupid thing must be faulty. The signal feels like it's coming from MY house!"

From within the emblem, Patchouli's calm and soft voice come through as she says "it seems that cluttered dump you call a house has whatever you are looking for. Are you sure you didn't steal something strange and just dropped it in there recently?"

Marisa growls, then says "I'm not a thief! And watch that tongue, or I'm raiding your damned library as soon as I'm don here!"

Donald stares with surprise at Marisa while Patchouli says "well, looks like someone ate the wrong mushroom this morning."

Marisa looks at Donald, realizes her un-lady-like behavior didn't go unnoticed, then sighs and says "well, it's seven-thirty in the morning, and I am awake when I should be sleeping!"

Donald crosses his arms over his chest and clicks his tongue while shaking his head in disapproval, then says "what a lazy and mediocre magician you are. A real magician draws energy from around him or herself to keep rejuvenated, for long periods of time if needed. Even a mediocre like YOU should be able to accomplish this at a basic level in the least."

The loud-mouthed duck finds himself being held by the cheeks and lifted off the ground by one frightfully cranky black and white witch, who looks at him straight in the eyes and menacingly says "don't. start. with me. duck!"

There is a loud explosion from nearby, and the surprise saves Donald from further torture, but earns him a quick fall to the ground, while the distracted witch looks away toward the explosion.

While the duck groans and rubs his cheeks, a man's scream echoes through the forest, then Marisa exclaims "Kourin! C'mon Donald! Looks like Kourin's in danger!"

Donald wants to get up and throttle Marisa with an unholy load of spells on the face, but the black and white one grabs him by the hand and drags him along with her as she runs through the trees and bushes with haste.

Kourindou; a small house/store located near the entrance to the Forest of Magic.

It is actually an antique shop, though the owner mostly sells good from the outside world that happen to cross Gensokyo's border.

The house looks like a normal wooden home with a blue roof, but what differentiates this from other homes is the large sign that reads "Kourindou" just above the door, which has an open-closed sign on it, and a large glass dome on top of the roof.

Around the 'store' lie various goods, including dented golf clubs in a tall bag, a large blue bowling ball, and ceramic pots of various shapes and sizes, some with adornments made with materials from outside Gensokyo, while others look like actual antiques.

Inside the house there are a few shelves in the first room, which is obviously the actual store.

The shelves are littered with all sorts of items from the outside world; most are modern and cannot be used in Gensokyo at all, unless you are looking for a fancy adornment for your home.

At the back of the store is a large desk with an old cash register, and on this desk are even more items for sale.

Behind the counter is a door with a dark-blue curtain with letters in white that read "do not enter", which leads to the bathroom and the bedroom of the house.

Marisa and Donald stand outside the store and stare on with their arms hanging limp.

There is a loud thud from inside the store, then a man yells "hey, you're going to break that!"

An unfamiliar girl's voice, replies "jeez, sorry! Try fighting these things in an enclosed space!"

Marisa looks tired, bored, and just about ready to turn back and ignore the store.

Donald continues staring at the door of the house, then asks "so, are we going in there, or not?"

Marisa takes a breath of air to ready herself to speak, and from inside, the man says "wh-whoa! My heart feels funny."

Marisa wakes up with a sudden gasp, she and Donald press their faces together, then both shouts "the Heartless!", and run into the store with haste.

Inside, a man with short silver hair, yellow eyes, wearing a blue and black kimono shirt, long black pants, white shoes, a pair of glasses, and a large brown bag around his waist, smacks a Shadow from his desk with a thick brown book.

He looks at the door and exclaims "Marisa! Watch out! These things are everywhere!"

Marisa holds her broom with both hands, surrounds it with magic, scowls, then says "don't worry. We'll take care of them!"

After Donald and Marisa move into the store, the man loudly says "don't use magic, please!"

Both Marisa and Donald click the tongues at the very same time, but their annoyance will have to wait a bit.

Shadows are starting to pop out from underneath the shelves in the form of blobs on the ground.

The second those Shadows return to their original forms, Marisa and Donald smack their heads as hard as they can, and turn the Heartless into dust.

Before they can cheer, four more Shadows appear behind them, but the magical duo are ready for them, and turn around while swinging their weapons together and smacking two on the face.

The other two jump high, though Marisa manages to finish hers with a quick up-thrust of her broom.

Donald jumps after his Shadow and swings his small staff at the same time as the Shadow wildly swings its claws, then ends up getting pushed back, though he does stuns the creature.

Marisa takes the chance, swings her broom sideways, then turns the creature to dust.

Donald shoots one small fireball to the left and the right, and before Marisa asks, she watches as the fire consumes the two Heartless they pushed away a few seconds before.

Marisa sighs, winks and flips a thumbs-up at Donald, then says "and there you have it Kourin. The place is clean, and we didn't break a thing."

The cocky witch rests her broom on her shoulder, turns around to look at the man, and knocks a delicate glass ornament from the top shelf with the tip of her broom, and, obviously, it smashes to bits after hitting the floor.

The man groans and face palms, Marisa chuckles nervously, then pulls Donald in front of her and says "Kourin, this is Donald Duck. Donald, that's Rinnosuke Morichika, the owner of this store."

Falling for Marisa's distraction, Rinnosuke adjusts his glasses and bows his head slightly while saying "pleased to meet you, mister Donald."

The duck looks up at Marisa's confident smile, then says "wow, you're good."

Rinnosuke gets closer to the guests and asks "and what in the world where those things? They came out of nowhere, I started feeling funny around the chest, then they all jump at me."

Marisa's and Donald's faces turn stern, and Donald says "they are the Heartless."

Marisa adds "seems they are all over Gensokyo now. They appeared about the same time Reimu got captured."

Rinnosuke's eyes widen with surprise upon hearing the news about Reimu, but before he can ask, Marisa asks "hey wait! Kourin, who was here with you before we came in? I heard you talking to a girl."

Donald quickly adds "oh, that's right. I heard her too."

Rinnosuke gasps and says "ack! Yuffie! She chased one of those things to the back and never came out! Argh! She's probably looting the place right now!"

As soon as he finishes his sentence, the outside of the store sounds like clattering metal, and a girl screams and shouts "what the heck are these things? Where did they come from?"

Marisa and Donald look at each other, nod, then they both rush outside.

As soon as they exit the store, they see a girl jumping around and flipping in the air while throwing medium-sized shuriken at a large group of Soldiers in the clearing.

The girl has very short black hair that makes her look like a boy from the distance.

She has dark blue eyes, and wears a green tube-top held by two blue straps on the shoulders, a pair of tan short-shorts with a loose blue belt around her waist, white calf-high socks, light-brown shoes, a metal headband on her forehead, and a yellow scarf around her neck.

The girl lands on the roof, then says "hey, shopkeeper! There are too many, so you either pay me, or I'm out!", but then she notices Marisa and Donald, looks at them curiously, and asks "and who are you guys?"

Marisa and Donald grin with irritating confidence, both take a spell card from their pockets, then Marisa says "watch and learn miss."

The witch and the duck walk closer to the Soldiers, both raise their spell cards, then simultaneously shout "Duck Flare!"

Donald intends to jump on Marisa's back, but the witch catches him by his ankles, so the duck squabbles and complains almost incesantly.

Marisa focuses her magic around Donald and says "aww, don't be like that. Now SHOOT, DUCK!"

Marisa swings Donald around while skipping through the group of soldiers, and although Donald keeps squawking loudly, he summons small magical rockets, and with Marisa's magic mixing with his, those rockets home in on a target and explode violently enough to send three of four soldiers flying in the air.

Marisa spins Donald as though winding him up, then throws him to the air, where Donald composes himself, scowls at the creatures while taking a spell card out of his hat, then shouts "MEGADUCK FLARE!"

Countless small and colorful magical rockets appear out of nowhere and home in on the remaining Heartless, and every time one explodes, green sparks scatter and fall to the ground, fizzling out or catching a weakened soldier on the head.

Thanks to the magic, almost all the captured hearts are released, and when the shower of rockets end, only one Soldier remain.

Marisa gestures Donald toward the creature and says "be my guest."

The magician duck prepares a fireball, but long before he shoots it, a small shuriken flies past him and strikes the Soldier between the eyes, turning it to dust. Donald looks back at Yuffie, who is sitting on the edge of the roof, and scowls as he asks "hey~ What's the big idea?"

The girl hops off the roof and lands next to Rinnosuke, then smiles and says "can't let you have all the fun!"

Rinnosuke looks at the girl through the corner of his eyes and says "this girl seems so familiar somehow."

As he says this, he looks at Marisa, remembers her youth, but lacks the courage to say any more.

Marisa casually points at the girl, and asks "so this is Yuffie?"

The girl pouts, her cheeks turn pink, her eyes lock on to Marisa's then says "hey! Don't talk about me like some commoner!"

She points at herself with her right thumb, and with after closing her left eye, she says "I am the Great Ninja Yuffie, and I offer you my services for-"

Marisa interrupts Yuffie by saying "yap-yap little girl. You're not impressing anyone with all that talk."

Yuffie's cheeks turn red, she grits her teeth, foams at the mouth, then Rinnosuke asks "so who's up for some lunch?"

Both Yuffie and Marisa raise their right hands and exclaim "I DO!" simultaneously, then walk into the store with an arm wrapped around each others' shoulders, as though they were long-time buddies.

Donald points at Rinnosuke as he stares in awe, then says "you really handled that well."

Rinnosuke looks at the duck, arranges his glasses, then says "I did not understand what you just said."

Donald's reply is a quick quack.


Marisa and Donald are walking through one of the darkest parts of the forest, and far behind them is Yuffie, who is lazily resting her head on her forearms while looking up at the tiny bits of visible sky between the leaves on the trees.

From the front, Donald asks Marisa "so, why don't we just fly already?", then he leans closer, narrows his eyes, and whispers "we can lose the girl in the process."

From the charm, Patchouli speaks before Marisa, saying "nuh-uh! If you start flying around now, you might either alert whatever it is you are looking for, or you might just miss it. Either way- Wait, hold on... Dammit, I'll get back to you later!"

Marisa concernedly asks "oi, Patchouli. What's going on? ...Patchy~?"

Yuffie has caught up with the party, and surprises them when she asks "maybe she needed to use the toilet."

After recovering from the shock, Marisa angrily asks "Yuffie girl, why are you following us?"

Yuffie smiles as she casually says "that silver-haired guy said I was annoying, and added that I needed to work hard if I wanted to eat again, so I came after you."

Donald looks at the ninja girl suspiciously, then says "so you're just a freeloader."

Yuffie smiles, winks at the duck, then says "I'm more of an asset to this party. You two are spell casters, I'm a melee tactician. It's only natural to have me around."

Ignoring her companions, Marisa magically separates two bushes, then says "well, just as I thought. We walked right to my home."

She pokes the emblem on the top of her hat and says "guess they're not as useless as I thought."

Yuffie stares at the large brown house and exclaims "wow~! What a messy barn."

Marisa doesn't seem to take the observation too well, but that's to be expected.

Her house is like a mixture of a Japanese, with a sort-of western house.

Plain wooden brown on the outside, has a dark brown roof, has weird red-with-white polka-dotted mushrooms hanging from the moss on the right corner and part of the roof of the house, and has a few vines clinging on to the second-floor windows.

The small clearing in front of the house is surprisingly neat, but the immediate back is being taken over by branches of the nearby trees.

The witch sighs to suppress the desire to send a fireball down Yuffie's throat, then whispers "keep your comments and your hands to yourself. Whatever's inside that house is mine! Touch anything, and I'll kill you; both of you!"

Donald nods, takes out his small staff, then whispers "let's go."

On the other hand, Yuffie just smiles and asks "why are you whispering?"

Marisa covers her mouth, and with a stern face, she says "you fool. There might be someone, or something inside the house right now. We need to capture whatever this thing is, to rescue my friend, and I don't want to scare it away!"

Yuffie stares at Marisa, smiles, giggles, flips her thumb up, then jumps to the roof with ease and enters through the second-floor window, all very quickly, and without making a sound.

Marisa blinks twice with surprise, then Donald tugs her shirt and whispers "come on. Let's get a move-on."

Marisa nods, then walks to the front door of the house.

Upon entering the house, the first thing in front of the door are the stairs to the second floor, and a second set of steps to a basement.

To the left of that is the small living room with its single red couch that has a small diamond-shaped sheet with tiny flowers designed around the borders on the backrest, thus giving it a slight feminine look.

To the right is what's supposed to be the kitchen and dining room, but it looks more like a mad scientist's laboratory.

Beakers, half-filled vials, bottles with brown substances, mushrooms, books, small dirty black cauldrons, and dirty, half-filled washtubs are some of the items littered all over the place.

The kitchen sink, single counter, and the stove, are all placed against the farthest wall, and all of them share a mess of items and dust on the top.

One thing this entire floor has in common is the mess and mountains of items of all shapes and sizes imaginable on the floor.

The mess is worst than Donald could ever imagine, and even spots a magical red cloth that looks like his king's lost fire-proof mantle.

Of course, this one has a hole with burn marks on the center, so he discards this thought.

Donald enters after Marisa, and tip-toes while looking around the cluttered mess of a home, then looks up the stairs and sees more piles of items.

He walks to the living room and carefully looks underneath the couch, wondering what he'll find, whether it be the source of the signal, or some manner of monstrous creature that loves messes, then whispers to himself "lady Patchouli was right. This place is a complete mess."

From the kitchen, Marisa can somehow hear the duck's comment, but decides to keep quiet for now and make him pay for such rude remark later.

She looks into the sink and grimaces at the sight of a pile of her dirty socks inside a black pot, then thinks "eww, I forgot about those. Dammit, the mushrooms died too. Guess they can't live underwater for too long."

There is a thud in the front of the house, and both Marisa and Donald, with weapons on-hand, turn around to face whatever made that sound, only to discover a small kunai stuck on the upper-right side of the entrance doorway.

They rush to the stairs and look up at Yuffie on top, who signals them to be quiet, then points toward the second-floor corridor.

Marisa takes the chance and smacks Donald on the back of the head, and when Donald turns around with a frown, she whispers "that was for the comment about my house earlier."

After the stairs to the second floor, there is a short corridor with more items in small clutters, the ladder that goes into Marisa's room at the attic, the door to the bathroom on the left wall with the toilet room next to it, and in front of that door, right next to the ladder, is a storage room.

Behind the stairs, just over the living room, is the window Yuffie used to enter, and as to how that ninja got in safely to the stairs without falling to the ground first makes Marisa question her own magical security.

Yuffie taps Marisa on the shoulder, and when the witch looks at her, she points toward the door to the right, then tilts her head toward it.

Both Marisa and Donald understand what the ninja wants, so they tip-toe toward the door, position themselves around it; Marisa in front, Donald to the left, and Yuffie to the right; then Marisa whispers "three, two, one."

The witch turns the silver knob and kicks the door open with a bang, rolls inside the room and aims her Hakkero around while shouting "PUT YOUR HANDS UP! THIS IS A STICK-UP!"

From the door, Donald and Yuffie sigh, then the ninja girl asks "don't you mean 'this is a bust', or something more adequate?"

Marisa shushes her allies and whispers "listen!"

There is a strange zipping going on around the room, as if something is moving from one side to another within.

For once, Marisa is cursing the fact that she's so messy.

The room is dark because the two windows to the right wall are covered by mountains of collected items, only the top of the walls are visible, and thanks to the many cluttered mountains of items, whatever is moving around is keeping well hidden.

Donald and Yuffie block the door to prevent anything from going through there, while Marisa tries her best to pin-point the thing's next move.

The sound stops, one of the item-mountains behind Marisa crumbles, then the window closest to the witch snaps open, but nothing can be seen exiting through it.

Marisa growls furiously and shouts "it's one the move! Donald, ninja-girl, after it!"

Yuffie pouts and shouts "HEY! My name is Yuffie, not ninja-girl!"

Marisa angrily shouts "whatever, just... huh?"

Three sudden muffles and a thud takes the party's attention, and Marisa, Yuffie and Donald reenter the room, close the door, slowly walk to the center of the room, then quickly jump on the muffles.

Thuds, crashes and clattering take the room, war cries from the party are next, and then there is silence.

After a few seconds, Marisa lifts her hand and says "let's see what we got here", then shoots a small but bright orb overhead that lights up the dark room, quite brightly too.

Donald asks "whoa. Fairies?", Yuffie sighs and says "jeez, this world is full of 'em.", and Marisa groans and asks "and what are YOU three doing here?"

Gagged and tied by the legs and wrists in the middle of the room, where the item clutters seem to spread away from, are the three mischievous fairies, Sunny Milk, Luna Child, and Star Sapphire.

Marisa sits on Luna, who has curly blonde hair, brown eyes, and wears a white mop cap with black ribbons, a long white, long-sleeved dress with three small black ribbons trailing to the bottom, a large black ribbon on the collar, a pair of brown boots, and her dress has black frills under the sleeves and skirt.

Her crescent-shaped wings seem to be separate from her body.

Donald sits on Sunny, who has short gold hair tied to twin-tails on the side by red ribbons, light-blue eyes, and wears a white headdress, a long red and white dress with a yellow neckerchief around the collar, white socks, black shoes, and her straight-oval wings seem to be detached from her back.

Yuffie sits on Star, who has long, straight black hair, grey eyes, and wears a large blue ribbon on her head, a blue dress with long white sleeves and yellow stars that seems to trail form the skirt's bottom to her waist, and pair of brown boots.

Her butterfly-like wings also seem to be detached from her body, and her eyes show some level of intelligence; though just some.

Marisa removes the gag from Luna, and the little fairy quickly says "we're sorry! Please don't hurt us!", to which Marisa just groans in frustration.

The three fairies now sit in front of the couch at the first floor living room with frightened looks on their face, while Marisa stands by the door, Donald stands in front of the stairs, and Yuffie just smiles and waves at the fairies while lying on the comfortable-looking couch.

Marisa looks furious; her target ran away, and now one of the pieces that could save her friend is hiding somewhere in a magical forest that enjoys making people lose their way.

She punches the door, making the fairies huddle together and whimper, then asks "one more time. What the hell were you doing here? How did you get in? More importantly, WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU DOING IN HERE?"

Sunny shakes her head and says "w-w-we came here to ask for help!"

Star gulps and seemingly calmly says "we were attacked by these black birds and came looking for you."

Luna whimpers a bit, then nervously says "bu-bu-but when we knocked on the door, it opened up, s-s-so we came in."

Sunny suddenly stands up, clenching her fists in the air while angrily saying "that's right! And then we met that stupid little girl that's immune to our powers! She lured us up there, tied us up, gagged us, and then she laughs at us and slaps our faces!"

Donald scowls and says "they're lying! Let's just give them a good whack and get on with our mission."

Luna and Star whimper louder, and Luna, looking cute with that acorn-shaped mouth of hers, cries "but it's the truth! Please, you have to believe us!"

Sunny keeps her eyes on Marisa's, as if challenging the witch, then Marisa says "so, you three are actually telling the truth for once, ze," to everyone's surprise.

The witch ignores the surprised faces and asks "so, a small girl. Who are you talking about? And this better be good."

Sunny flinches and hops back to hug her friends, then Star says "she, umm, it's that little girl that hangs around that pretty blonde lady with the dolls."

Luna nods and adds "you hang around with her all the time too."

Marisa rubs her chin and closes her eyes to think, and as she does, the feels where the signal is coming from.

Once she gets her bearings straight, she opens her eyes and says "Alice. It's gotta be her!"

From the emblem, Mima's voice sounds a bit static as she says "Marisa, we might need you to come back. The Heartless won't stop attacking."

Marisa looks up at her hat and says "we can't. We found out where the signal is coming from. It shouldn't take us too long now."

There is a pause, then Mima's voice comes in clearer as she says "I see. Well, please hurry. Kyo and Goofy have engaged with their target, and Ail and Mickey have already lost their target's track twice to come and help us."

Marisa nods, then says "alright then, we better stop a-yapping, and better start a-moving."

From the emblem, Mima says "you do that. And Marisa, Donald, be careful. I'm not sure how, but these things seem to be getting stronger."

Marisa and Donald nod, as if Mima could see them, then the blonde witch waves at the duck and the ninja to follow, but something catches her eyes when she looks at Yuffie.

She points at the black-haired visitor and exclaims "hey! Didn't I tell you not to touch my stuff? Those are mine, so put 'em back!"

The ninja girl holds between her fingers three glowing orbs, one purple, the other two green.

Though seemingly calm, Yuffie sternly says "you have Materia in this mess you call a house, and all Materia belongs to me!"

Before Marisa has the time to argue, Yuffie continues "you have no right to be holding on to MY Materia, so I'll be taking these!"

Marisa takes her Hakkero from underneath her hat, grips it tight, her right arm trembles with fury while looking almost demonically at Yuffie, then furiously says "PUT! THEM! BACK!"

Yuffie smiles as she challenges Marisa's glare with a playful gaze, suddenly flings her arm back, and all three orbs fly back into a pile.

Marisa quickly opens the door to her house and says "now everyone, OUT!"

Donald is the first out, and seem to be quite relieved about it.

Next is the still-smiling Yuffie, who promptly followed by the three fairies, and finally, Marisa exits the house and locks the door.

A little calmer, the witch starts running around the house, and shouts "now come on! We need to get to Alice, and fast!"

Donald runs behind her and shouts "right behind you!"

The three mischievous fairies fly after him as Luna says "we're coming too! That little girl owes us some payback!"

Yuffie runs after them while placing the three materia into some available slots in her weapon, snickers, then says "oh, these are all powered to the max. This will be fun... oh?"

A set of spell cards appear on her hand, then she smiles and says "card-based spell casting. Sweet! Just like that scroll I took from the store said!"


Marisa, Donald, Yuffie, and the three fairies arrive to the large, clean clearing where Alice's house sits.

It looks like a rather simple western-style house with a tower to the right side, with a clean blue roof, and clean and neatly adorned white walls and windows.

Underneath all the windows on the house, tiny flowers are planted on long vases, and thus, this house actually looks like it belongs to a woman.

Yuffie, Donald and Marisa stare at the house from behind some bushes, then the ninja girl whistles and says "wow! What a beautiful house. It's like I just came out of a house from hell and am looking at a house from heaven instead."

Donald nods in agreement and says "it's hard to believe Marisa's house belongs to a girl, huh?"

Marisa wraps her arms around her friends' necks, and with an annoyed smile on her face and an annoyed undertone, she says "ara~ Careful where you shoot those mouths of yours. You could run into some unfortunate accidents."

Donald and Yuffie struggle to free themselves, but as soon as they discover the futility of their attempts, they smile and chuckle nervously at Marisa, and long before they can apologize, the witch grabs them by the back of their necks, pulls them forward and knocks them together, making a loud and disturbing clunk on contact and letting them drop face-down on the ground.

The blonde witch now stands up straight with a satisfied look on her face while dusting her hands, then sighs and says "I knew those books I borrowed from Byakuren were going to be useful someday. Ah well, let's go and get this over with already. I would like to save Reimu TODAY."

Right after saying that, the three fairies fly past the witch, Sunny crying "it's the black things!", Luna adding "someone help us!", and Star shouting "just move faster!"

Marisa tries to grab Star before she's too far, but the little fairy is flying too fast and slips right through her 'sticky' fingers.

Annoyed, the blonde witch shouts "hey wait! Don't go running away now, you cowards!"

Yuffie and Donald are already out in the clearing when Donald calls "COME ON! There's too many of them!", and that's when Marisa looks behind her.

On the trees and all over the ground are yellow dots, antennas, metal hats, and large body suits.

Too many for her to count.

She smiles and giggles to herself, then casually says "oh-ho-ho~ shit. There's just too damned many of you."

Before long, Marisa is running towards Alice's house, but her run is cut off by several Soldiers, and another type of Heartless that appear from dark globs in front of her.

These look like tiny three-inch, navy-blue skinned girls dressed in purple longs-sleeved rags, navy-blue shoes with swirled tips, wearing tiny golden gauntlets on their right arms over their sleeves, have crumpled black butterfly-like wings that don't move, jagged-toothed mouths, yellow eyes, have long, flowing violet hair, and have the red and black heart emblem under their chins.

Marisa stares with caution at the new enemies and says "wh-wait a minute. These ones look like fairies."

From the emblem, Mima says "careful! Those things may seem weak, but they pack a punch. They can shoot danmaku, but their real strength is in their tackle."

Donald squawks a groan and asks "anything else we should know, Miss Mima?"

Mima casually says "oh yes. They absorb ice and water spells. Patchouli calls them Fluttering Furies. Hmm... they don't look that furious to me, but..."

Marisa cuts Mima off by hurriedly saying "alright, thanks for the heads-up. Yuffie, Donald, you heard the lady! No Water or ice spells with these things around!"

Donald and Yuffie simultaneously nod and exclaim "roger!", then rush toward the Heartless with their weapons held high.

Yuffie's mid-sized shuriken flies fast and hard against the Heartless and it returns to the ninja's hand every time she throws it.

Marisa thinks there's a string attached, but as long as it's helping them get rid of the enemy, she doesn't care.

Donald take out a spell card and loudly calls "Fission Firaga!", and shoots a large fireball toward a group of Shadows and Large Bodies.

The fireball touches a Large Body and expands in size while remaining floating in the same spot, and to Marisa's surprise, the ball of fire starts shooting smaller fireballs like rain toward the rest of the Heartless.

Marisa smacks a Fluttering Fury with the tip of her broom, looks back at Donald, then says "well, you sure are full of surprises, duck."

Donald grins, then says "I'm only using ten percent of my power. Once I get used to these spell cards-"

Yuffie screams after being sent flying back by a Large Body, and after landing on her feet, she exclaims "you can kiss each other later! We have a battle going on here!"

Marisa and Donald frown and blush, and while Donald squawks a complaint, Marisa says "you're a real nuisance, ninja girl!"

When she turns her eyes forward again, Marisa realizes there is a Large Body going straight at her with a body slam.

The witch screams out of surprise, flails her arms wildly, and out of the adrenaline rush, she uses her broom like a bat and smacks the creature's belly, making it fall on its butt on two soldiers and completely forget what it was doing.

After taking in some rapid breaths, Marisa recovers herself, clenches her teeth with anger, then aims her Hakkero at the creature and fires a small, but strong laser beam that sends the creature rolling backward, taking out other Heartless until it slams against a tree, then Marisa's beam finishes the Large Body off.

From behind the witch, Donald rolls his eyes while expecting the overconfident cheer from the witch, but is surprised when she instead shouts "this is NUTS! They just keep coming! And those flutter... thingies move too fast!"

Yuffie quickly adds "not only that. These guys are taking more hits to take down. They weren't this tough in the morning."

Donald smiles and takes a step forth, takes a spell card from his left breast pocket, then says "don't worry! I think this spell will-", but before he can finish his sentence, from the direction of the house, a girl calls "Curse Sign, Shanghai Doll!"

A thick dark-purple beam clears one whole side of the battlefield, while on the other side, a tiny girl dressed in red starts to sing.

Her singing weakens the Heartless and makes them all waddle and sway around, and while they are in that trance, Alice turns her beam to the other side, while Donald, Marisa and Yuffie finish the few Heartless between them and the puppeteer with quick melee attacks.

As soon as the last Heartless is gone, the blond girl says "and it seems I had to save your butt again, Marisa."

Marisa looks back at the girl and replies with surprise "Alice."

Alice Margatroid has blonde hair that reaches just below her shoulders, dark-blue eyes, and wears a pink headband, a long blue dress, a white capelet with a pink lace tied around the collar, a silver star, moon and sun hanging from a chain that's clipped to the pink lace, a pink ribbon around her waist that has a small silver fairy-shaped plate in the middle, and a pair of brown cross-laced brown boots.

She also holds a large black book on her right hand, tied closed by a pink ribbon.

To her left is Shanghai, who has long blonde hair, blue eyes, and wears a red ribbon on the back of her head, a long blue, long-sleeved dress with a white apron, and a pair of tiny socks and black shoes.

Next to Shanghai is Hourai, who looks exactly like Shanghai, save for her red dress, and curious facial expression.

Marisa takes a step toward Alice, but before she can make her move, Alice shoots a thin red beam from her finger at Marisa's right foot, then Shanghai aggressively says "see mom? I told you! She's bringing those black monsters here! Finish her now!"

Alice grabs Shanghai by her little waist and sits the little girl on her own right shoulder, then sternly says "Shanghai, sweetie, I can take care of this, so calm down."

Marisa is furious, but she knows Alice has the upper hand, evident when she and her party realize they are completely surrounded by glaring dolls hidden in the nearby trees.

Instead of storming toward her magician friend, Marisa asks "so, Alice. Why are you aiding the Heartless?"

From Alice's shoulder, Shanghai roars "liar!", then Alice calmly says "nice try Marisa, but I know the truth. Shanghai saw what you and your new friends did to Reimu."

Donald crosses his arms over his chest while tapping his webbed foot on the bare ground, then says "typical bad guy, pinning the misdeed on someone else."

Yuffie is on full alert, and has a quick spell ready, just in case.

She stands behind Marisa and whispers "enough talking. Just take her down before she kills us!"

Marisa looks back at Yuffie, grins, then whispers "you guys, I can feel the signal coming from her, but we need a distraction, or any move we make will be our last. Any ideas?"

Yuffie shrugs and shakes her head, though nobody is really looking at her, but Donald grins confidently and says "give me a second. I got something here."

Marisa grins confidently, already ticking Alice off with that grin, then says "so tell me Alice. How'd you do it? How did you trap Reimu like that? What did you use? Was it a spell, alchemy, runes?"

Alice takes two steps back; the look on Marisa's eyes, though that annoying grin is there, she can see the intensity in them.

The magician puppeteer hesitates for a moment and questions herself, but Shanghai brings Alice back from her hesitation after shouting "mama, she's trying to trick you! Stop being so stupid and kill them already!"

Hourai gasps, and while covering her mouth, she exclaims "Shanghai, sis. That's a little too aggressive, don't you think?"

Alice quickly adds "honestly Shanghai, I know she's annoying, but killing her won't do us any good."

Shanghai growls and flies away from Alice's shoulder, then the puppeteer is sent face-first to the ground when a giant black orb that looks like it has a constellation inside of it, pushes her into the dirt and keeps her pinned down.

That moment, Yuffie quickly jumps away, and Marisa grabs Donald, gets on her broom, then flies toward Alice's house using as much power as possible.

The many dolls that were aiming their glares at the party shoot red piercing beams through their eyes, and there are so many, they make a giant burn mark on the spot where the party was just standing on with the net of lasers that forms in the area.

Marisa falls from her broom after tossing Donald away, then rolls all the way to the front of the blue door of Alice's house.

She manages to look to the left at Donald, and can see he rolled all the way towards a tree and now has his webbed feet up against the tree, and his head on the ground next to its roots.

Marisa dusts her skirt after getting up, then points at Alice, looks confused as hell, then says "hey, wait a minute. You're not the source of the signal."

Alice grunts as she gets back up and whispers "that was a gravity spell," then looks up at Marisa and weakly asks "what are you babbling about?"

Marisa closes her eyes and starts pointing her right hand forward while holding her temple with her left hand, then hums.

Annoyed, yet seemingly worried, Shanghai asks "and what the hell are you doing now, stupid blonde?"

Marisa points at Shanghai, smiles, then says "so it's YOU! You're the one that trapped Reimu!"

Alice stands up and gets in front of the tiny girl, glares at Marisa, then readies herself to attack.

Marisa runs to the left to avoid the oncoming horde of dolls with lances, while Donald manages to push himself off the tree to fall on his belly just as several bullets of various colors strike the tree where his abdomen was, and when he looks at the hole those bullets made through the trunk, he screams a loud squawk, then finds himself running faster than Marisa, catching up and passing her by as he seeks a hiding spot.

Yuffie jumps off the tree branch directly beside Alice and readies an overhead attack, however, two dolls with swords appear from underneath the puppeteer's capelet and start spinning ferociously, forcing the ninja to squeak while evading the attack.

As soon as she lands on her hands and knees, Yuffie jumps far away from Alice and rejoins Marisa and Donald, then asks "does this girl have any blind spots? Jeez, she almost got me there."

Marisa's usual confident smile is missing, and as she puts all her attention on Alice, she says "she may look frail, but don't be fooled. She hits hard, and her dolls hit harder. Still, if you take out her dolls, you'll weaken her considerably."

Donald and Yuffie grin, then Donald says "let's make this quick and easy."

Alice summons more spinning dolls to her sides, dolls with shields on the front, and more dolls with lances above her head.

The dolls with swords start to spin, the dolls with lances start to shoot colorful bullets, and the one with shields are shooting small beams from their left hands.

The trio of would-be heroes find themselves scattering to avoid getting hit, and as they do Alice, in a terrifyingly ominous tone of voice, says "I promised I'd care for these children, no matter what. If you want to get to Shanghai, you're going to have to go through me, but I warn you that it's impossible for someone as weak as you!"

Shanghai raises her arms in the air, and without Alice's notice, creates a tall dark barrier around the clearing that quickly disappears from sight.

From the left side of the clearing, Donald comes across several dolls that look like Shanghai and Hourai, only these have dark-blue dresses, and they don't fly, they just march straight toward him.

The duck finds the dolls curious, but he knows they are bad news, so he instinctively takes his small staff on his right hand and smacks the closest doll.

The second the tip of his staff touches the head of the adorable little doll, it explodes violently, causing a chain reaction with the other dolls, and all Marisa and Yuffie can see is a cloud or red and black from where Donald's screams come from.

The girls call for Donald, and Alice takes advantage of the distraction and sends her dolls with lances straight at Marisa and Yuffie.

Marisa already knows this attack, and manages to move with enough precision to avoid getting impaled, but Yuffie is caught by surprised, and after a quick yelp from the ninja, Alice smiles and says "one nuisance less. Magic Sign, Artful Sacrifice!"

The puppeteer tosses three dolls toward Yuffie, who kneels as she pulls a lance off her right hip and leg, and by the time the ninja looks up, the dolls are on her face.

The first doll touches the ground, and all Yuffie can do is scream "BIIIITCH", while the dolls explode in a pillar of orange.

Marisa clicks her tongue, glares with fury at Alice, then says "dammit Alice. If you had just listen for once. But it's too late now."

The witch raises her Hakkero and aims it straight at Alice, then loudly says "Love Sign, Master Spark!", but doesn't notice the confident smirk on Alice's face.

The thick multi-colored beam flies fast toward Alice; Shanghai and Hourai both fly straight to the puppeteer's shoulders, then Marisa's beam hits them hard.

Marisa smiles when she sees her beam hit, but her smile quickly turns over when she realizes it's being deflected.

With surprise in her face, Marisa asks "wha? How-how in the world?"

Hourai giggles, while Shanghai says "you retard. You think I'm gonna let you hurt this girl? Gimmie a break! I need to eat, you know."

When the beam dies down, Marisa realizes the shielded dolls had their shields reinforced with a secondary magical barrier made independently by the two tiny girls.

With a drop of sweat rolling down the back of her head and a nervous grin, Marisa gulps and whispers "the impish midgets learned barrier spells. Great."

From the left, Donald shouts "block this! Blast Sign, Mega Flare!"

Donald reveals himself from behind the curtain of smoke and shoots a round ball of fire that flies five feet in front of him, then explodes violently, covering the entire clearing with a flaming wall in a second.

Alice, Shanghai and Hourai shriek as they try to maintain the barrier while the fire burns them, and even though Marisa is inside the spell, she isn't affected by it.

Yuffie suddenly moves toward Alice while glowing light-blue and moving like lightning, then jumps over the dolls and shouts "Thunder Sign, Thundaga!", and from her right hand, several bolts of lightning fly straight on to the dolls and trails through each of them, but only the small lightning bullets that spread from the bolts seem to be affecting Alice, Shanghai and Hourai.

Donald's spell cancels out, Yuffie zips away from Alice, then Marisa grins confidently while aiming her broom at Alice, and says "impossible is such an overrated word. Light Sign, Luminous Strike!"

The witch grabs her broom with both hands, and from its tip, a massive yellow orb with a star inside quickly flies toward the defenseless puppeteer, whose reaction is to grab the two little girls and turn her back to shield them from the impact.

Alice screams out loud when Marisa's orb of light hits, and is sent flying toward the invisible barrier, crashes head-first against it, then falls unconscious to the ground on her face.

As soon as Donald and Yuffie regroup with Marisa, the ninja girl raises her hands in the air, and after a spell card drops from her hand, she says "Cura", then right after the card disappears, small light-green sparks rain down on the three, healing all burns and wounds completely.

Marisa and Donald explore themselves, and sounding impressed, Marisa says "wow, thank you. I didn't know ninjas knew healing magic."

Yuffie smiles, giggles, then says "I don't. It's the materia you stole. They were all maxed out."

Marisa's face twists with rage and shouts "why you little monkey, I'm gonna-", but Donald tugs on the witch's shirt to get her attention, and points toward Alice.

Marisa angrily asks "what? Can't you see I'm bus-sy? EH?"

Shanghai is standing in front of the unconscious Alice, ignoring Hourai's pleas for help while she tries to get out from under Alice, and starts emanating a cold and powerful dark aura as she says "guess I shouldn't have relied so much on that blonde retard. Really, what an useless waste of life she is. Couldn't even stop you three."

Hourai pulls herself from underneath Alice and rushes toward Shanghai, then holds her twin sister by the shoulders and asks "sis! How can you say something like that about mom?"

Shanghai covers her arm with dark energy and punches Hourai on the face, cutting her lower lip and sending her bouncing several times on the ground toward Alice, then turns a tear-filled, yet hateful face toward the trio, then smiles with malice.

Though she smiles and laughs, her tears just won't stop, making the little girl look like an insane maniac that slowly rises from the ground.

Marisa and Donald stare with concern at Shanghai as she rises high, while Yuffie stares back with a cocky smile, then says "so, you say she's the one with the 'whatever' thing you are looking for. C'mon, let's take her-"

Marisa places her hand on Yuffie's shoulder, points at Shanghai with her left finger, then says "careful. There's something large underneath her. Look."

Yuffie squints her eyes and stares, then notices a strange, large squiggle underneath the tiny girl, and from it comes a strange, high-pitched gurgling.

Shanghai sniffles and snorts while wiping her face and nose with her right sleeve, then says "who needs family and friends when one has POWER! I command the Heartless! The do whatever the hell I want them to do, and none of them complain! And what I want now is for you three to DIE!"

Shanghai laughs out loud at the same time as whatever thing is underneath her roars a high-pitched gurgle, then the invisible creature seems to become small, and rushes toward the small party with Shanghai on top of it giving its position away.

Marisa, Yuffie and Donald all jump to the right to avoid the possible tackle, then the short-haired ninja says "yes, that's it. Don't split up again!"

They look to the left to see Shanghai almost above the house, then the creature under her starts to flicker into view until it's completely visible.

The creature looks like a giant chameleon with green skin and black markings all over its body, tanned on the bottom, large yellow eyes, a giant white horn on the tip of the snot, has five spikes on its back, its tail is coiled up, its claws are black and sharp, and has the black and red heart emblem on the chest.

It pounds the ground with its front legs then lifts itself up on its hind legs, and roars that high-pitched gurgle again and disappears.

Marisa and Donald immediately shoot various icicles, Donald's surprising Marisa because his icicles look larger and hit harder than hers, even exploding on contact and spreading smaller icicles around.

Marisa pouts and focus more magic on her own icicles, and manages to mimic Donald's to perfection, and upon noticing this, Donald says "lady Patchouli was right. You're a pretty skilful thief. You stole that spell right before my eyes."

Marisa blushes as she looks away, then says "I-I was just holding back... a bit!"

From behind them, Yuffie aims her right arm at the invisible monster and shoots a single blue bolt, then says "argue later! Bring that thing down NOW! Jeez, you two!"

Shanghai laughs, then says "so pathetic! Take THIS!" She shoots a pair of black bolts that land between the party and sends Yuffie flying backward, and Marisa and Donald flying closer to herself and the monster, then cackles and says "go Stealth Sneak! CRUSH THEM!"

Two white orbs appear beside Shanghai and they seem to be moving straight toward Marisa and Donald, but both are already on their feet and jumping away.

The orbs stop before touching the ground, then fly after each, and strikes them hard, but they both manage to land on their feet, regardless of the impact.

Marisa snarls, then says "I'm gonna spark his ass so hard..."

Donald holds Marisa's arm, chuckles, then flashes a spell card and says "let's try this one."

Marisa smiles almost too viciously, then pulls a similar spell card from her skirt's pocket and summons her broom to her left hand.

Meanwhile, Yuffie jumps over their heads and goes straight at Shanghai.

She manages to hold on to the creature's invisible horn when she lands on the head, smiles at Shanghai and says "aww, what a cute little villain you are. Too bad I'm going to have to maim you now."

Shanghai snarls as she raises her hands, preparing another pair of purple bolts, but Yuffie is quicker, and tosses a kunai on the Stealth Sneak's forehead, making it gurgle in pain and fling its head back violently.

The ninja uses the momentum to jump away from the creature, while Shanghai is sent flying backward to the ground, bounces three times while rolling backward, then knocks her head hard against her own barrier, which breaks away immediately after she is out cold.

The Stealth Sneak quickly loses its invisibility while it furiously tries to remove the kunai from its forehead by scratching itself with its claws.

To its far right, Marisa hovers three feet above the ground on her broom, while Donald stands beside her.

They both raise a spell card, then simultaneously shout "COMET!", then Marisa adds "Blazing Star!"

Donald starts to fly on his own while surrounded by an orb of light, and waits for Marisa to wind her broom back.

The witch lunges furiously toward the creature while surrounded in a thick magical barrier, and when she passes by Donald, the duck follows after her, matching her own speed.

Right when Marisa is inches away from touching the creature, Donald raises his staff, and countless colorful sparks appear out of nowhere and shower the Stealth Sneak.

Marisa then, tackles the creature so hard with her broom, it gurgles loudly in pain after the witch knocks it several feet off the ground and to the air and makes it fall on its back on the ground.

The monster gurgles softly as its body becomes limp, then Yuffie jumps from a tree branch, and once over the creature, she tosses a spell card in the air in front of her chest and shouts "Thunder Sign, Thundaga!", and after countless thick bolts of blue lightning strike the monster several times, the ninja throws a shuriken on its stomach, where it sticks just as a bolt of lightning strikes that very spot.

The creature actually roars as its body is electrocuted without mercy, and just like that, the monster becomes a cloud of black smoke and a giant crystal-pink heart flies toward the sky.

Yuffie stares at the heart with awe and asks "wait, what's that?"

Marisa and Donald fly on the witch's broom toward Yuffie, laugh while hug-tackling her, and after landing safely, Marisa exclaims "we won! We beat that thing!"

The witch suddenly turns around toward Shanghai and says "time to break whatever spell that doll-girl placed on Reimu. GAH!"

Marisa is surprised with a black bolt to the chest that breaks through her black vest and tears a bit of her white shirt while sending her flying a few feet backward.

Donald calls for Marisa, but he and Yuffie are paralyzed by another black bolt that surrounds their bodies.

All the way across the clearing, Shanghai has the black bolts under her control as she snarls and says "you'll NEVER release the Hakurei Maiden! This world will belong to the darkness, and there's nothing anyone can-KYAH!"

A powerful, thin red beam sends the tiny girl rolling away to the side of the house, and when Donald, Yuffie and Marisa recover, they gasp with surprise when they see Alice walking toward them with Hourai scowling and crying on her shoulder while wiping some blood off her lower lip.

Alice takes a few breaths, then says "d-don't let her get away!", but it's far too late, and Shanghai has disappeared into the thick forest once more.


Marisa, Donald, Yuffie, and now Alice with Hourai on her shoulder, run through the thick forest in search of Shanghai.

After panting, Alice says "I'm sorry, I didn't know! I swear, there was nothing, not a trace of any alien magic on her."

Hourai adds "we're telling the truth!", then cries "she even made blueberry cupcakes last night, like she usually does!"

Donald looks annoyed as he says "it's fine, it's fine! Just help us find her before she gets away!"

Marisa gasps, then exclaims "we're getting closer! Everyone get ready. There's something different this time."

Marisa suddenly drops on her face and skids on the dirt, then holds her chest and grips it tight while screaming in agony.

Alice quickly drops on her knees to Marisa's right, then places her right hand on the witch's chest, and when it starts glowing white, Marisa starts to breathe through her mouth as she slowly recovers.

The witch starts trembling and asks "what's happening to me?"

Hourai sits on Yuffie's right shoulder, and both girls look at each other with confusion and shrug.

Donald gets closer to the magicians, then Alice says "you've been cursed, but it's a different kind of curse. It's not trying to kill you. It's trying to take your heart instead."

Shanghai's cackle echoes around the girls and duck, and from somewhere behind the trees or bushes, she contently and sinisterly says "she's going to become my new Heartless guardian. She's strong and stubborn, but she'll be mine in no time."

Alice looks all around and calls for Shanghai, but the tiny girl just laughs and says "I'm so sorry MOTHER, but you are no longer useful to me. You can just die along with those brats!"

Several Large Bodies, the weird Heartless crows and Fluttering Furies appear from clouds of black smoke, and now surround the large party.

Alice looks around, then asks "what the hell? They have crows too?"

From the heart emblem on Marisa's hat, Mima loudly says "careful! The Air Shadows may seem weak, but they can tear through anything with those beaks!"

Alice looks at the emblem and shouts "Marisa's in trouble! We're in trouble! We need help!"

Mima's voice inside the emblem sounds far as she shouts "can't help! There's too many of them over here!"

Marisa takes deep breaths through her mouth, and after a painful grunt, she says "we have to hurry! Find Shanghai and take her down!"

Donald and Yuffie both shoot lightning bolts at the Large Bodies and Air Shadows around the back, then Donald shouts "come and get some, Heatless!"

Yuffie chuckles nervously, then says "hey, don't agitate them."

The Air Shadows and a few Fluttering Furies join forces, and now the fairy Heartless are riding the crows, thus adding rather strong black oval bullets to the crows' attack pattern.

While Donald and Yuffie blast through the Heartless' ranks, Alice and Hourai defend Marisa, shooting colorful bullets, and Alice sending various dolls with lances at the crows and dark fairies along with the bullets.

Behind them, Marisa sweats, the skin around her eyes is turning dark, and every move she makes looks as though she's struggling with herself, and struggling as she is, she gets on her broom and says "enough of this shit. We need to take her out now. I have to save Reimu."

She lifts up to the sky before Alice notices, and when the puppeteer does take notice, she shouts "Marisa, what are you doing? You don't even know where she is!"

A Large Body aims to body-slam Alice, but to its dismay, she kicks it under its massive belly, growling "not a chance, fatty!", and sends it flying backward in the air, where it disappears into a cloud of black dust.

While on her broom, Marisa aims her Hakkero down and says "I don't care who or what is down there! I'm blasting this damned forest to dust until I find that little bitch!"

Inside her mind, her own voice calls loudly, then says "what do you think you are doing? Marisa, you friends are down there!"

Marisa groans, her eyes turn darker, then she says "don't. care. I have. to kill that thing!"

The voice in her mind cries "no, Marisa please! Stop!"

The symbols in front of the Hakkero start glowing purple, magic starts concentrating in front of it, then a little girl screams "NO! GET OFF ME, YOU TWERPS!"

Marisa stops her attack, looks down, and from a tree behind Donald and Yuffie falls Shanghai, followed by Luna, Sunny and Star, all three carrying small, but sturdy-looking twigs on their little hands.

Sunny falls right on top of Shanghai, pins her down, then smacks her hard on head with the twig and shouts "that's for tying me up, you little freak!"

Alice and Hourai turn around the moment they hear Shanghai's voice after one loud curse from said girl, then, with her cracking voice, Alice calls "Shanghai! Shanghai stop this right now!"

Donald tackles Alice and Hourai to the ground, and Yuffie grabs all three fairies and pulls them all away from the tiny girl, then large purple stars shower all around Shanghai, finishing off several of the remaining Heartless, and creating a large parameter around the little girl.

Shanghai grins viciously as she flies off the ground, then is swept by Marisa and taken above the trees.

Alice, Hourai, Donald and Yuffie stand up and stare up at the sky, while Sunny, Luna and Star chase after the remaining Fluttering Furies.

Luna stops for a second, looks back at the gawking party, then lazily shouts "hey~! Come and help us clean up over here."

Sunny and Star are already finishing off one of the black fairies after a smack on the head with the twigs, then Star shouts "forget them! We'll just claim a reward after we are done with this ourselves!"

Meanwhile, the staring party remains as they are, all gawking with awe toward Marisa and Shanghai.

Anxiety is taking over their senses, and each one opens his, or her mouth and leave them as they are.

Just above the trees, Marisa holds Shanghai with her right arm and cover her face with her hat, while she aims her Hakkero at her allies and readies it with dark magic.

Shanghai laughs excitedly, then says "the possession is complete! This witch belongs to me! With her by my side, this world will be covered in darkness in no time at all!"

The little girl gasps with surprise when Marisa grabs her by the waist and throws her away, but she quickly recovers and glares at the witch, and in a furious undertone, she says "dammit! That heart is more stubborn than a hungry cat!"

Marisa's hat blows away at that very moment, revealing the blackened skin around her eyes, the slimy drool on her chin, oddly colored tears flowing down her cheeks, and a look of confusion deep inside her eyes.

From the ground, Donald calls "Marisa! Remember your mission! You want to save Rei~mu~!"

Hourai flies a little higher and yells "sis! Please, let her go! You can stop this now, and we can go home and eat, and take a bath, and sleep with mom! I-I'll even sing you that lullaby you love so much!"

Alice takes a step forward and adds "Shanghai please! Take that curse off Marisa, give her what she needs to save Reimu, and let's just go home!"

Shanghai starts to giggle, then slowly progresses to a vile laugh, then to a maniacal cackle, then stops and shoots a black fireball at the onlookers without turning her head away from Marisa.

She looks at the witch, and in a sinister whisper, she says "that's it Marisa. Let yourself be consumed by the darkness. I guarantee you will LOVE IT!"

Marisa starts hovering with difficulty, and constantly loses control over her broom, yet she regains her strength and returns to her initial position.

Shanghai smiles, and loudly and sinisterly says "think about it. You'll be the mistress of this entire world. That self-pretentious Reimu will be gone, and you will be the indisputable strongest human alive! All you have to do is join us, and it will all be clear to you."

Marisa stops moving, her eyes become blank, and she remains unmoving, even after a harsh gust threatens to push her off the broom and blow Shanghai off the air.

On the ground, Yuffie whispers to Donald "so, you think we're going to have to take her on. Cuz' seriously, I don't think we can."

Donald's expression remains calm as he says "you have to trust in her. That's all there is. If she does go insane, I do happen to have a spell that should take care of her."

Behind Donald, Alice looks up and says "I really hope it doesn't come to that. She can be too stubborn. That makes her twice as dangerous."

Above the trees, Marisa involuntarily raises her left hand and places it on the hole on her clothes over her chest, then thinks "yeah, that sounds awesome. With Reimu gone, nobody will ever question my power again! The spell card rule will be gone, and I'll be able to unleash my full potential! Nobody will stand in my way!"

As she thinks this, she sees images of Reimu after they had just met.

How that young, naive, and incredibly lazy shrine maiden kept going forward through life, learning from her mistakes as she did.

As Marisa sees this, she thinks "I should have killed her back then. Why did I stop though? Why didn't I do it?"

After thinking this, images of herself battling Reimu come to the front of her mind.

Her hatred towards the maiden slowly escalates as she remembers one defeat after another, after another, by the hands of that same, lazy shrine maiden, then she remembers how much worst those defeats got when Reimu started to fly on her own.

Marisa's hatred reaches its peak, she lifts her Hakkero and aims it at her friends, and a dark purple energy illuminates the wooden octagonal block, and then she sees something else inside her mind.

She can see a friendly smile on Reimu's face; a warm, bright and peaceful smile, as she helps the witch up on her feet, and Marisa stops her attack once again.

Marisa trembles as she starts to think "but wait. Reimu... I always liked her. Maybe it was her naivety, or was it something else? Whatever it is, I am sure I like her. Heck, I love that lazy maiden! She's so much fun to tease too."

Another set of tears clean the witch's cheeks from the odd-colored tears from before as well as the slime under her chin, and she thinks "true, I could be the strongest, but what about friends? Reimu's my best friend. She likes me for me, and doesn't really pretend. She... well, she does find me annoying, but she's honest about it. And if she's gone..."

An image of the Hakurei Shrine, just as it is now, appears in Marisa's mind, and on its porch, Reimu sits down with a plate of sweets to her left, her mug of tea on her right hand, and a peaceful smile on her face.

She looks over at Marisa, greets her with a friendly touch to that peaceful smile, then says "you come to play again? Fine, but I won't go easy on you... Oh, so that's how you like it? Good, 'cuz so do I!"

At that very moment, Reimu disappears from sight, the mug of tea smashes on the ground below and becomes sand.

While Marisa's sight slowly rises, she thinks "with her gone, I'll have nobody to talk to again! Sakuya doesn't really like me that much, Patchouli doesn't say much either, and Alice just bitches on about some noise. I'll be... alone."

The witch's mental sight is now greeted by a derelict pile of dust and rubble that used to be the Hakurei shrine.

Her heart races, she wants to cry, but she also wants to scream, yet she can do neither.

She rushes over to the porch where Reimu was, waves her hands in front of herself to make sure Reimu isn't playing some game with her, and when she realizes the maiden is gone, she feels herself dropping hard on her knees, holding her head, and screaming to the skies.

Back in reality, Marisa screams to the sky as both light and darkness within her fight for dominance.

Below them, on the top of a tree, the hooded figure holds Marisa's hat, and after the emblem on the tip of the hat sparks white, the hooded person flies toward Marisa and tosses the prized hat to its master, then disappears from sight.

The hat clings on Marisa's left shoulder, and a white light beams from it, enters through her shoulder, trails to the witch's chest, and spreads all over her body as it pulsates like a beating heart.

The life of her eyes returns and the skin around them return to the usual color.

Her face regains its life and intensity, and with a determined look, the witch grabs her hat with her left hand, raises the Hakkero on her right hand and aims it at Shanghai, then shouts "I will never join the darkness! I'll die first before I let you kill Reimu!"

Shanghai clenches her teeth tight as she spreads her lips open, then flies upward to avoid a pure white-light Master Spark that shot itself from the witch's Hakkero without prior incantation or spell card declaration.

She looks down at Marisa, surrounds herself in pure darkness, then shouts "I gave you the chance you piece of shit! Now you can die along your friends, and your precious Reimu!"

Marisa places her hat back on, grins as confidently as ever, then says "whatever. Just drop already."

Shanghai raises her arms and threatens to hit Marisa head on with black bolts, so the witch protects herself with a barrier of light that comes from her Hakkero, but the bolts turn downward before getting too close and hit the ground around the party below, summoning another horde of Heartless.

Marisa growls and asks "could you stop doing that?"

Shanghai giggles, smirks, then says "I can't be playing fair now, sweetie," then shoots black icicles at Marisa.

The witch counters the attack with a shower of white stars, and once she's clear, she tackles the little girl while surrounded in a light-blue aura.

Shanghai's black aura is swallowed up by Marisa's light, but the little girl isn't going without a fight, so she fires a black spark-ball at Marisa's back, but the witch does one quick upward turn to avoid the dark attack, flies upside-down toward Shanghai, and when she flies above the little girl's head, the emblem on her hat sparkles, Shanghai screams, and a powerful bright beam reveals a small purple crystal embedded on Shanghai's forehead.

That instant seems to last a whole minute for Marisa, who stares in awe at that crystal and notices how it's about to fall off, then she flies away and turns over as she formulates a plan on that hard-working brain of hers.

Shanghai screams out loud and covers her forehead with her hands while hissing at Marisa.

The little girl's face looks feral, her pupils appear to be slitted, and the dark aura around her seems to be getting thicker.

Marisa positions herself to attack, but quickly yelps and flies away as fast as her broom can take her, screaming "oh, that's not good! Not good at all!"

She is now being chased by eight black Spear of the Gungnir replicas, and all eight are the same size as Remilia's full powered spell.

Marisa knows well, if one of those things hit her, there is no spell card rule that's going to save her life, so as she flies away, she desperately thinks how to survive.

She relaxes, scoffs, face palms, then says "well of course! Spell card rule!", then takes a spell card from her left pocket, places it on the hole on her chest, then shouts "Magic Sign, Stardust Reverie!"

A thick, white magical aura surrounds Marisa, stars fly out of the bristles of her broom, and her speed increases.

The stars both slow down and gradually consume the black spears, then Marisa makes an u-turn, speeds up even more, then aims the tip of her broom at Shanghai.

The little girl clicks her tongue as her glare becomes dark, intensifies the dark aura that surrounds her, then braces for impact.

Meanwhile, on the ground right below, Alice and Hourai finish off a pair of Air Shadows and Fluttering Furies with a blast from a dual beam, while Donald raises his staff to summon some bolts of yellow lightning and finishes off two Large Bodies, and Yuffie has a large spectral shuriken flying around her, while she kicks a few Shadows and a soldier and turns them to dust.

After the last of the Heartless are gone, Donald looks back at Alice, sighs, then says "finally, that was the last one-SQUAWK!"

Everyone on the ground flinch when there is a sudden explosion above them.

There is a thick cloud of smoke where last Marisa and Shanghai were seen, and now they watch as Shanghai falls through the clouds and plummets to the ground.

Marisa dives from the clouds straight down after Shanghai, catches the little girl before hitting the ground, and when she tries to stop, she falls off her broom, holds Shanghai tightly on her chest, then she and the little girl roll on the ground until they finally stop right in front of a tree.

Donald and Yuffie cheer "alright! She's SAFE!", while Alice and Hourai cry "oh no! She's hurt!"

They all take some time to stare as Marisa gets up and rubs her head, then all four rush toward their friends.

Shanghai lies on the ground with her hands spread to her side, her legs spread slightly open, and with a smile on her tear-filled face.

When the group gets close enough, they can see Marisa nod at Shanghai with a courageous and determined look in her eyes, then Alice and Hourai both sigh with relief.

It seems Shanghai is going to be alright, though they have their doubts when they see the tiny purple crystal embedded on her forehead.

Marisa looks over at her friends, nods at Donald and Yuffie, then says "this crystal is the thing that's got Reimu trapped. It possessed the little girl and forced her to do all those things. Well... at least that's what I think."

Shanghai coughs weakly, and sounding frighteningly weak, yet with a smile on her face, she says "please, take it out. It's asleep, but it still hurts. It's going to wake up soon."

Marisa smiles weakly and says "I'm going to need Alice's, Mima's and Patchouli's help. This thing is linked to your lifeline now, so removing it could cause-"

Alice cuts Marisa off when she shouts "alright, we get it! Enough of that morbid talk! Shanghai, let's just go and have that thing removed."

Alice walks over to her little daughter while saying "of all the stupidities! To think I didn't even notice that thing in there. I need to pay more attention."

Marisa lifts her Hakkero and aims it straight at Alice's face.

Understandably annoyed, Alice stops and shouts "Marisa, what the hell's your problem? That's not funny, so cut it out!"

Marisa casually says "you can't touch her, or this thing will take you instead."

Alice ignores the witch's warning and walks closer to Shanghai, angrily saying "of all the crap you can spew out of that mouth. Really Marisa, you can be so-"

A light violet spark from Shanghai strikes Alice on the stomach and makes her stumble back a few steps.

Alice stares with surprise and concern at her tiny daughter, who stares back with tears flowing incessantly from her eyes, yet smiles so peacefully, one would think that nothing is wrong with the world.

Before Alice asks, Shanghai speaks with a cracked voice, saying "I'm sorry for everything mama Alice, for everything bad I did. I didn't mean to say all that stuff. Will you forgive me?"

Hourai flies in front of Alice to get a better look at her sister, then gasps and flies behind her mama Alice.

The puppeteer stares back, then says "Sh-Shanghai; of course I forgive you! But why... what's wrong? Let's go and get that thing off your forehead."

Shanghai struggles to keep her smile, then she turns her face toward Marisa when she fails to keep it and says "Marisa is right. If any of you touch me now, this crystal will take over you."

Marisa lowers the brim of her hat, then says "Shanghai, I really don't know how to-"

The little girl grabs Marisa's right thumb with her tiny left hand, smiles again, then says "yes you do."

The emblem on Marisa's hat starts glowing pastel yellow, and what looks like a fuzzy spark slowly trails down Marisa and heads toward Shanghai.

Alice worriedly shouts "Marisa, what's going on? Gods dammit all Marisa, answer me!"

The witch lifts her head toward Alice, and in a soft tone, she says "I'm sorry Alice. This is the only way after all."

She then looks away and whispers "and here I thought I could buy some time or something. I can be so stupid sometimes."

The fuzz enters Shanghai's body through her little arm, then she starts to cry and shouts "I'm sorry mama! I'm sorry Hourai! Please, be good! Both of you be strong!"

At that very moment, both Alice and Hourai rush toward Shanghai.

Alice desperately shouts "Marisa, stop this! Shanghai, don't! Shanghai!", while Hourai cries "sis! Onee-chan, don't go!"

Alice and Hourai both rush closer, Alice kneels next to her little girl, she and Hourai grab Shanghai's right hand as it falls from her belly to the ground, and at the very moment the bright fuzz touches the crystal in Shanghai's forehead and becomes a blinding flash of light.

Through the blinding light, and with a calm and soft tone of voice, Shanghai softly says "Hourai, sis. That's the first time you call me onee-chan. Heheh, you should have called me that before. It sounds nice."

The little girl's body becomes a beacon of pure white light when Alice lifts her from the ground and calls for her little Shanghai repeatedly.

Shanghai softly says "I love you mama. Remember to be a very... a very good... girl. My. mama Alice."

A loud whirring noise drowns Alice's and Hourai's screams, and slowly, the light dims, the crystal falls to the ground and turns to white dust, and Marisa can see Alice and Hourai holding on tightly to Shanghai's limp body.

Maybe her hearing was affected by that loud whirring, but she can't hear a word they say, even though they seem to be screaming at the top of their lungs, allowing their own tears to drip into their mouths.

Marisa may seem thoughtless at times, but she is a kind soul.

She is grateful she can't hear those apparently-desperate screams, because just looking at them like that makes her feel like crying along with them.

Slowly, her hearing returns, though to her, it feels like it's returning far too soon.

She can hear the sobs and wails from Alice and Hourai, and now all she wants is to curl up and hide.

She feels responsible for it, but she knows she did it for a good cause; admittedly, she wasn't ready for this outcome, and so, she hides her face with her hat, sniffles and gulps, then looks around to distract her mind.

That's when she notices Donald and Yuffie are missing.

Marisa snorts and says to herself "wimps. Can't even stay for a bit of sappiness," then looks behind and notices sparks lighting the trees and leaves in the area.

She springs on to her feet and exclaims "Donald? Yuffie? What's going on now?"

From behind the trees, Donald shouts "WE NEED HELP~!"


Marisa rushes straight through the trees, leaving that depressing scene behind, and immediately finds Donald, Yuffie, and that hooded person fighting off a large horde of Heartless that have trapped the three mischievous fairies and several other youkai against a dark purple crystal wall, and are attacking relentlessly.

Though the three fairies are actually fighting back with those sticks of theirs, Marisa knows they are only delaying the inevitable, so without placing much thought, she joins the fight after summoning her broom to her hand.

From the emblem on her hat, Mima desperately calls "Marisa! Marisa please answer!"

Marisa shouts back "sorry Mima-sama, I'm REALLY busy at the time!", then smacks several shadows with the tip of her broom and turns them to dust with a single hit each.

Donald is shooting fireballs like a maniac, but for good reasons.

He needs at least four to six shots to take down a single soldier, and it's evident on his face that he is getting tired.

Yuffie looks quite worried as she flips around like an acrobat, yet her kunai and shuriken seem to be bouncing off the Heartless, so she's resorting to adding thunder spells to each attack.

Donald looks at Marisa and shouts "we can't save them like this!"

The hooded figure strikes several Soldiers with a powerful string of attacks with her Keyblade, which has a red aura on its tip, then finishes the combo off with a strike at three Air Shadows, eliminating all and releasing their hearts, and the red aura on the Keyblade fizzles out.

The hooded figure, to everyone's surprise, shouts "Marisa, come and help me! You two, please heal!"

The voice sounds like a woman who is straining herself to sound like a man and is failing miserably, but there isn't time for a debate as Marisa and the figure are the only ones that seem to be strong enough to deal with the Heartless at the moment.

Donald and Yuffie step back and shower the youkai, the fairies, and Marisa and the hooded woman with healing spells.

Marisa and the hooded woman break through the Heartless' ranks with ease, and though the witch is only using her broom, she is also releasing hearts with every downed creatures.

She looks at the tip of her broom with curiosity and asks "whoa, when did I get so badass?"

The hooded woman shout "focus! We have to save them!"

Sunny and Star desperately call "LUNA! Wake up!", and these desperate cries snap Marisa from her confused awe.

As she smacks one Heartless after another, sending them to wherever dead Heartless go, she desperately thinks "no! I have to save them! I don't want to see that again so soon!"

The last in the ranks are several Large Bodies, but even with their round bodies blocking the view, Marisa can see the fairies holding on to a single other fairy on the ground.

She runs to the left, tackles the hooded woman out of the way, raises her Hakkero, then rapidly shouts "MASTER SPARK!", and instead of a multi-colored beam, she shoots a massive white beam that disintegrates the large Heartless faster than even she can realize, though seeing those large crystal-pink hearts flying to the sky in such rapid succession gives her a good idea of how fast.

After all the Heartless are gone, Marisa looks around to make sure there are no more, looks at Donald and Yuffie, then runs to the fairies, shouting "hold on! Help's on the way!"

It's too late.

Luna Child lies on the ground with a blank stare, a limp and lifeless body, and her two companions sobbing to her sides.

Sunny shoves Luna's right shoulder and cries "come on! Get up already! Please?"

Star looks up at Marisa and cries "help her! She's not coming back! Why isn't she waking up like she always does?"

Donald gets closer to Marisa, notices the distress and confusion on her face, then elbows her ribs and says "snap out of it! We gotta help her!"

Yuffie suddenly yelps, and now it looks like the ground underneath her is trying to eat her.

Marisa and Donald quickly run toward her, calling out to her, then Yuffie shouts back "crap! This is just like back HOOOMEEEE~!"

When the two magicians get closer, they realize Yuffie has been swallowed by what looks like a swirl of black gas, but before either can do anything about it, the strange portal closes off without leaving a trace.

Marisa drops on her knees, and even with Donald trying to help her up, she lets her torso drop forward.

She manages to hold herself from completely falling down with her arms, starts sobbing uncontrollably, then shouts "what- WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?"

From the emblem, Mima shouts "Marisa! What happened? Marisa, answer me!"

Donald gets closer to the emblem, being the only one that's still strong enough to speak, let alone stand, and says "Miss Mima! It's gotten crazy over here! Marisa broke a crystal from a very small girl, but she died! Then a horde of strong Heartless attacked and they killed a fairy too! And after that, Yuffie was swallowed up by black gas from the ground!"

From the crystal, Patchouli is the one to answer "thankfully, I can understand you! Listen, you need to get back here now! Kyo and Goofy are stuck in Eintei, we've lost contact with King Mickey and Ail, and we lost one of the girls here!"

Mima adds "those Heartless suddenly got stronger and gave us quite a lot of trouble, but that's not the problem. Donald, Marisa, the second you broke that crystal, a piece of Reimu's heart almost broke off. We managed to save her, but it was tough. We all need to regroup, NOW! Oh, and bring those you say were killed. I want to see them for myself."

Donald looks around, then asks "but Marisa can't move, the puppeteer and her other little girl don't want to move, and those fairies look too heavy for me alone."

From the emblem, Patchouli says "Donald, use that spell I told you about."

Donald groans as he looks around with a discouraged look, and says "I don't know. There are too many, and I haven't tested it out yet."

Patchouli calmly replies "Mister Donald, if there's anyone that can pull that spell off, it's you. Don't be discouraged. Just focus on yourself and the 'passengers', and you should do just fine."

Hearing Patchouli's encouraging words ignites the duck's heart, and with that sudden boost of confidence, Donald lifts his staff and loudly and confidently says "we will get there in two minutes, Lady Patchouli."

There is no reply, but for good reasons.

Donald seems to focus greatly, his staff starts glowing white with light-blue on the outline, then he becomes a ball of light, picks Marisa, the three fairies, flies over the trees, picks Alice, Shanghai and Hourai, then flies away back to the Hakurei Shrine.

The hooded figure walks out of hiding from behind a tree, looks up at the ball of light that is Donald and his passengers, then sighs.

A voice loudly says "things got much worse. Master, are you sure we are doing the right thing?"

The figure stands silent in front of the tree, then lowers her head and sighs again.

Inside the dark cave hidden under the Scarlet Devil Island, Kali sits on a throne she made out of the large purple crystal at the back of the room.

She has changed drastically.

Her eyes glow blood red with pitch-black pupils and look vicious, her hair now stands up and waves around like a flame, and instead of white, it is now silver with a purple outline.

The rest of her body and whatever ragged clothes she's wearing look raven black, though her outline reveal the fingers and nails on her hands have grown large, and she seems to have grown a pair of feet with crooked clawed nails.

She raises her right hand and summons the dark flame with the silver center, black body, and purple outline, and looks inside of it.

She can see two pieces of the crystal, and a translucent image of where the center crystal should have been.

She clenches her fist, the flame vanishes, she growls, and with a raspy and malicious tone of voice, she shouts "that weak little doll failed! I should have picked a better test subject when I was looking around the woods."

She sighs to calm herself down and says "bah! What's done is done. My two remaining dears will make sure we succeed. Still, to have a key bearer, and that blasted Ail... and now Marisa too. Grr, to actually manage to mimic those accursed Keyblades, she with a broom and him with a mere flicker of light!"

She gets off her throne, swiftly turns around and punches the backrest with all her might, causing a small tremor, then says "still, she took good care of the nosey king and that boy, and she made sure that Kyo and that shield moron were put in their place! It's not so bad, I guess, and I got a few new hearts to feed the crystal."

She looks up to the ceiling at the translucent purple crystal, which has taken the shape of a spiked orb clinging on the ceiling, then smiles.

She raises both hands, then says "we only need a few more, and then I can track down Yukari and take down that blasted barrier. This entire planet will bathe in the glory of darkness. A new paradise for my pretty little Heartless, and then..."

She sits back down on her throne and looks up at the drawing of a giant heart she drew with blood on a crooked pillar to her left, cackles, then says "I'll will take that world and claim it as my own!"

To be continued...

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